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VISI T t he Ba col od OF FICE:

#107 B . S. Aq ui no D rive Novem ber 1 , 2009
034 433-0245 Sunday ISSUE
-SOO N to Tr ans fe r t o Sta Cl ara-

OFFI C I AL NEW SLET T ER OF H is Lif e M inist ries hlmcent ral. mult ip ly. com
Verse for the WEEK … Launching Welcome!
2 Corinthians 4:6 November 15 HIS LIFE VISION
For God, who said, "Let light shine out His Life WIDE! Glorify God
of darkness," made his light shine in
our hearts to give us the light of the “thankful Make Disciples
knowledge of the glory of God in the
face of Christ. (NIV) giving” NEW Council of HLM from
November 2009 to December
$ Well Done ... 2011 (the Pastors group):
Job RaymondJamora, JonasCubing,
 for Pastor Armin visiting HLM Ortigas for RantyCamponion, ArminRamos,
the past 2 Weeks. GlennArellano, and
 for Pastor Glenn facilitating together with JoebertRamos.
the Missions Department our AGAPE
Make it an OPPORT UN IT Y T O
Ministry. GIVE ever y W orship Sunday!
 for our His Life Cagayan TEAM … they HOW TO Enjoy Giving?
truly glorified God during their 4th Get a shirt now!
Anniversary last Sunday. Close to 180
people came!
• PREPAR E your gift, of ferings,
tithes using the envelope
 for Pastor Raymond for envisioning to provided.
transfer to a larger place of Celebration.
• PRAY a prayer of faith as you
BR ING your gifts to the Collec-
$ Pastor JR ... tion BOX provided.

3 T’s NOTE: If writing a CHECK,

please write it to “His Life
TEAM Building Ministri es”. Please indi cate
When TEAMS are created, DREAMS may be where you desire your g ifts
accomplished! November 3, 4, 5 are to be going.
designated dates for TEAM Building. Our “The T ITHE is w here the ability of
Cagayan representatives are coming. All Site any Church stands regar ding
leaders and volunteers are enjoined to come to supporting her staff, expansion
our 1st TEAM Building and Workers endeavors, w orship celebrations
and basic requirements f or
Convention. A Small Group Pastors SUMMIT
letting the w ork of God move
and General Assembly on Nov 4 is also seen. and influence the w orld
TESTIMONIES around her.” — jr
Testimonies of changed lives are powerful.
We are in the process of collecting stories for
our NEW Book coming — Thankful Giving!
A Call to GIVE thanks with cheer, joy, hope and
a sincere spirit will be launched this November
15. The Campaign will be till December 6.


1) Recognize that you are a SINNER and need a personal relationship with God.
2) Never trust in what you can do to earn the gift of SALVATION Christ has for you.
3) SUBMIT to the Lordship of Jesus Christ by Repentance and Faith in Hm.
4) Ask for His grace for you to SERVE and follow & obey Him for the rest of your life.

Glorify God . Make Disciples PAGE 1

Glorify God . Make Disci

October 28, DEDICATION of Facility (build up continues)

Dedicating the Worship Team Room

Dedicating the Café Area Dedicating the BOYS to MEN Group

Dedicating the LTS Room The NEW Council with their spouse

1st His Life T.E.A.M. Convention — November 3, 4, 5

VENUE: His Life LOTE at Sta Clara Drive, Mandalagan, Bacolod Editorial STAFF
a TEAM to create our NEW Book
for THANKS 2009 … Testimonies,
Daily Readings, Thanksgiving Les-
sons for our Small Group
WIN Seminar
TEAMS to be equipped to handle
the Marriage Course, the Faith
Starter Course, Bridge Events, Flier
Distribution, Agape, etc
related to Evangelism.
TEAMS to tackle the
Processing of People from Small
Groups to Training in LTS.
SEND Seminar
All about REACHING Out!
AIM: 12,000 in 2010
Registration Going on!
Join the LIGHTS ON Celebration at Tigbauan, Iloilo —- November 22 (SUNDAY 5pm) PAGE 2
Tuesdays …
Kicked off with 15 couples last October 17!
For more information please November 1 Carry The Light
contact Sister Gigi Diosana
Talisay and
Iloilo FAITH
Starter Courses!
November 3 will be the TEAM
Training of THE FAITH November 3, 4, 5
STARTER COURSE TEAM. — 1st T.E.A.M. Convention
This is open to everyone who at Sta Clara HLM Grounds
would like to join this great evangelistic strategy based from the Alpha Course WIN BOND TRAIN SEND
of Holy Trinity Brompton in London. The Course begins with a MEAL, November 15
followed by a GOSPEL TALK, then the group DISCUSSES the TALK in a — THANKFUL GIVING
SMALL Group Format over a cup of coffee or tea. Kicks OFF Nationwide! With
Pastor JR will be the one to preside the Training. Meanwhile Iloilo begins Chinkee TAN as Guest Speaker
their COURSE soon. The duration of the Course is 6 Weeks only PLUS a November 16
Join the TEAM Training this November 3 at Sta Clara Lote. November 22
————————————————————————————————— — General Assembly of
One His Life Ministries
November 27, 28, 29
November 29

December 1, 2, 3 (FIVE in the morning)

On CABLE 12, — DAWN Watch at the Sta Clara Lot
Bacolod. Everyday December 6

9pm to 10pm. — THANKSGIVING DAY!

December 22, 23, 24
Be a PARTNER. Let’s bring the goodness and the grace of — DAWN Watch “Call Conference”
God via MEDIA Ministry. Many are joining us over the December 29
airwaves in learning the Word of God. Probably this is the — DUMAGUETE Concert
His Life Celebration Night
best connection we have within Bacolod City.
(call 4330245 to confirm above schedules)

T H A N K FUL G IV I NG K i ck s O FF — N ovem b er 15 n ati on wi d e! PAGE 3

EXPONENTIAL Thinking for 12,000 in 2010 “What LARGE Churches are Doing Right”

What’s RIGHT part 2 ... BY John Vaughan

[This section will be dedicated to EXPONENTIAL direct eye contact and a smile can create a sense
THINKING articles. This will prepare us for the of acknowledgment that makes meeting with
12,000 people we will welcome within 2010. Keep on delegated staff members more acceptable.
reading and be challenged. Let FAITH Arise! — jr :-)] Many members of larger churches have greater
kingdom motivations than merely having the senior
What The Largest Churches pastor shake their hands.
Are Doing Right … Many left churches where that may have been about
How can pastors and other leaders of smaller churches all they received. Even Jesus needed to multiply
digest the meaning of this (MEGA CHURCHES) ministry through the disciples and spent most of his
phenomenal growth? Have megachurches found time with them.
"secrets" to church growth that can always be
replicated elsewhere?
In my work with Church Growth Today, I have been studying
the phenomenon of the megachurch since 1984, and I've LEADERS”
spent the last three years visiting 300 of the largest
Unless you're able to multiply leaders, your ministry
American and Canadian megachurches in 60 cities and
25 states and provinces. Like all churches, they have had may well become a one-generation event or a
their problems and crises. However, I have found them to curse to your successor.
be doing several things well. And the irony is that the New leaders and new groups increase ownership in
things they do well can and should be done by churches shared ministry that can allow continued growth
of all sizes. What follows are 7 of the ways during times of conflict and community transitions.
Megachurches have found to grow. These viral converts, in sufficient number, ignite and
NUMBER 1 — “UNLEASH THE invite great growth. Churches respond to the rate of
numerical gain in new believers and members in
CHURCH TO SERVE OTHERS” different ways. In Acts 6:1 this multiplied growth
resulted in both neglect and conflict that was
T hey position their members to reachout and bless
resolved by the addition of both leaders and

the non-members of their church within the vicinity
of reach. Wayne Cordeiro, pastor of awaii's New Hope
NUMBER 2 — “BE AN Christian Fellowship (14,000 attendance), has
masterfully demonstrated the vital role of
ACCESSIBLE PASTOR” multiplying leaders by leaders mentoring leaders.

The late J erry Falwell once advised pastors to Mac Brunson, pastor of the 7,500-attendance
"walk slowly through the crowd." Minutes of being
accessible before and after services can save you F irst Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida,
hours in the office and on the phone. also leads a church that for decades had modeled
When pastors simply stand still before and after the importance of multiplying Sunday school
worship services or in designated reception areas, classes and new leaders.
members and visitors can share in a moment what As a pastor, do you focus on discipling people in
could have been a 30-minute office visit. Even then general or leaders in particular? How can you
most pastors of large churches still have members multiply your impact by investing time and energy
that may never meet them face to face or simply primarily in those who will lead ministries within
shake hands. For some people mere one-on-one your church and community? (END of Part 2)

Plan to attend the HLM TEAMS Convention November 3, 4, 5 @ Sta Clara Lote PAGE 4