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Class -4

Final Examination- 2014 Hindi

Time :03:00 hours

uksV & lHkh iz’u gy djuk vfuok;Z gSA 1- /qkzo ds ekk firk dkSu Fks\ 2- /kqzo us bZ’oj ls D;k Qy izkIr fd;k\ 3- ysf[kdk dh cgu dk D;k uke Fkk\ 4- egkRek xka/kh us xk;ksa ds fo”k; es D;k dgk\ 5- xkSjh dh e`R;q fdlls gqbZ\ 2& fjDr LFkku Hkjks& 1- xfy;kjs dh nhokj eksVs -------------------- dh cuh gqbZ FkhA 2- vc gekjs ?kj esa ekuks --------------------- vkjaHk gqvkA 3- ‘kfDr ds fy, ----------------- fn, tkrs gSaA 4- jko.k us diV }kjk lhrk dk -------------fd;kA 5- ml flj okyk tks ------------------- dk jktk FkkA 3-‘kCnkFkZ fy[kks& LoxZ okl] izkFkZuk ] L=h ] en~n ] n;kyq 4- foykse ’kCn fy[kks& eaxy ] thuk ] >xMk] ohj [ksn

5- Hkk”kk D;k gS\
6- loZuke fdls dgrs gS\ 7- fuEuyf[kr ‘kCnks ds rhu rhu Ik;kZ;okph fy[kks vkdk’k] dey] bZ’oj] unh 8- cgqopu cukvks& dqlhZ] fdrkc]dqRrk] njoktk ] ikS/kk 9- 12 eghuksa ds uke fy[kks&

How many rubs are there in the human body? Que5. 7) The Vice president of India.Which India state has the smallest population ? Que2.Which is the smallest state of India in area? Que3. 8) What is the name president of India. 3) How many colours of our national flag. 5) Write the name of our National Bird. 6) Write the name of our National flower.Fill in the blanks:1) The place where two bones join is called a _____________. 5) We are able to move all parts of our body with the help of ___________.How many union territories are there? Que6. 3) The Fluid in our mouth is called ____________________.DEVI PRASAD EDUCATION CENTER 10.How many states are there in India? Que7. 2) Write name of Our Country P.Answer in one Word Only1) Write the name of our Country. 4) Our heart and lungs are protected by the ______________ .P. 10) Write the name of the National Animal.M. 9) Write the name of chief minister of U. G.s& Final Examination. Que3.Name the southern most state? Que4. Time :03:00 hours .viuh ikB~.What is the young one of a deerclled? Que2.K. 2) Our Body gets its shape from the ____________________. 4) How many spokes of Ashoka Chakra. ls nh xbZ dfork lsa pkj ykbu dhft.2014 Class -4th **Note – Attempt all the question:Que1.


DEVI PRASAD EDUCATION CENTER Class -4 th Final Examination.2014 Social Studies Time :03:00 hours Que 1) Answer the following questions:1) Name the Key factors of climate? 2) Define Red Soil? 3) Write any three uses of forests? 4) What is Manipur famous for? 5) Write short note on Hinduism? Que 2) Match the columns:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Red Fort Golden Temple Bodh Gaya Durga Puja Assam a) Dispur b) Delhi c) Punjab d) West Bangal e) Bihar Que 3) Fill in the blanks:1) ____________ river flows though Madhya Pradesh. Que5) Our Country has three main seasons. 2) ____________ river flows though Maharashtra. 2) National Bird of India ________________. 6) National Flag of India ________________. 5) ____________ river flows though Karnataka. . 5) National Song of India ________________. Que 4) Answer in one Word Only. 3) National Animal of India ________________. 4) National Tree of India ________________. 1) National Flower of India ________________. 3) ____________ river flows though Andra Pradesh. 4) ____________ river flows though Orrissa.

d) Power Point have four types of layout.? 2) What is a Program? 3) What is Semiconductor memory? 4) Write the steps of spell check? 5) What do you mean by multimedia? Que 2) Fill in the blanks :[Cartoon. movies] a) To express our thoughts we always require a _______. c) Formatting toolbar is used for formatting. Que 3) Tick [  ] the correct answer and cross [ x ] out the wrong answer:a) In normal view. Voice. b) _________ is the most common way of communication. e) You can change the colour of the text from the drawing toolbar.DEVI PRASAD EDUCATION CENTER Class -4 th Final Examination.P. e) _______ films are made in the multimedia. c) _________ refers to written communication. d) A Computer should be able to play___________.U. Text.2014 Computer Time :03:00 hours Que 1) Answer the following Questions:1) What are the main components of C. the screen is apply into three sections. Media. b) A special type of slide in power point is called slide master. .

e)Plants give ……………. . [ ] 5-The embers uses the albumen asits food.How do water plants desert plant differ from each other? 2. [ ] 2-Proper food habits keep us fit & healthy. water. chlorophyll . Que 5)Fill In the blanksFish.……….plant does not have chlorophyll.DEVI PRASAD EDUCATION CENTER Class -4 th Final Examination. Que 5)What are mammals? Give three example. [ ] 3-Proteins are body building foods.Why cannot fungi make their own food? 3. [ ] Que 4)Write the two example of each of the following example are show. b)The desert animal’s cannot afford to loss………………….. c)The heavers are green in colour due to presence of ……….to animals & human beings.What type of skin desert animal’s have? 4. Pear. Deodar. d)………………….How do protein’s help us? 5. Cactus.2014 science Time :03:00 hours Que 1) Answer the following Questions:1. Mushroom. Oxygen a)…………………………………breathe by mean’s of gill’s. 2) Desert plants.Why do we cook food? Que 2) .Match the following Frog am phibian Horse fish Lizard insect Shark mammal Grasshopper reptile Que 3)Write T for True & F For false1-Man is also a mammal. Pine 1) Plants growing on hills’ s mountains. [ ] 4-The body cockroach is called a caterpillar.

k iwNka\ jko cgw D.k ns[kk\ egkdfo ds ?kj ij vkus ij ys[kd us D.lfU/k foPNsn fgeky.k D.k dgka\ jek us ys[kd ls fdldh f’kdk.] 8.dksbZ .k lykg nh\ jko dh cSBd dh ltkoV ij ys[kd us D.eqgkojs iz.& vkdk’k] vfXu]diMk] bZ’oj] 5.k dke djrh Fkh\ ?khlk dkSu Fkk\ 2-‘kCnkFkZ fy[kks& vkn’kZ] migkl] izfrf”Br] 3.d fucU/k fy[kks .laKk .oa loZuke esa vUrj crkb.i.r dh\ ljnkj us cl lsa mrjrs le.okph ’kCn rhu& rhu fyf[k.foykse ‘kCn fy[kks& thr] eaxy] /kjrh] thuk] 6-cgqopu cukvks& yMdk] esyk] dejk] ?kksMk 7.kZ.2014 Hindi Time :03:00 hours uksV & lHkh iz’u gy djuk vfuok.DEVI PRASAD EDUCATION CENTER Class -6 th Final Examination.vius iSjks ij [kMk gksuk] 3.ukS nkS X.kjg gksuk] 2.ksx djks& 1.Z gSA 12345678cqvk th dks viuh fdl ckr ij xoZ Fkk\ MkDVj us vUuw ds bZykt es D.loZuke fdls dgrs gS] 4. ] unh’k] johUnz 4. D.

.DEVI PRASAD EDUCATION CENTER nhikokyh vFkok gekjk fo|ky.

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