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through Bertha Dudde 7736

About abstinence and asceticism ....

Whatever motivates you to practise abstinence .... you shou d not !ea"en your body !ith it# $or % gave it to you so that your sou shou d attain maturity in it and it is your duty to maintain your sou &s vesse $or as ong as you ive on earth .... 'ou !i understand that a !ea"ened body is unab e to $u $i the tas" it !as a ocated by destiny# and % rea y don&t !ant you to render yourse ves un$it $or the !or" you have to accomp ish on earth. 'et neither does your spiritua deve opment depend on se $(denia # on your !ithho ding $rom your body !hat it needs in order to stay a ive# !hat is bene$icia to remain hea thy. )arth y i$e ma"es demands on you !hich you must comp y !ith in order to be use$u members o$ society .... And you need strength $or this# !hich you must repeated y rep enish by providing your body !ith the right amount o$ sustenance and re$reshment .... *o!ever# you shou d not e+ceed the amount# since it is tru y not bene$icia $or you .... But neither shou d you et the body starve and thereby !ea"en it .... For this is not ,y !i # Who created you in ine !ith natura a!# i.e.# % did not provide the body !ith $unctions !hich "eep it a ive and going $or no reason# as $ar as it is ,y !i . 'ou shou d respect ,y !isdom !hich created the human body this !ay as you re-uire it to be a vesse $or your sou in !hich it ought to achieve its earth y tas". to attain $u maturity $or the spiritua "ingdom .... *o!ever# remember to abide by natura a!# too much as !e as

too itt e is !rong# you shou d be moderate in a things and not ma"e the body un$it $or its tas" through e+cessive se $(denia .... /ust as# vice versa# every overindu gence is bad and can spiritua y damage the sou . And there$ore you shou d mere y "eep to natura a!# ive a simp e and modest i$e and a !ays re-uest ,y b essing ....And it !i not do you any harm# nothing !i in$ uence your spiritua maturing# your body !i not become premature y !ea" and you !i even be spared i ness# i$ you don&t sin against natura a!s .... i$ you also ac"no! edge your bodys spiritua tas" and he p it by "eeping it hea thy and not denying it !hat it needs $or its e+istence .... And on y pray that you !i a !ays recognise the right measure .... that your ove $or the body !i not be greater than your ove $or the sou 0 pray that % !i a !ays give your body the strength to achieve its earth y tas". And i$ you thus endeavour to comp y !ith ,y !i then no i ness !i $righten you again# $or then you !i "no! that even this sha mere y he p to spiritua ise body and sou .... But don&t try to achieve this spiritua isation through asceticism as it contradicts natura a! and can even resu t in a hea thy body $a ing i # but then it !i be se $(in$ icted. Overcome a cravings !hich do not he p to sustain the body .... $ight against them# then you !i ive in the right !ay and your sou # too# !i be ab e to become $u y mature .... 'et a e+cess is a disadvantage $or the sou # $or a certain amount o$ spiritua pride or ambition motivates the person to accomp ish something e+traordinary $or the sa"e o$ his sou &s maturity. But /ust as % created the body that is ho! it shou d serve you .... !hat the body re-uires by natura a! it shou d a so receive .... 1hen it !i accomp ish its tas" as a vesse $or the sou and he p it achieve maturity# and the body !i ma"e good use o$ the time it !as a ocated by ,y !i on earth .... Amen

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