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Chapter 2 METHODS AND PROCEDURES In the realization of the goals of this study, these methods and procedure were

employed and applied by the researchers. This methods involved were essential in yielding answers to questions and the examination of factors for comparison. Research Design The type of research design used in this study is a quantitative research. The research design makes use of the survey method which does involve experimentation instead employs objectivity in the determination of the relative English proficiency levels of the subjects. In this study, the researchers will make a comparative assessment of the proficiency levels of the students with that of a set of standards in English. Factors and influences will not be discussed and will not be the focus of the research. Only the relative level of English proficiency of the subjects will be presented. Further implications will be inferred but cause and effect will not be elaborated.

vocabulary and syntax. The updated enrolment statistics from the Arts and Sciences Office lists a population of 49 freshmen in the first term of the academic year 2013-2014.Population and Locale of the Study The target subjects are freshmen students currently enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in English in the University of the Cordilleras. The Slovin's Formula. n = N / (1+Ne2). et al 1993). The margin of error employed in the computation was at 10%. will be used to take into account confidence levels and margins of error upon taking statistical samples among the students. choice questions These that questionnaires cover consist of grammatical skills. The computations yield a sample number of 32 students that will represent the population of freshmen AB English students in the University of the Cordilleras. Stratified random sampling will be utilized to facilitate the collection of the data (Calderon. The questionnaires in the form a standard constructed test from Cambridge School of English include the topics and concepts that are included in elementary and high . Data Gathering Tool The survey results will be based on scores gathered from prepared multiple questionnaires.

. Data Gathering Procedure For raw data. The students will be given time not exceeding 1 hour to answer the questions. Treatment of Data The scores that will be obtained from the administration of the questionnaires will be treated statistically using the principles of central tendency. a number of published works are considered. The mean scores will be compared to a set of standard scores ranked according to level of proficiency in English. The students will be instructed to read and follow given instructions. that It aims is to a form of the a summativeand diagnostic material gauge retention application of the subjects from prior schooling at the same time measure the readiness of the subjects for higher academic level. the researchers are to administer the tests to the students. specifically the mean scores. Internet articles and sites are also utilized to provide a more comprehensive and up to date elaboration of some elements in the English curriculum. For the relevant information and background readings about the study. after the identification of the number of samples.

. the z-scores will be determined and thus help with the interpretation of data collected to be able to address the posed problems in this research.In the course of comparison of individual scores to average scores.