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Subject: Sample of a CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT Number of posts: 92 Location: Seoul Reputation: 0 Points: 201 Registration date:02/07/2009

Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:02 am

TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR A COPY OF EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE: here's a simple draft/sample of a certificate of employment. if this be of help to your need, you may use this, you may edit this if you want to add other information about you and your work... i hope this can help you..

____________ (date) _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ (the person you are writing to..) OR TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that _____________________ (your name) has been our employee since ___________(date of start) to __________(end of work). He has been serving our company as _________________ (your position in your work) for ______________ (years of stay). In his ________(years of stay) years/months of stay as _____________ (your position in your work) in our company, Mr./Ms./Mrs. ______________ (your family name) showed full dedication to his/her work which makes him/her one of the assets of our company. This certificate has been issued upon request of the interested party for reference purposes.

___________________ (Signature & printed name of your employer) ___________________ (Name of the company of your previous work)

i hope this can help you.. you may edit the words enclosed in parenthesis. you can also translate it to Korean language if it is necessary (sorry, I'm not good in Korean language). you may use standard size of paper, make it computerized, and if possible you may use your company's logo or stamp to make it really formal.

To whomsoever it may concern I would like to recommend ______________ for the position of a senior nurse in your department. have more knowledge and scale higher in her carrier. She has a special facility to handle patients and has all the best qualities that a nurse requires. She makes an extra effort to bring a smile to the patients face. patient and dedicated nurse who takes care of the patients and other than performing her duties she also takes care of the cleanliness and the diet of the patients. She is a nurse who keeps track of their birthdays and anniversaries and sees to it that it is celebrated in the hospital.Dear Name. She is extremely good in her job and is a nurse always liked by the patients. I am the superintend of ____________ hospital and have known _____________ from past six years. We at _________ hospital don’t want to lose such a brilliant nurse but she has the right to grow and get more exposure. She is very hardworking. She is a very sensitive and understanding nurse who knows how to support the patients’ family when in emergency situation. Her enthusiasm and liveliness helps the patient to recover faster. Her pleasing personality and humbleness is liked by one and all in the hospital. Your name . I feel she is the right choice for the position in your hospital Sincerely.