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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Come up : Bury ones head in the sand: Turn up: In Keeping with: Take to: Cold Comfort: Cut to quick: Give up the ghost: Go over: Cats paw: Her birthday is coming up soon. The brave people face difficulties and dont bury their face in the sand We arranged to meet at 7.30, but she never turned up. The latest results are in keeping with our earlier findings The rebels took to the hills. A small drop in the inflation rate was cold comfort for the poor. His blames cut me to the quick. My old car finally gave up the ghost. He went over the events of the day in his min. Paksitan was used as cats paw in war against terrorism by America.

MATTERS IN SOCIAL PROBLEMS APPLICATIONS 1. LOAD SHEDDING Condition (S+LV+Info.information..S+V1+Oroutine of present tense) in the body The load shedding is a great curse. It disturbs everybody in the society. Its schedule is not fixed. It has disturbed the social and economic life of the people. The industries suffer a lot. The people become jobless as a result. The students are disturbed. They are unable to prepare for the exams. No one can schedule his routine due to unscheduled load shedding. The officials are involved in theft and corruption. There is no check and balance. Suggestions (use of modal, should.S+should+V1+O..Active VoiceO+should+be+V3passive voice) write in the end. In the wake of this situation, following few suggestions are made. 1. A proper schedule of load shedding should be observed. 2. The corrupt official should be punished severely. 3. Alternate energy resources should be found. 4. Masses should be made aware to avoid unnecessary use of electricity. 5. The checking teams should be formulated. 6. A complaint cell should be established. 7. There should be frequent visit of high official to the area. 8. A public number should be advertised for the proper feedback. 9. A chart of departmental rules and regulations should be displayed to make the people aware. 2. STREET BEGGING Condition (S+LV+Info.information..S+V1+Oroutine of present tense) in the body Street begging is a big problem in our city. The beggars are common in the streets. They do not deserve charity. It has become business. The idle and shameless people think it an easy way. They are also involved in crimes. They make the life of traveler miserable. They even hold the clothes of the people and demand charity. They exploit them emotionally. Suggestions (use of modal, should.S+should+V1+O..Active VoiceO+should+be+V3passive voice) write in the end. In the wake of this situation, following few suggestions are made. 1. They should be treated severely. 2. The administration should find out professional beggars and punish them 3. The poor beggars should be assisted from the govt. 4. The funds should be allocated for them.
CORRECTION 1. Mr. Zahid with his wife and children live here 2. A number of boys is absent 3. You need not to go there 4. Tariq as well Asad are friends 5. 6. 7. 8. She is angry on me We enjoyed at the concert. He requested me to say little more He goes there never


CORRECTION 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. He runs fastly Who did break the record? You had better worked hard Neither of them was invited The both boys are intelligent The climate of south is better than north He, you and I are regular in class Your books are better than me No one should gloat in his defeat (over) The blinds deserve our heed The patient died before the doctor came The patient has been operated(upon) I agree with your suggestion (on) He gave the test and got the first class marks He will not succeed unless he doesnt work hard No sooner did he see the dog when he ran away He is more cleverer than you He already went out Either you or I are mistaken Majority in the college have failed. Shakespeare is greater than any dramatist No less than fifty guests were invited He had spent little money he had Many a boys have given prizes He has much fame and much friends He said that he is addicted to smoke He said that I am ill owing to cold weather 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58.


He ran lest he may miss the train He avenged on his enemy Where we have met before? Ravi flows near Lahore He is addicted to drink He comes from a noble family Trust on God I cant part off this He is very busy to go with us outside She is much ill He asks me who am I? This cloth is more inferior to that I dont have some money He lives miserly (lives in a miserly manner/way costly, deadly, friendly, likely, lively, miserly, lovely, lonely, silly) He hates with Asfa I knew that he is wrong The teacher as well as the students were present on the occasion Why you failed last year? He is ill-mannered since his childhood If he was alive today, he would appreciate me More you get, more you want Cricket is worth playing game I asked him that why he had given up studies

Passages for Translation 1. Kal tumam schoolon aur colleges main chutti the. Hum ne bag e jinah main guzarney ka faisla kia. Subah eight bjay hum cycles per sawar ho ker bazaar gaye. Hum ne wahan say bht sa phal aur kuch mithai khareedi aur giara bjay k qareeb bag main ponch gaye. Chutti ki waja say bht say loag pehley hi jama thay. Suraj pori abo tab say chamak raha tha.hum baaag main sham panch bjay tak thahrey rahay. Jab suraj garoob honey laga to hum wapis a gaye. 2. Cigarette noshi bht buri adat ha. Is say kai bemarian phailti hain. Dr. mareezon aur tandruston ko cigarettes penay say mana krtey hain. Ye sahat k liay nuqsan day aur baron k samney pena bay adbi ha. Ye jan ney k bawjood b loag cigarette petay hain. Cigarette nosh na penay walon k liay daftar aur bus main bethna dushwar kr detay hain. TV pe b ishthahar dia jata ha k ye sahat k liay kkatarnak hai aur dil ki bimariun ka baais ha. 3. Dr. Iqbal ik azeem insaan thay. Ap is sadi ka sab say bra shayr thay. Ap ki shayri umeed, izat e nafas aur kamyabi ka paigam deti ha. Ap ki zindagi bht saada the. Joot aur geebat ko bht bra gunah samjtay thay. Wo shirroh say hi tanhai pasand thay. Lakin un ka darwaza her shaks k liay khula rehta tha. Her mulaqati say us ki liaqat k mutabiq guftgoo krtey thay. Un ki shayri ne barre sager k muslamanon main azadi ki tarap paida ki aur unhain khawab e gaflat say jagaya. 4. Muashrey say bad unwani k khatmay k liay darj zail iqdamat madadgar sabit ho sktey hain. Awal hakoomat ko taleem k farog k liay thoas iqdamat krney chahyen. Doam hakoomat ko mulak ki iqtisadi halat bahtar bnani chahye. Bahtar iqtisadi halat muashrey say aflaas ka khatima kr dey ga. Is silslay main hakoomat ko sarmaya kari ki hosla afzai krni chahye. Ilawa azeen bad unwan afrad k liay sazayen sakht honi chahyen. Mahkma e insadad e rishwat satani ko bad unwani k khtmain k liay taiz aur muassar bnana chaye. 5. Hum sayenci doar main reh rahay hain. Dunya ka her mulak science main taraqi krney ki koshish kr raha ha. Insaan ney science ko achay maqasad k liay istamal kia ha. Is ki madad say bht c kar amad chezain bna li hain. Lakin insane ne science ko kharab maqasad k liay b istamal kia ha. Is ki madad say us ne bht say hathyar bna liay hain. Her mulak chahta hai k us k pas jaded taren hathyar hoon. 6. Main aur meri bahan intermediate k talib ilm hain. Wo doctor bn na chahti ha jab k main engineer bn na chahta hoon. Wo kehti hai k doctor engineer say zyada qoam ki khidmat kr skta hai. Wo dukhi insaniyyat k dukh baant ta ha aur logon ko takleef say nijaat dilaata hai. Lakin main is baat pe yaqeen rakhta hoon k engineer qoam ki taraqqi aur khush hali ki rah per gamzan rehta krta hai. Albatta meray walid sahib jo k ik professor hain ka kahna ha asal cheez shoba hona ne balkay mahnat aur ikhlas ki hai jo kisi qoam aur shakhs ko sar buland krtey hain.