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Hebei Chengrui Silicone Hose Co., Ltd.

Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. - your most trusted professional supplier Silicone rubber is non-reactive, stable and can withstand extreme temperatures from - to !"## while still remaining its useful properties. $ue to these good prosperities, silicone rubber has been manufactured to a great number of products, among which silicone hoses account for a large proportion. Chengrui silicone hoses are mostly reinforced by polyester or %omex &aramid', or lined by fluoro to improve their properties in respects of heat resistance and pressure. (hey often be found in factories, marines, automobiles such as passenger cars, light truc)s and professional race cars, etc. *olyester reinforced silicone hose is suitable for medium-duty service conditions. +t is very effective for carrying air, water, coolant, or be sprayed by small amount of oil mist. +t is often be found in vehicle cooling systems li)e cold sides of intercooler air hoses, and general industrial applications within the temperature of - # to !,-#. Compared with polyester reinforced silicone hose, %omex reinforced can withstand much higher temperature ranging from . # to !/ # &- 0 to !10/'. +t is especially used in turbocharger, hot side intercooler hoses and 23R connectors, where other hoses fail. 4lthough the two silicone hoses have good performance at extreme temperatures, they are not compatible with oils and fuel. However, silicone hoses lined by 5luoro are especially designed for carrying oil. +t prevents oil seepage through the hose wall, which can lead to swelling and damaging to the hose. Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. has been committed to manufacturing silicone hoses for many years and has accumulated rich experiences in designing and producing. 6ur main products covers a wide range, such as elbow hoses from , degree 7to ,0# degree7, couplers with straight and angled, hump hoses, reducer hose7s and super flex hose7, etc. 4ll of these hoses are made of high-8uality material and will operate well in the places where they are employed. 4part from first-class 8uality, the most competitive price will be another factor for selecting Chengrui silicone hoses. 9e always insist an unchangeable faith: less money still can buy superior products. 4bout ;s

Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. has been endeavoring to improve silicone hoses to assure customers< re8uirements. Silicone hoses have low thermal conductivity, low chemical reactivity, high thermal stability, flexibility and ;=-resistance. +t still maintains good performances under extreme temperatures where blac) rubber hoses don<t wor). 4ll of these characters contribute to wide applications.(here is a trend that silicone hose will replace blac) rubber hose in some places, such as turbocharger, air inta)e, intercooler, etc. Silicone hoses are not made of ,##> silicone rubber. (hey often use reinforcements or special liner to improve their wor)ing performances. *olyester, %omex &aramid' or 5luoro are the fre8uent materials. *olyester and %omex are used to improve their performances in flexibility and high burst resistance, while 5luoro is engineered to carry oils and fuel. 4ll of Chengrui silicone hoses are reinforced except vacuum silicone hose which is extruded from silicone rubber. 6ur products have a wide distribution, from automobiles to marines, from agriculture to industry, from home to abroad. 9herever they are served, our silicone hoses will not disappoint you, for most of them have passed a series of strict tests. However, some manufactures use cheap silicone grades which contain a considerable content of fillers. 4lthough the cost of silicone hoses can be cut a lot, their 8uality and performance will be far less than expected. 5illers dilute the silicone content and bring nothing good to the hose<s properties, including mechanical strength, life expectancy and flexibility. (o guarantee the 8uality, raw material comes first. 6ur company has existed for more than "# years, and we<ve got trusted and stable purchase channels of silicone rubber and reinforcement materials, such as polyester, %omex &aramid' and 5luoro. (his can be easily reflected to our products. (hey have smooth finish, trim cut, dar) color and the material of both inside and outside are coincident. Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. concentrates on these products: elbow silicone hoses from , degree to ,0# degree, reducers - straight, 1 and ?# degree, hump hose, marine hose, super flex silicone hose, vacuum hose, straight hose, ( piece connector. +n addition, there are stainless steel (-@olt clamps are at stoc), which are designed to fixing hoses to hard pipes. Contact ;s

Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. 4dd: %orth +ndustrial @ase, (aocheng $istrict, Hengshui, Hebei, China. (el: !0A-",0///"??? 5ax: !0A-",0///"AAA 2-mail: 9ebsite: *roducts 7 , $egree 2lbow Silicone Hose7 , degree elbow silicone hose reinforced by polyester fabric is suitable for con.. 7 7 1 $egree Silicone Reducer7 1 degree silicone reducers, designed for transition of different siDes, are sub.. 7 7 A# $egree 2lbow Silicone Hose7 A# degree elbow silicone hose has

three groups: polyester reinforced for general.. 7 7 ?# $egree Silicone Reducer Hose7 ?# degree silicone reducers, designed for transition of different siDes, are sub.. 7 7 ,/# $egree 2lbow Silicone Hose7 ,/# degree elbow silicone hose has three groups: polyester reinforced for genera.. 7 7 ," $egree 2lbow Silicone Hose7 ," Eelbow silicone hose has three groups: polyester reinforced for general usag.. 7 7 ,0# $egree 2lbow Silicone Hose7 ,0#Eelbow silicone hoses, reinforced by premium polyester and %omex, are widely.. 7 7 Silicone =acuum Hose7 Silicone vacuum hose, extruded from silicone rubber, is

widely applied in automo.. 7 7 Straight Silicone Coupler Hose7 Silicone coupler, reinforced by optimum polyester fabric, is designed to connect.. 7