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Inside a simple cottage in the forest. A rough, home made table, a couple of rough, home made chairs, a simple fireplace, a window overlooking some trees, a path that is not very clear and 2 doors, one on each side of the cottage. On the table there is the remainder of a meal: cheese, bread, an apple and some empty cups. Sunlight is streaming through the window and the open door upstage. through the door there are more trees and we can hear the quiet sound of birds singing. The monster and Agathe are standing next to each other and Agathe is reaching up to touch the monsters face. In the distance the furious barking of dogs can be heard. It lasts for a short time then dies down. Suddenly the light is blocked by a figure. Felix walks through and stares horrified at the sight of the monster near Agathe. Felix raises his musket and points it at the monster who turns away from Agathe and looks at Felix. Felix: Agathe, move away! Agathe: No! The monster pushes Agathe to the side but she gets back up just as Felix is about to shoot and stands in front of the monster. Felix shoots the gun and the bullet hits Agathes chest. Agathe: Ahh! Agathe falls to the ground holding her chest. Felix: Agathe! No! Felix drops the gun and stares at Agathe. Monster: You shoot friend! I kill you!

The monster jumps at Felix and pushes him onto the ground. The monster hits Felix a few times and then slides the gun across the floor into the corner of the room. Felix: Ahh! Help! Help me please! Footsteps, barking and yelling can be heard coming from outside the cottage. The sounds become louder. The villagers and Raul enter the stage and approach the door. The villagers start banging on the door. Villagers: Open the door! The monster stands up and backs away from Felix. The door bursts open and the villagers rush through. Raul follows. Raul: Seize them. The villagers rush at the monster, Agathe and Felix. The monster brushes away the villagers that come for him and Agathe. The monster picks Agathe up and runs towards the door that is not being blocked. Raul: Stop them. Dont let them get away. Some of the villagers run towards the monster and Agathe but the monster brushes them away as if they were nothing. The monster carries Agathe out the door. Raul: Kill the one on the floor. Two villagers walk over to Felix and load their muskets. Then they shoot. Felix lies on the floor motionless. Raul: You three go after the two that got away the rest of you with me. Lets go! Move!

Three of the villagers leave the stage in the direction that the monster and Agathe did and the rest follow Raul and leave the stage on the other side. The stage goes dark.

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