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I have had around 3 years excellent professional Experiences in Safety Management field as a Safety Officer with gradually increasing responsibilities and have always performed my duties to the utmost satisfaction of my superiors. I prefer to take challenges and responsibilities.

Successfully Completed Managing Safely! Certified Course "pproved and #alidated by the Institution of $ccupational Safety and %ealth &IOSH'. Successfully Completed Occupational Safety and Healt ! at (ational Institute $ccupational Safety and %ealth &NIOSH' with "ssociation of Ministry of )abour and )abour *elations. Successfully Completed C!R" AED" and #ir$t Aid for Adult$! at ME+IC ,irst "id International. Successfully Completed #ire !re%ention & #ire #ig ting' at Sri )anka -orts "uthority .raining Institute.

/. ARK De$ign and Con$ultancy* +uration0 (ov 12/2 3 -resent !o$t+ Safety Officer (ame of -ro4ect Client5 Employer Contractor 0 -redesha Sabah "dministrative Complex. 0 )ocal 6overnment "uthority. 0 "*7 +esign and Consultancy

Dutie$ and re$pon$i,ilitie$+

 -repare and issue Safety #iolation (otices  Carry out accident and near miss investigations  "ssist and participate in construction related site safety training  Set a high personal example of %ealth and Safety at all times. 0 7ing 7halid International "ir -ort. 0 S"@+I $6E* ).rading divisions. 1. oil drums9 chemicalsC 2|Page .ia* +uration0 March 122? 3 May 12/2 842 9ear$: !o$t+ Safety Officer (ame of -ro4ect Client5 Employer Contractor 0 Community *ecreation Center.irst "id and welfare facilities9 and procedures appropriate to the <orks are provided and properly maintained.  -roducing management reports9 newsletters and bulletins  Ensuring the safe installation of e>uipment  Managing and organiBing the safe disposal of haBardous substances9 .-ermit to <ork= applications  Check proper maintenance and operation of all safety e>uipment  *eview9 assess and report on site security9 fire9 . Carry8out9 record9 document and issue daily9 weekly : monthly site safety inspections and reports  -repare all accident and near miss safety reports  *eview .+ 3 Saudi "rabia Dutie$ and re$pon$i. SAUDI OGER ()D 7 Saudi Ara.ilitie$+  Carrying out risk assessments and considering how risks could be reduced  Carrying out regular site inspections to check policies and procedures are being properly implemented  )eading in8house training with managers and employees about health and safety issues and risks  7eeping records of incidents and accidents and producing statistics for managers  7eeping up to date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all health and safety legislation and any developments that affect the employerAs industry across all .

irt Se.  "bility Communicate effectively at all levels.COMMUNICA)ION SKI((S  "bility to <ork with English9 "rabic9 %indi9 Malayalam and .le <i$a =it NOC I do hereby certify that the above8mentioned particulars are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. COM!U)ER (I)ERAC9  $perating Systems : $ffice tools 0 <indows and MS $ffice 12/2 -ackages  6raphic +esigning 0 "dobe -hotoshop CS39 Corel +raw DE and . Marital Statu$ Nationality <i$a Statu$ + F"M")+EE( M$%"ME+ S".%I7 + /2th "ugust /G?H + Male + Single 0 Sri )ankan 0 )ran$fera. Iours faithfully9 Sathik Jamaldeen 3|Page .amil Environment.lash MD !ERSONA( BACKGROUND       #ull Na6e Date of .