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Under sections 15 and 16 of the Immigration Act we will not grant you a visa if


Health requirements for temporary entry to New Zealand – students, workers, and visitors
To be able to enter New Zealand as a student, worker, or visitor we need to be assured that you and any family members with you have an acceptable standard of health. We impose this requirement to protect public health in New Zealand and to ensure that people entering New Zealand do not impose excessive costs and demands on our health and special education services. We also want to make sure that people who enter New Zealand are able to undertake the work or study for which they have been granted entry. Generally, we will not approve the entry of people to New Zealand if they have:   tuberculosis (TB) a relatively high probability of needing publicly funded health services during their stay in New Zealand, including, but not limited to: o hospitalization o residential care* o high-cost pharmaceuticals o high-cost disability services applied for a student visa, and are under 21 years of age and likely to qualify for ongoing resourcing scheme (ORS) funding.

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* Residential care is long-term care provided in a live-in facility such as an aged-person’s facility or a facility for people with a physical, sensory, intellectual, or psychiatric disability. Example A person who requires dialysis treatment is likely to have their application to study, work, or visit in New Zealand declined. Each applicant who intends to stay in New Zealand for more than six months and who has risk factors for TB is required to complete (and submit with their application) a Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) PDF. Each applicant who intends to stay in New Zealand for more than 12 months is required to complete (and submit with their application) a General Medical Certificate (INZ 1007) PDF and Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) PDF. Partners and dependent children for New Zealand citizens and residents may be required to provide a Limited Medical Certificate (INZ1201) rather than a General Medical Certificate (INZ1007) if they meet the appropriate criteria. If you have provided medical and chest X-ray certificates already in the last 36 months you may not need to provide new certificates. Pregnant women and children under the age of 11 years are not required to submit the Chest X-ray certificate unless a special report is required.

you have been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years or more (this applies even if any of your offences have later been taken off the record) in the past 10 years you were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for 12 months or more you are subject to a period of prohibition on entry to New Zealand under section 179 or 180 of the Immigration Act 2009 you have been deported or removed from New Zealand under any enactment (whether before or after the commencement of the Immigration Act 2009) you are excluded from New Zealand under any enactment you have, at any time, been removed, excluded, or deported from another country you have been involved in terrorist activities, or belonged to or supported any organization involved in terrorist activities it is believed you are likely to commit – or to assist others to commit – criminal or drug offences, or an act of terrorism, in New Zealand it is believed you are likely – due to any international circumstances – to be a danger to New Zealand’s security or public order it is believed you are associated with an organization or group that has criminal objectives or is engaged in criminal activities and for that – or any other reason – you’re considered to be a threat to the public interest or public order of New Zealand.

As a general rule, we carry out character checks on everyone 17 years or over included in residence applications or applying for temporary entry for 24 months or longer. We may also undertake a character check on anyone else that we consider may not meet our character requirements. Providing evidence of good character If you will be in New Zealand for a total of 24 months or longer you'll have to provide police certificates as evidence of your good character. See who is required to provide a police certificate for more information. We need certificates from:  your country of citizenship (unless you can prove you never lived there) and if you are applying for residence:  any country you have been in for 12 months or more in the last 10 years, whether in one or more visits. If you are already in New Zealand, for example, under our Work to Residence category, this includes obtaining a police certificate from the New Zealand police, or if you are applying for a temporary entry visa:  any country you’ve lived in for 5 or more years since turning 17. See how to obtain a Police Certificate for information on what to do. If for some reason you cannot get a Police Certicate, contact the Immigration New Zealand office at which you will be lodging your application.

Good character
To grant you a New Zealand visa we need to be assured that you and any family included in your application are of good character. We make this requirement to protect the well being and security of New Zealanders.