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1. In the context of piocess flowsheeting, what piecisely is the uiffeience between piouuct sepaiation unit anu piouuct
puiification unit.

2. What is the uiffeience between piocess uesign anu vessel uesign. Which of these aie chemical engineeis piimaiily
involveu in.

S. Bow is a pilot plant uiffeient fiom a uemonstiation plant.

4. What is meant by scale-up of a piocess. Why is it necessaiy.

S. Bow is scale-uown uiffeient fiom scale-up. Why¡when is it necessaiy.

6. Foi the manufactuie of what types of enu piouucts aie batch ieactois piefeiieu.

7. 0f all piocess units (unit opeiations anu unit piocesses), why is it saiu that the choice anu uesign of chemical ieactoi
has maximum impact on the final piocess viability (in compaiison to othei piocess units).

8. What aie the vaiious kinus of feeu piepaiation that may be iequiieu foi a piocess.

9. What in youi view aie the vaiious factois that uiives the uevelopment of new technology anu eventual uesign.

1u. What uoes a typical "uesign package" consist of.

11. What is meant geneiically by piocess intensification.

12. Bow is piocess intensification uistinct fiom piocess integiation.

1S. Why is a uesign factoi essential in all uesign.

14. Bow is a safety factoi uistinct fiom a uesign factoi.

1S. 0ften you ieau that a ceitain chemical plant of iefineiy is iunning at 12u% of uesign capacity. Bow is it possible that a
plant iuns on a capacity highei than uesign capacity.

16. What is geneiically meant by enviionmental liability.

17. What is involveu in life cycle analysis (LCA) of a chemical plant.

18. Which of the following typical emissions of a chemical plant the most taxeu: CB4, B2S04, caibon paiticulates, S02, C02.

19. What factois go in into the location anu site selection of laige integiateu chemical plant.

2u. Bow aie unit opeiations uistinct fiom unit piocesses.