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Collagen peptides and Joint & Bone Health Rousselot® studies and literature

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which translates into bone mass that is 10–30 percent below this average level. Their bone mass is not The main goal for screening and treating for osteopenia is to maintain bone health and prevent fractures. Irregular rates of bone resorption and formation – leading to more bone loss than formation – are a hallmark to osteopenia. called a “T” score. it is generally believed to be during the thirties in both sexes.0 –– Normal bone density Low bone mass Presence of osteoporosis aged 60 . osteopenia is used to describe individuals who have a low bone mass and some increased risk of fracture.0 –– -4.6% in women with normal Bone Mineral Density). The bone mass is measured on a point scale. It is now well known that collagen peptides can help to maintain bone and joint health to prevent osteopenia and osteoarthritis. The range defining osteopenia or low bone mass is quite large. Like all body tissues.0 ­­–– -1. Skeletal mass increases progressively during growth. The age at which bone loss starts is uncertain but. Men Women Eastern Mediterranean Men Women Asia Men Women Africa Number of hip fractures in 1990 and those predicted in different regions of the world for 2025 and 2050 .0 –– 0. Osteoarthritis and osteopenia.0 –– -2. ranging from -1 to -2. Aging of the world’s population sees growth in bone and joint health problems. It has been demonstrated that an early diagnosis and treatment of osteopenia reduces fractures rates and improves life quality (3). the number of elderly individuals is rising in every region. bones are in a continuous state of flux.5% in women with osteopenia and 16. bone density levels that are 1 to 2. so low that they are deemed to have osteoporosis. The mechanical integrity of the skeleton and the maintenance of appropriate mineral levels depend on a dynamic process called bone remodeling or bone turnover. The influence of such changes on the number and regional distribution of hip fractures will be dramatic as the population burden of fractures originates in men and women with osteopenia. According to WHO. According to the World Health Organization (WHO).5 standard deviations below the average for young adults who have achieved normal peak bone mass). are composed of cells embedded in hard intercellular material (the matrix) made of mineralized substances and collagen fibers.6 years) conducted by Pasco and published in 2006 in Osteoporosis journal (13). which makes up the skeleton. apparent. Approximately 15% of bone in healthy adults is replaced by bone turnover each year. the number of individuals aged 65 years or over will increase to an estimated 1555 million by the year 2050.5 T-scores (that is. Bone mineral T-score measure +1. In a population-based random study (616 women Bones Bones.Joint & Bone Health As the population ages. the drawbacks of aging are becoming more are among the leading causes of pain and disability.1% of fractures occurred in women without osteoporosis (56.0 –– -2.5 –– -3. 2500 1990 Hip fractures (103) 2000 2025 1500 2050 1000 500 0 Men Women North America Men Women Europe Men Women Russian Federation Because life expectancy is increasing around the world. it has been determinated that 73.94 years followed for a median 5. two of the major health concerns.

such as in India (+2. 160 140 120 Millions of people 2003 2008 Arthritis in the world According to worldwide estimation. aging process.5% per year in India and 2. These enzymes degrade aggrecan and collagen. Severe overweight can This chronic degeneration of the joints is already considered by the World Health Organization as one of the most disabling diseases in developed countries. chondrocytes embedded in extracellular matrix made up of two major components: type II collagen which imparts tensile strength to the tissue and aggrecan that provides the ability of cartilage to resist compressive force. and 25% can not perform their major daily activities of life. the also cause osteoarthritis. this regulation is disrupted by the expression of pro-inflammatory molecules that provides the stimulus for the synthesis of matrix-degrading enzymes.3% per year) or Brazil (+2. arthritis affects 9.Joints Cartilage consists of a single cell type. Germany France Prevalence of osteoarthritis . and will continue to grow. the arthritis prevalence has increased all over the world since 2003. although it occurs more often on knee and hip joints and in the vertebral column. such as sports activities or even at work. according to Datamonitor (2009). but osteoarthritis due to external factors has also been reported.6% of men and 18% of women aged over 60 years. In advanced stages it is extremely painful. Osteoarthritis is usually due to the During osteoarthritis. resulting in the loss of cartilage and function. Orchestrated synthesis and turnover ensures and maintains the biochemical characteristic of the cartilage. possibly even reaching 2.3% per year in Brazil. For those who are affected. All joints can be affected. consequences are important because 80% have limitations in movement. for example in people whose activities involve joint stress.1% per year). 100 80 60 40 20 0 India China US Brazil Japan 2013 Moreover. the most common form of arthritis.

are preferentially stimulated. this means that Peptan® induces the differentiation of cells into osteoblasts. a marker of bone formation. when the culture is performed on a system which allows measurement of the osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. the cells involved in bone resorption. A culture of osteoblasts (star-shape cells) and osteoclasts (round black cells) with Peptan®. 6). at the same time reducing the differentiation into osteoclast. Peptan® P (porcine) and Peptan® F (fish) for 14 days. INRA-AgroParis Tech (Paris. are increased when Peptan® is present in the media.5 mg/mL * * * * * * Peptan® F Measures of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity in bone cell culture with Peptan® B (bovine). Since the number of cells does not increase with Peptan® compared to the control group.5 1 0. 5. Peptan® reduces bone resorption Moreover. compared to BSA (standard proteins). the cells responsible for bone formation. osteoblasts. Studies conducted by Rousselot with Peptan® at Researchers have produced several keys for understanding how collagen peptides work. instead of osteoclasts. Studies have demonstrated that when collagen peptides metabolites are present in the Physiology and Ingestive Behavior Laboratory.5 1 mg/mL 0. has been identified as effective in the treatment of osteopenia. France) and presented below. They have also shown that the extra-cellular matrix in which cells grow is decisive in their differentiation. this triggers bone formation (4. confirm these scientific findings and provide new information about the effect of Peptan® on bone metabolism (7). 0 BSA Peptan® P Peptan® B Measures of Alkaline Phosphatase 2 1. Several studies show that a daily intake of 10g of collagen peptides for 4 to 24 weeks increases bone mass density (1. which represents 90% of organic bone mass. 2). . B Peptan® induces differentiation into osteoblast. A Cell culture with BSA standard protein (A) or with Peptan® (B): osteoclasts activity is measured by the digestion of a calcium phosphate film (white spot).Peptan® Collagen peptides for bone health Collagen. we can see that when Peptan® is present the resorption area is reduced compared to the control. Rousselot® in vitro results Peptan® induces the differentiation of cells into osteoblasts mg/mL/min/∆DC In mixed cultures of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. the levels of alkaline phosphatase (ALP). rather than osteoclasts.5 2. this matrix.

measures show restoration of the bone mineral density value close to the level of the control group (which was not ovariectomized). in the control group (Control). peptides fragments generated by collagen degradation. Groups with different letters indicate significant difference (p<0.015 0. in vivo studies have demonstrated that the bone resorption of ovariectomized mice fed Peptan®. . 0.1 Control Ovx Ovx+Peptan® 25 Control Ovx Ovx+Peptan® 1. Peptan® restores bone mineral density BMD increase a b a Control Ovx Ovx+Peptan® First. measured in terms of CTX production. and the ovariectomized group fed with Peptan® (Ovx + Peptan) after 12 weeks. confirming the in vitro studies. The mice were fed with or without Peptan® for 12 weeks and various data was collected. an important biochemical marker of bone resorption. Due to this restoration. a ab b 1. The Peptan® group had a 4g daily diet containing 2. growth of the cortical zone (external area of the bone) of the femur. was measured in ovariectomized mice fed with Peptan®. In this part.15 b Finally. Measure of the cortical area and the ultimate strength.05) . compared to ovariectomized mice not fed with Peptan®. the ovariectomized group fed without Peptan® (Ovx).5% (0.Groups with different letters indicate significant difference (p<0.ab is not significantly different from a or b.05). ovariectomized mice were used to simulate low bone mass density: osteopenia. in the control group (Control). Peptan® decreases bone resorption Measure of CTX concentration 15 Peptan® has been shown to be effective on bone metabolism by inducing differentiation (µg/mL) and maturation of osteoblast and stimulating their activity. and a significant increase in bone size. Peptan® increases bone size and solidity Measure of the cortical area Measure of ultimate strength 31 30 1.01 0. in ovariectomized mice fed with Peptan® for 12 weeks.1g) of Peptan®. This surgery actually slows down the bone (g/cm2) mineral density increase during the growth of the concerned mice.25 a Moreover.2 (mm2) ab 29 28 27 26 1.025 0. Groups with different letters indicate significant difference (p<0.Rousselot® in vivo results The in vivo part of this study confirms but also reveals some completely new findings. the ovariectomized group fed without Peptan® (Ovx).05). and the ovariectomized group fed with Peptan® (Ovx + Peptan).005 0 Increase of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) of the mice.02 0. preventing bone resorption during the natural phenomenon of bone loss (osteopenia) and increasing bone solidity. the ultimate strength of the bones (strength required to lead to a break) was significantly greater for ovariectomized mice fed with Peptan®. Bone turnover is thus modulated. in the control group (Control). and the ovariectomized group fed with Peptan® (Ovx + Peptan). 0 a 10 b b 5 Control Ovx Ovx+Peptan N Measure of the Carboxy-Terminal collagen (CTX) peptides concentration. is similar to the control group. the ovariectomized group fed without Peptan® (Ovx).

In a 24-week study conducted in 2008. The effectiveness of collagen peptides has been also proven in athletes with activity-related joint pain. subjects with primary osteoarthritis of the knee were given 10g of collagen peptides daily. However. and again subjects with the greatest joint deterioration benefited most (9).6 0.Peptan® A bioactive ingredient that reduces joint pain Collagen peptides offer proven efficacy The beneficial effects of collagen peptides have been reported in numerous research findings. The results showed a significant improvement in The clinical study conducted by Moskowitz (8).01 between collagen peptides and control cultures (12).8 0. 24 36 48 60 Time (hours) 72 84 96 Time course of radioactivity in cartilage of mice subsequent to absorption of 14C labeled collagen peptides and 14C labeled proline in the control group. *p<0. *p<0. He showed that more than 95% of 14C labeled collagen peptides taken orally is absorbed.5 mg/mL of collagen peptides.8 1. 1. knee joint comfort. he also showed that an important part is accumulated in cartilage of mice as early as 12 hours after ingestion.2 0 6 8 Culture time (days) 11 * * * Basal medium (control) Medium containing collagen peptides . The effect was even more pronounced in patients suffering more severe symptoms. C labeled collagen peptides Control Type ll collagen secretion by chondrocytes in culture Type ll collagen (μg/106 chondrocytes) Collagen peptides induce the production of type II collagen by chondrocytes In another study (12). an assessment of participants by physicians showed statistically significant changes with the dietary supplement collagen peptides: joint pain at rest. type II collagen secretion was almost 2. The mice received 10mg collagen peptides/g body weight. demonstrated a positive effect on pain reduction with a dose of 10g of collagen peptides per day.2 1 0.6 1. and that the treatment of chondrocytes with collagen peptides in the medium leads to a dose-dependent production of collagen by those cells. standing or carrying objects was reduced (10). when walking. 147 subjects who compete as part of a varsity team or Another more recent study assessed the efficiency of collagen peptides in a randomized.4 0. in which 250 club sport were recruited and randomly assigned to two groups: one group received a liquid with 10g of collagen peptides. The action mechanism of collagen peptides Collagen peptides in cartilage Radioactivity (dmp/100 mg cartilage) 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 0 12 14 * * * * Collagen peptides are accumulated in cartilage Some explanations of this positive effect were revealed in the study by Oesser (11). controlled multicentre trial. and the other received a placebo. At the end of the study. After 11 days of culture. double blind.4 1. the same author explains that the chondrocytes (cells of the cartilage) are sensitive to the products present in the extracellular matrix around them.05 between collagen peptides and control (11). Time course of type II collagen secretion into supernatant of bovine chondrocytes cultured in basal medium or in medium supplemented with 0.5-fold higher in collagen peptides cultures. The radioactivity level was more than twice as high in cartilage following 14C labeled collagen peptide administration compared with the control group (14C labeled proline + collagen peptides). performed on various populations for a period ranging from 30 to 90 days.

Moskowitz. and Kuboki.C.. and Albert. The population burden of fractures originates in women with osteopenia. Oral administration of 14C labelled gelatine hydrolysate leads to an accumulation of radioactivity in cartilage of mice (C57/BL).. Watanabe. 2010. M. M.. Vallejo-Flores. Oohashi. Y. 153: 256-265. 4. G.. 24 (5): 1485-1496. the chondrocytes. Increase in bone mineral density through oral administration of shark gelatine to ovariectomized rats. Mu. 22: 547-553. Deitch. Current medical research and opinion. 1992. 12.Conclusion These different studies demonstrate the benefits of collagen peptides on joint and bone health. 9. 2. D. and Ishimi.  Pasco. Carrillo-Arcentales.N. Flechsenhar. Cell tissue research. Stein. Camacho-Zambrano. making them less brittle. 30 (2): 87-99.A. 2005. 1999. 2003.. Journal of cellular physiology.. collagen peptides improves bone metabolism and biomechanical parameters in ovariectomized mice: an in vitro and in vivo study.P. Experimental cell research.. G. Peptan® has been shown to: • Restore bone mineral density. 11: 237-251.V.. J. collagen peptides have been shown to: •  Significantly reduce joint pain.. Y.. 2001. Sherbondy. and Kasugai.A. Roux. Regarding bones. 2008.. Stimulation of type II collagen biosynthesis and secretion in bovine chondrocytes cultured with degraded collagen.P. •  Increase the bones size. . Growth on type I collagen promotes expression of the osteoblastic phenotype in human osteosarcoma MG-63 cells... Meza. F.  Wu.  Lynch.  Ruiz-Benito. 7. •  Stimulate osteoblast activity in spite of osteoclasts activity.L. 2009. 5. Henry M. Nutrition. Aukermann. Fujioka. and extracellular matrix mineralization. K. 2000.  Clark.. C.S.. Mestanza-Peralta. J.. 1995. 11. K. Oesser. Kotowicz. E. Beaupied. M. Seeman. 129: 133-138.M. A. and Tracy R. and subjects with the greater deterioration benefit most.A. Adam. not osteoporosis. 3.A. J.. Blachier. W. Vargas-Lopez. Fabien-Soulé.. P.  Andrianarivo. Regarding joints. and Seifert. A randomized controlled trial on the efficacy and safety of a food ingredient..N.. collagen hydrolysate. •  Orally taken collagen peptides are accumulated in cartilage as soon as 12 hours after the ingestion and the cells of the joint. the growth of the bone is stimulated. Villacis-Tamayo.L. 13. 2004. Stein. Benhamou. Journal of bone and mineral metabolism... F.. Sugimoto. M. J. M. and Zurita-Gavilanes.. 24-Week study on the use of collagen hydrolysate as a dietary supplement in athletes with activity-related joint pain.J. and Lian. Diagnosis and treatment of osteopenia. J. 311: 393-399. Seminars in arthritis and rheumatism. M. W. are responding to these extern collagen by producing a dose-dependant production of intern collagen.G. S. S. Sebastianelli. M.  Guillerminet. D.A.  Mizuno.A. C-L. Journal of nutrition. M. J. A.R. Assessment of effectiveness of oral administration of collagen peptide on bone metabolism in growing and mature rats. 2006. K. The influence of type I collagen on the development and maintenance of the osteoblast phenotype in primary and passaged rat calvarial osteoblasts: modification of expression of genes supporting cell growth. 8.. and Blais. F.. The results indicate that collagen peptides could be useful in the prevention and treatment of osteopenia and osteoarthritis. E.  Oesser. R. and Seifert.A... 129: 1891-1895.B. 10.F. Journal of biochemistry. 216: 35-45. Robinson.L.. Role of collagen hydrolysate in bone and joint disease. C. M. Mann. 21: 1120-1126. for improving joint comfort.  Karaguzel..R. G. Merriman. Osteoporosis Int. 12:1-15. Bone.. K. R.  Nomura. R.S. L. K. J.G. S. S. Peptan® a completely characterized and scientifically objectivised bioactive ingredient that helps to: • Prevent osteopenia • Maintain bone health • Prevent loss of bone solidity • Prevent osteoarthritis • Reduce joint pain • Prevent joint matrix degeneration References 1. Millard. Holick.. 2010. J.. J. Osteoblast-related gene expression of bone marrow cells during the osteoblastic differentiation induced by type I collagen. H. Tomé. A. 17: 1404-1409. Babel. 6. Rev Endocr Metab Disord. P. International journal of food sciences and nutrition. adhesion. V. Nicholson. Y. G.

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