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Modern movement in USA The modern movement in USA starts after the school of Chicago lost its presence

and its a return of eclecticism and Art Deco at the beginning of the century. Wright's buildings were some of the first examples of modern architecture in the United States. Frank Lloyd Wright was a major influence on European architects, including both Walter Gropius (founder of the Bauhaus) and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as well as on the whole of organic architecture. Reasons The socioeconomic status, which in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries engaged in seeking solutions to the overcrowding in cities, improve the living conditions of the broad masses of workers, to facilitate communications. Characteristics A renewed taste for simplicity, the absence of decoration, comfort, the use of new materials (iron, steel, concrete), which since the early nineteenth century applied not only in engineering but also in the architecture, the visual concepts from new pictorial languages; They reveal the character of the people more inclined to applications of the principles, stick to the comfort, practicality of each environment and the general distribution, freedom of appearances. In such constructions were used materials closest to the place, and economized all efforts tending to the intricate decorations. They thus present a peculiar appearance, and in some cases, the Europeans themselves surprised by its technical simplicity and functional efficiency. This is the case called balloon frame construction (structure "air") because of its lightness, initiated by George Washington Snow (1797-1870). The balloon frame houses, the famous Windsor chair and the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, built in 1870 by John Roebling, form the basis of the technical history of modern American architecture. In addition, the balloon frame construction provides a bias detached from distribution of plants, so that a house can be expanded or reduced according to need or social conditions of its inhabitants, a system that would become the germ of the movement of architecture organic was so important, not only in USA but around the world.

and the Guggenheim Museum. and the Breuer House. His work includes original and innovative examples of many different building types. his work after the Second war showed more confidence in the technical procedures. Seagram Building. focusing in the Personal land and Concentration in suburban expansion. Some of his works are the Illinois Institute of Technology. Also W. continued examining the construction materials and their value in architecture. hotels. Glass allowed for interaction and viewing of the outdoors while still protecting from the elements. Some of his most important works were the Johnson Wax Building. . churches. Taliesin West. including offices. and he differs in his concepts in America with the American Housing. his concern for the economic order and urbanism made him continue with his experiments with prefabrication. Some of his works are the LovellNeutra House. Frank Lloyd Wright Wright became one of theprincipal inspirations of many European architects.Richard Neutra Neutra showed with facts the advantages of modern architecture in solving the functional aspects and the psychological and emotive needs. skyscrapers. Mies van der Rohe. Wright fully embraced glass in his designs and found that it fit well into his philosophy of organic architecture. sometimes. his fame increased after the exposition organized by the Museum of Modern Art in 1947. forced his originality. Lake Shore Drive Apartment. schools. Wright also designed many of the interior elements of his buildings. These solutions. Ford House. Wright's creations took his concern with organic architecture down to the smallest details. the Bell Experimental School the Von Sternberg Villa and the Chanel Heights County. such as the furniture and stained glass. 50' X 50' House Project and the Bacardi Headquarters. the Farnswort. Gropius appeared in this country. the Chamberlain House. and museums. Fallingwater house. Creatin g the Gropius House. the Harvard graduate center. Neutra conceives architecture as a service to man.

2012. In conclusion I can say that this type of architecture followed principally by Wright in USA is a manifest of simplicity and comfort. Richards Medical Research Laboratories. Web.Eero Saarinen began his work from rectilinear structures in steel and glass InternationalStyle. which nowadays are commonly use in the construction of houses. and relates more to the and new the National Assembly Building. Salk Institute. Kahn. Saarinen included bricks dyed in various colors and fancy steps.html>.infoplease. 5 Mar. 2012. Bibliography:    Eero Saarinen. as well as the creation of skyscrapers and the prefabricated elements for housing. <http://www. the most important works made from World War II . Web. much less dramatic.epdlp. At the sametime. but completely different. Its main themes were the space and Louis Isadore Kahn. I think the General MotorsCentre is a room with 5 halls in which the masses with contrasting rectangular cylindersand domes. a maximum is evident when comparing the interiors of their buildings with the exterior. .epdlp. to move towards freer forms of concrete construction that had begun Pier LuigiNervi. <http://www. 2012. Infoplease.php?id=144>. a new poeticsassociated with modernism. <http://www. and the Kimbell Art Museum. departed from the path marked by functionalist Bauhaus or InternationalStyle. designed the Jefferson National Expansion Memorialwhich is a stainless steel arch 192 m high at the highest point of the catenary. Infoplease. Some of his works are the Yale Art and defined hiswork as the reflexive construction of spaces. 06 Mar. where the architects works are essential to present the usage of materials. initiated by Le Corbusier. 5 Mar.php?id=81>. The complex reflects the influence of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and AlbertKahn. Web. Epdlp. Louis I.

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