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Bustani Mailing Address

Date: ___________________

Name __________________

Dear ____________________


We are pleased to offer you the appointment of ______________________ in our Company

effective ___________________2009 in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions
set out below: -

1) Salary

Your initial salary shall be RM _____________ per month. Salary review will be governed by
our Company’s policy prevailing in force for the time being.

2) Service Charge

In addition to your basic salary, you shall receive a service point on every month. The Company
shall determine the rate of service point and you will be informed separately of the prevailing

3) Probation

a) You shall undergo a probationary period of three (3) months. Depending upon
your work performance and general work conduct, the company may extend at its
discretion the probation for a further period of three (3) months.

b) During the probationary period, initial or otherwise, either party may terminate
this Contract by giving the other one (1) week’s written notice or salary lieu thereof
for termination this Contract.
c) Upon your successful completion of the probationary period, your appointment
will be confirmed in writing by the Company. Where your service has been
confirmed, either party is required to give the other four (4) week’s written notice or
salary in lieu thereof for terminating this Contract.

4) Working Hours

a) You shall strictly adhere to the Company’s working hours in force for the time

b) Where operational requirement so warrant a change of the present working hours,

you shall be notified and undertake to comply there with accordingly.

5) Overtime

a) When you are required to work overtime on normal working days, rest days or public
holiday, you shall not unreasonably withhold your consent.

b) Overtime performance shall be paid in accordance with the statutory rates in force for the
time being.

6) Payment Procedure

You will be paid monthly by direct bank deposit to a nominated bank account and you are to
provide details of your bank in order to facilitate the payment of the salary.

7) Work On Rest Days & Public Holidays

You shall not unreasonably withhold your consent for any work that may be required of you to be
done on rest days or public holidays.

8) Statutory Contributions

You shall be jointly liable with the Company for contributions to the Employees Provident Fund
and the Employees Social Security in accordance with the prevailing rates.

9) Annual Leave

You will be entitled to 7 days annual leave to be taken at a time agreed with your immediate
superior’s consent, such annual leave shall be taken upon confirmation of service.

The annual leave entitlement shall be taken on a calendar year basis. For the purpose of
calculating annual leave, a half working day such as Saturday shall be deemed to be a full
working day.

10) Medical Attention

You will be provided with free medical attention provided by the Company’s appointed clinics or
at any medical establishment administered by the Government of Malaysia.

The Company shall not bear the following expenses arising out the following circumstances:
a) Medical or surgical or other appliances including spectacles or glasses;

b) Any expanses in respect of pregnancy, confinement or miscarriage;

c) Any expenses arising out of proven self-inflicted injury or illness or diseases caused by
misconduct or congenital disease or deformity;

d) Any expenses incurred in respect of illness, or injury or disablement arising from any
proven fault, carelessness, indiscretion of the employee, participation in or attending
hazardous sport, pursuit or past-time, attempted suicide, the performance or any unlawful
act, exposure to any unjustifiable assaults, the use of drugs not medically prescribed,
illegal abortions, excessive use of alcohol or any breach of the peace or disorderly

11) Resignation / Termination

Upon resignation / termination you are to vacate from your quarters, if such is accorded to you
within twenty-four (24) hours and you are not allowed to be in the Hotel/Resort’s premises for a
period of six (6) months there from.

12) Other Benefits

Benefits relating to Rest Day, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Public Holidays and
payment rates shall be as per the Employment Act 1955, Any dispute, different or complaint
arising shall be resolved according to the relevant labour legislation in force for the time being.

13) Condition Of Service

a) While you are in the employment of the Company, you are required to strictly adhere to
the following conditions of service:-

i) To discharge your duties, responsibilities, assignment or work loyally,

Conscientiously, industriously and respectfully at all times.

ii) To attend work punctually and meet work standards or specifications.

iii) To proceed on leave only with the prior permission of the Company.

iv) To comply with Company’s policies, rules, regulations and instructions.

v) To exercise proper decorum and work conduct at all times.

b) You are not permitted to engage directly or indirectly in any business or economic
activity during or after the normal working hours that conflicts or affects the Company’s
interest or affect your work efficiency.

c) You shall not divulge to any unauthorized personnel any information pertaining to the
Company’s policy, business or its operations or processes.
d) Any infraction of the express or implied terms and conditions herein contained shall
constitute a breach of contract, which ipso facto results in termination thereof.

14) Transfer/Reassignment

You are subject to transfer and / or reassignment within the Company or it’s Associates.

If this offer is acceptable to you, kindly sign a copy of this letter to acknowledge our acceptance

Yours faithfully,

Rashid Gallyot
Executive Assistant Manager
Bustani Hotel

I, ____________________________________ I/C No: ____________________________

hereby accept the above offer of appointment and further agree that confirmation of service is
subject inter-alia, to my passing the medical examination by the Company doctor to divulge any
medical record or information relating to my sickness, examination or injury during my term of
employment with the Company.

__________________________ __________________
Signature Date