Before we liberate our self we must first of all understand who we are and under which category we belong. To make it simple and to follow the premise from the movie the matrix, our self is simple a set of three character the female part, our soft, needing love or our womanly self if we are a men (Yin), the second is our rational self or our truth seeker, Morpheous (Yang) which is the bold the relentless and the one pushing forward to liberate our self. The last is Neo, our real self our true being, the one which is destined. This is the one that most of us are after throughout our entire time living in this world, the one who is free and is liberated who whom achieve nirvana , our own Buddha.

You always know that the world around you is an

illusion, it is like a splinter in the mind, driving you mad, day after day, something does not seem right in this world. You know that there is a lie that is presented before you, The road ahead seem redundant and is a road that seem to be making fun of your life.

The first question that you must ask yourself is whether or not you would like to know
the truth , and once this truth is acquired then you can set yourself free and fulfill your true achievement , Which pill shall you take, the red or the blue pill, either days after days you shall work and die as part of the world or whether you can set yourself free from this illusionary world. A choice that is yet to be make, This essay will demonstrate from the view point of the Movie the Matrix of how you may follow the road that have been used many time since time began, to set your true self the “Neo” the chosen one to be free and be all you can be. Some may understood this method as “zen” “meditation” reiki and other form of mind method, but the real journey and truth may entirely depends on your self.

The Illusionary World
Often your real conscious, Morpheus seem to be ahead

of your other self, asking is this world around us real? Is time real? Are we really this person that we see in the mirror, days after days. Am I this body? We believe the “I” this illusionary I is a valid argument a sense of self that have been molded by our parent, surrounding and world, it is what we call our mind delusion. But the truth is that deep inside we realize that we are a child of the cosmos, a soul, that transcend space and time paradox or law, beyond matter and anti matter, we are a being of self awareness, this is our real self and Morpheous is our inner voice that we seek to liberate our self, our sense and instinct, our primordial :Guru” or guide to liberate our self from this delusion.

The Enemy
Each time we think we wanted to free our

self, the illusionary world looks back to us with thousand of agent, or stimulus that says “ do not venture further more” if you do you will be in a lot of trouble, you shall lose your humanity and sense of belonging. This agent of the illusionary world will stand at every door that you seek to open to free you from the system. Each component of this world or entity of this worlds is has an agent which says do not venture further more. Let say you choose to feel the meditate, to sit calm and not do anything but breath, the moment you choose to mediate, the agent will immediately be there looking at your mind saying all sort and asking all sort of question. The agent is a logical part of our mind, Jesus have shown a direct confrontation toward the agent, when he walk on water and asked one of his disciple to have faith in him and to let go of his disbelief.

The real enemy of our liberation is our mind saying and putting a set of laws and reason behind our every action. That why there is not a lot of Buddha, or Saint or Sufis that can achieve liberation or the true knowing of God, Like what Morpheous mention, All of us who have stood before an agent have failed, where we failed the one shall be able to stand before the agent. To confront the agent, which is our logical mind we must never use mind , but to let go and be one with our real self. Now the Question of our real self will be further explain during the course of this document or in my other works.

A Gatekeeper or A Guardian?
Once we set upon the path of self discovery or

enlightenment, then each of us shall have to come face to face with our gatekeeper and Guardian, to the door of the Real. This Gatekeeper or Guardian only let in Our Neo self, which the one self that have been ordained by our creator to be shown the way behind the myriad illusion of this world or the illusionary self. “ You can only truly know someone when you fight them” a simple statement, what is the duel all about, it is the duel of why you are seeking liberation, like what the Buddha experience after all those exhausting meditation and technique, a musician in a sampan with his son, The Buddha overheard a statement “ the string must not be too tight or too loose for you to make a nice music. The Buddha realize his inner being that have been pushing really hard to liberate himself, it is likened like a tight string which keep on broken when the truth is about to unveil, Yet once The Buddha realize the real meaning the message strike him to be at peace a state of “No Mind” which is famous in the way of Zen.

The Key!
Once you can find the Gatekeeper or the ideal state

of mind, soul and consciousness , which is when the battle with the gatekeeper has been won by Neo, the key can be used to open the door, As Obi Wan Kenobi mention to young Luke Skywalker, Put on the blaster helmet and trust and feel the force. That state, Kensho, Alpha State, or No Mind State, a state of bliss, it is when in actuality you have already step into the back door of this reality.

The Backdoor of the Real!
As you achieved the state of no mind then you shall

see also the reality in front of you unfold, which is you can choose to which reality that you perceived , you need to walk into. Either it is in your mind or the mind of people around you. Now you can explore to which room you may walk into and experience the consciousness of the illusionary world. But bear in mind the gatekeeper and the consciousness must always be kept close as you may not be able to walk back into the proper door!

The Oracle ?- Do I have a Choice?
Oracle, once you met her, it seem your whole life have

been chosen and you are only meant to learn and understand why you have made the choice that you are experiencing now, Again you question the future once you have broken away from the illusion, what lies ahead? Beyond this reality, then it is only relevant, causality, the cause and effect, once you are free then the next plausible explanation is to meet your maker, to ask the biggest question of all, why are you here to what purpose and what are you meant to do? “Let me see You” ahhh you have grown up, you are truly the one “ do tell me you have seen beyond the door, you have a vision, did you see her die? At this point Neo say that she is not dead in the future, a statement that is a self lie, which the oracle can see what Neo will experience in the future. This is a good scene, I might say, because I too keep saying to myself my Yin part is not dead I am still a compassionate being even though I am liberated, but the real thing is that I am but a force a dynamic energy that is subservient to the universal plan, which we will see later when Neo met the Architect.

I felt like seating, finally Neo understand

that no matter what he think or decide what have been destined will always be as it is.

Once you have freed your false self, (your

accumulated ego or self identification) the negative side of your other self the mirror reflection of yourself, i.e. the agent Smith that you have defeated prior hand, is now also an independent dark side of yourself, it is still somehow connected to yourself and now seek to reattached it self to you, this choice, of your free self to choose between the real road ahead to journey back to your original self or your maker, is a constant battle that is prevalent within our human civilization. Ever heard of shaman, Physic, modern day witch and cult, 99.99 percent of liberated self return back to the dark side , which is it get intermingle with the illusionary world , which is to obtain or to identify your self with the rest of the still veiled human, the reason, power glory and mis- used of power.

Your dark side or the dark side of the force, now

you must choose between the past agent of yourself the protected ego. Either you still wants to associate yourself with your former self?. This is the same path that have being foretold by various prophet “die before you are dead!. The release self shall again will stand right before your eyes to demand back the return of your former self. And choose you must. How or in what sense the outcome of this battle and what shall be the best option.

You will definitely be surrounded and cornered into a point

where you are stuck and the final option will definitely be to let go or as agent smith says “resistance is futile, it is inevitable, you must join we! The road that have been shown by various teaching, best portrayed by the Koan in Zen teaching “There is no mind” the mind it self is illusionary. Once you have understood this then you can be above the mind delusion, which is your consciousness shall flew over the clouded and crowded mind attack and reasoning.

Fly above your reasoning and the attack of the mind,

recognize it existence yet you are not part of its existence, fly away and delete the identity of the mind from your architecture or your past life. I am the past as you once knew but now I am the real which is beyond time and beyond any comprehension. As The Gospel of Judas state, no mind can comprehend, no yes have seen, no angel has set foot.

Let the rest of the world ponder in awe and mind boggling

knowledge that you have liberated yourself away from the multitude of your personalities, The is a book that says the thousand faces of God, the same is true here the thousand or hundred personalities of your previous self, now once you have flown across your previous mental block, you are but an entity which is everyone yet no one.

Be There at The Exact Time and Place
The assembly of the freed, the past neo, or liberated one,

once free along your way back to the source, you shall encounter some other form of temptation, which is the temptation of control and power, yet even this sense of control and power is a sense of illusion but at its finest, beyond time but within the Matrix or the created world. It is as foretold by most gospel, once you set yourself to meet me and have faith in me then kingdom of heaven and earth shall be yours. A same temptation that have being shown by most saint and some dramatic Sufi story. A position similar to kings and Queen, state where you understood the working mechanism of this created world and once you know the working, as a mechanic you can tweak it according to your own will and fancy.

Kingdom Of Heaven and Earth
Now you hold before you in your hand the key to any

secret or power to do what you wants , every door and secret of the created world or the

illusionary world. But only one key is the master key, which the one that you must choose. Do not choose the key that let you linger in lust, temptation and desire. This again is where most saint and the seeker failed, 99% is deluded by new access to your real self. On the way to the king you will get to know all the minister that govern every part of his kingdom, and they know you are the guess of the king and they will definitely open the door for you as a guest, but again you are still a guest, so choose wisely my friend. If you choose to proceed and make your maker then behold.

The Creator
The one system that existed for the whole creation, The

creator. Behold the creator that have wrote the story of your existence since child birth up to the decision that you made, every single choice that you have met up to the meeting of yourself with him is still again not your own choice but it is his choice, the force the god of the universe.

The Real Truth is that he whom hold power over all thing control up to the moment you shall meet him since if he does not allow it to happen then the door shall not be open!

What is the next story that shall be written? It is your choice!,

Since now the story is much more exciting since you have lots move to show, plus you can even stop bullets, ash you got some skill!

Make your choice read further a few of my work? God bless may you find your creator!

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Marketing begin since time started! Why do I say this? Before we are created we acknowledge there is a