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Things Fall Apart Group Project

You will work on this project in small groups. You will produce a news magazine based upon the characters, setting, plot, and theme of the novel. You will be graded individually on your articles and as a group for your overall completed magazine. Each magazine should include Assignments A-G as well as the following: • A full cover for the magazine with a group chosen title and a cover worthy picture related to a particular activity. • A back cover with a poem!picture!ad etc. • A table of contents page including articles and names!titles of group participants "lease note: • Each entry should be typed. • "ictures may be copied and pasted from the internet#black and white acceptable or hand drawn.

Your newsmagazine should have these sections: A. FEATURE ARTICLES • $here should be one feature article per person in the group %& pg min.'. • (ne of the feature articles should be related to the cover.

.rading /riteria: 0tyle 1 /ontent: o 2ritten as by a reporter: the &st paragraph will tell the basic information about the even: who. . and the other should stand against what happened. o You may include interviews and descriptions by eye witnesses of the event.front page. there are no . culture. what. B. E IT!RIAL " LETTER T! T#E E IT!R • $his part should show 6 different points of view about the main event from page one.)ote on *eature Articles: *eature articles can be written at any time or at a specific time of the year such as seasons or holidays. (ne article should be in favor of what happened in the main news. o Editorial: As the editor of the magazine. news items. o 2ell researched and information is consistent w! novel5s characters 1 storyline. o 0hould be accurate to time. how. You may take on the persona of a witness or participant. • "rovide an informed perspective w! details and conte7t. +n other words. and events. he!she provides an informed opinion of the news event w! details and conte7t. *eatures should be well researched and an in depth look at an issue or event. o )o copying from other sources3 4se your own brain and words.

6. 9emember the wrestling competitions. • . C.rading /riteria: o +s the description detailed and accurate according to the time period. when. where.' .o 8etter to the editor: 2rite a letter showing the other side of the argument. "repare an Entertainment 9eview • :escribe a form of entertainment that you saw.entertainment you recommend it to the audience. A $ERTISEMENTS %T&! ITEMS' • Ads may be for a business advertisement or classifieds • 0ale items must be something that would appeal to the people of 4muofia or the white settlers . • As an .rading /riteria: 9elevant 1 detailed point of view well written.ive details %who. :escribe in detail one of these events. . • . of course. SP!RTS or ENTERTAINMENT SECTI!N :o ()E of the following: &. what. o +s the opinion based on good e7amples.o back to the chapters of the book and write about sports related events. etc. /reate an Advertisement for entertainment. +nclude details that are relevant to the sport in general and the event in particular. • $ell what and when the ne7t event will be. .

• :escribe the sale items in detail. . but perhaps .oddess. MISCILLANE!US /hoose ()E of the following: • Advice column %like . or a birth announcement. 2hat is so good about it. !RACLE !F AGBALA(S PRE ICTI!NS • "rovide a prediction on your own based on certain omens found in the novel. o :oes the ad do a convincing job of trying to persuade the reader to purchase the item.ive details as to how you learned of the god5s will.or .:ear Abby-. a funeral. . :oes the prediction say how it was . F. S!CIAL E$ENTS SECTI!N • 2rite about ()E of the following: a wedding. .. <ow can the item be used.:ear Ezinma-' • /omic 0trip or cartoon • 2eather 9eport %9emember that the villagers of 4muofia believed weather!seasons were determined by the Earth .rading /riteria: o :oes the ad include a detailed description. E.' .:ear /hielo. . :oes it say where or from whom the item can be purchased.rading /riteria: o :oes the prediction tell of an event.divined-.