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188 mS, 417 mE of We[ S1-E2-33 (#32) GL = 30 FT; RT = 44Ff RU#6


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,etanl Potani felisa )uri








1480 Sand

1560 Sand 1 580 Sand
16OO Sand
1 1

1680 Sand 1710 Sand
174O Sand Bekasap 1800 Sand
17 -1

634 694




1 804 1909

1 1

760 865


12" hole /4" hole



0 - 400', for 13-3/8" surface casing 400 - 1OO0'..for g-5/8" intermediate casing 1000 - TD. for 7" production casing
24' x O.25'. Gr B, APl,

Casino Program Conductor pipe Surface casing lntermediate casing
Prod. casing

R3 ro bo drivon

3-3/8", 48 ppf, H40, BT&C., R3 s6l st 4OO', to b6 comentod up to surfrce with 'G" cl8ss comont + additives 9-5/8", 36 ppl, K55, LT&C., R3 3ot rt 720', to bo com6nt6d up to surface with 'G" class comont + additivos

7",2A po|,, K55, LT&C, R3 sst at TD, to be comontsd up to minimum SOO above tho uppor most p8ylone with 'G' clsss cement + sdditivos


15 -18

400 - 720 720 - TD

17 1t2"
12 1t4',



Casing d6sign, Mud prog. and Bit prog. were dovolop€d based on ofs'ot wells Oetail ot cementing program will b€ providsd by Drilling Engineer

Looqino Prooram Coring Program Ditch Samote


DLL-MSFL-GR-Sp; SLD-CNT.GR-CAL; SWC; SFT(pressure onty in p8y zono) None

: :

Evsry 30'frc,m




BOPE assy. (3M psi or greator) to b€ installod

lftor sauing surfoce


Drillino Hazard


Prob, Potana Gas at intsrvrl 600 - 620 ft DD ; prob. sw!mpy PotontiEl lost circulation across Ouri lnd Bsklsrp Sands.

gls rt surfacs hol6 soction.

Drilling Operations




T.M. Bangko AMT

4g ppf. Reduce MW 70 pcf ana coniition . H40. Wiper trip B Circulate hole clean. put 4 ppb LCM prior enter Duri sands. Sow x . N/U BOPE Assembty (3M or greater). 6 Drill to 720 ft . pOH for running casing P/U and RtH with production casing 7'.g psi/ft gradient. 8 Clrculate bottom up I POH for togging '10 Logging as per logging program '|1 RIH with bit 12 Wiper trip '13 Circulate hole clean. 3 Test BOPE in accordance with Cpl Drilling Guideline. pOH w/bit for running casing I R/U and run surface casing 9-5/g.. R3 .ro. K_55. Leave +l. LTC.Use MW = 66 .S psi/ft at well 142. Note: Petani A gas pressure 0. install 11" 2M x 7-111f. Use Guide Shoe and float collar. 2M Tubing Spool Release the rio. 12 114" stabilizer and pendulum BHA to TOC. 6 Conduct integrity test to O. Displace cement with water Bump plug with S00 psi above final displacement pressure Hold for 5 minutes. R/U and run surface casing 13-3/g. BT&C. Maintain Mud Weight 70 pcf duo to wsak zonss. c. Circulate and condition mud_ 5 lncrease MW 72 pct.g psi/ft gradient 7 Drill to TD . R3 . 17 mbi/Jln '96 . Use only Float Shoe. froat shoe and 5 ft of new formation. Do not bump plug.. LT&C. cut ofl excess not swab). rncrease mud weight to 75 pcf if neccisary prior 6nter gas zone.r 1" 2M casing Head 2 N/u class ill Bop assernbry (3M psi or greater) . R3 .1S.6 BpM when possible. Potentiar lost across Duri Sands. 36 ppf.RyU cementing head and circulate Mix and pump cement with min. Reciprocate s . Use DSA to fit BOpE. Circulate conditioning mud to pV +/. K55. REVISION-3 Cir-culate hole clean POH w/bit for running casing (slowly . Baker lock float shoe and 2 first joint of casing Rl/U cementing head and circulate 10 Mix and pump cement with min. landing joint and bell nipple 14 15 16 B.20 ft cement inside casing N/D cementing head.. 7 BpM when possible. 12 114" HOLE SECTTON lnstall 13 3/8' SOW x 13-S/8. Space out final casing collar for rig elevation Baker lock float shoe and 2 first joint of casing . Displace with mud . tanding joint and bell nipple N/D BOPE and remove Braden head. check float N/D cementing head. Open casing valves.g Mix and pump cement with 4 . yp +/. 7 Circulate bottom up. Conduct integrity test to 0. Pull Test Plug and close casing valves. Circulate bottom up. 3M Braden Head. 7 BpM when possible.10 ft during circuration and rotate pipe 2E rpm during pump cement.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 '1 2 A. Displace with mud : Bump plug with 500 psi above final displacement pressure. N/D Bop. BOp drill. s 1/2" HOLE SECTIdN 1 lnstalt 13 3/g" x 9-5/8" casffig pack off and 9 5/8. Float Shoe and 5 ft new formation. 4 DOC. Use float coilar and float shoe. 11 N/D cementing head. 20 tpf. Hold for 5 minutes. RIH 12 114" bit.68 pcf lwattn for swampy gas). lnstall Test plug and fill BOPE Stack with water. use Drifling Spoor AdJpter to fir BopE Open casing valves Install Test Ptug and fill stack with water Test BOP in accordance with Cpl Drilling Guideline Pull Test Plug and close casing valve 3 RIH with 8 1/2" bit and pendulum BHA to TOC 4 Circulate bottom up 5 Doc.'. 17 1/2'HOLE SECTION Drilt to plu 17 112 bit + pendulum BHA assembly 400 ft . check for flow..

0 .L r-t oF >i0 z= tDo I F E a ! { F g t lo o i!. F F .E{!mo 'o N o o co o o A I "68 @o lo( Am c'r m.lF .