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College Of
Engineering And Technology

Gammon India not only the largest civil engineering construction company
in India, but can lay claim for the largest number of bridges built in the whole of
Commonwealth. With over seventy years of tradition in the field of construction.
Gammon is a name that is inextricably woven into the fabric of India.

As builders to the nation, Gammon has made concrete contributions by designing

and constructing bridges, ports, harbours, thermal and nuclear power stations,
dams, high-rise structures, chemical and fertilizer complexes environmental
structures, cross country water, oil and gas pipelines. Gammon has accomplished
this by fusing tremendous engineering knowledge with innovative skills,
harnessing men and materials to build structures.

Structures that stand out as living testimonies to the victory of man over nature.
Structures conceived and built by minds in constant search of new methods, ideas,
applications and solutions. Because Gammon believes that today's solutions will
not be adequate tomorrow.

This insatiable quest has led Gammon to pioneer Reinforced and Prestressed
Concrete, Long span bridges, Under water concreting using the Colcrete process,
Thin shell structures, Non-Shrinking concrete, Aluminium trusses for launching
precast, prestressed beams and many more.

These resounding achievements have won Gammon the status of an R&D

Institution - an unequalled honour for an unmatched Performance.

The planners, designers and construction specialists at Gammon have proved their
competence and innovative skills here and abroad. And driving them to seek, to
build and not to yield, is a team of professionals all over the country .

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Govt. College Of
Engineering And Technology

 The first precast reinforced concrete piling job in India - The
Construction of foundations of the Gateway Of India, Mumbai
in 1919

 Elevated Viaducts for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

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Govt. College Of
Engineering And Technology

 The first Extradosed Elevated Structure (viaduct) at

Barakhamba - Indraprastha section on Line-3 for Delhi
Metro Rail Corporation

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Govt. College Of
Engineering And Technology

Other achievements include :-

The first 500 MW Thermal Power Station at Trombay.

The Tallest Cooling Tower at Panipat.
Longest Urban Flyover : 5.3 Km in length at Hebbal for
Bangalore Development Authority The Longest River Bridge
then in the World across the Mighty Ganges at Patna.
India's first Cable Stayed Bridge at Akkar, Sikkim
The Longest span Cantilever Bridge in India across river
Jadukata, is an example of an innovative and aesthetically
beautiful bridge.
Construction of the longest Railway Tunnel in Asia for
Konkan Railway at Ratnagiri
Terminal Building for Sharjah International Airport.

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