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G. B.

Applications are invited for Entrance Examination-2014 for admission to Undergraduate,
Masters’ including MCA (except M.Tech.) and Ph.D. programmes of the University from the Bonafide
residents of Uttarakhand. Candidate from other states may apply for admission to M.C.A. and Ph.D.
Programmes only. The Wards of Kashmiri Migrants and J & K Residents may apply for admission to
Undergraduate Programmes only.
The schedule of entrance examination is as under:
Undergraduate 31.05.2014 (Saturday) 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Ph.D. & Masters’ 01.06.2014 (Sunday) 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
M.C.A. 01.06.2014 (Sunday) 03.00 pm – 6.00 pm
For Details about Degree Programmes please log on to:
Ph.D. Programmes: Master’s degree in the related field with an OGPA not less than 6.500/10.000 or
4.000/5.000 or I Division in case of the Universities where these scales are not applicable and with an
OGPA not less than 6.000/10.000 or 3.000/5.000 or 55% marks (aggregate) in Bachelor’s degree.
Masters’ Programme: Bachelor’s degree in the related field with an OGPA not less than 6.000/10.000 or
3.000/5.000 or 55% marks in aggregate in case of the Universities where these scales are not applicable.
M.Tech.: In M.Tech. programmes, admission shall be made first based on the GATE qualifying marks
in the subject (Major) in which admission is sought. Vacant seats shall be filled based on
OGPA/percentage (%) of marks of B.Tech. The candidate should have secured at least an OGPA of not less
than 6.000/10.000 or 3.000/5.000 or 55% marks in aggregate in case of the Institutions/Universities where
these scales are not applicable in the Bachelor’s degree. However, admission towards seats for Other State
candidates in M.Tech. Agricultural Engineering majors shall be made through Entrance Examination
conducted by ICAR. In case, domicile candidates of Uttarakhand are not available for the sanctioned seats, the
same shall be filled from amongst candidates of Other States.
Undergraduate Programmes:
B.Sc. Ag., B.Sc. Food Technology:- Intermediate Agriculture /Science with Mathematics or Biology or
equivalent examination.
B.V.Sc. & A.H.:- Intermediate Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English or equivalent examination
and should have obtained a minimum of 50% marks for General Category and 40% for reserved categories
(OBC, SC & ST) in aggregate in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
B.F.Sc.:- Intermediate Science with Biology/Agriculture or equivalent examination.
B.Sc. Home Science: - Intermediate Science with Mathematics or Biology.
Availability of Prospectus and application form
Through Designated Post Offices: Prospectus and application forms will be available from the following
Post Offices w.e.f. 17.02.2014 to 26.03.2014 against cash payment of Rs.200.00+Rs.40.00 handling charges.
Almora, Ranikhet, Bageshwar, Dwarahat, Syalde, Gopeshwar, Joshimath, Karnprayag, Rudraprayag, Dehradun,
Roorkee, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Nainital, Pantnagar, Rudrapur, Kashipur, Ramnagar, Haldwani, Kichha, Khatima,
Pauri, Lansdown, Kotdwar, Srinagar Garhwal, Pithoragarh, Champawat, Dharchula, Lohaghat, Didihat, Chamba,
New Tehri, Narendra Nagar, Uttarkashi, Lucknow GPO and New Delhi GPO.
By post: Candidate can obtain the Prospectus and application form by sending written request to the
Coordinator Admissions, G.B. Pant University Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar-263145, Distt.- U.S.
Nagar (Uttarakhand) alongwith a crossed bank draft of Rs.200/- drawn in favour of PEECRF A/C, G.B. Pant
University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar payable at S.B.I./U.Co. Bank/PNB, Pantnagar
accompanied by 30 25 cm size self-addressed stamped envelope bearing postage stamps worth Rs. 45/- by
ordinary post and Rs.36/- by Registered Parcel between 17-02-2014 to 26-03-2014.
Last date for submission of application form by post or in person at the office of Coordinator Admission is
Prospectus and Application form for admission to M.Tech. programme may only be obtained from
Admission Cell of the University personally or by post after payment of the above mentioned fee.


nil^·· ·~¬·i ¤ n ¬l·i ¤^ ¤iniln¬ l^’^l^ni¬¤, ¤n·nº÷zss·«r (¬-nºiªiº÷)
¤^’i ¬¸¤·i za·«÷za·r

l^’^l^ni¬¤ ¬ -·in¬, -·in¬i -nº, ¤-.¬|.¤. ¬lrn (¤-.-¬. ¤i-¤¬-i ¬i si÷¬º) ^ ¤|¤¤.÷|.
¤i-¤¬-i - ¤^’i r n ¬-nºiªiº÷ ¬ l·^il¬¤i ¬ ¤^’i ¤º|·ii ÷za·« ¬ l¬¤ ¬i^ ·· ¤¤ ¬i-l¤n
l¬¤ ¬in r | ¬·¤ ºi·¤i ¬ ¬·¤·i| ¬^¬ ¤-.¬|.¤. ¤^ ¤|.¤¤÷|. ¤i-¤¬-i ¬ l¬¤ ¤^ ¬’-|º|
l^-·iil¤ni ¬ ^i÷ n·ii ¬--¸ ¤^ ¬’-|º ¬ l·^i¬| ¬^¬ -·in¬ ¤i-¤¬-i - ¤^’i r n ¬i^ ·· ¬º
¬¬n r |
¤^’i ¤º|·ii ¬i ¬i¤¬- l·-·^n r÷
·ii-¤¬- l··i ¬ ¬-¤
-·in¬ s··« (’il·^iº) ¤in ·a.aa ·¬ ¬ ¬¤ºi·r ·.aa ·¬ n¬
¤|¤¤a÷|a ¤^ -·in¬i-nº a··« (ºl^^iº) ¤in ·a.aa ·¬ ¬ ¬¤ºi·r ·.aa ·¬ n¬
¤-.¬|.¤. a··« (ºl^^iº) ¬¤ºi·r s.aa ·¬ ¬ ¬i ¤ s.aa ·¬ n¬
¤i-¤¬-i ¬ l^^ººi r n ¬¤¤i ^ ·¬i;- ¤º ¬in ¬i· ¬º |
ºil·i¬ ¤i·¤ni
¤|¤¤a÷| ¤i-¤¬-i rn ¬-·l··in l^·i¤ - ¬- ¬ ¬- s.raa,· ¤i «.aaa, ¤i ¤·i-
¬ºi| - -·in¬i -nº ¬¤il·i n·ii -·iin¬ -nº ¤º ¬- ¬ ¬-,· ¤i, ¤i ¬¬
¤i·n¬i ¬i rr ¤ln’in ¬¬ ¬ri ¤º ¬·n -i¤·º÷ ¬in¸ ·r| r|
-·in¬i -nº ¤i-¤¬-i rn ¬·l··in l^·i¤ - -·in¬ l÷n| - ¬- ¬ ¬- ¬i.¬|.¤|.¤.,·
¤i, ¤i ¬¬ ¤i·ni¬i ¬i rr ¤ln’in ¬¬ ¬ri ¤º ¬·n -i¤·º÷ ¬in¸ ·r| r|
¤-.-¬. ¤-.-¬. ¤i-¤¬- - ¤^’i ¤r¬ ¤· n¤ l^·i¤i - n - (GATE) ¬ ¬rni ¬¬i ¬ ¬i·iiº ¤º
l·¤i ¬i¤ni| n-¤’¤in lº·n -·ii·i ¬i ·|.-¬. - ¤i·n ¬i.¬|.¤|.¤.,· ¤i,
¤i l¬· ¬-·ii·i ¤i l^’^l^ni¬¤i - ¤ -i¤·º÷ -·in¬ -nº ¤º ¬in¸ ·r| r ¬·- ¤i·ni ¬ ¬i ¬¬
¤i n rr ¤ln’in ri, ¬ ¬i·iiº ¤º ·iºi ¬i¤ ni| ¤-.-¬. ¬l·i ¤ini ln¬| l^·i¤i - ¬·¤ ºi·¤i ¬
¬·¤l·i¤i ¬| ¬|- ¬ l^ª, ¤^ ’i ¬i; .¬|.¤.¬iº. ,iºi ¬i¤il¬n ¤^’i ¤º|·ii ¬ -i·¤- ¬ l¬¤i
¬i¤ni| ¬-nºiªiº÷ ºi·¤ ¬ ¬·¤l·i¤i ¬ ¬¤¬··i · ri· ¬| l-·iln - ¬·¬ l¬¤ -^|¬n ¬|- ¬·¤
ºi·¤i ¬ ¬·¤l·i¤i ¬ ·iº| ¬i¤n||
-·in¬ ¤i-¤¬-i r n
B.Sc. Agriculture [·|.¤¬.¬|. (¤n|¬~¤º)], B.Sc. Food Technology [·|.¤¬.¬|. (¤¸÷ -··i ¬i¬|)] ÷
;º-º-|l÷¤- ¤n|¬~¤º,l^ni· (nlºin,·i¤i¬i¬|) ¬·i^i ¬-¬·i ¤º|·ii ¬-n|ºi|
B.V.Sc.A.H. [·|.^|.¤¬¬|. ¤º÷ ¤.¤¤.]÷ l^ni· - ;º-º-|l÷¤- (·iiln¬ l^ni·, º¬i¤· l^ni·, ¬|^
l^ni· ¤^ ¬n¬| ¬ ¬i·i) ¬·i^i ¬-¬·i ¤º|·ii; n·ii ·iiln¬ l^ni·, º¬i¤· l^ni·, ¬|^ l^ni· ¤^
¬n¬| - ¤i·ni ¬ ¬i ¬¬ ¤i n ¬i-i·¤ ^n ¬ l¬¤ ¬- ¬ ¬- ra ¤ln’in ¤^ ¬iºl·in ^n
(¬i ·|¬|, ¤¬¬| ¤^ ¤¬-|) ¬ l¬¤ «a ¤ln’in ri |
B.F.Sc. [·|.¤¤.¤¬¬|.]÷ ;º-º-|l÷¤- l^ni· (·i¤i ¬i¬|,¤n|¬~¤º) ¬·i^i ¬-¬·i ¤º|·ii ¬-n|ºi|
B.Sc. Home Science [·|.¤¬¬|. (ri- ¬i;·¬)]÷ ;º-º-|l÷¤- l^ni· (nlºin,·i¤i ¬i¬|)|

l^^ºlºi¬i (¤i -¤ ·-¬) n·ii ¬i^ ·· ¤¤ ¬| ¬¤¬··ini
l·l··- ÷i¬ ·iºi ¬ ¤i-¤·-¬ ¬iº ¬i^·· ¤¤ ·|¤ l·¤ n¤ ÷i¬·iºi ¬ ª¤¤ zaa.aa÷«a.aa
(÷i¬·iº ¤i¬¬) ¬ ·¬· ·inni· ¤º l··i ¬ ·/·« ¬·« n¬ ¤i·n l¬¤ ¬i ¬¬n
r÷¬~-i÷i, ºi·|ªin, ·in’^º, ,iºiri-, -¤i~·, ni¤’^º, ¬i’i|--, ¬ºi¤¤in, ª·¤¤in, ·rºi·¸·, ª÷¬|,
rlº,iº, ~l·i¬’i, ··|ni¬, ¤n·nº, ª·¤º, ¬iºi|¤º, ºi-·nº, r~,i·|, l¬·si, ªi-|-i, ¤i÷|, ¬¬÷i¬·,
¬i-,iº, ¬|·nº (n«^i¬), l¤·iiºin«, ¤-¤i^n, ·iiº¤¸¬i, ¬iri·ii-, ÷|÷|ri-, ¤-·i, ·; l-rº|, ·º·· ·nº,
¬-nº¬iºi|, ¬ªi·i+ ¬|a¤|a¬ia n·ii ·; l·~¬| ¬|a¤|a¬ia|

÷i¬ ,iºi ¬·¤·i| ¤i-¤ ·-¬ ¤^ ¬i^ ·· ¤¤ ¤¬ ¤i·i·i ¤¤ l¬ªi¬º ·i| ¤i·n ¬º ¬¬n r, ¬i
¬¤i ¬¬ ¤ ^ ’i, ni l^·· ·~¬·i ¤n ¬l·i ¤^ ¤iniln¬ l^’^l^ni¬¤, ¤n·nº ÷zss·«r l¬¬i ÷+·i-
l¬r ·nº (¬-nºiªiº÷) ¬i l¬ªii n¤i ri ^ l¬¬¬ ¬i·i ª¤¤ zaa.aa ¬i · ¬ ÷i¤- ¬i “PEECRF
·i- ··i ri ¬i l¬ ·iiºn|¤ --- ·¬, ¤n·nº, (¬i÷ ¬ª¤i ··ss), ¤¸¬i · ¬ ¤n·nº (¬i÷ ¬ª¤i
s/s) ¬·i^i ¤¬i· ·’i·¬ ·¬, ¤n·nº (¬i÷ ¬ª¤i «««s) ¤º ·¤ ri n·ii -^¤ ¬i -¤·- ¤ni n·ii
¤i-¤¬- ¬i ·i- l¬ªii ¤¬ sa zr ¬.-|. ¬i l¬¤i¤i l¬¬ ¤º ¬i·iiººi ÷i¬ ¬ - ni· ¬ l¬¤
ªa «r,÷ ¬ ÷i¬ l-¬- ¤i ¤¬|¬n ¤i¬¬ ÷i¬ ¬ - ni· ¬ l¬¤ ªa ss,÷¬ ÷i¬ l-¬- ¬n
ri | ¬i^·· ¤¤i ¬| l·¬| l··i¬ ·/·« ¬·« n¬ ¤-nil^n r|
¬ln- lnl·i ¬i^·· ¤¤ ÷i¬ ,iºi ¬·i^i ·¤l·nnn ª¤ ¬ ¬¤i ¬¬ ¤^ ’i ¬i¤i¬¤ - ¬-i ¬º·
¬| ¬ln- lnl·i az.a«.za·« r|
¤-.-¬. ¤i-¤¬- - ¤^ ’i r n ¤i-¤ ·-¬ ¤^ ¬i^ ·· ¤¤ l^’^l^ni¬¤ ¬ ¤^’i ¬··iin ¬ r|
·¤l·nnn ª¤ ¬ ¬·i^i ÷i¬ ,iºi ¬¤ºi ·n ºi~¬ ¬·i ¬º ¤i·n l¬¤i ¬i ¬¬ni r|

¬¤i¬¬ ¤^’i