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by LaMar Boschman

The Prophetic Song

Copyright 1986LaMar Boschman All rights reserved. This boo is protected !nder the copyright la"s o# the $nited %tates o# America. This boo may not be copied or reprinted #or commercial gain or pro#it. The !se o# short &!otations or occasional page copying #or personal or gro!p st!dy is permitted and enco!raged. 'ermission "ill be granted !pon re&!est. $nless other"ise identi#ied( %cript!re &!otations are #rom The )ing *ames +ersion o# the Bible.

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To Menno and 7velyn Boschman( my parents "ho raised me to no" and obey the Lord *es!s Christt"o very special people "hom . love and respect.

. greatly appreciate the s ill#!l contrib!tion Cheryl Tippon has made to this boo . ,itho!t her taste#!l e6pertise this boo "o!ld not have been hal# o# "hat it is. Than yo! Cheryl( yo! are a blessing. 9o! have a gi#t #rom :od. Bob +ande Bra e( "itho!t yo!r positive vision and een perception this boo may have not seen completion. Than yo! #or yo!r constant assistance.

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.n "riting to the Ch!rch at 7phes!s( 'a!l directed them to %be &ille' (ith the Spirit) spea*ing to yoursel+es in psalms an' hymns an' spiritual songs singing an' ma*ing melo'y in your heart to the Lor', @7phesians 8518( 19A( thereby teaching !s that the person "ho is #illed "ith the %pirit "ill over#lo" melodio!sly. Be instr!cted the Colossians( %Let the (or' o& -hrist '(ell in you richly in all (is'om) teaching an' a'monishing one another in psalms an' hymns an' spiritual songs singing (ith grace in your hearts to the Lor', @Colossians 2516A( "hich s!ggests that being #!ll o# the ,ord "ill also prod!ce a melodio!s over#lo". Cbvio!sly( the Boly %pirit is a singing %pirit. .# being #!ll o# the %pirit and o# the ,ord #inds its highest e6pression in m!sic( "o!ldnDt it be entirely nat!ral #or the prophetic e6pression o# the heart o# :od to be released melodicallyE This certainly "as tr!e in the li#e o# -avid( and "e have strong indication that it "as tr!e in the lives o# many others "ho "ere !sed o# :od in spea ing on Bis behal#. ,hen "e are con#ronted "ith the maFesty( bea!ty( magni#icence( and love o# :od( mere verbal e6pression seems impotent( #or o#ten the #eeling is as important as the #acts( and "ords are cl!msy tools #or the e6pression o# #eelingG m!sic e6presses emotion #ar better than "ords do. .# "e can get the correct "ords properly "edded to companionate m!sic( both the message and the ecstasy comm!nicate to the listener. Many o# !s have been in p!blic services in "hich "e "itnessed the proclamation o# a prophetic message that "as sho!ted by a spea er "ho "ent thro!gh great physical gyrations "hile he spo e. .t is !nli ely that :od needed to sho!t and #lail the arms o# the spea er to eep o!r attention. ,hat is #ar more li ely is that the spea er "as over"helmed "ith the emotion o# :od choosing to spea thro!gh him( and he did not no" ho" to e6press that emotion in a manner that "o!ld better represent 9

The Prophetic Song

Christ. .# only he had no"n ho" to release both the #ervor and the comm!nication in song( the message "o!ld have been #ar easier to receive. Most o# !s are limited in o!r training( so "e never rise above "hat "e have seen others do. LaMar Boschman has so!ght to enlarge o!r concepts o# "hat the prophetic "ord is and ho" it can be e6pressed at vario!s levels o# inspiration by removing some o# the mystery that seems to s!rro!nd <singing in the %pirit.= .t has been my Foy to o##er some assistance to him in the "riting o# this boo ( and . am con#ident that it "ill become a te6tboo #or many "ho aspire to minister both !nto :od and #or :od. As A&!ila and 'riscilla too Apollos aside and %explaine' to him the (ay o& .o' more accurately, @Acts 18536( /)*+A( so Brother Boschman( in this boo ( "o!ld li e to ta e yo! aside and e6plain prophetic !tterance more acc!rately. :ive him that chance.

*!dson Corn"all( Th. -. -ecat!r( :A *!ne 1986


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"And S irit#al Songs$

O sing unto the LO/D a ne( song0 sing unto the LO/D all the earth. 1Psalm 230145

,hen the "orship leader began to lead !s in the #irst song o# the morning . ne" this "as going to be an !n!s!al service #or me. The air seemed to be #illed "ith anticipation as i# the spirit "orld "as on red alert. The songs "ere e6citing and the congregation "as t!rned on to "orshipping *es!s. The accordion( piano( tambo!rine( and tr!mpet s!pported the vocal praise. 4rom this small congregation in Calgary( Canada( the so!nd o# many "aters "as e##ecting this yo!ng Canadian as . stood among this congregation and "orshipped. Abo!t a hal# ho!r into the "orship service . began to sing spontaneo!s lyrics to any melody that came to my spirit. As #ast as it came . s!ng it. . did not no" "hat "as happening and didnDt thin m!ch o# it beca!se everyone else "as as m!ch lost in vocal "orship as . "as. %everal min!tes later . realiHed . "as singing a song that had a str!ct!re. ,hile . had been "orshipping a melody and chord pattern had evolved that resembled a "ritten song. 7ven the lyrics "ere in proper meter. . "as e6cited beca!se . ne" another prophetic song had been birthed. The tremendo!s revelation o# *es!s that . sensed in the "orship ca!sed the song to be birthed. ,hen the "orship o# the congregation had &!ieted . didnDt hesitate to li#t !p my voice and sing it o!t. The Lord reigneth( the Lord reigneth( Blessed be the name o# the Lord( 4or the Lord o!r :od 11

The Prophetic Song

Cm1ni1po1tent >eigneth in maFesty. . sang it over and over !ntil the congregation pic ed it !p and together "e declared that :od reigned. .t bro!ght a de#inite li#t to the already po"er#!l service. The prophetic song is a direct res!lt o# the revelation o# *es!s in the "orship service. This is the ho!r o# singing in the Ch!rch o# *es!s Christ. This is a day "hen the %pirit o# :od is moving !pon Bis people to <sing a ne" song= !nto the Lord. This is a time "hen "e are hearing more and more abo!t <the song o# the Lord.= B!t "hat is the song o# the LordE .s it a song "e sing abo!t the LordE .s it a song "e sing to the LordE Co!ld it be a song the Lord Bimsel# singsE ,here did this song originateE ,hy do "e sing itE Bo" do "e sing itE These are only a #e" o# the &!estions that come to mind "hen one #irst hears abo!t <the song o# the Lord.= Beca!se these &!estions arise so #re&!ently( and beca!se the ans"ers to them can help people enter into a ne" realm o# "orship( . have set o!t to "rite this boo . All over the "orld people are singing the song o# the Lord in their "orship. 9et there are still many "ho do not !nderstand it( or perhaps are not even a"are that there is s!ch a thing and that :od desires it to be a part o# their o"n personal "orship e6perience. This boo is #or those people( and my prayer and desire is that as they see "hat :od says( they "ill enter into "hat Be desires.

"The Song$ De%ined

The e6pression <the song o# the Lord= is an interesting phrase. Cbvio!sly it involves m!sic( b!t is this a song #rom :od( or is it a song :od singsE Both are correct. *!st as the term <children o# the Lord= delineates both that "e come #rom :od and that "e are Bis possession( so the term <song o# the Lord= tells !s that the song comes #rom :od and that it is Bis song. ,e #ind this e6pression !sed in the %cript!ral acco!nt o# the cleansing o# the Temple by BeHe iah and the restoration o# 13

And Spiritual Songs

Temple "orship5
!n' he 67e8e*iah9 set the Le+ites in the house o& the LO/D... &or so (as the comman'ment o& the LO/D by his prophets. !n' the Le+ites stoo' (ith the instruments o& Da+i' an' the priests (ith the trumpets. !n' 7e8e*iah comman'e' to o&&er the burnt o&&ering upon the altar. !n' (hen the burnt o&&ering began the song o& the LO/D began also (ith the trumpets an' (ith the instruments or'aine' by Da+i' *ing o& Israel. !n' all the congregation (orshippe'.... 1# -hronicles #20#$:#;4.

,here there "as "orship( there "as also the song o# the Lord. 'a!l e6horted the believers to <be &ille' (ith the Spirit) spea*ing to yoursel+es in psalms an' hymns an' spiritual songs, @7phesians 8518( 19A( %teaching an' a'monishing one another in psalms an' hymns an' spiritual songs, @Colossians 2516A. <%pirit!al songs= are songs s!ng in or by the Boly %pirit. The :ree phrase is ode pneumatikos, meaning songs o# the pneumathe breath o# :od. .t co!ld be said that :od <e6hales= songs thro!gh the yielded singer. :od inspires and "rites songsG Be is the great A!thor and Composer. Be gives spontaneo!s songs o# praise and e6hortation. These are songs o# the %pirit o# :od. .n this boo . "ill be !sing the term <the prophetic song= "hen spea ing o# "hat "e commonly call <the song o# the Lord.= As "e have F!st said( this !tterance is inspired by the Boly %pirit and is received spontaneo!sly #rom the Lord. ,e co!ld say that there is singing about the Lord( singing to the Lord( and singing o& the Lord. These are progressively higher e6pressions o# the inspiration o# the Boly %pirit "ithin the believer. At its highest( most o# anointed praise and singing is either praise o# :od or e6hortation to men. This is good and necessary b!t is not e&!al to :od spea ing to Bis people( #or the Bible tells !s that :od can comm!nicate "ith !s at a m!ch higher level. B!t there is a to!ch o# the prophetic in %pirit1inspired singing. 4or e6ample( . may be singing to the Lord in praise or "orship( 12

The Prophetic Song

e6alting Bis nat!re or singing Bis ,ord( and #eel &!ic ened by the %pirit to bring that #orth #or everyone to hear as a means o# e6hortation( edi#ication( or com#ort. This is not the same as prophecy "hich #lo"s o!t o# the o##ice o# a prophet @as "e "ill e6plain #!rther in a later chapterA( b!t it is a very elementary level o# prophecy. The prophetic song b!ilds !p those presentG it enco!rages and brings com#ort to the saints.

P#r oses %or the Pro hetic Song

76amples o# the <song o# the Lord= are #o!nd thro!gho!t the Bible( b!t in the 'salms "e especially see the very patterns o# that song. %ome commentators choose to divide them according to the -avidic assignment that "as given "hen -avid bro!ght the Ar bac to *er!salem and set it in the tent that he had prepared #or it( #or %he appointed certain o& the Le+ites to minister be&ore the ar* o& the Lor' an' to recor' an' to than* an' praise the LO/D .o' o& Israel, (1 Chronicles 165?A. The 'salms #it bea!ti#!lly into these three categories( so it is li ely that any prophetic song that #lo"s d!ring o!r "orship times "ill also #it in one o# them. The /e" )ing *ames +ersion translates the "ord <record= as commemorateDD-avid <appointed... Levites... to commemorate.< The 7ebre( "ord is zakar, "hich means <to p!t in remembranceG to ca!se to be recorded.= %ometimes this commemoration song "as a celebration o# a great event or a great person( and at other times it "as o# historic signi#icance( #or m!ch history "as recorded in songs in the days be#ore reading and "riting "ere so common. 'salm ;8 is AsaphDs record o# the history o# .srael #rom 7gypt to the 'romised Land( and in singing it .srael "as given a revie" o# her history. .t is not !n!s!al or !ncommon #or the %pirit to sing thro!gh a person a song that reco!nts :odDs gracio!s dealings on behal# o# that congregation( and that revie" "ill bring #orth a response o# than sgiving or praise. This "ord zakar is given as <invo e= in the >evised %tandard +ersion. Commemorative 'salms or songs do tend to 1?

And Spiritual Songs

invo e in !s( or prod !s to( e6pressions o# "orship to"ard :od. %ometimes "hen a congregation comes together to "orship( the peopleDs minds are so tied !p in the happenings o# the day that they canDt seem to rise above their negative #eelings or nat!ral tho!ghts and praise the Lord. ,hen a m!sician is inspired o# the %pirit to sing a song telling o# :odDs goodness( the attention o# the people is dra"n #rom sel# to :od( and praise is a nat!ral res!lt o# seeing Bis goodness( especially i# the song calls #or a praise response. Cther "riters( ho"ever( translate the "ord zakar as <to lament.= The cry %7o( shall (e sing the LO/D=S song in a strange lan'>, @'salm 12;5?A is the heart o# this psalm o# lamentation. Captivity had cost these people their songs o# Foy so that they had nothing le#t b!t songs o# s!pplication and lamentation. .n a "orshipping congregation it is to be e6pected that some o# the songs "hich come #orth "ill be individ!al songs addressed directly to :od( petitioning Bim to resc!e or de#end someone. There may also be occasions "hen the %pirit "ill &!ic en a song o# general or comm!nal lamentation in "hich the Ch!rch or the nation is lamenting its condition and beseeching :od #or mercy and help. All o# this #its the pattern o# a psalm o# lamentation. .t is the deep cry o# the inner person #or :odthe thirsting o# the so!l( the longing o# the spirit( or h!nger o# the heart #or :od. C#ten this lamentation is an e6pression more o# #eeling than o# #actG that is( the cry itsel# is more important than "hat is stated. This ma es the song o# lamentation especially s!ited to instr!mental e6pression( #or m!sic !s!ally comm!nicates #eelings better than "ords do. -avidDs "orshipping m!sicians "ho ministered be#ore the Lord "ere also to gi+e than*s. -avid "rote( %I (ill praise the name o& .o' (ith a song an' (ill magni&y him (ith than*sgi+ing, @'salm 69520A( and he "anted his m!sicians to learn to play and sing songs o# than sgiving !nto the Lord. The 'salter has many s!ch psalmsG some e6press individ!al 18

The Prophetic Song

than s( and others e6press collective than s. Many times "hen the prophetic song comes #orth it "ill be a melodic e6pression o# than s both #or "hat :od has already done in the past and #or "hat Be has promised to do in the #!t!re #or an individ!al or #or the !nited Ch!rch. %!ch a song is based !pon :odDs per#ormance or promise( and it "ill !s!ally be Foy#!l as "ell as grate#!l. A good e6ample o# this is 'salm 18( in "hich -avid spent #orty1eight verses telling "hat :od had done #or him and then concl!ded by saying( %?here&ore I (ill gi+e than*s to thee O LO/D among the heathen an' sing praises unto thy name, @verse ?9A. ,hen the minds o# believers are occ!pied "ith tho!ghts o# :odDs goodness and #aith#!lness( songs o# than sgiving "ill b!rst #orth among the people. The third thing -avidDs m!sicians "ere to do "as to praise the Lor'. The 'salms over#lo" "ith e6pressions o# praise( and the "ord <Ballel!Fah= is genero!sly sprin led thro!gho!t them. Cn the "hole( these praise psalms are more general than the than sgiving psalms( #or the singerDs p!rpose is to magni#y the name o# :od and e6tol Bis e6cellent greatness. %o it is among m!sicians today thro!gh "hom the prophetic song comes. 4or those "hose spirit!al mat!rity can ca!se them to see beyond :odDs bene#icent actions to Bis bea!ti#!l 'erson( songs and m!sic that glori#y :od in the praise o# Bis being "ill #lo" #orth li e "ater #rom a #a!cet. ,e remember... "e than ... "e praise. And something happens "hen "e doI

Res#lts o% the Pro hetic Song

Many glorio!s things ta e place "hen the prophetic song is s!ng in the Ch!rch. There is a spiritual &ree'om bro!ght to those "ho may be in spirit!al bondage. Captives are set #ree "hen a prophetic song is s!ng. The prophetic message is :odDs instr!ctionG it may be :odDs "ritten ,ord e6pressed m!sically. As it is s!ng( those "ho hear it become a"are o# the tr!th( and they are made #ree. %!(a*e a(a*e Deborah0 a(a*e a(a*e utter a song0 arise Bara* an' lea' thy capti+ity capti+e..., 16

And Spiritual Songs

@*!dges 8513A. Anointed m!sic( drenched in the %pirit o# :od @"hich is a spirit!al song( a song o# the %piritA brea s the po"er o# the enemy and sets the hostages #ree. %atan cannot "ithstand the #orce o# s!ch a "ord. -avid played his harp in the presence o# the ing( and there "as s!ch a -ivine !nction !pon his m!sic that the evil spirit tro!bling %a!l "as driven a"ay @see 1 %am!el 16532A. There is an anointing that brea s yo es @see .saiah 1053;A( and it can be demonstrated and released in the prophetic song. %inging this ne" song "ill bring spiritual +ictories. 7ven in the valley o# tro!ble "e can sing the song o# the Lord and see victory. Bosea 3518 declares that .srael "ill sing in the valley o# Achor @Bebre" <tro!ble=A as she did in her yo!nger days( "hen she came o!t o# 7gypt. Those songs "ere the ne" songs o# Moses and Miriam. :od "as saying that "hen .srael "o!ld again sing those ne" songs( as "ere s!ng "hen the deliverance #rom 7gypt "as celebrated( :od "o!ld move victorio!sly on their behal#. +ictory #ollo"s the song. The children o# .srael sa" #irst1 hand( visible demonstrations o# this in battle. The <advance #orces= "ere sometimes not the spear1bearers b!t the m!sic1 ma ersI 'salm 68( "hich gives !s a tri!mphant pict!re o# :od going #orth in victory( tells !s that %the singers (ent be&ore the players on instruments &ollo(e' a&ter... % @verse 38A. .n the days o# *ehoshaphat( a tremendo!s victory "as "on "hen the ing(
.. appointe' singers unto the LO/D an' that shoul' praise the beauty o& holiness as they (ent out be&ore the army an' to say Praise the LO/D0 &or his mercy en'ureth &or e+er. !n' (hen they began to sing an' to praise the LO/D sent ambushments against the chil'ren o& !mmon Moab an' Mount Seir (hich (ere come against @u'ah) an' they (ere smitten. 1# -hronicles #00#1 ##4.

The "ord o# the Lord going #orth on the "ings o# melody s"ept thro!gh the enemy #orces "ith the po"er o# the %pirit that 1;

The Prophetic Song

anointed that m!sic( and victory cameI The prophetic song leads !s into spirit!al #ello"ship. .t brings !s closer to *es!s. There is a sense o# Bis nearness as "e hear Bim proclaimed and !pli#ted in the song o# the Lord. The same Boly %pirit ,ho is prompting the prophetic song desires to e6alt *es!s( the Lamb o# :od( and as Christ is li#ted !p in the song( "e are dra"n !nto Bim. C!r #oc!s shi#ts to the Cne ,ho is the so!rce and the obFect o# o!r love. C!r e6pressions o# that love come #orth #rom the %pirit "ithin !s( and "e #ind that the things o# earth do indeed become strangely dim in Bis bea!ti#!l presence. ,e are no longer concerned "ith <.( me( and mine= b!t "ith <9o!= and <9o!rs.= ,e e6perience a s"eet comm!nion "ith the Lover o# o!r so!ls. ,hat Foy and #!l#illment are #o!nd in singing that ne" song as the %pirit gives !tterance. The prophetic song !pli#ts those "ho are de#eated and depressed. ,hen -avid "as <do"n in the d!mps(= he "o!ld o#ten sing %pirit1inspired songs. .saiah 6152 tells !s that "e can e6change the <spirit o# heaviness= #or the <garment o# praise= @Bebre" tehilloh, <praisela!dations o# the %pirit=A. C#ten "hat "e "ear depicts o!r state o# mind. ,e need to clothe o!rselves "ith the ne" songs the %pirit prompts "ithin !sG as "e do( the old( dirty( tattered garment o# depression and mo!rning is cast o##. C#ten "e #ind that as "e sing the prophetic song( it testi#ies to others o# the greatness o# o!r :od. %It is a goo' thing to gi+e than*s unto the LO/D an' to sing praises unto thy name O most 7igh0 to she( &orth thy lo+ing*in'ness... an' thy &aith&ulness..., @'salm 9351( 3A. %pirit1inspired songs proclaim :odDs nat!re and characterG they spea o# all that Be is. M!ltit!des o# the 'salms e6tol :od. $ndo!btedly -avid and the other psalmists had no idea( as they sang #rom their hearts the "ords that the %pirit inspired( "hat a "itness and blessing those e6pressions "o!ld be #or !ntold generations to come. 9et the testimony remains( and today o!r hearts also #ind e6pression in singing the "ords that these men sang so long ago. 18

And Spiritual Songs

As the ne" song "ith its prophetic to!ch comes #orth( there is o#ten a response o# re+erence. %!n' he hath put a ne( song in my mouth e+en praise unto our .o') many shall see it an' &ear an' shall trust in the LO/D, @'salm ?052A. The Bebre" "ord #or <#ear= in this verse is yare, meaning <reverence( a"e( righteo!s behaviorG "orship.= The emphasis is !s!ally more !pon reverence than !pon a sense o# terror. The prophetic song prod!ces a sense o# reverence or a"e "hich may lead to "orship as "ell. Another res!lt o# the prophetic song co!ld be righteo!s living( as "e can see #rom the verse "e have F!st read. .# those "ho hear the prophetic song are !nsaved( they may be converted and #ind that they( too( reverence :od. .# others are !nacc!stomed to the e6pression o# the prophetic song( they may e6perience a pers!asion in their hearts that "ill bring them to a ne" level o# !nderstanding and "orship. %ometimes m!sicians can move the emotions o# a congregation to cry o!t to :od in a con#ession o# sin( an e6pression o# need( or an admission o# #ail!re. -!ring a convention in the ,ashington( -.C. area several years ago( nothing seemed to move the people to respond in "orship to :odG they even p!t !p strong resistance to the preaching. Cn the second morning( the spea er #elt the Boly %pirit prompting him to go to the organ and play a chor!s be#ore the service began. The con#erence director gave him permission to do this( so he sat do"n at the organ and began to play the chor!s over and over( changing style and going #rom one ey to another( b!t staying "ith the melody the Lord had given him. Be closed his eyes as he played( and he got so lost in "orship that he "as totally !na"are o# anything happening aro!nd him. A#ter a"hile he slo"ly realiHed that someone "as trying to get his attention( so he opened his eyes and loo ed !p. The director motioned to him to stop playing and to loo at the plat#orm. %tanding at the p!lpit "as a "eeping man( "ith another ne6t to him( and another ne6t to that one( and so on all the "ay to the side "all and do"n the #ar aisle. ,hen the organ 19

The Prophetic Song

m!sic stopped( the man at the p!lpit made a con#ession o# sin and as ed #orgiveness. A#ter a time o# prayer( the ne6t man in line did the same thing( and so did the ne6t( and the ne6t( and the ne6t. .t "as a#ter 1500 p.m. be#ore the service dismissed #or l!nch( and d!ring all that time neither the director nor the spea er had said a "ordG the anointed m!sic had to!ched something in those people and ca!sed them to loo at themselves and ma e a #resh commitment to :od. ,hat the preaching o# the ,ord had not accomplished( the playing o# the ,ord had done in F!st one session. That pastor and con#erence director are no" #irm believers in <the song o# the Lord.= The song o# the Lord is #ar more a m!sical release o# an inner #eeling or attit!de than it is an e6pression o# a mental concept. ,hile it may teach( this is not its primary p!rpose. Li e the dance( it is best s!ited #or releasing h!man emotions to"ard :od. Most Christians already no" m!ch more than they have responded to or personally entered into( so it co!ld be that the release "hich the prophetic song brings is more important to their mat!rity than hearing another sermon "o!ld be. There is clear indication in the %cript!res( #rom historians( and by scholars o# the Bebre" and :ree lang!ages that the prophetic song has its place in the Ch!rch. .t is not something to be #eared. 9et many today are <not s!re= abo!t this "onder#!l mani#estation o# the %pirit o# :od. %o o#ten "e #ind that "e tend to be <do"n= on something that "eDre not <!p= on. .# yo! have never st!died the prophetic song in %cript!re( yo! "ill have &!estions abo!t it and may even have problems "ith it. B!t( my #riend( it is real( it is valid( and it is #or !sI *!st beca!se this seems ne" to !s no" does not mean that it originated in the t"entieth cent!ry. %?here is no ne( thing un'er the sun, @7cclesiastes 159A. .n any generation "here there has been a revelation o# *es!s Christ( there have been songs breathed by the %pirit o# :od. .n past days and again in this day( the prophetic song is being sovereignly e6perienced among :odDs people.


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Patterns %or the Pro hetic Song

'raise and "orship are not Jne" thingsJG the song o# the Lord( or the prophetic song( is not a ne" thing. Believers have been singing to and abo!t the Lord as long as there have been believers( and certainly the voice o# the Lord has been heard among Bis people since the very beginning. ,e have already seen ho" the 'salms abo!nd "ith e6amples o# songs given by the inspiration o# the %pirit. B!t the 'salms do not have a monopoly on the <songs o# the %pirit(= #or all ten maFor Bible divisions contain e6amples. The prophetic song is as #resh as todayDs move o# the %pirit( and yet it is as old as the ,ord itsel#. The Pentateuch records the glorio!s song o# Moses "hich .srael sang a#ter they s!ccess#!lly crossed the >ed %ea and "atched their enemies dro"n behind them. This song commemorated the great deliverance :od bro!ght them and the greatness o# the :od ,ho co!ld bring abo!t s!ch a deliverance. .ts theme o# redemption is so c!rrent that "e "ill sing it in heaven( "here it "ill be Foined "ith the song o# the Lamb (see >evelation 1852( ?A( #or both songs are based on the tri!mph o# <.t is #inished.= .n the historical boo*s the commissioning o# %a!l to be .sraelDs #irst ing "as involved "ith singing prophets (see 1 %am!el 1058( 6A. M!ch later( "hen /ehemiah reb!ilt the "alls o# *er!salem( he #ormed t"o <than sgiving choirs= to march in opposite directions aro!nd the tops o# the "alls d!ring the dedication ceremony( as a tri!mphant and Foyo!s e6pression o# than sgiving !nto the Lord #or Bis protection d!ring the constr!ction "or and #or Bis -ivine help in the constr!ction. ,hat these choirs sang is not recordedG probably the songs "ere e6temporaneo!s and the "ords "ere not so important as the 31

The Prophetic Song

emotion and devotion released by the singing. %ome anointed songs #it only a single occasion( "hile at other times the prophetic song has s!ch a dynamic content that an entire congregation "ill pic !p the song and sing it #or months to come. %ometimes the song reaches beyond the local congregation and becomes a message s!ng "idely thro!gho!t the Body o# Christ. A po"er#!l e6ample o# this is the song <All Bail )ing *es!s(= "hich can li#t the singer and the listener into e6hilarating realms o# "orship. .n *an!ary o# 19;;( a prophetic song "as born in the heart o# a yo!ng man named -ave Moody. .t "as on a ,ednesday a#ternoon as -ave "as "aiting on the Lord( singing to *es!s at the piano( that the song <All Bail )ing *es!s= came to his spirit. Be said the verse and chor!s came very &!ic ly. .n abo!t ten min!tes( he had the melody line( the chords and the "ords. -ave said( <,hen . received the song( it dre" me to the Lord. . #elt e6cited( b!rdened( and stirred( yet . ne" . had something #rom the Lord to give. . sensed &!ic ly it "as to be shared. .t "asnDt #or me only. All "ee ( . #elt #ire in my bones !ntil %!nday( "aiting to share this prophetic song. .t stirred in my spirit !ntil . shared it at the ne6t service.= That %!nday morning( -ave Moody led the "orship and the service began as normal. ,hen the time "as appropriate( -ave began to sing the chor!s o# <All Bail )ing *es!s= thro!gh a #e" times. Bo"ever( there seemed to be little response to the song. -ave said <. tho!ght it had #lopped. . "as closing the song "hen the assistant 'astor enco!raged me to eep it going.= %!ddenly( li e a "ave o# the %pirit o# :od( the song impacted all o# the "orshipping congregation. .t seemed that everyone "as on their nees declaring *es!s as )ing. 7ight or nine h!ndred people "ere neeling at their seats and in the aisles "ith hands li#ted. .t "as the prophetic song that bro!ght this response. 'eople had a revelation o# *es!s as )ing as a res!lt o# this song #rom the Lord. <All Bail )ing *es!s= became a #avorite in the ch!rch and &!ic ly spread thro!gh the missionaries #rom the ch!rch to other 33

Patterns for the Prophetic Song

co!ntries. .t spread thro!gh the Christian grapevine as "orship leaders pic ed it !p and ta!ght it to their ch!rches. .t "as one o# the #irst songs that e6alted *es!s as royalty. $p to that time there "ere a lot o# songs abo!t "hat *es!s had done #or !s. This "as one o# the #irst that declared "ho Be is. %ince then( there have been more anthem type chor!ses s!ch as <MaFesty( . 76alt Thee(= <To Thee ,e Ascribe :lory= and many more. <All Bail )ing *es!s= "as a pivotal song t!rning o!r "orship to be more :od1centered. .t "as by the impet!s o# the Boly %pirit thro!gh a m!sician( "ho "as "aiting on the Lord that this t!rn occ!rred in the body o# Christ. More commonly( ho"ever( the song o# the moment is a release o# the #eelings o# the moment and does not <stic "ith= those "ho hear it. .t "as s!ng in the inspiration o# the moment( and( li e a c!t rose( it shared its bea!ty and #ragrance brie#ly and then #aded and died. The poetic boo*s( o# co!rse( are #illed "ith songs s!ng !nto and abo!t the Lord. <The song o# songs( "hich is %olomonDs= is a good e6ample( #or the %ong o# %olomon is a bea!ti#!l series o# songs s!ng by the Bride to the Bridegroom and shared by the Bridegroom "ith Bis Bride. 4rom time to time yo! "ill hear s!ch antiphonal responses in a congregation d!ring a time o# "orship. Cne person sings !nto the Lord( and another person prophetically sings :odDs response to Bis people. At times the t"o blend in a bea!ti#!l d!et( entirely !nplanned and !nrehearsed b!t #itting together in a harmony o# melody and content that co!ld be directed only by the %pirit o# the Lord. The Boly %pirit is a master o# m!sic( and "hen Be #inds yielded individ!als Be can blend voices harmonio!sly "ith inter"oven messages that e6cite the listeners to praise and "orship. Those "ho have heard congregational singing o# the prophetic song both in 7nglish and in ecstatic !tterances can testi#y to its m!sical bea!ty and to the stirring dynamics o# the m!sic and its message. The maAor prophets contain a great n!mber and variety o# e6amples o# "hat co!ld be called the prophetic song. .saiah 32

The Prophetic Song

"rote( %Bo( (ill I sing to my (ell:belo+e' a song o& my belo+e' touching his +ineyar'< @.saiah 851A( and the song is a parable "ith a po"er#!l message. The Boly %pirit seems to li e to !se this #ormat( #or "e o#ten hear the prophetic song come #orth as a simple story s!ng !nto the Lord( or s!ng as a message #rom the Lord. As in all parables( the moral tr!th that is ill!strated stri es home to the conscience o# the listeners( and "hen it is given in m!sical #orm( it moves the emotions and may prod!ce a res!lt o# obedience. .saiah also recorded the poem "ritten by BeHe iah a#ter his recovery #rom his sic ness. This hymn o# praise and than sgiving ended "ith BeHe iah saying( %?he LO/D (as rea'y to sa+e me0 there&ore (e (ill sing my songs to the stringe' instruments all the 'ays o& our li&e in the house o& the LO/D, @.saiah 28530A. Apparently this poem "as divided into separate songs "hich BeHe iah indicated "o!ld be s!ng in the ho!se o# the Lord !ntil his dying day @"hich( than s to :odDs mercy( "as at least #i#teen more years a"ayA. %ometimes :od gives the song in the privacy o# an individ!alDs li#e( b!t that song can be s!ng !nder the anointing in the congregation o# the people and be as #resh and as stri ing as tho!gh it "ere being composed on the spot. To %sing unto the LO/D a ne( song, @.saiah ?3510A does not re&!ire the giving and the singing o# the song to ta e place sim!ltaneo!slyG it F!st re&!ires ne" s!bFect matter( ne" motivation( and ne" inspiration. There co!ld easily be a time span o# ho!rs or days bet"een the giving o# this ne" song and the singing o# it( b!t it is still a spontaneo!s song o# the %pirit( s!ng to or abo!t the Lord( that has come as a res!lt o# the %piritDs impartation. .n the minor prophets Baba ! provides an o!tstanding e6ample o# singing a song to the Lord. Chapter one o# Baba ! Ds boo is a dismal complaint abo!t ho" !n#air :od "as to allo" all the things that "ere happening. B!t in chapter t"o :od called Baba ! to a "atch1to"er e6perience and sho"ed him that altho!gh even more grie# and tro!ble "ere coming( a -eliverer "as also coming. ,hen Baba ! realiHed this( he began a prayer inscribed %?o the chie& singer on my 3?

Patterns for the Prophetic Song

stringe' instruments, @2519A( and this prayer "as accompanied on a do!ble harp( according to :. Campbell Morgan. The prophet had no song at all !ntil he sa" :odDs -eliverer( and then his song re&!ired a do!ble harp #or ade&!ate accompaniment. *oy#!lly he sang(
!lthough the &ig tree shall not blossom neither shall &ruit be in the +ines) the labour o& the oli+e shall &ail an' the &iel's shall yiel' no meat) the &loc* shall be cut o&& &rom the &ol' an' there shall be no her' in the stalls0 yet I (ill reAoice in the LO/D I (ill Aoy in the .o' o& my sal+ation. 1301" 1;4

Bo" Beaven m!st have reFoiced to hear this song instead o# the complaints o# chapter one. The .ospels list several instances o# singing( incl!ding the time "hen Christ led Bis disciples in prayer in the !pper room. The parable o# the prodigal son spea s o# the ret!rn o# the son being celebrated "ith m!sic and dancing (see L! e 18538A. .t is a pict!re o# the reFoicing in the #amily o# :od "hen a "andering son ret!rns to the 4ather. ,ho co!ld deny that this "o!ld be a song o# the Lorda song o# the LordDs reFoicing. .snDt it #itting #or the Boly %pirit to brea #orth into song "hen a sinning son repents and ret!rns homeE %ometimes it is even the son "ho brea s #orth into Foy#!l singing( and sometimes it is a member o# the #amily "ho shares in :odDs great reFoicing. .n the one historical boo in the /e" Testamentthe boo* o& !cts"e #ind the acco!nt o# the time 'a!l and %ilas "ere illegally arrested and beaten and placed in stoc s in the inner d!ngeon. Bodies aching "ith pain( and minds con#!sed "ith these !ne6pected happenings( %at mi'night Paul an' Silas praye' an' sang praises unto .o'0 an' the prisoners hear' them, @Acts 16538A. 4rom the depths o# their spirits they "ere po!ring o!t praises and e6pressing their con#idence in :od. .t "as a song to the Lord( it "as a song abo!t the Lord( and it certainly "as a song inspired by the Lord( not by their circ!mstances. .t so reached :od that Be intervened "ith an earth&!a e and the conversion o# the Failer. Certainly that "as a 38

The Prophetic Song

song that prod!ced a response. As "eDve already mentioned #re&!ently( in the Pauline epistles 'a!l o#ten spo e o# <spirit!al songs(= declaring that being #illed "ith the %pirit and "ith the ,ord "o!ld bring an over#lo" o# melodio!s praises !nto :od (see 7phesians 8519G Colossians 2516A. ,e canDt emphasiHe too m!ch that someone "ho "ants to be a channel #or singing the prophetic song needs to stay #!ll o# the ,ord and the %pirit( #or the ,ord is the theme o# that song( and the Boly %pirit is its inspiration. :od( not the Christian m!sic ind!stry( is the inspiration #or o!r songI %ince %o& the abun'ance o& the heart his mouth spea*eth, @L! e 65?8A( the m!sician needs to eep his heart #illed "ith :od and Bis ,ord( or else( as "eDve heard too o#ten( the song "ill be a dirge o# #ear( #ail!re( and #r!stration. 'ortions o# 'a!lDs "ritings can be considered prophetic songsG #or e6ample( >omans 11522126( "hich begins "ith the "ords %O the 'epth o& the riches both o& the (is'om an' *no(le'ge o& .o'5, and concl!des "ith %Cor o& him an' through him an' to him are all things0 to (hom be glory &or e+er. !men., 7phesians 8G 1? is regarded as the most convincing evidence o# hymnology in the early Ch!rch5 %!(a*e thou that sleepest an' arise &rom the 'ea' an' -hrist shall gi+e thee light., .n "riting to Timothy( 'a!l made the declaration %Bo( unto the Ding eternal immortal in+isible the only (ise .o' be honour an' glory &or e+er an' e+er. !men, @1 Timothy 151;A. >alph Martin points o!t that the phrase <)ing eternal= is very similar to the e6pression <)ing o# the ages(= "hich <is e6actly the phrase !sed at *e"ish table1 prayers @KBlessed be Tho!( C Lord o!r :od( )ing o# the agesDA and in synagog!e praise .1 Another song in 'a!lDs "ritings to Timothy "hich may be considered prophetic is 1 Timothy 25165 %.o' (as mani&est in the &lesh Austi&ie' in the Spirit seen o& angels preache' unto the .entiles belie+e' on in the (orl' recei+e' up into glory., This is a good e6ample o# the di##erence bet"een a hymn and a chor!s s!ch as "e "o!ld sing todayG rather than being a simple declaration o# honor and praise 36

Patterns for the Prophetic Song

to :od( this song ma es a doctrinal statement. 'hilippians 356111 and Colossians 1518130 are also e6amples o# songs in 'a!lDs "ritings. The song in 'hilippians possibly had si6 stanHas. C# the song in Colossians( >alph Martin says that <three pairs o# lines are precisely correspondent in the t"o parts o# the hymn. The vocab!lary also is !n!s!al and the "hole Kbetrays the hand o# an e6acting composerD "ho penned this noble trib!te to e6hibit the primacy o# Christ in the t"in realms o# Creation and >edemption. 3 7ven the general epistles ma e provision #or the prophetic song in saying( %I& any man spea* let him spea* as the oracles o& .o') i& any man minister let him 'o it as o& the ability (hich .o' gi+eth0 that .o' in all things may be glori&ie' through @esus -hrist to (hom be praise an' 'ominion &or e+er an' e+er. !men, @1 'eter ?511A. ,hile this does not directly spea o# singing( it does spea o# ministry( and 'eter had F!st instr!cted( %!s e+ery man hath recei+e' the gi&t e+en so minister the same one to another as goo' ste(ar's o& the mani&ol' grace o& .o', @1 'eter ?510A. M!sic is both a gi#t and a ministry( and i# this gi#t is received #rom the Lord it m!st be shared "ith the Ch!rch o# the Lord *es!s Christ. *es!s spo e a parable abo!t gi#ts( or <talents= that "ere not properly !sed and so "ere ta en a"ay and given to one "ho "o!ld correctly !tiliHe them (see Matthe" 3851?139A. A song that the %pirit births "ithin !s needs to be shared so that the entire Body o# Christ can be edi#ied. The tenth( and #inal( maFor division o# the Bible is the boo o# prophecy in the /e" Testament5 the >evelation o# *es!s Christ. /ot only is the song o# Moses co!pled "ith the song o# the Lamb to be s!ng by the saints in heaven( as "e have already seen (see >evelation 1852( ?A( b!t the #o!r living creat!res "ith the elders sang %a ne( song saying ?hou art (orthy to ta*e the boo* an' to open the seals thereo&0 &or thou (ast slain an' hast re'eeme' us to .o' by thy bloo' out o& e+ery *in're' an' tongue an' people an' nation) an' hast ma'e us unto our .o' *ings an' priests0 an' (e shall reign on the 3;

The Prophetic Song

earth, @>evelation 859( 10A. Later a vast m!ltit!de sang %as it (ere a ne( song be&ore the throne, @1?52A. Bo" co!ld one be in the direct presence o# the :od o# glory and not sing this songI %o "e can see that the #o!ndation has been laid thro!gho!t the pages o# %cript!re #or the mani#estation o# the %pirit o# :od in the prophetic song. %!rely :od is a singing :odI

The Singing Deit'

,e have spo en o# singing abo!t the Lorde6tolling Bis name( nat!re( and actsand singing to the Lorde6pressing to Bim "hat is in o!r hearts and spirits. B!t "e m!st also remember that there is singing o# the Lord. ,e have clearly seen that the %pirit is a singing %piritso obvio!sly the other members o# the :odhead also sing. .t is totally #oreign and act!ally amaHing to !s to entertain the tho!ght that :od sings. B!t "hy sho!ld it beE ,hen "e ac no"ledge :od as the Creator ,ho made all things( it is neither prepostero!s nor !nreasonable to thin that Be sings. .# Be can create m!sic( s!rely Be can sing. :od is not limited in Bis ability. ,hat a Foy it is #or the singing m!sician to realiHe that the Chie# M!sician Bimsel# sings. The Bible is clear on this( #or both the Cld and /e" Testaments tell !s that :od does indeed sing and that in #act( Be reFoices in singing. The prophet Lephaniah declared( %?he LO/D thy .o' in the mi'st o& thee is mighty) he (ill sa+e he (ill reAoice o+er thee (ith Aoy) he (ill rest in his lo+e he (ill Aoy o+er thee (ith singing, @Lephaniah 251;A( "hile Bebre"s spea s o# *es!s saying( %I (ill 'eclare thy name unto my brethren in the mi'st o& the church (ill I sing praise unto thee, @Bebre"s 3513A. . have o#ten "ondered "hat "o!ld inspire s!ch Foy that the Lord "o!ld sing. The apostle *ohn gave !s a glimpse o# the heart o# :od "hen he "rote( %I ha+e no greater Aoy than to hear that my chil'ren (al* in truth, @2 *ohn ?A. %!rely i# the heart o# an earthly <#ather in the #aith= had s!ch #eelings( ho" m!ch more m!st the heart o# the Beavenly 4ather reFoice over 38

Patterns for the Prophetic Song

Bis obedient( loving childrenI :od is revealing mysteries and principles to per#ect the Ch!rch. %everal years ago very little "as !nderstood abo!t m!sical praise and "orship( tho!gh there are tho!sands o# %cript!res on the s!bFect"ell over eight h!ndred on m!sic aloneI .n those days "e remained steeped in tradition rather than acting on biblical tr!th. C!r traditions bro!ght stability and anchored o!r #aith( b!t they also anchored !s to <the "ay "eDve al"ays done it.= B!t no" :od is moving in #resh "ays. .saiah proclaimed :odDs "ords5
Behol' I (ill 'o a ne( thing) no( it shall spring &orth) shall ye not *no( it> I (ill e+en ma*e a (ay in the (il'erness an' ri+ers in the 'esert. ?his people ha+e I &orme' &or mysel&) they shall she( &orth my praise. 1Isaiah E3012 #14

These %cript!res held no revelation #or !s a decade ago. B!t no" "e have s!ch revelation that "e no longer m!st remain in the dar ness o# the past b!t can "al in the ill!mination o# Bis ,ord. ,e have tr!th available to !s( and "e are also responsible to embrace that revealed tr!th and to "al in it. As :od &!ic ens this tr!thma es it alive to yo! and in yo!and yo! !nderstand that the Lord not only sings b!t desires to sing thro!gh yo!( yo!r praise and "orship "ill change. 9o! "ill begin to hear the so!nd o# the Lord as Be moves in the midst o# the congregation. 9o! "ill cry( <Lord( sing thro!gh meI= ,hen Be ans"ers that prayer( yo! "ill recogniHe Bis voice... and it "ill so!nd incredibly li e yo!rs. 9o! "ill listen d!ring intimate times o# "orship and "ill hear Bim singing. B!t Be so!nds so m!ch li e yo! and those aro!nd yo!I .s that really *es!s singingE ,e have F!st seen #rom Bebre"s that *es!s sings praise in the midst o# Bis Ch!rch. .tDs interesting to note that Be sings not in the concert hall or at the television station @tho!gh that is possible( o# co!rseA b!t in Bis Ch!rch. %inging is script!rally connected "ith Bis ho!se or Bis people gathering together( and Bis voice is associated "ith praise. Biblical praise may not be a 39

The Prophetic Song

part o# the concert hall or the television station( b!t it m!st al"ays be a part o# Bis Ch!rch. Moses( the mighty servant o# :od( testi#ied that %the LO/D is my strength an' song, @76od!s 1853A. Moses loved to sing( and :od "as his songI 76od!s 18 gives !s that "onder#!l victory song "hich Moses and the people sang a#ter their mirac!lo!s deliverance #rom the 7gyptians. .t "as a #resh e6pression o# Foy and rene"ed #aith in :od( perhaps accompanied by m!sical instr!mentsG in #act( verse 30 says that Miriam and the "omen not only sang and danced b!t played the timbrels. Cn another occasion Moses %spa*e in the ears o& all the congregation o& Israel the (or's o& this song until they (ere en'e', @-e!teronomy 21520Aa song "hich occ!pies the ne6t #orty1three verses. :od had given Moses this song and had also instr!cted him to teach it to the children o# .srael( #or
F the LO/D sai' unto Moses... Bo( there&ore (rite ye this song &or you an' teach it the chil'ren o& Israel0 put it in their mouths that this song may be a (itness &or me against the chil'ren o& Israel... it shall not be &orgotten out o& the mouths o& their see'.... Moses there&ore (rote this song the same 'ay an' taught it the chil'ren o& Israel. 1Deuteronomy 31013 12 #1 ##4

'erhaps :od even rehearsed the song in MosesD ear. ,hen Moses sang( the people heard :odDs song. They heard the prophetic song o# the Lord( #or "hen Moses sang( the %pirit o# :od "as singing thro!gh him. Moses received a "ord #rom :od( and instead o# delivering it as a spo en prophetic !tterance( he sang it according to the commandment o# :od. 9es( the :odhead sings. %ome men o# :od believe that at creation the "orld "as sung rather than spoken into e6istence( that there "as singing "hen the #o!ndation o# the "orld "as laid( #or "hen :od revealed Bis omnipotence to *ob( Be as ed(
Ghere (ast thou (hen I lai' the &oun'ations o& the earth>... Ghereupon are the &oun'ations thereo& &astene'> or (ho lai' the cornerstone thereo&) (hen the morning stars sang together an' all the sons o& .o' shoute' &or


Patterns for the Prophetic Song Aoy> 1@ob 3;0E 3 "4

*es!s declared( %I am... the bright an' morning star, @>evelation 33516A. ,hat a celestial so!nd m!st have echoed thro!gh the heavens "hen this song "as s!ng amid sho!ts o# Foy #rom the mighty sons o# :odI <>eFoicing and gladness= are the themes o# the song that the Lord sings among Bis people. The %pirit o# :od not only sings praise to the 4ather in the congregationG Be inspires songs that e6press the 4atherDs great Foy in Bis children. :od is happy "ith Bis redeemed ones( and Be b!rsts #orth "ith songs that bring "ellsprings o# Foy in their hearts. A tr!e mani#estation o# the song o# the Lord "ill be Foy in the hearts o# singer and listener ali e. :od does not sing Bis F!dgmentsG Be sings Bis FoyI Bo" "ell -avid e6pressed this5
Shout Aoy&ully to the LO/D all the earth) brea* &orth in song reAoice an' sing praises. Sing to the LO/D (ith the harp (ith the harp an' the soun' o& a psalm (ith trumpets an' the soun' o& a horn) shout Aoy&ully be&ore the LO/D the Ding. 1Psalm 2;0E:3 BD@H4

-avid also declared( %?hou shalt compass me about (ith songs o& 'eli+erance, @'salm 235;A. The Lord "ill s!rro!nd !s "ith songs o# victorio!s deliverance. Bis songs are not dirges o# despair b!t songs o# might( victory( and #aithI 7very Christian sho!ld e6perience :od singing thro!gh him( and every m!sician m!st no" :od in his m!sic. .t is #ar more than "riting a song and as ing the Lord to anoint your songG it is letting :od sing is song thro!gh yo!. .t is bringing #orth songs o# the Boly %piritthose <ne" songs= o# "hich the psalmist spo e "hen he "rote( %!n' he hath put a ne( song in my mouth e+en praise unto our .o', @'salm ?052A. <%ing !nto the Lord(= indeed( b!t come to no" the Lord !nto ,hom yo! sing( and learn ho" that Lord sings to and thro!gh Bis people.

Singing in the Earl' Ch#rch

There is a sense in %cript!re( "hich seems to be con#irmed 21

The Prophetic Song

by history( that the early Ch!rch e6perienced the same presence o# Christ in their midst as "e do today( and that the mani#estations o# the Boly %pirit "ere present then even as they are no". This "o!ld incl!de the prophetic song. There is little do!bt that the #o!nding #athers o# the /e" Testament Ch!rch e6perienced the singing o# spontaneo!s %pirit1given melodies in their "orship( or that the prophetic voice "as heard in their gatherings on a reg!lar basis. .t is also believed by many that m!sical instr!ments "ere !sed in their "orship. 'a!l testi#ied that he "orshipped the :od o# his #athers and believed everything "ritten in the La" and the prophets (see Acts 3?51?A. ,hen 'a!l established ch!rches and set the "orship order( he did so according to the script!ral pattern o# that time. The early Ch!rch began its e6istence "ithin the #rame"or o# the *e"ish #aith. Cn the s!r#ace it "o!ld appear that this gro!p o# disciples "as a party "ithin the *e"ish #old. B!t "hat mar ed them as di##erent "as that they believed the Messiah had come. T. ,. Manson states( <The #irst disciples "ere *e"s by birth and !pbringing( and it is a priori probable that they "o!ld bring into the ne" comm!nity some( at least( o# the religio!s !sages to "hich they had long been acc!stomed ,2 "hile >alph Martin observes that <the bac gro!nd o# early Christian "orship m!st be so!ght in these t"o *e"ish instit!tions o# the Temple and the synagog!e.? ,e no" that the singing o# %cript!re( probably in the #orm o# a chant or Bebre" cantillation( occ!rred in both the Temple and the synagog!es. Christianity entered into an inheritance o# an already1established pattern o# "orship in both the Temple rit!al and the synagog!e lit!rgy. Bymn1singing "as developed in the #irst cent!ry B.C. by the sect o# the Therape!tae. 'hilo described a typical meeting in "hich one o# the gro!p <stands !p and sings a hymn to :od( either a ne" one "hich he has himsel# composed( or an old one by an earlier composer. The others #ollo" one by one in #itting order( "hile all listen in complete silence( e6cept "hen they 23

Patterns for the Prophetic Song

have to sing the re#rains and responses.= .n the evening gatherings the men and "omen "ere separated at #irstG in their separate gro!ps they "o!ld sing hymns( sometimes antiphonally( o#ten accompanying the anthems "ith rhythmical movements. <Then Kdivinely inspired( the men and "omen together( having become one choirD sing Khymns o# than s to the %avior :od.D=8 The singing o# -ivine praises may not have been "ell developed in the 'alestinian synagog!es o# the #irst cent!ry. /o do!bt the e6iled *e"s o# the -ispersion "ere more advanced in the singing o# psalms and praises than "ere their more conservative co!ntrymen in 'alestine. B!t nonetheless( those early believers had a desire to e6press their than sgiving and praise to :od in m!sical #orm. There "as a distinct di##erence bet"een the traditional hymns everyone ne" and sang in the early Ch!rch and the prophetic songs "hich "ere ne" and spontaneo!s. 'a!l admonished the believers( %... (hen ye come together e+ery one o& you hath a psalm..., @1 Corinthians 1?536A. 'a!l also testi#ied( %I (ill sing (ith the spirit an' I (ill sing (ith the un'erstan'ing also, @1 Corinthians 1?518A. ,e have already noted that on more than one occasion 'a!l spo e o# <spirit!al songs=more speci#ically( songs inspired by the %pirit. .n !orship in the "arly #hurch, >alph Martin says( <.t is not li ely( there#ore( that 'a!l "o!ld spea o# Kpsalms inspired by the %pirit...D i# he intended the re#erence to be to the borro"ing o# traditional odes #rom the hymn1boo o# the *e"ish 'salter. Compositions "hich "ere spontaneo!sly KinspiredD and created #or the occasion are m!ch more probably in vie".=6 The #irst Christians( then( sang psalms( hymns( and spirit!al songs. %ince the early Ch!rch "as born o!t o# the str!ct!re o# synagog!e "orship( and since the Talm!d declares that man m!st !tter #irst praise and then prayer( no do!bt those believers "o!ld open their gatherings "ith corporate praise. The singing o# psalms headed the list o# %things to 'o (hen coming together, @1 Corinthians 1?536A( so that "as probably the #irst order o# service. The "ord !sed in that passage #or psalm is 22

The Prophetic Song

psalmos, "hich means a set piece o# m!sic "ith accompaniment by a m!sical instr!ment. .n general( the term <psalms= re#ers to Christian odes( perhaps patterned a#ter the Cld Testament psalter. <Bymns= "o!ld be longer compositions "ith a contin!ing theme( perhaps doctrinal. %!ch hymns can be #o!nd in the "riting o# the /e" Testament itsel#. <%pirit!al songs= are <snatches o# spontaneo!s praise "hich the inspiring %pirit placed on the lips o# the enrapt!red "orshipper( as 1 Corinthians 1?518 implies.=; Apparently( %pirit1breathed songs "ere not !ncommon in the "orship o# the #irst1cent!ry believers.

The Pro hetic Song in Toda'(s Ch#rch

B!t this "as not F!st #or those believers bac thenG . believe the song o# the Lord is a part o# o!r present1day "orship. .t is present tr!tha part o# the Tabernacle o# -avid that :od declared Be "o!ld reb!ild in the last days. The prophet Amos recorded "hat "as to come5 %In that 'ay (ill I raise up the tabernacle o& Da+i' the &allen hut or booth an' close up its breaches an' I (ill raise up its ruins an' I (ill buil' it as in the 'ays o& ol', @Amos 9511( Ampli#ied BibleA. -avid had prepared a place #or the Ar (see 1 Chronicles 1851A( and :od is again see ing a place "here Bis presence may d"ell. As . travel and preach in ch!rches across the co!ntry( . am amaHed at the n!mber o# pastors "ho believe that :od has revealed the tr!th o# -avidDs Tabernacle to them alone. ,hat a Foy it is #or them to discover that other ch!rches "orship as they doI ,hat con#irmation that the 4ather is see ing "orshippersI .t is o!r responsibility to embrace tr!th( and( more importantly( to "al in tr!th. ,e m!st not only !nderstand the present tr!th o# "orship b!t m!st also be personally involved in it. The %cript!res tell !s to %be establishe' in present truth... ye shall *no( the truth an' the truth shall ma*e you &ree, @3 'eter 1513G *ohn 8523A. ,e need #reedom #rom manDs non1 biblical traditions and the !nscript!ral trappings o# religion. :od "ants !s to be #ree to soar in "orship as an eagle in the heavens. The apostle 'a!l made a strong commitment to tr!th "hen 2?

Patterns for the Prophetic Song

he "rote( %... a&ter the (ay (hich they call heresy so (orship I the .o' o& my &athers belie+ing all things (hich are (ritten in the la( an' in the prophets, @Acts 3?51?A. 'a!l !ne&!ivocally p!t himsel# on the side o# tr!th. Be believed "hat "as "ritten in the boo s o# Moses. Be believed "hat the prophets had proclaimed. Cthers( too( embraced the ,ord o# :od. *ames &!oted the "ords o# the prophet abo!t the restoration o# -avidDs tabernacle (see Acts 18516A( and 'eter prono!nced that <ye are a chosen generation a royal priesthoo' an holy nation a peculiar people) that ye shoul' she( &orth the praises o& him (ho hath calle' you out o& 'ar*ness into his mar+ellous light, @1 'eter 359A. This is a generation to "hom praise and "orship is being restored( even as the psalmist #oresa" so many years ago5 %?his shall be (ritten &or the generation to come0 an' the people (hich shall be create' shall praise the LO/D, @'salm 103518A. /o "onder -avid co!ld Foy#!lly sing( %!n' he hath put a ne( song in my mouth e+en praise unto our .o'..., @'salm ?052A. The presence o# the prophetic song is a mani#estation o# the %pirit (see Colossians 2516A. As "e more clearly !nderstand the nat!re o# prophecy and its vario!s e6pressions( "e "ill be better able to hear "hat the %pirit "o!ld say to !s and sing "hat the %pirit "o!ld say thro!gh !s.


Cha ter )

The Role o% Pro hec'

.# "e are going to !nderstand the prophetic song and( more importantly( become personally involved "ith it( "e m!st #irst have a clear comprehension o# prophecy. ,e m!st !nderstand "hat it is( "hat its p!rpose is( and ho" it is e6pressed. ,e see( o# co!rse( that the t"o elements "hich ma e !p the prophetic song are the m!sical aspect and the prophetic aspect. Cbvio!sly the prophetic element is the more important beca!se it is the -ivine ingredient( and the m!sic is the realm thro!gh "hich that -ivine #actor is e6pressed. The e6pression "o!ld still be -ivine "hether it "as s!ng or spo en( b!t the m!sic "itho!t the -ivine element "o!ld F!st be m!sic. C#ten "e thin o# prophecy mainly in the sense o# being predictive( that is( telling something to happen in the #!t!re( b!t this is only one aspect o# prophecy. 'rophets do #oretell #!t!re events( b!t prophecy is both #oretelling and #orthtelling. 'rophecy is :od spea ing to Bis people thro!gh a person. To prophesy is to spea @or singA( by inspiration o# the Boly %pirit( a prediction or a disco!rse o# e6hortation( edi#ication( or com#ort. ,e no" that prophecy is listed as one o# the gi#ts o# the Boly %piritone o# "hat "e generally call <the nine gi#ts o# the %pirit= (see 1 Corinthians 13A( one o# the three <vocal= gi#ts. 'a!l spo e at length abo!t prophecy in 1 Corinthians 1?( and admonished believers to %'esire... that ye may prophesy. Ghere&ore brethren co+et to prophesy..., @verses 1( 29A. Be "as spea ing o# prophecy in general terms( b!t prophecy encompasses more than one realm. There are #o!r dimensions o# prophecy5 prophecy o# %cript!re( the o##ice o# the prophet( the gi#t o# prophecy( and the spirit o# prophecy. Let !s loo at these individ!ally.


The Prophetic Song

Pro hec' o% Scri t#re

All biblical revelation spo en by the prophets is prophecy o# %cript!re. ,e no" that %all scripture is gi+en by inspiration o& .o' an' is pro&itable &or 'octrine &or reproo& &or correction &or instruction in righteousness, @3 Timothy 2516A. That "hich "e call <the Bible= is also called <the canon o# %cript!re= beca!se it has been established and accepted as the divinely inspired ,ord o# :od. There is no higher revelation than this( nor is there a higher realm o# prophetic e6pression. The term <given by inspiration o# :od= literally means <:od breathed.= %o( the %cript!re can be considered prophetic in nat!re in the sense that :od spo e it( and there#ore "hen it is s!ng( it carries that prophetic sense "ith it. ,hat :od has spo en( Be has spo enG Be neither adds to it nor ta es a"ay #rom it. 'eter reminded !s that %*no(ing this &irst... no prophecy o& the scripture is o& any pri+ate interpretation. Cor the prophecy came not in ol' time by the (ill o& man) but holy men o& .o' spa*e as they (ere mo+e' by the 7oly .host, @3 'eter 1530( 31A. :odDs ,ord is the #inal voice and a!thority. /o e6pression or revelation "ill be higher( #or( as %olomon observed( %?here is no ne( thing un'er the sun. Is there any thing (hereo& it may be sai' See this is ne(> it hath been alrea'y o& ol' time (hich (as be&ore us, @7cclesiastes 159( 10A. There is no <ne"= revelationonly revelation that is ne" to !s. :od is not adding to Bis ,ord b!t is revealing it to !sadding to o!r no"ledge( enlightening o!r spirit!al !nderstanding( sho"ing !s hidden tr!ths and deeper meanings that "e have not !nderstood be#ore. ,hatever is spo en #orth as prophecy m!st meet the standard o# the greatest prophetic e6pression o# all5 the ,ord o# :od. Tr!e prophecy "ill originate "ith or can be con#irmed by the %cript!res. 'rophecy o# %cript!re is not present in the Ch!rch today. The Canon o# %cript!re is complete and the 4ather teaches !s in Bis ,ord "e are not to add to the prophecies o# the Bible.

The Pro hetic O%%ice


The $ole of Prophecy

Cne "ho holds the o##ice o# a prophet is endo"ed "ith the ability to prophesy at any time. This is a greater or higher dimension than the gi#t or spirit o# prophecy( #or it embodies a li#e style as "ell as a message. The person in this o##ice is not a prophet beca!se he spea s prophetic messagesG he spea s those prophetic messages beca!se he is a prophet. The prophetic call and anointing come by :odDs choice and only by :odDs choice. Man cannot achieve this o##ice by his o"n desire or e##orts. :od told *eremiah( %Be&ore I &orme' thee in the belly I *ne( thee) an' be&ore thou earnest &orth out o& the (omb I sancti&ie' thee an' I or'aine' thee a prophet unto the nations, @*eremiah 158A. :od selects "hom Be "ills( to spea "hat Be "ills( "hen Be "ills. Be doesnDt as manDs opinion. The prophetic o##ice is one o# the ascension gi#t ministries given to the /e" Testament Ch!rch (see 7phesians ?511A. The prophet may( o# co!rse( minister edi#ication( e6hortation( and com#ort( b!t he may also operate in the spheres o# g!idance( reb! e( F!dgment( correction( prediction( or revelation. /o one sho!ld pres!me to minister in this realm !nless he has been commissioned by the Lord to the o##ice o# a prophet( so o# co!rse no one "ho sings the prophetic song sho!ld attempt to so minister !nless he no"s that he has been placed in that prophetic o##ice. .n the Cld Testament( prophets "ere called <oracles(= "hich ,ebster de#ines as <a person thro!gh "hom a deity is believed to spea .= This "ord is #o!nd in the /e" Testament in 'eterDs admonition %I& any man spea* let him spea* as the oracles o& .o', @1 'eter ?511A. 'rophetic messages "ere also called oracles( #or 'a!l "rote that %unto them 6the @e(s9 (ere committe' the oracles o& .o', @>omans 253A. Those "ho do mani#est the prophetic o##ice proclaim :odDs presence( p!rpose( and message( "hether in "ord or in song. %Surely the Lor' .OD (ill 'o nothing but he re+ealeth his secret unto his ser+ants the prophets, @Amos 25;A. There is a great responsibility involved #or one "ho carries 29

The Prophetic Song

this prophetic anointing. .# his prophecies are to be pro#itable( he m!st be <prophet1able=G his li#e m!st demonstrate the message even as his "ords declare it( and he m!st #!nction in !prightness o# heart( correctness o# attit!de and motivation( and obedience to the Cne #rom ,hom the message comes. %pea ing or singing( he m!st do so as :odDs mo!thpiece. More than once "e are told in the Cld Testament that %the LO/D spa*e by his ser+ants the prophets saying..., (see % )ings 31510( 3?53A. Man did the vocaliHing( b!t the "ords "ere :odDs( %... the Lor' .OD hath spo*en (ho can but prophesy>, @Amos 258A.

The Pro hetic Gi%t

The gi#t o# prophecy is a gi#t o# the Boly %pirit that #inds residence in some believers as a ministry to the Body o# Christ. /ot every believer has this gi#t( tho!gh he has been #illed "ith the Boly %pirit( #or it is !p to the %pirit to distrib!te it %se+erally as he (ill, (see 1 Corinthians 13511A. Those "ho have this gi#t may prophesy reg!larly( #or the gi#t is resident "ithin themG there is no need to "ait #or the spirit o# prophecy. This gi#t is to be !sed #or edi#ication( e6hortation( and com#ort (see 1 Corinthians 1?52A. 'rophetic e'i&ication is the b!ilding !p o# a believer in his spirit!al li#e. ,ords o# edi#ication strengthen believers in their #aith( in their "al ( and in their relationship "ith :od. 'rophetic exhortation is a stirring !p o# the believers. .t applies tr!th to behavior and serves to eep believers #rom straying #rom :od. .t provides motivation( enco!ragement( and challenge in Christian living( and sometimes brings "ords o# admonition or "arning. 'rophetic com&ort is the consolation( the cheering( the ass!rance( and the revealed nearness o# the Boly %pirit to those in di##ic!lt sit!ations. There sho!ld be no F!dgment( reb! e( or correction in the prophecy that comes #orth #rom one e6ercising the prophetic gi#t. Let those "ho have this gi#t sing their prophecies i# they so chooseb!t only that "hich "ill res!lt in the b!ilding !p( the stirring !p( and the cheering !p o# the saints o# :od. ?0

The $ole of Prophecy

The S irit o% Pro hec'

The spirit o# prophecy is the &!ic ening @or anointingA o# the Boly %pirit( in "hich all may prophesy. ,hen this !nction is present( anyone may enter into the prophetic #lo"G %ye may all prophesy one by one that all may learn an' all may be com&orte', @1 Corinthians 1?521A. The spirit o# prophecy is the Boly %piritDs mantle o# prophetic anointing given #rom time to time to a believer @or believersA( res!lting in the spea ing #orth o# the "ord o# the Lord. The ey to !nderstanding this realm is that it happens #rom time to time. ,itho!t this special endo"ment( an individ!al "ho does not hold the o##ice o# a prophet or have the gi#t o# prophecy co!ld not prophesy the "ord o# the Lord. @Be co!ld respond to a sit!ation "ith an appropriate "ord( b!t !nless the spirit o# prophecy is present( it is not the "ord o# the Lord( and he dare not attach :odDs name to it.A Be is enabled to prophesy by the presence o# the clo!d o# :odDs prophetic anointing. %omeone "ho prophesies only occasionally is giving evidence that he has neither the o##ice nor the gi#t o# prophecy b!t #!nctions only "hen the spirit o# prophecy is present. <'a!l( in 1 Corinthians 1?53?( 21( states that all may prophesy. 9et 'a!l clearly separates this #rom the o##ice o# a prophet and by conte6t!al implication M#romN the gi#t o# prophecy by the phrasing o# his &!estion in 1 Corinthians 13539( KAll are not prophets( are theyED re&!iring a negative ans"er in the :ree #orm.=1 At times the prophetic clo!d may be over an entire congregation( and anyone co!ld #lo" in prophecy at that point i# he e6ercised #aith to do so. This is "hat happened "hen the seventy elders "ho assisted Moses in leading .srael all prophesied as the spirit o# prophecy came !pon them @/!mbers 1153?120A. %a!l e6perienced a similar anointing "hen he met a company o# prophets and prophesied among them. Be himsel# "as not a prophet( and did not have the gi#t o# prophecy( and yet he did spea the "ord o# the Lord !nder a prophetic anointing. ?1

The Prophetic Song

Most prophetic songs #it into the realm o# the spirit o# prophecy( #or( relatively spea ing( there are more <ordinary believers= than there are gen!ine prophets or even persons possessing the gi#t o# prophecy. .t stands to reason that #ar more people "ill prophesy by entering into this #lo" than by e6ercising either the o##ice or the gi#t o# prophecy. 9et there is no reason "hy someone "ith the o##ice o# a prophet or the gi#t o# prophecy co!ld not sing "hen prophesying. .t is also possible @and "orth consideringA that the prophetic song is a melodic e6pression o# a <"ord o# "isdom= or a <"ord o# no"ledge= @both listed "ith prophecy in the <nine gi#ts o# the %pirit= in 1 Corinthians 13A. 7ven the gi#t o# #aith co!ld be e6pressed in song( as "hen Moses "as commanded to have the elders sing d!ring a "ater shortage5 %... the LO/D spa*e unto Moses .ather the people together an' I (ill gi+e them (ater. ?hen Israel sang this song Spring up O (ell) sing ye unto it, @/!mbers 31516( 1;A. The "ater came in response to the songI B!t no matter "hat <gi#t= is mani#ested( it is still an operation o# the %pirit o# :od( and it is :odDs comm!nication to Bis people. A practical e6ample o# this involves one o# the very #irst times that . remember receiving the prophetic songshortly a#ter . "as birthed in the Tr!th and e6perience o# "orship. .t "as a %!nday morning service at :lad Tidings Christian 4ello"ship in +anco!ver( B.C. The "orship leader "as leading #rom the organ as o#ten he did on %!nday mornings. A "orship team o# singers "as present on the plat#orm adding bea!ti#!l harmonies to the melodies o# the congregationDs praise. There "as a time in the service "hen the songs stopped and spontaneo!s praise began to #ill that 9001seat a!ditori!m. The electricity o# :odDs presence charged the atmosphere as people "ere singing songs straight #rom their hearts to :od. *es!s had so rapt!red their spirits they "ere composing melodies and lyrics all at the same time( right on the spot. .n the midst o# these songs a strange thing happened to meG . sensed a b!rden deep in my spirit and a s!dden nervo!sness ?3

The $ole of Prophecy

came !pon me. .t "as not !ntil a #e" min!tes later that . realiHed "hat "as happening. The b!rden o# the prophetic "as arising #rom "ithin me and my #lesh "as already nervo!s "ith the possibility that . "o!ld be p!blicly prophesying. The deep a"areness o# the Boly %piritDs !nction #rom "ithin and s!dden prophetic inspiration both came to my spirit at one time. The "ords came #irst so . tho!ght this is to be a spo en prophecy. .Dve heard a cry thro!gho!t the land 'eople F!st cannot !nderstand The ,ord o# the Lord And the "ays o# yo!r :od %o .Dm raising !p sons And .Dm raising !p da!ghters( in Lion. Cnly the #irst si6 lines seemed to come and . didnDt no" ho" it "o!ld end. B!t . "as "illing to step o!t in #aith and spea "hat :od had given me. . "atched #or openings in the service to spea b!t the "orship "as so intense. The people "ent on singing in the %pirit #or abo!t 18 min!tes. ,hen the praise decrescendoed eno!gh #or me to spea the "ord :od had given me another prophecy came #rom a man across the sanct!ary. . an6io!sly "aited #or him to #inish beca!se "hat the Boly %pirit "as saying thro!gh him seemed very similar to "hat :od had given me. Bo"ever as soon as he ended a "oman to"ard the bac began to prophesy. The nervo!sness inside me gre"( my heart began beating #aster. -id :od really "ant me to prophesyE Then "hy didnDt Be allo" me opport!nity to spea E Tension in my throat and stomach mo!nted. . ne" "hat . sensed "as :od( and yet . "asnDt s!re. %ome people had told me "hen :od "anted them to prophesy their right hand "o!ld get "arm. Cthers had said they "o!ld receive other inds o# signs. . didnDt have a signF!st a <g!t= #eeling. /o one had told me ho" to prophesy or "hat to e6pect. ,hile . "as "aiting . rolled the prophetic "ord over in my spirit( and more came to me. .( the Lord( am moving on the yo!ng .Dve said they shall be strong ?2

The Prophetic Song

.n the ,ords o# the Lord .n the "ays o# their :od Them "ill . teach To do my "ill( in Lion. My %pirit shall be !pon my people They shall go #orth in my /ame. ,ith the ,ord o# the Lord And the tr!th o# their :od 4eeding h!ngry so!ls The bread o# li#e( thatDs in Lion. As the service contin!ed several more prophecies came b!t as soon as they ended( the congregation b!rst into praise. ,hen all this #inally #inished the service moved into the preaching o# the ,ord and then ended. . never gave the prophetic "ord :od had given me. .n the car abo!t hal# "ay home that a#ternoon the "ords o# the prophecy came !p in my spirit again and there seemed to be a #resh anointing. The e6citement ret!rned as . "as ca!ght !p in the prophecy again. All o# the s!dden . began to sing it in my head. The "ords seemed to be carried #reely o!t o# my spirit on the "ings o# a melody. ,hen "e "al ed into the ho!se . &!ic ly pic ed !p my g!itar and sang it over and over. . t!rned on a tape recorder so . "o!ldnDt #orget it. . "as elated( my #irst prophetic song "as birthed. The song "as entitled <%ons and -a!ghters= and "as recorded on my #irst solo alb!m in 19;8. . sang it in services across the co!ntry and the prophetic mantle remained on the song beca!se o#ten . "o!ld prophesy "hen the song concl!ded. ,hat an e6perienceI ,hat a releaseI . had tasted something that ca!sed my spirit to h!nger #or more. . "anted to sing the prophetic song again.

*ords +sed in Scri t#re

There are several di##erent "ords in the Cld Testament that are !sed #or prophecy or prophesying. %ome emphasiHe the ??

The $ole of Prophecy

e6perience o# receiving the prophetic message #rom :odG some deal "ith the e6perience o# transmitting the prophetic message to others. Cne Bebre" "ord !sed o#ten is roeh &rooh', <to see.= .ts root means <to loo at= or <to behold= and is !sed in relation to the prophet <seeing= :odDs messagethat is( perceiving "hat :od "ants to say. A second( related "ord is chozeh &khozoh', "hich means <to perceive( see in a vision( prophesy.= Li e roeh, it deals "ith the receiving o# the -ivine message. %?hou hast hear' see all this) an' (ill ye not 'eclare it>, @.saiah ?856A. ,e #ind in .saiah 1251 and Baba ! 151 that the prophets <sa"= the b!rden @Bebre" massa, indicative o# a prophetic songA given by :od. This "ord massa spea s o# a b!rden or "eight( li e a heavy load "hich is carried. :odDs message is a b!rden to the messenger( #or he has been chosen to comm!nicate a -ivine imperative( and no matter ho" acc!rately he may have heard :odDs voice( he #eels the heavy responsibility o# ca!sing others to !nderstand "hat :od said. (assa can also mean the li#ting !p o# the so!lG "hen someone receives a prophetic song( it may seem that his so!l is rising( #or it soars in ecstasy as it sings :odDs "ord. This is the de#inition o#ten associated "ith the Temple m!sicians s!ch as Chenaniah( the master( "ho bro!ght #orth m!sical prophecy (see 1 Chronicles 18533A. (assa also s!ggests a restoration( #or one goal o# prophecy is to b!ild !p the hearers. Altho!gh :odDs message may be heavy or severe( it is intended #or g!idance( so it is still an <!pli#ting= prophecy. 'rophecy is positive even "hen it deals "ith negative iss!es. A message received #rom :od is not prophecy !ntil it is comm!nicated. There are t"o elements present in the comm!nication o# :odDs "ord5 the h!man activity o# the person( and the -ivine activity o# :od. The prophetic message is both the "ords o# :od and the "ords o# the prophet. :od is spea ing( and yet manDs voice is heard. Man cannot spea "itho!t :od( and :od chooses to spea thro!gh man. .t is the same "ith the ?8

The Prophetic Song

prophetic song. %ome say it is only a m!sician <Famming= or a singer <improvising(= b!t it is really :od singing( #or Be is prompting the song. The Di+ine element is contained in the Bebre" "ord nataf &notaph', "hich means <to drop=to #all as drops o# rain. ,ords o# prophecy are pict!red as raindrops( #alling #rom heaven. The prophetic song is a sho"er #rom heaven coming li e rain !pon the earth. The human element is seen as "ater #lo"ing #rom the lips o# the one "ho prophesies. The Bebre" "ord is na)a, meaning <to #lo"( boil !p or overG to b!bble or po!r #orth @ab!ndantlyAG to g!sh= (see 76od!s ;51( 3G 'roverbs 18538A. %ometimes the prophetic message arises as a mighty torrent #rom "ithin and then spills #orth. %pea ing o# the %pirit( *es!s declared( %7e that belie+eth on me as the scripture hath sai' out o& his belly 6Iheart = BD@H9 shall &lo( ri+ers o& li+ing (ater, @*ohn ;528A. .# the %pirit "ill come #orth #rom the heart o# manand %out o& the abun'ance o& the heart the mouth spea*eth, @Matthe" 1352?Athen s!rely the "ords o# the %pirit "ill come po!ring #orth li e a cascading river a#ter a rainstorm. There is another Bebre" "ord "hich is transliterated na)a and means <to spea Osing by inspiration.= This "ord is !sed many( many times thro!gho!t the Cld Testament "here "e #ind the "ords <prophesy= or <prophesied.= .t( too( spea s o# a manDs activity. .n the /e" Testament "e #ind the :ree "ord propheteuo, "hich means <to #oretell eventsG to spea !nder inspirationG to e6ercise the prophetic o##ice.= A ey #eat!re o# prophecy is that it is a revelation directly #rom :od to a person. Both the -ivine and h!man elements m!st be present. A #alse prophecy "o!ld be something that comes #rom a personDs o"n imagination( perhaps as a reaction to a sit!ation or an emotion( b!t "itho!t a -ivine agency at "or . Concerning #alse prophets( :od said( %I ha+e not sent these prophets yet they ran0 I ha+e not spo*en to them yet they prophesie', @*eremiah 32531A. The calling o# a prophet is to "ait !ntil :od has spo en be#ore giving a message. .# he does ?6

The $ole of Prophecy

not hear :od spea ( he dares not spea #or :od.

,#dging Pro hec' and the Pro hetic Song

The ,ord declares that all prophecy sho!ld be F!dged (see 1 Corinthians 1?539A( so there#ore the prophetic song sho!ld also be F!dged. 'rophecy al"ays has the potential o# mi6t!re beca!se the h!man is present along "ith the -ivineG the channel thro!gh "hich the prophecy comes is #allible. The :od1inspired "ord @or prophetic songA co!ld be mi6ed "ith the spea erDs @or singerDsA imagination and come o!t tainted. There may be a correct reception #rom :od o# the "ord( b!t the individ!al co!ld incorrectly or imper#ectly comm!nicate it. The prophetic song( as any prophetic e6pression( can be tested in si6 "ays. 4irst( the prophetic "ord sho!ld be tested by the (ritten Gor'. As "e said earlier( tr!e prophecy originates "ith or can be con#irmed by the %cript!res. %ometimes a prophecy "ill be !nscript!ral in content. 'a!l told !s to reFect the bad content and retain the good. %Despise not prophesyings. Pro+e all things) hol' &ast that (hich is goo', @1 Thessalonians 8530( 31A. -oes the prophetic song con#orm in content to the principles and precepts o# :odDs "ritten ,ordE -oes it spea according to the "hole o# %cript!reE .s it in line "ith speci#ic e6hortations in the BibleE The second test is the character o# the prophetic song. ,hat is the spirit in "hich the prophetic song is givenE -oes it condemnE >emember that the Boly %pirit never spea s in condemnationin conviction( yes( b!t not in condemnation. There may be gen!ine reb! e or correction @given thro!gh one "ho has the o##ice o# a prophetA( b!t it "ill be given in a spirit o# tenderness and "ith the p!rpose o# restoration. A prophetic !tterance given in a harsh tone or spirit that "o!ld leave the hearer devastated and condemned is not o# :od. The third test o# prophecy is its &ul&illmentJespecially predictive prophetic songs. .# the prophecy is #!l#illed( that is the proo# that its content "as divinely inspired and acc!rate. %Ghen ?;

The Prophetic Song

a prophet spea*eth in the name o& the LO/D i& the thing &ollo( not nor come to pass that is the thing (hich the LO/D hath not spo*en but the prophet hath spo*en it presumptuously, @-e!teronomy 18533A. Cbvio!sly( then( i# the thing comes to pass( it "as the thing "hich the Lord spo e. The #o!rth test is the con'uct o# the individ!alDs li#e. %cript!re re&!ires !s to s!spect the prophecy i# the li#e style o# the one prophesying is not righteo!s. %Cor &rom the prophets o& @erusalem is pro&aneness gone &orth into all the lan'. ?hus sai' the LO/D o& hosts 7ear*en not unto the (or's o& the prophets that prophesy unto you0 they ma*e you +ain0 they spea* a +ision o& their o(n heart an' not out o& the mouth o& the LO/D, @*eremiah 32518( 16A. .t is important to try the spirits o# the singers o# the prophetic song. %Belo+e' belie+e not e+ery spirit but try the spirits (hether they are o& .o'0 because many &alse prophets are gone out into the (orl', @1 *ohn ?51A. There m!st be not only proven ministry b!t proven lives to s!bstantiate that ministry. The #i#th test is the con&irmation o& the Spirit. A prophetic song can be tested by "hether or not it bears "itness "ith o!r inner man thro!gh the Boly %pirit ,ho d"ells in !s. >omans 8516 says that %the Spirit itsel& beareth (itness (ith our spirit., ,e do need to be a"are that this is the least reliable method o# F!dging prophecy or the prophetic song beca!se o!r o"n spirits can be misled. <Ca!tion sho!ld be e6ercised against indiscriminate accepting or reFecting o# prophetic "ords on this basis alone. This means o# proving a prophetic "ord sho!ld be co!pled "ith one o# the other "ays o# testing a "ord. Local ch!rch leadership m!st ma e the #inal F!dgment call on these matters.=3 The si6th test is the con&irmation o& other (itnesses. This is especially important "hen the prophetic "ord involves signi#icant decisions or changes in direction. Again( this relates to the #!nction o# the o##ice o# a prophet. There is a need #or at least one other "itness to s!ch a "ord. 'erhaps it is a con#irmation o# a previo!s prophecy. By t"o or three "itnesses ?8

The $ole of Prophecy

every "ord shall be established (see 3 Corinthians 1251A. .t is important to !nderstand that the F!dging o# s!ch prophecy sho!ld be le#t to the spirit!al leadership in the ch!rch beca!se they sho!ld be more sensitive to and a"are o# spirit!al matters in the lives o# the people #or "hom they have been given oversight. They are the ones "ho pray #or their people and m!st give acco!nt to :od o# their leadership. .# they are tr!e shepherds( their hearts are concerned "ith :odDs best #or the people. ,hile it is tr!e that prophecy is to be F!dged( and indeed m!st be F!dged( it "o!ld be "rong to become so F!dgmental o# the prophecy that its message is missed. Those "ho hear prophecy have a responsibility to respond to it. Tr!e prophecy sho!ld be received "ith #aith and "ith a con#ident e6pectation that :od has done and "ill do all that Be has said in the prophetic !tterance. The #act that the prophecy is s!ng instead o# spo en does not change this. ,hat is heard sho!ld be mi6ed "ith #aith @the s!bstance o# things hoped #or and the evidence o# things not seenA so that the song "ill bring the res!lts that :od desired and planned "hen Be gave the song. .t may be that the m!sic "ill act!ally enhance and strengthen the prophetic message( #or m!sic and prophecy have a close and contin!ing relationship.


Cha ter -

The Role o% .#sic

.n the ,ord o# :od there is a close association bet"een m!sic and prophecy. The %cript!res contain many re#erences "hich deal "ith this close relationship bet"een m!sic and prophecy( and many prophetic songs are to be #o!nd in both the Cld and the /e" Testaments. ,e no"( o# co!rse( that m!sic is a po"er#!l tool( and that m!sic is part o# the essential nat!re o# the believer( #or "e have already noted 'a!lDs e6hortations on singing (see 7phesians 8518( 19G Colossians 2516A( "hich s!ggest that the presence o# the %pirit in the believer also means the presence o# m!sic in the believer. To be #illed "ith the %pirit is to be #illed "ith song. The %pirit is a singing %pirit( and there#ore "e can e6pect Bim to give !s songs and to spea thro!gh !s in song. Many biblical revelations "ere #irst delivered m!sicallyG at times Cld Testament prophets sang their prophecies instead o# spea ing them as :od moved !pon them and gave them spontaneo!s "ords and melodies. @.t is important to remember the melodies these prophets sang "ere not in the scales or modes "e are most #amiliar "ith in the ,estern Bemisphere. Many s!ch prophecies are #o!nd in the boo s "e call the maFor and minor prophets. C# the maFor prophets( .saiah probably prophesied in song &!ite #re&!ently. Thro!gho!t the boo o# .saiah "e #ind the "ord <b!rden=#or e6ample( 1251( %?he bur'en o& Babylon , or 1?538( %In the year that *ing !ha8 'ie' (as this bur'en., The "ord <b!rden= comes #rom the Bebre" "ord massa, meaning an !tterance( primarily o# doom( and especially "ith singingprophecy in song. Cther e6amples o# .saiahDs songs o# prophecy can be #o!nd in chapters 2( 18( 16( 1;( 19( 31( 33( 32( and 20. ,e #ind this "ord <b!rden(= or prophetic song( !sed in the 81

The Prophetic Song

other prophetic boo s as "ell. :od spo e to 7He iel and told him( %Say thou unto them ?hus saith the Lor' .OD) ?his bur'en concerneth the prince in @erusalem an' all the house o& Israel that are among them, @7He iel 13510A. The prophet /ah!m spo e o# %the bur'en o& Bine+eh, @/ah!m 151A( and Baba ! "rote o# %the bur'en (hich 7aba**u* the prophet 'i' see, @Baba ! 151A. %imilar prophetic songs are recorded in Lechariah 951 and 1351 and in Malachi 151. .t is interesting that many o# the chor!ses "e sing today come #rom the maFor and minor prophets. There is a m!sical anointing !pon these boo s beca!se the ,ord o# :od "as sent #orth on the "ings o# melody. They cry o!t to be s!ng "ith m!sical accompaniment( #or they "ere birthed "ith melody by the Boly %pirit.

,#/al0The First .#sician

The #irst mention o# m!sic in the %cript!res is #o!nd in :enesis ? "ith the introd!ction o# *!bal( the chie# instr!ctor o# those "ho played the "ind and stringed instr!ments. %!n' his 6@abal=s9 brother=s name (as @ubal0 he (as the &ather o& all such as han'le the harp an' organ, @:enesis ?531A. /ot m!ch is said abo!t *!bal in this one verseG ho"ever( m!ch is contained in his name. Bebre" names "ere o#ten prophetic( pointing to "hat the person "o!ld be or do. .n #act( it "as common to re#rain #rom naming a child at birth b!t to "ait !ntil the child had developed to a point "here some idea co!ld be had o# his personality and nat!re( and then to name him accordingly. *!balDs name contains insight into the man and his m!sical abilities( #or his name means <a streamG to #lo"( to bring #orth "ith pomp( to carry( to lead #orth.= A m!sician has the ability to bring #orth a streama #lo". .t comes #rom "ithin him( #rom the %pirit "ithin him. %o *!bal( by his name and nat!re Mm!sical abilityN set the stage #or the ministry o# m!sicians #rom then on. C!t o# the #lo" that comes #rom the %pirit "ithin( todayDs *!bals can lead #orth in prophetic songs.


The $ole of (usic

Pro hetic .#sic in the Old Testament

Thro!gho!t the Cld Testament there are recorded prophecies "hich came #orth m!sically. ,e are #amiliar "ith MosesD great song o# victory a#ter the children o# .srael "ere mirac!lo!sly led across the >ed %ea and the 7gyptian #orces "ere dro"ned in those same "aters. /otice that the song o# reFoicing became a prophetic !tterance as Moses proclaimed "hat "o!ld happen as a res!lt o# that victory5
?he people shall hear an' be a&rai'0 sorro( shall ta*e hol' on the inhabitants o& Palestine. ?hen the 'u*es o& K'om shall be ama8e') the mighty men o& Moab trembling shall ta*e hol' upon them) all the inhabitants o& -anaan shall melt a(ay. Cear an' 'rea' shall &all upon them) by the greatness o& thine arm they shall be as still as a stone) till thy people pass o+er O LO/D till the people pass o+er (hich thou hast purchase'. ?hou shalt bring them in an' plant them in the mountain o& thine inheritance in the place O LO/D (hich thou hast ma'e &or thee to '(ell in in the Sanctuary O LO/D (hich thy han's ha+e establishe'. 1Kxo'us 1$01E:1"4

,hat a prono!ncementI %am!el spo e o# m!sic in connection "ith prophecy "hen he #oretold events to come in the li#e o# %a!l. Be told %a!l( %?hou shalt meet a company o& prophets coming 'o(n &rom the high place (ith a psaltery an' a tabret an' a pipe an' a harp be&ore them) an' they shall prophesy, @1 %am!el 1058A. These prophets "ere coming #rom a garrison o# 'hilistines that protected a place o# idolatry#or <high places= in %cript!re almost al"ays "ere places "here idols "ere "orshippedand yet in spite o# that( they "ere "orshipping. And they m!st have been singingI They carried m!sical instr!ments in their hands. ,e are not told i# they "ere singing their prophecies or accompanying the prophetic "ords "ith m!sical praise( b!t . believe these prophets ne" ho" to prophesy in song "ith their voices and "ith their instr!ments. They no do!bt praised the Lord o#ten( and as :od "as 82

The Prophetic Song

mani#ested in their praises( the prophetic !nction "o!ld rise "ithin them and they "o!ld spea #orth divinely1inspired "ords. .t is li ely that one "ho attended the <school o# the prophets= in those days "as re&!ired to have some type o# m!sical training. The %cript!re "e have F!st read says that a psaltery @a bottle1shaped harp( or a <lyre(= /.+A( a tabret @a perc!ssion instr!ment that "as sha ena <tambo!rine(= /)*+A( a pipe @a single1 or do!ble1t!bed per#orated #l!teA( and a harp "ere "ith the prophets as they traveledin #act( "ere <be#ore them.= This implies that these instr!ments "ere in #ront o# the prophets( or in their hands. ,e can ass!me that these prophets "ere s illed in the !se o# these instr!ments and !nderstood the po"er#!l e##ect o# m!sic combined "ith the prophecy. -avid Blomgren states that <the schools o# the prophets instr!cted not only in the La" and the %cript!res b!t also in singing( especially psalm1singing. 7!sebi!s( no"n as the #ather o# ch!rch history( stated that the instr!ction in the school o# the prophets "as done by riddles( proverbs( and chanting o# sacred and sec!lar poems and by singing songs. %endrey( a *e"ish scholar( says that it is !ndeniable that the Ksons o# the prophetsD received systematic and thoro!gh instr!ction in m!sic.= 1 M!sic prepares hearts to receive the "ord o# the Lord( and the m!sical praise that these prophets no do!bt e6pressed <set the stageJ #or the "ord o# the Lord. %o m!sic can either prepare the "ay #or the prophetic "ord( or it can be the channel #or the prophecy itsel#. 7ither "ay( the m!sic is an important element. 7lisha also ne" the importance o# m!sic in receiving and #lo"ing in the prophetic anointing. ,hen he "as so!ght o!t by *ehoshaphat to bring a "ord #rom :od in a time o# crisis( he instr!cted the men to %bring me a minstrel. !n' it came to pass (hen the minstrel playe' that the han' o& the LO/D came upon him 6Klisha9. !n' he sai' ?hus saith the LO/D...., @3 )ings 2518( 16A. The minstrel played( and the m!sic created an atmosphere in "hich :od co!ld d"ell. :od d"ells in the praises o# Bis people @'salm 3352A. ,hat ma es 8?

The $ole of (usic

the ministry o# m!sic so po"er#!l is "hen :od not only d"ells in o!r m!sic b!t thro!gh o!r m!sic spea s a prophetic "ord.

The .inistr' o% .#sicians

The Cld Testament is #!ll o# re#erences to m!sic and m!sicians and to the part they had in the li#e and "orship o# the children o# .srael. ,e have already seen the time "hen one o# their battles "as #o!ght not by the armies b!t by the m!sicians @see 3 Chronicles 30A( and "e no" that m!sic "as an intimate part o# their "orship( #rom the day "hen Miriam led the singing and dancing in celebration o# the release #rom the 7gyptians( thro!gh the time "hen -avid danced be#ore the Lord as the Ar ret!rned( and in the dedication o# the temple "hen the m!sicians li#ted their songs and praises as one voice and the glory o# the Lord descended in s!ch a tremendo!s "ay. -avid( o# co!rse( !nderstood the importance o# m!sic and gave special attention to the place o# m!sic in the ho!se o# the Lord. .n his m!sic department the m!sicians "ere given <"aivers= #rom other d!ties to concentrate !pon their ministry o# m!sic. 'art o# their daily responsibilities "as to st!dy and practice to sing "ith a prophetic anointing. 'erhaps they spent ho!rs singing !nto the Lord in Bis presence. Cne man "as specially selected to instr!ct in this m!sical #ield. %-henaniah lea'er o& the Le+ites in singing (as put in charge o& carrying the ar* an' li&ting up song. 7e instructe' about these matters because he (as s*ille' an' able, @1 Chronicles 18533( Ampli#ied BibleA. The /e" )ing *ames +ersion says that he "as %instructor in charge o& the music because he (as s*ill&ul., ,e can ass!me that he had prophetic ability as "ell as m!sical s ill( since "e no" that the m!sicians #!nctioned in prophecy. As teacher and leader o# the others( he "as responsible to instr!ct both by "ord and by e6ample( and all "ere to e6cel in m!sic and in the anointing. T"o h!ndred eighty1eight talented singers "ere selected and 88

The Prophetic Song

trained in #lo"ing in the prophetic realm( and they led the remaining #o!r tho!sand. ,e are told that5
Da+i' an' the captains o& the host separate' to the ser+ice o& the sons o& !saph an' o& 7eman an' o& @e'uthun (ho shoul' prophesy (ith harps (ith psalteries an' (ith cymbals0 an' the number o& the (or*men accor'ing to their ser+ice (as0 O& the sons o& !saph... (hich prophesie' accor'ing to the or'er o& the *ing. O& @e'uthun0 the sons o& @e'uthun... (ho prophesie' (ith a harp to gi+e than*s an' to praise the LO/D. O& 7eman... all these (ere the sons o& 7eman the *ing=s seer in the (or's o& .o' to li&t up the horn. !ll these (ere un'er the han's o& their &ather &or song in the house o& the LO/D (ith cymbals psalteries an' harps &or the ser+ice o& the house o& .o'.... So the number o& them (ith their brethren that (ere instructe' in the songs o& the LO/D e+en all that (ere cunning 6Is*ill&ul = BD@H9 (as t(o hun're' &ourscore an' eight. 11 -hronicles #$01:"4

The Place o% Instr#ments

There are many other e6amples that co!ld be given. $s!ally "e #ind re#erences to both singers and those "ho played some type o# m!sical instr!ment. ,e "ill disc!ss the s!bFect o# prophecy "ith instr!ments at more length in another chapter( b!t obvio!sly the instr!ments had an important role in the m!sic and in the prophetic #lo"G as "e "ill see( prophecy sometimes comes #orth by means o# the instr!ments( so that the m!sicians playing the instr!ments are not F!st accompanying the singing b!t are in themselves a part o# the prophetic ministry. The instr!ments help e6press and demonstrate the prophecy( so that the instr!mental playing and the song may seem almost inseparable the message being comm!nicated "o!ld be incomplete "itho!t both. The %cript!res "e have F!st read #rom 1 Chronicles 38 clearly state that some o# the appointed m!sicians prophesied on the harp and other instr!ments. The song o# the Lord that came #orth at the cleansing o# the Temple began "ith tr!mpets and 86

The $ole of (usic

instr!ments (see 3 Chronicles 3953;A. The ,ord o# :od "as comm!nicated in song !pon the instr!mentsG there "ere no lyrics( and yet there "as still a message comm!nicated and a spirit!al attit!de conveyed. An impression "as given. :od "as heard playing thro!gh the m!sician. Many o# the songs recorded in %cript!re "ere s!ng to the accompaniment o# m!sical instr!ments. .n several instances( F!st the playing o# the m!sical instr!ment bro!ght the prophetic anointing. The hand o# :od came !pon 7lisha as a res!lt o# the playing o# the stringed instr!ment. 7lisha !nderstood the relationship o# m!sic to the prophetic realm( so he called #or a minstrel to play. As a res!lt( 7lisha prophesied. . praise :od that m!sicians are n!mbered among those "ho prophesy. %ingers and players o# instr!ments may sing the prophetic song( as may those in the congregation. .t is a ministry no longer loo ed do"n !pon as insigni#icant( !nimportant( or even improper. As the prophets o# old li#ted !p their voices and declared the "ord o# :od "ith melody( so "e( too( can sing the prophetic "ord o# the Lord. %Cor the prophecy came not in ol' time by the (ill o& man0 but holy men o& .o' spa*e 6or sang9 as they (ere mo+e' by the 7oly .host, @3 'eter 1531A.

.#sic To#ches the S irit#al Realm

.t is remar able ho" "e str!ggle "ith the concept o# :od singing and playing thro!gh Bis "orshippers( b!t "e do not seem to have tro!ble believing or accepting the oppositethat evil spirits can so possess someone that they can at times be heard spea ing or singing thro!gh a person. ,hen . "as in Baiti . became a"are o# the reality o# the ingdom o# dar ness and ho" it so perversely imitates the tr!ths o# the ingdom o# :odDs marvelo!s light. Lying !pon my bed at night( . co!ld hear the distant throb o# voodoo dr!ms as the m!sicians called !pon the spirits o# dar ness and invited them to dra" nearer so the "orshippers co!ld no" their presence. .t has been reported that in the midst o# voodoo "orship( 8;

The Prophetic Song

a#ter ho!rs o# demon1inspired singing( there "o!ld come a time "hen one o# the "orshippers possessed by evil spirits "o!ld stop singing a recogniHable song and "o!ld begin to sing a song never heard be#ore. .t "as !nderstood that at that time the spirit possessing the person "as singing. The song "o!ld reach a ne" climactic crescendo. The m!sic o# the "orshipping m!sicians "as o# !tmost importance in prod!cing this state. M!sic to!ches the s!pernat!ral and releases spirit!al activity( and #or that reason m!sic is integrally lin ed to the prophetic realm. Cne o# the secrets in reaching this spirit!al state is total abandonment. 4riends o# mine "ho have enco!ntered this type o# activity have told me o# seeing a h!man being act!ally s!spended in the air #rom si6 to ten #eet above the gro!nd and being held there #or several min!tes by the strength o# the evil #orces "ithin. .# s!ch things are not only possible b!t act!al( "hy sho!ld it be so di##ic!lt to believe that the Boly %pirit( ,ho is in#initely more po"er#!l than any demon( "o!ld bring #orth prophetic mani#estations thro!gh a m!sician "ho is yielded to the Lord *es!s ChristE M!sic is one o# man indDs #!ndamental aven!es o# comm!nication( and one o# the most s!ccess#!l beca!se it transcends the conscio!s mind and reaches the s!bconscio!s. M!sic can bypass the gate that g!ards the entrance to the mind @"hich constantly tries to red!ce the ,ord o# :od to "hat it can !nderstandA and comes in another "ay. M!sic is <heart to heart(= <spirit to spirit.= That is "hy it is so destr!ctive "hen !sed #or evil. .t to!ches the inner man. M!sic can "or to o!r advantage or to o!r disadvantage( so "e m!st al"ays be care#!l "hat "e sing. M!sic is not an appendage or a spare tireG itDs a basic element o# o!r "orship.

The .#sic o% Da1id

,e no" that -avid( the <s"eet singer o# .srael(= "as a prophet o# :od. %Bo( these be the last (or's o& Da+i'. Da+i' the son o& @esse sai' an' the man (ho (as raise' up on high the anointe' o& the .o' o& @acob an' the s(eet 88

The $ole of (usic

psalmist o& Israel sai' ?he Spirit o& the LO/D spa*e by me an' his (or' (as in my tongue, @3 %am!el 3251( 3A. Thro!gho!t the historical record and then in the boo o# 'salms( "e #ind many o# the songs that -avid composed and sang. Many "ere prophetic in nat!reG the maFor theme in these prophecies "as the coming Messiah. As a matter o# #act( there are over a doHen prophetic re#erences to the Messiah in the boo o# 'salms( all o# "hich are #!l#illed in the /e" Testament. -avid the singer "as also -avid the "orshipper( "ho prophesied in his m!sic. M!sic is an integral part o# "orship( and so it "as( and is( a channel o# prophecy as "ell. ,hen "e thin o# the 'salms "e thin o# -avid( b!t he "as not the only psalmist. The collection o# songs "e call the boo o# 'salms "as "ritten d!ring a lengthy period ranging #rom the time o# Moses to the post1e6ilic era o# the second Temple. ,hile -avid "as the maFor contrib!tor to this songboo ( having "ritten seventy1three o# the psalms( others also added their inspired "ords5 Asaph( "ho "rote t"elve psalmsG the sons o# )orah( "ho "rote tenG %olomon( "ho "rote t"oG and Moses( Beman( and 7than( "ho each "rote one psalm. These are all part o# the divinely1inspired ,ord o# :od( and they are a bea!ti#!l e6ample o# prophecy in m!sic.

.#sic in the Pro hetic 2ooks

Many other prophecies #o!nd in the Cld Testament "ere no do!bt delivered in song. .saiah #re&!ently spo e #orth the "ord o# the Lord by singing( and many o# those prophetic !tterances are #o!nd in his boo G in #act( many o# the chor!ses "e sing today come #rom the boo o# .saiah. 7He iel "as another prophet "ho probably sang a n!mber o# his prophecies. .n addition to these( some o# the minor prophets !sed m!sic as a "ay o# e6pressing the messages :od gave them to proclaim. Baba ! delivered a prophetic prayer( %a prayer o& 7aba**u* the prophet upon Shigionoth, @Baba ! 251A %to the chie& singer on my stringe' instruments, @verse 19A. <%higionoth= "as a type o# m!sical e6pression( perhaps 89

The Prophetic Song

indicating a piece o# m!sic that "as passionately or "ildly lyrical. This is harmonio!s "ith the #orm and content o# this chapter( "hich indicates the intimate connection bet"een m!sic and prophecy.3

Pro hetic .#sic Is Contem orar'

The same prophetic mantle that rested !pon -avid and the other biblical m!sicians and song"riters can rest !pon m!sicians and song"riters today. The same prophetic #lo" into "hich they entered is available in this present ho!r. All across the co!ntry . have heard m!sicians singing prophetic songs. Cne o# the most po"er#!l anthems o# praise . have heard come #orth "ith a prophetic anointing in the midst o# a congregation is the song <All Bail( )ing *es!s.= .t can li#t yo! into realms o# praise and "orship that yo! "ill never #orget. There is no other "ay that the Heal o# the Lord is so e6pressed and so evident as in song. ,e need to recogniHe that in o!r ch!rch services "e sho!ld not thin o# <#irst singing and then preaching(= as tho!gh the t"o had nothing in common( b!t that there sho!ld be a contin!o!s #lo" as "e enter into the presence o# :od. :od doesnDt spea F!st thro!gh the pastor as he delivers his sermonG Bis "ords can be going #orth as those ne" songs are s!ng. . have a great desire to see more Christian m!sicians <tap into= this prophetic #lo" and bring #orth "ords o# the %pirit. There are tho!sands o# individ!al m!sicians and gro!ps "ho see their m!sic as an evangelistic tooland praise the Lord #or the people "ho are hearing the :ospel message thro!gh m!sicb!t "hat abo!t the many believers "ho need the e6hortation( edi#ication( and com#ort that comes thro!gh the prophetic "ordE The ministry o# m!sic is not entertainment( and it is #ar more than F!st reaching the !nsaved. :od "ants to spea thro!gh Bis m!sicians. Be "ants them to play and sing those ne"( spontaneo!s songs o# praise and "orship and to bring #orth Bis "ords. Be d"ells in the praises o# Bis people( and "e "ill become a"are o# the prophetic #lo" as "e move in those realms 60

The $ole of (usic

o# praise.


Cha ter 3

The Role o% Praise

.t is signi#icant that praise and song are virt!ally inseparable. !e)sters *e+ !orld ,ictionary tells !s that one meaning o# the verb <praise= is <to la!d the glory o# M:odN( as in song @emphasis addedA. As "e "ill see shortly( one o# the maFor Cld Testament "ords #or <praise= has a m!sical de#inition. 'raise is not al"ays e6pressed in song( b!t singing o!r praise is mentioned more than three h!ndred times in the Biblemore than any other method o# e6pressing praise or "orship. :iven this tie bet"een them( it is to be e6pected that praise and the prophetic song also have a close relationship. B!ndreds o# times thro!gho!t the %cript!res( partic!larly in the 'salms( "e are e6horted to praise the Lord. %Praise ye the LO/D. Praise O ye ser+ants o& the LO/D praise the name o& the LO/D. Blesse' be the name o& the LO/D &rom this time &orth an' &or e+ermore. Crom the rising o& the sun unto the going 'o(n o& the same the LO/D=S name is to be praise', @'salm 1125112A. .n #act( the "hole last segment o# the boo o# 'salms deals "ith praise to :od( and concl!des(
Praise ye the LO/D. Praise .o' in his sanctuary0 praise him in the &irmament o& his po(er. Praise him &or his mighty acts0 praise him accor'ing to his excellent greatness. Praise him (ith the soun' o& the trumpet0 praise him (ith the psaltery an' harp. Praise him (ith the timbrel an' 'ance0 praise him (ith stringe' instruments an' organs. Praise him upon the lou' cymbals0 praise him upon the high soun'ing cymbals. Let e+ery thing that hath breath praise the LO/D. Praise ye the LO/D. 1Psalm 1$04

,hat an all1encompassing pict!re o# praiseI Beca!se there are so many( many verses in 'salms on the s!bFect o# praise( "e may tend to thin that praise is -avidic. 62

The Prophetic Song

B!t praise is -ivine. ,e are #ollo"ing :odDs pattern( not manDs( "hen "e praise. 'raise is :odDs idea( :odDs command( and also :odDs pleas!re. Be loves to hear Bis people praising BimI

'raise is #irst #o!nd in the Bible in :enesis 39528( "hich is the acco!nt o# the birth o# *!dah. Leah( his mother( "as <hated(= according to the %cript!res( #or she had become *acobDs "i#e thro!gh the deceit o# Laban and had never been accepted or loved by *acob. :od gave her three sons( "hich she hoped "o!ld bring her the #avor and love o# her h!sband. %he "as totally involved "ith her children and the cherished hope o# "hat they "o!ld do #or her marriage. B!t "hen the #o!rth son arrived( she #inally t!rned her attention #rom her #amily to her :od( and said( %Bo( I (ill praise the LO/D0 there&ore she calle' his name @u'ah., This #o!rth son came #rom the <Foining= that Leah declared had been accomplished @verse 2?A. *!dah "as a #orebear o# -avid( and thro!gh that lineage the Messiah came. /o matter "here *!dah appears in the %cript!res( the name al"ays means <praise.= ,hen *!dah had gro"n into a tribe( that tribe "as al"ays the #irst to pac !p and move "hen the .sraelites moved d!ring their "ilderness "anderings. Cnce the clo!d had li#ted and moved( *!dah str!c camp and moved also( #ollo"ed by the t"o closest tribesG then came the Tabernacle. ,hen a ne" campsite "as reached( *!dah pitched their tents #irst( and the Tabernacle "as reassembled and placed F!st east o# their banner. *!dah "as closest to the place "here :od d"eltI *!dah #ig!red signi#icantly in the history o# .srael. They led in the con&!est o# Canaan (see *!dges 151119AG it "as *!dah "hom :od sent to combat gross sin in the tribe o# BenFamin (see *!dges 30AG *!dah "as the #irst to ma e -avid ing( and remained loyal to him in spite o# rebellion (see 3 %am!el 3( 30AG and "hen the ingdom "as divided( *!dah became the leader o# the %o!thern )ingdom (see 3 )ings 1?531( 33A.


The $ole of Praise

,e #ind *!dah mentioned not only in the 'entate!ch and the historical boo s b!t in the 'salms as "ell. .t is also signi#icant that *!dah is mentioned more than 390 times in the prophetic boo s alonerein#orcing the relationship o# praise to the prophetic !tterance. B!t praise is not con#ined to %cript!ral re#erences or concepts. .n everyday li#e( people praise. .# yo! donDt thin so( F!st "atch a #e" television commercialsG each company praises its prod!ct as being the ne"est( the greatest( the bestcertainly better than its competitorsI ,e praise things( abilities( other people( and even the dog "hen he learns to sit !p or roll over. %!rely( then( i# everyday things rate praise( ho" m!ch more sho!ld "e be involved "ith praise o# the :od o# heaven and earthI

The Im ortance o% Praise

As "e have read in 'salms 112 and 180( :od has told !s that "e are to praise Bim. .t is Bis "ill #or Bis children. Cver and over again in the %cript!res "e are e6horted to praise and instr!cted in praise. .t is :odDs "ill and command. Let !s loo at 'salm 81 to get a good pict!re o# praise and its importance. +erse 1 tells !s( %Sing alou' unto .o' our strength0 ma*e a Aoy&ul noise unto the .o' o& @acob., @This gets both singers and non1singers in on the actIA +erse 3 incl!des the m!sicians5 %?a*e a psalm an' bring hither the timbrel the pleasant harp (ith the psaltery., /o one is e6cl!ded( "hether <m!sical= or notI The ey is in verse ?5 %Cor this (as a statute &or Israel an' a la( o& the .o' o& @acob., 'raise is not an activity #or a #e" select ones. As Corrie ten Boom has said( <:odDs ,ord contains no s!ggestionsonly commands.= +erse 1 o# 'salm 81 does not s!ggest that it might be a good thing i# "e co!ld get aro!nd to perhaps o##ering praise to the Lord. .t tells !s to do itI 'raise is a comman'. All :odDs creation( #rom the lo"est to the highest( sings 68

The Prophetic Song

praise to Bim. %Sing O ye hea+ens) &or the LO/D hath 'one it0 shout ye lo(er parts o& the earth0 brea* &orth into singing ye mountains O &orest an' e+ery tree therein, @.saiah ??532A. Bis created beings are praisers5 %Praise ye him all his angels0 praise ye him all his hosts, @'salm 1?853A. The s!n( moon( and stars o##er praise( #or %the hea+ens 'eclare the glory o& .o') an' the &irmament she(eth his han'i(or*, @'salm 1951AG they are told( %Praise ye him sun an' moon) praise him all ye stars o& light, @'salm 1?852A. /at!re itsel# is instr!cted to praise the Lord5 %Let the hea+ens reAoice an' let the earth be gla') let the sea roar an' the &ulness thereo&. Let the &iel' be Aoy&ul an' all that is therein0 then shall all the trees o& the (oo' reAoice be&ore the LO/D, @'salm 9651 l112aA. %Praise the LO/D &rom the earth ye 'ragons an' all 'eeps0 &ire an' hail) sno( an' +apours) stormy (in' &ul&illing his (or'0 mountains an' all hills) &ruit&ul trees an' all ce'ars0 beasts an' all cattle) creeping things an' &lying &o(l, @'salm 1?85;110A. ,e are even told that %surely the (rath o& man shall praise thee, @'salm ;6510A. .# all the lesser ran s o# :odDs creation praise Bim( ho" can man( the highest o# :odDs creation( do anything elseI 'raise is not a choiceG it is a command. .t is not optionalG it is obligatory. .t is not a privilegeG it is a prere&!isite. /ot to praise is to be disobedient to a speci#ic command o# :od. *es!s said( %I& ye lo+e me *eep my comman'ments, @*ohn 1?518A. .# "e #ail at this point( ho" then can "e say that "e love :od( or contin!e in Bis "aysE Cne o# the most #re&!ently s!ng songs in all o# Christendom s!ms it !p5 <'raise :od( #rom ,hom all blessings #lo". 'raise Bim( all creat!res here belo"G praise Bim above( ye heavenly hostG praise 4ather( %on( and Boly :hostI= AmenI %o be itI .n verse 8 o# 'salm 81( "e #ind that praise is a testimony5 %?his he or'aine' in @oseph &or a testimony., 'raise spea s #orth "ondro!s things o# :od and Bis "ays. %!n' he hath put a ne( song in my mouth e+en praise unto our .o') many shall see it an' &ear an' shall trust in the LO/D, @'salm 66

The $ole of Praise

?052A. 'raise brings :od1conscio!sness. The testimony o# :od is not Bis po"er b!t Bis praiseI C!r praises sho" :od to the "orld. ,here there are praising believers( :od is the center o# attention beca!se Be is the %o!rce and the CbFect o# that praise. 'eter declared that "e %are a chosen generation a royal priesthoo' an holy nation a peculiar people) that ye shoul' she( &orth the praises o& him (ho hath calle' you out o& 'ar*ness into his mar+ellous light, @1 'eter 359A. ,e are called to be "itnesses !nto Bim (see Acts 158A. ,e have been %chosen... in him be&ore the &oun'ation o& the (orl'... that (e shoul' be to the praise o& his glory, @7phesians 15?( 13A. Be is li#ted !p #or all to see and adore "hen "e o##er praise to Bim. 'raise is also a deliverance. %I remo+e' his shoul'er &rom the bur'en0 his han's (ere 'eli+ere' &rom the pots. ?hou calle'st in trouble an' I 'eli+ere' thee, @'salm 8156( ;A. There is a po"er in praise that can bring deliverance( as "e noticed earlier in this boo "hen tal ing abo!t the res!lts o# the prophetic song. :od d"ells in praiseG the all1po"er#!l and all1 no"ing Cne( ,ho has never e6perienced loss or de#eat( resides there( so no adversary has a chance. A#ter their deliverance #rom the 7gyptians( Moses and the children o# .srael sang( %Gho is li*e unto thee O LO/D among the go's> Gho is li*e thee glorious in holiness &ear&ul in praises 'oing (on'ers>, @76od!s 18511A. +ictory is certain and prevailing po"er is present "hen praises are s!ng. ,eDre no longer slavesG "eDre #reeI The Lion o# the tribe o# *!dah MpraiseN has prevailed over all o!r enemiesI 'raise also brings deliverance #rom mo!rning( depression( and a heavy spirit. The %pirit o# :od singing in man "ill ca!se one to be !pli#ted. -isco!ragement or depression can be dispelled as praises are o##ered to :od. The res!lt is as s!re as :odDs promises. %?here&ore the re'eeme' o& the LO/D shall return an' come (ith singing unto Lion) an' e+erlasting Aoy shall be upon their hea'0 they shall obtain gla'ness an' Aoy) an' sorro( an' mourning shall &lee a(ay, @.saiah 81511A. 6;

The Prophetic Song

The prophetic "ord given thro!gh .saiah "as %the Spirit o& the Lor' .OD is upon me) because... he hath sent me... to appoint unto them that mourn in Lion to gi+e unto them beauty &or ashes the oil o& Aoy &or mourning the garment o& praise &or the spirit o& hea+iness, @.saiah 6051( 2A. The Christian living in Lion @:odDs presenceA is to be clothed in the garment o# praise. This article o# spirit!al clothing is most mirac!lo!s( #or "hen the believer is "earing it( the principle o# ca!se and e##ect goes into operation. ,hen he p!ts it on( the spirit o# heaviness immediately departs. -epression( "eighty spirits( heavy b!rdens( and accompanying "orries #all a"ay "hen praise begins. The %pirit o# :od sings accolades to the 4ather as the believer begins to vocaliHe "hat is stirring in his heart and his inner eyes loo to the Almighty. Bis conscio!sness o# the m!ndane( the ordinary( and the problem1laden realm #ades as he begins to soar in heavenly places. >egenerated man "as not meant to roost on the earth li e a chic enG he is destined to mo!nt !p "ith "ings as an eagle. Chic ens donDt #lyG they #l!tter and sp!tter( "ith insigni#icant res!lts. B!t eagles soar "ith very little e##ort as they catch the !pdra#ts o# air. %o the <eagle= Christian can soar on "ings o# praise( "ith very little striving( and rise on the !pdra#ts o# the %pirit o# :od. 4rom this high and lo#ty position he is not over"helmed "ith the heaviness o# li#e b!t #inds himsel# overcoming it in praise. The Christian "ho %mounts up (ith (ings as eagles, is the one "ho has learned to %(ait upon the Lor', (see .saiah ?0521A. As he con#idently e6pects :od to come( he e6changes his strength #or :odDs. ,aiting does not mean total passivity( lying aro!nd doing nothing. The Bible says( %Praise (aiteth &or thee O .o' in Sion0 an' unto thee shall the +o( be per&orme', @'salm 6851A. .n the presence o# :od @LionA( saints are participating in praise and e6pecting the Lord to do "hat Be has promised. .n other "ords( they "ho "ait( praise. B!t simply singing praise is not eno!gh. The Bible tells !s "e are to %sing praises to .o' sing praises0 sing praises unto our Ding sing praises. Cor .o' is the Ding o& all the earth0 sing ye praises (ith understanding, @'salm ?;56( ;( emphasis 68

The $ole of Praise

addedA. :od "ants !s to !nderstand the principles o# praise and the ca!se and e##ects o# o##ering the sacri#ice o# praise. ,e are to praise "ith an !nderstanding o# "hat "e are doing and "hy "e are doing it.

+nderstanding Praise
7very ch!rch or denomination has its o"n de#inition o# praise or mani#estation o# "hat it believes praise to be. To some( praise means singing a #e" lively chor!sesG to others( praising :od is singing &!iet( !nh!rried songs o# than sgiving or adoration. %ome may say( <Ballel!Fah( praise the Lord= once or t"ice and #eel that they have praised :od. ,hat does the Bible say to !s abo!t 'raiseE %everal Bebre" "ords are translated <praise= in the )ing *ames +ersion o# the Cld Testament. Cne o# these is tehillah @or tehilloh-, "hich can be de#ined as <la!dations or hymns o# the %pirit.= A tehillah is a song s!ng in the %pirit( a ne" song s!ng spontaneo!sly to the Lord( or chants s!ng "hen praying or praising. This is an important "ord in o!r !nderstanding o# praise and the role o# praise in the prophetic song. .n #act( the boo o# 'salms is no"n as the boo o# Tehillum. .t is a boo o# songs s!ng by the Boly %pirit thro!gh -avid( Asaph( the sons o# )orah( and others. ,ithin this "ord is the s!ggestion o# :od singing thro!gh !s( or at least giving a song "ithin to be s!ng as the inspiration rises. Let !s loo at some o# the %cript!res that contain this "ord tehillah and see the application. 4or instance( 'salm 3352( "hich is a prophetic song played and s!ng by -avid( says( %But thou art holy O thou that inhabitest the praises o& Israel., This tells !s that :od d"ells in tehillah/in the la!dations o# the Boly %pirit "ithin !s. Tehillah is Bis habitat. Be mani#ests Bis localiHed presence in this praise. @This is not the same as Bis omnipresence.A ,hen praise arises( it creates an atmosphere in "hich :od can d"ell. 'raise is the atmosphere o# heaven( and "hen :od #inds that same atmosphere here( in o!r praises( it is #amiliarit is not #oreign to Bim or adverse to Bis nat!reso 69

The Prophetic Song

Be comes to d"ell in it. A "ell1 no"n %cript!re that "e o#ten &!ote( and o#ten mis!nderstand( is 'salm 1005? %Knter into his gates (ith than*sgi+ing an' into his courts (ith praise., . o#ten tho!ght that as . sang a chor!s or hymn . "as entering Bis presence. B!t this may not necessarily be so. The ,ord o# :od says that tehillah is the entrance to Bis co!rts. /otice .saiah 60518( in "hich the prophet said( %... thou shalt call thy (alls Sal+ation an' thy gates Praise., .saiah said that "e pass thro!gh the gates to enter Lion by means o# o!r songs o# praise. Lion is "here :od d"ells. %Cor the LO/D hath chosen Lion) he hath 'esire' it &or his habitation. ?his is my rest &or e+er0 here (ill I '(ell) &or I ha+e 'esire' it, @'salm 123512( 1?A. The Ar o# the Covenant "as in Lion. Above the Mercy %eat( bet"een the "ings o# the cher!bim( "as a mani#estation o# :odDs presence (see 76od!s 38533A. %o :od is telling !s that "e can come into Bis presence @LionA "ith tehillah. .t is the gate that leads to the )ingDs co!rts. The %cript!res #rom 'salm 123 that "e have F!st read tell !s that :od chose Lion #or Bis d"elling place beca!se Be desired to abide there. ,e are told #!rther that %?he LO/D lo+eth the gates o& Lion more than all the '(ellings o& @acob, @'salm 8;53A. :od loves o!r praise. Be delights in the spontaneo!s o!tpo!rings o# o!r hearts to Bim. %Praise is comely &or the upright, @'salm 2251bA. %Praise ye the LO/D0 &or it is goo' to sing praises unto our .o') &or it is pleasant) an' praise is comely, @'salm 1?;51A. The "ord <comely= can be de#ined as <appropriate( becoming( or s!itable.= 'raise( incl!ding spontaneo!s singing in the %pirit( is appropriate #or believers. The glo" o# :odDs presence as Bis children praise Bim is very becoming to them. %Out o& Lion the per&ection o& beauty .o' hath shine', @'salm 8053A. As MosesD #ace shone "ith the glory o# :od( so the shine o# :odDs presence "ill be !pon the #aces o# those "ho spend time in Bis presence praising and "orshipping Bim. The Almighty "ill shine #orth o!t o# Lion. Bis glory "ill be revealed ;0

The $ole of Praise

in the co!ntenances and lives o# those "ho have been close to Bim( #or they "ill radiate :od to the "orld. Their lives "ill emit the #ragrance o# Bis presence( ca!sing others to realiHe that they have been "ith Bim. The light o# Bis glory cannot be hidden.
!rise shine) &or thy light is come an' the glory o& the LO/D is risen upon thee. Cor behol'... the LO/D shall arise upon thee an' his glory shall be seen upon thee. !n' the .entiles shall come to thy light an' *ings to the brightness o& thy rising... they shall she( &orth the praise o& the LO/D. 1Isaiah 3001:3 3b4

.saiah also records :odDs declaration that %mine house shall be calle' a house o& prayer &or all people, @865;A. The "ord #or prayer is the Bebre" "ord tephillah, "hich is very similar to the "ord tehillah "hich "e have F!st seen. :od "ants Bis ho!se to be a place "here prayers are s!ng as "ell as spo en. Be "ants the Ch!rch to be no"n #or singing prayers and praise. .tDs both interesting and signi#icant to notice ho" many #orms o# o!r comm!nion "ith :od involve m!sic. The Ch!rch is not a b!ildingG it is a body o# believers "ho congregate #or a common p!rpose. The very #ocal point o# "hat :od is doing in m!sic is #o!nd in the Ch!rchthe assembling o# the saints. .t is in the midst o# this assembly( as praises ascend to heaven( that :od d"ells. 'salm 11?53 tells !s that <*!dah "as his sanct!ary.= 'raise "as the place "here :od "as to be #o!nd. %But thou art holy O thou that inhabitest the praises o& Israel, @'salm 3352A. :od lives in the praises o# Bis people. Be ta es !p residence in the midst o# Bis people as they sacri#ice to Bim. .n Cld Testament days the people o##ered sacri#ices o# animals or birds "hen they came to :od. Today "e o##er sacri#ices o# Foy( than sgiving( righteo!sness( praiseand :od comes to d"ell in them. ,e are told( %By him there&ore let us o&&er the sacri&ice o& praise to .o' continually that is the &ruit o& our lips gi+ing than*s to his name, @Bebre"s 12518A. ,e are also told( %I 6.o'9 create the &ruit o& the lips, @.saiah 8;519A. :od is the so!rce o# the sacri#ice o# praise that "e are to o##er !nto Bim. ;1

The Prophetic Song

As "e o##er this sacri#ice o# praise !nto Bim( there comes a time "hen it is no longer !s praising or singing( b!t it is the Boly %pirit singing thro!gh !s. :od "ants !s to %ma*e his praise glorious, @'salm 6653A. As "e sing to Bim( and Be sings thro!gh !s( Bis tehillah can become tremendo!sly spectac!lar and a"esome. .t "ill be sho"n #orth in all the earth. -avid declared( %7is tehillah shall continually be in my mouth, @'salm 2?51A( and according to *oel 2530( %@u'ah 6praise9 shall '(ell 17ebre( %abi'e,4 &ore+er., Tho!gh praise may be e6pressed in a variety o# "ays( it can and sho!ld be ever present( #or %his praise 1tehillah4 en'ureth &or e+er, @'salm 111510A.

",o'%#l$ Praise
The %cript!res( partic!larly the 'salms( describe many inds o# praise. -avid and the other psalmists spea o#ten o# reFoicing and o# e6pressing praise to :od in an e6!berant or demonstrative manner. %Praise ye the LO/D. I (ill praise the Lor' (ith my (hole heart, @'salm 11151A. This certainly s!ggests that the praising "as done "ith enth!siasm and vigorI >aising o!r hands( clapping o!r hands( or dancing be#ore the Lordall o# "hich are not only endorsed b!t commanded in %cript!reare all demonstrations o# o!r inner #eelings being released in praise to :od. P!ite o#ten praisers are criticiHed #or being <too emotional= or <too lo!d(= b!t the Bible says( %Let the chil'ren o& Lion be Aoy&ul in their Ding= @'salm 1?952AG %blesse' is the people that *no( the Aoy&ul soun', @'salm 89518A. The Bebre" "ord #or <Foy#!l= act!ally means <earsplitting.= Bo" many o# !s have ever even come close to that level in o!r praisingI . donDt #ind script!ral re#erences to praise being s!ng or played &!ietly. The so!nd o# :od seems to be a lo!d so!ndI %.o' is gone up (ith a shout, @'salm ?;58A( the psalmist declared. At the time o# the reb!ilding o# the Temple( "e #ind that5 ;3

The $ole of Praise F (hen the buil'ers lai' the &oun'ation o& the temple o& the LO/D they set the priests in their apparel (ith trumpets (ith the Le+ites the sons o& !saph (ith cymbals to praise the LO/D a&ter the or'inance o& Da+i' *ing o& Israel. !n' they sang together by course in praising an' gi+ing than*s unto the LO/D) because he is goo' &or his mercy en'ureth &or e+er to(ar' Israel. !n' all the people shoute' (ith a great shout (hen they praise' the LO/D because the &oun'ation o& the house o& the LO/D (as lai'.... &or the people shoute' (ith a lou' shout an' the noise (as hear' a&ar o&&. 1K8ra 3010 11 134

The people <sho!ted alo!d #or Foy(= the record tells !s( and their singing and praising "as heard #or miles aro!nd. Tal abo!t a praise serviceI All their neighbors ne" that :odDs people "ere praising BimI ,hen the heavens "ere opened to *ohn and he beheld "hat "as happening at the throne o# :od( he said o# the Cne ,hom he sa"( %7is +oice 6(as9 as the +oice o& many (aters, @>evelation 1518A. .nterestingly( he !sed this same description "hen recording the so!nd made by those "ho "ere singing and playing be#ore the Throne5 %!n' I hear' a +oice &rom hea+en as the +oice o& many (aters an' as the +oice o& a great thun'er< @1?53AG %an' I hear' as it (ere the +oice o& a great multitu'e an' as the +oice o& many (aters an' as the +oice o& mighty thun'erings saying !lleluia0 &or the Lor' .o' omnipotent reigneth, @1956A. The Ampli#ied Bible translates this verse %!&ter that I hear' (hat soun'e' li*e the shout o& a +ast throng li*e the boom o& many poun'ing (a+es an' li*e the roar o& terri&ic an' mighty thun'er:peals., *ohn compared the so!nd he heard to the so!nd o# r!shing "ater( or o# po!nding "aves. Anyone "ho has been to /iagara 4alls certainly remembers the roar made by those great "aters as they #all so many h!ndreds o# #eet to the river belo". %ome say that all the so!nds in the so!nd spectr!m are #o!nd in the so!nd o# crashing "ater. ,hat *ohn heard is "hat scientists call <"hite noise(= "hich can be e6plained as <all #re&!encies so!nding sim!ltaneo!sly.= ,hite noise is "hat is heard on the beach as ;2

The Prophetic Song

the "aves roll in and beat !pon the shoreline in tremendo!s e6plosions o# so!nd. *ohn heard this great roar and e6plosive( th!ndering "ave o# so!nd as the voices ascended in praise and "orship o# Almighty :od( and as the harpists and other m!sicians played. ,hat a #orce o# so!ndI ,hat a m!sical dynamicI Cne h!ndred #orty1 #o!r tho!sand voices "ere blended together in a tremendo!s o!tpo!ring o# so!nd. . have heard appro6imately #i#ty tho!sand people sing at a Billy :raham cr!sade in the )ingdome in %eattle( ,ashington( and "as a"ed at the greatness o# the so!nd o# all those voices blended in m!sical e6pression. . cannot imagine almost three times that many voices singing glorio!s praise to the 4ather. .t "as a so!nd that "as literally o!t o# this "orldI 7ach voice "as roaring #orth a spontaneo!s e6pression o# praise and "orship to :od as *ohn beheld and listened. ,hat a celebrationI 'raise is the so!nd that #ills heaven. :od desires that the earth also be #illed "ith praisenot the so!nd o# a congregation singing hymn n!mber s!ch1and1s!ch or the ne"est chor!s on the overhead proFector( b!t many voices o# believers singing their o"n spontaneo!s song to :od. *ohn did not say that he heard one disting!ishable melody or lyric( b!t he heard a great dea#ening o!tb!rst o# praise as each individ!al voice blended "ith another to become a "hole( #orming one tremendo!s so!nd o# praise. The boo o# >evelation is #!ll o# praise( and the #irst verse tells !s "hy5 %?he re+elation o& @esus -hrist...., ,hen revelation o# *es!s is received( praise and "orship #ollo". ,hen "e tr!ly see *es!s( "e cannot help e6pressing the response o# o!r hearts. C!r voices Foin "ith millions in heaven to be part o# that great so!nd as every nee bo"s and every tong!e con#esses that *es!s Christ is the Lord o# lords and the )ing o# ings. Be is e6alted above all godsG Bis name is above every name in heaven and on earth. Be is the only %!preme 'otentate. 7very creat!re( every nation( and every person in every lang!age "ill sing glorio!s( a!dible praise to o!r e6alted Lord. ;?

The $ole of Praise

The Lord delights in the praise o# Bis people( and Be is completely at home in their lo!d praisesI ,e see in 1 Chronicles that "hen the Levites carried the Ar ( %Da+i' tol' the chie& Le+ites to appoint their brethren the singers (ith instruments o& music harps lyres an' cymbals to play lou'ly an' li&t up their +oices (ith Aoy, @1 Chronicles 18516( Ampli#ied BibleA. The Ar spea s to !s o# the presence o# :od. These m!sicians made a lo!d( Foy#!l noise beca!se :odDs presence "as among them. ,hen :odDs presence is mani#ested and "e become a"are o# it( "e too "ill become lo!der and more Foy#!l in singing o!r praiseI This is not an endorsement o# noise #or its o"n sa e( #or there are some "ho ma e noise F!st to be obno6io!s( or !se :odDs commands as a license to become chaotic or to let their #leshly e6pressions ta e over. That is not praise. 'raise is a sacri#ice o# than sgiving and honor to the Lord. .t is a declarative statement and m!st come #rom the heart. .t m!st start "ith :od and end "ith :od( and spea o# :od in bet"een.

Praise and the Pro hetic Song

Thro!gho!t this chapter "e have constantly re#erred to the singing o# praisein #act( not ma ing m!ch distinction bet"een the t"o beca!se o# their intimate relationship. C# co!rse( "e m!st !nderstand that F!st beca!se someone is singing does not necessarily mean he is praising. 4or singing to be praise( the one "ho is singing m!st be conscio!sly singing about the Lord or to the Lord. /ot every song is a song o# praiseG a tr!e song o# praise "ill be abo!t Christ Bimsel# or abo!t "hat Be has done. ,e m!st learn not to <sing into the air= b!t to be a"are o# the Cne abo!t ,hom and to ,hom "e are singing. Bebre"s 3513 &!otes Christ as saying( %I (ill 'eclare thy name unto my brethren in the mi'st o& the church (ill I sing praise unto thee., The :ree "ord #or <sing= is humneo, #rom "hich "e get o!r "ord <hymn.= .t has the meaning o# singing a religio!s ode( or celebrating :od in song. .# the type o# singing *es!s does "hen praising is that "hich celebrates :od( ;8

The Prophetic Song

then that sho!ld be the type o# singing "e do "hen praising. Bo"ever( "hen "e are tal ing abo!t the prophetic song( o!r goal is to rise in praise to that song so that "e e6perience the singing o# the Lord. %inging #rom the intellect( or even #rom a so!l response( is not the same as singing in the %piritG "e m!st move #rom a physical per#ormance to a spirit response. The boo o# *!dges tells o# an episode in .sraelDs history "hich involved -eborah and Bara . 4ollo"ing a signi#icant victory( these t"o sang( %I e+en I (ill sing unto the LO/D0 I (ill sing praise to the LO/D .o' o& Israel, @*!dges 852A. As they sang their praise( they #lo"ed right into a bea!ti#!l prophetic song. 'salm 39 begins( %.i+e unto the LO/D the glory 'ue unto his name) (orship the LO/D in the beauty o& holiness., Then verses three thro!gh nine spea o# <the voice o# the Lord= and "hat it prod!ced. The praise "as #ollo"ed by :od spea ing. ,e( too( "ill #ind that in o!r praising "e can <catch the "ave(= so to spea ( and be borne higher !ntil "e to!ch that area o# prophetic #lo". Then it can be released thro!gh !s in song. %Sing unto .o'... O sing praises unto the Lor'... lo he 'oth sen' out his +oice an' that a mighty +oice, @'salm 68523( 22A. The singing abo!t the Lord and to the Lord becomes the singing o# the Lord( and "e hear Bis voice. As the prophetic song comes #orth in the congregation( it "ill immediately do three things. .t "ill !ni#y the congregation( #or it "ill present one conceptperhaps the love o# :od #or Bis people( or Bis #aith#!lness( or perhaps something Be desires. B!t "hatever the concept( it "ill bring a !ni#ication in the praising o# the congregation( "ho may be praising in several di##erent directions or on several di##erent levels. The prophetic song "ill give direction to the praise and "orship e6pressions o# the congregation. 4or instance( perhaps the singer "ill e6tol the maFesty o# :od. This "ill help to bring the congregation to a place "here all are moving in the same vein o# e6pression( so that all are bringing #orth e6pressions that re#lect :odDs maFesty. ;6

The $ole of Praise

A third e##ect o# the prophetic song is to give inspiration. A song spea ing o# the imminent #!l#illment o# a promise o# :od( #or e6ample( "o!ld no do!bt prod!ce a great sense o# Foy among the people. This "o!ld inspire #!rther and perhaps higher e6pressions o# praise. %ongs given by the %pirit !s!ally lead the congregation into higher levels o# "orship.

Singing the New Song

.n o!r praiseo!r tehillah"e sing by the inspiration o# the Boly %piritG to be more acc!rate( by the inspiration and empo"ering o# the %pirit o# :od( Be sings thro!gh !s. The ministry o# the Boly %pirit is to e6alt the Lord *es!s and bring attention to Bim. .# "e are over#lo"ing "ith the %pirit( "e "ill not #ind it di##ic!lt to sing tehillah. :od p!ts that ne" song in o!r mo!ths. ,e canDt even praise Bim !nless Be gives !s the "ords and the m!sic( #or Be is the po"er that "or s in !s to "ill and to do o# Bis good pleas!re. :od implants the tehillahG "e #lo" "ith the inspiration. Be gives the ne" songG "e sing "ith the %pirit. %Open thy mouth (i'e an' I (ill &ill it, @'salm 81510A( Be told .srael. Tho!gh "e no" that Bis promise to the children o# .srael "as to #ill their mo!ths "ith nat!ral provision d!ring their time in the "ilderness( . believe "e can be ass!red that i# "e open o!r mo!ths in praise to Bim( Be "ill #ill them "ith Bis o"n "ords and m!sicI .t is not !n!s!al #or a praiser to a"a en d!ring the night and be a"are that the %pirit "ithin him is praising the Lord in song. . believe it "o!ld not be !n!s!al #or this to happen d!ring the day( too( i# o!r conscio!s minds did not so #irmly and rigidly control o!r spirits. The %pirit "ithin !s "ants to release that ne" song. :od delights in hearing it. B!t sometimes "e F!st donDt &!ite <let o!rselves go.= %o o#ten there is opposition "ithin !s in regard to this matter o# li#ting !p o!r voice and singing praise to :od. ,hat "e m!st !nderstand is that the nat!re o# :od is di##erent #rom o!rs( and that o!r nat!ral sel# repels the things o# :od and desires that "hich is the opposite o# :odDs nat!re. B!t the ne" ;;

The Prophetic Song

man "ithin !s reaches o!t to"ard :od and the things o# :od. %o the opposition "e sense and "ith "hich "e str!ggle( in regard to :odDs p!rpose #or m!sical praise and the directives Be gives( comes #rom the con#lict bet"een the nat!ral man and the spirit!al man. ,henever o!r reaction is to s&!elch the e6pression o# the %pirit( "e are identi#ying "ith o!r old nat!res and not "ith :odDs ,ord. %ometimes "eDre F!st plain a#raid. . "as( the #irst time . heard the so!nd o# lo!d( #ree( spontaneo!s praise. B!t "hen . #o!nd o!t it "as :odDs "ay( . cr!ci#ied the #ears and voices o# my #lesh and obeyed the ,ord o# :od. Cnce the spirit is released in this e6pression( there comes a great sense o# pleas!re. There is no greater Foy( #!l#illment( or satis#action than that "hich is e6perienced in Bis presence. Tr!ly %in thy presence is &ulness o& Aoy) at thy right han' there are pleasures &or e+ermore, @'salm 16511A. The pleas!res o# sin last #or only a brie# timeG the pleas!res one e6periences in dra"ing near to :od last #or eternity. They are "itho!t end. There is no earthly <high= that can even begin to compare "ith F!st a moment in Bis presence "hen praise is #lo"ing #orth to Bim. -onDt be a#raidG be boldI %tep o!t and sing !nto the Lord. >elease those ne"( spontaneo!s songs that the Lord gives. C##er tehillah to Bim. .# yo! have never done it be#ore( it may seem strange at #irst( b!t remember that yo!r mind cannot comprehend it( so let yo!r spirit bypass yo!r mind( and do it beca!se :od has said that Be enFoys it and "ants yo! to do itI .n #act( yo! can even p!t do"n this boo right no"( and be#ore yo! contin!e reading( let the %pirit #lo" thro!gh yo! in e6pressions o# m!sical praise !nto :od. Ballel!FahI ,e praise 9o!( LordI ,e reFoice in 9o!I ,e sing a ne" song to 9o!I The more "e contin!e to #lo" in m!sical praise to Bim( the more readily "e "ill #ind o!rselves a"are o# the presence o# the spirit o# prophecy and able to #lo" in the prophetic song. :od gives it to !s and thro!gh !s( so "e have a very important part to playone that demands !nderstanding and preparation. ;8

Cha ter 4

The Role o% the .#sician

,hen "e !nderstand that :od has limited Bimsel# to move thro!gh Bis people( "e can !nderstand that Be e6presses Bis song thro!gh !s. Most o#ten Be directs Bis song thro!gh one s illed in the art o# m!sic( b!t Be does not e6cl!de other Christians( #illed "ith the %pirit o# :od( "ho also can prophesy in song by the Boly %pirit. More o#ten( ho"ever( it is the s illed m!sicians "hom :od calls to prophesy in song. ,e have already read the Cld Testament acco!nt o# the appointment by -avid o# m!sicians to praise and prophesy in m!sic (see 1 Chronicles 38A. The spirit!al leadership set apart those "ho "o!ld #lo" in prophetic m!sic. This "as their Fob description. The m!sician "as to be an oracle o# :od. Be "as not to evangeliHe( testi#y o# personal e6perience( or entertainG his appointment "as #or the p!rpose o# edi#ying and e6horting thro!gh m!sic. Cccasionally he "o!ld sing o# #!t!re events. ,e also no"( #rom 7phesians 8518 and Colossians 2516( that are to be #illed "ith the %pirit and "ith the ,ord o# :od. ,itho!t these( "e cannot sing spirit!al songs. :od is loo ing #or m!sicians @and non1m!siciansA "ho are so #illed "ith the %pirit and the ,ord @not "ith sense1altering stim!liA that they sing and play psalms( hymns( and songs o# the %pirit o# :odsongs that are %pirit1inspired and %pirit1s!ng. 7very %pirit1#illed m!sician has the ability "ithin him to bring #orth <spirit!al songs(= "hether he recogniHes it or not( beca!se the %pirit "ithin him is a singing %pirit and desires to mani#est the song o# the Lord.

Songs o% the S irit

C!r st!dy o# the name o# *!bal( the #irst m!sician( indicated that *!balDs name meant a stream( a bringing #orth. That stream ;9

The Prophetic Song

or #lo" comes #rom "ithin the m!sician. .n the nat!ral( a m!sician can bring #orth a #lo" o# s!stained so!nd. The %pirit1 #illed m!sician can bring #orth a stream o# the m!sic o# the %pirit o# :od. The songs he brings #orth "ill not come #rom a so!lish or nat!ral realm. They "ill not be songs o# the #leshchildish songs "hich are man1centered or #!ll o# sel#1pity or sel#1see ing. A m!sician sho!ld never play a song by improvisation and call it a prophetic song( #or it "as initiated by the nat!ral mind( not by the %pirit o# :od. /or sho!ld a song be created o!t o# #eelings( "hether emotional moods or responses o# the senses( #or then the song comes #rom the so!l. The song m!st be the res!lt o# the %pirit rising "ithin the m!sician. There#ore( there m!st be a certain level o# mat!rity in the %pirit1led m!sician( #or he m!st no" the di##erence bet"een the song that the %pirit o# :od "o!ld inspire and sing and the song "hich is nat!rally improvised @as in a <Fam session=A. Applying the meaning o# *!balDs namethat o# bringing #orth a stream( "ith pomp and ceremonyto m!sicians in general( "e can !nderstand that any m!sician( "hether saved or not( has the ability to bring #orth a stream( "ith a sho"y display o# splendor( pageantry( or magni#icence that "ill greatly impress others "ho are not m!sical. The !nsaved m!sician( s ill#!l in his art( can be grandiose and splendid in sho"y display as he F!mps( gyrates( and dances in #ront o# the a!dience( playing m!sic that stim!lates the baser drives o# man. A good e6ample is m!sic videoso#ten v!lgar vis!al displays o# the per#ormer playing( singing( and dancing "hile special e##ects( creat!res( and h!man bodies are arranged and choreographed to glori#y death( dar ness( and devils. 7ven i# the m!sician calls himsel# a Christian( i# he has not made *es!s Christ his Lord he "ill very li ely bring #orth that "hich is o# the "orld( not that "hich is o# :od. The %pirit1#illed and %pirit1led m!sician is also to bring #orth a stream "ith pomp( b!t his stream glori#ies the Lord *es!s Christ. .t is interesting to note that in both the 7phesians and the Colossians passages to "hich "e have so o#ten re#erred( the 80

The $ole of the (usician

singing and melody are directed to the Lordnever to a person. There is no mention o# a!dience rapport or response. The singer is to e6press his m!sic "ith grace in his heart( according to the Colossians re#erence. Be is not to sing in pride or sel#1e6altation. /o singer sho!ld ever bring #orth a song to impress people or ca!se them to respond to him personally. There is( o# co!rse( an appropriate appreciation o# a gi#t or talent in an individ!al( b!t the song sho!ld li#t !p *es!s and direct all eyes to Bim. .# "e sing to Bim( people "ill #ollo" !s to Bim. The splendor "hich this m!sician p!ts on display is the splendor o# :odDs magni#icence. :odDs maFesty and grande!r bring a"e and response in the listener. This is the pomp todayDs Christian *!bals are to prod!ce. . see the Christian *!bals as #loodgates o# the rivers o# :od. ,hen they are opened( streams o# -ivine li#e #lo" o!t to thirsty so!ls ready to drin in the "aters o# :odDs presence. .t is not F!st one personG all the "ells m!st spring #orth( and all the #loodgates m!st be openedI :od declared( %I (ill open ri+ers in high places an' &ountains in the mi'st o& +alleys0 I (ill ma*e the (il'erness a pool o& (ater an' the 'ry lan' springs o& (ater, @.saiah ?1518A. 7He iel had a vision o# %(aters to s(im in, and trees that prod!ced ne" #r!it beca!se o# the "aters that %issue' out o& the sanctuary, @7He iel ?;58( 13A. The "aters that come #orth #rom the presence o# :od bring li#e1giving #r!itI As #loodgates( "e have the ability to bring #orth or to hold bac those "aters. ,e can restrict the #lood o# :od( or "e can release it. .# "e choose not to release the song the %pirit gives( and hold it bac behind the dam o# !n"illingness( the %pirit "ill not #orce !sG b!t "hen "e begin to release the river o# the Boly %pirit in praise( the "aters o# :odDs presence "ill #ill the Ch!rch #irst to the an les( and then to the nees( and then #inally to the s"imming pointI %an' e+erything shall li+e (hither the ri+er cometh, @7He iel ?;59A.

Pro hes'ing on Instr#ments


The Prophetic Song

7arlier in this boo ( in o!r disc!ssion o# the role o# m!sic( "e loo ed at a n!mber o# %cript!res that tal ed abo!t the !se o# m!sical instr!ments in praising and prophesying. As "e said then( prophecy sometimes comes #orth on the instr!ments so that the m!sicians are not merely accompanying the singing b!t are themselves part o# the prophetic #lo". The instr!ments help demonstrate and e6press the prophecy. The instr!mental prophetic ministry "as not haphaHard. Both boo s o# Chronicles spea o# m!sical instr!ction. 1 Chronicles 385; notes that %their brethren... (ere instructe' in the songs o& the Lor' , "hich certainly incl!ded instr!mentalists( #or verse 1 describes the men %(ho shoul' prophesy (ith harps (ith psalteries an' (ith cymbals., The acco!nt o# the cro"ning o# *oash as ing spea s o# %the singers (ith instruments o& music an' such as taught to sing praise, @3 Chronicles 32512A. The boo s o# Chronicles abo!nd "ith re#erences to instr!ments and their !se in singing and praising :od. -avid set instr!mentalists in place to praise and prophesy( and %olomon li e"ise had m!sicians "ith tr!mpets( cornets( psalteries( harps( and other instr!ments. The instr!ments "ere not an a#tertho!ghtG they "ere a ey element o# the praise and the prophetic #lo". The "ord <prophesy= in 1 Chronicles 3851 is the Bebre" "ord na)a, "hich( as "e have seen be#ore( means <to prophesy( in speech or song( by inspiration @in prediction or simple disco!rseA.= Cbvio!sly( "hen the %cript!re says that the sons o# Asaph and Beman and *ed!than prophesied "ith instr!ments( it "as not "ith speech b!t in song. The ey thing to notice here is that the Mm!sicalN prophecy comes by inspiration. ,hen the spirit o# prophecy is present and one is #lo"ing in it( there is a sense o# inspiration( or -ivine impression. To be inspired is <to breathe in( or inhale.= ,e breathe in the presence o# :od and e6hale Bis tho!ghts in speech or song. Cne "ho has a %cript!re can read it. Cne "ho has a "ord can spea it. Cne "ho has a song or melody can sing or play it and thereby e6hale the -ivine impression he sensed. 83

The $ole of the (usician

'rophecy testi#ies o# *es!s( and o!r praise and "orship m!st testi#y o# the Lord *es!s Christ. The songs "e sing and the m!sic "e play sho!ld testi#y o# *es!s. All %cript!re is given by inspiration o# :od @3 Timothy 2516A( so "hen "e sing or play the ,ord o# :od( "e are to!ching a prophetic e6pression. The Bible says that %(hen ye come together e+ery one o& you hath a psalm..., @1 Corinthians 1?536A( "hich is %a sacre' o'e or cantillation accompanie' (ith harp or other instrument., The root "ord( psallo, has the meaning <to t"ang=that is( to play on a stringed instr!ment. The emphasis here is on the instr!ment( not on the vocal e6pression. That verse goes on to say( %Let all things be 'one unto e'i&ying., The instr!ment m!st be played in a manner that "ill edi#y. .# the m!sician cannot discern in the %pirit "hat is being played( he sho!ld not attempt to play. 9o! may be as ing yo!rsel#( <Bo" is it possible #or a m!sician to prophesy on an instr!mentE .snDt prophecy a spo en messageE Bo" can it be prophecy i# . donDt hear "ordsE= >emember that "hen "e are spea ing o# the prophetic song( "e are not limiting that song to a +erbal m!sical e6pression. .t is tr!e that the prophetic song "ill more o#ten be s!ng in "ordsG ho"ever( the m!sical accompaniment to that songperhaps on a piano( or an organ( or a violinis also a prophetic e6pression( #or it is an enhancement to the "ords. .t paints a pict!re. A vocal prophecy is o#ten more e##ective "hen cloa ed in bea!ti#!l m!sic. .t is li e the di##erence bet"een a blac 1and1"hite pict!re and one in vivid color. The m!sic highlights the "ord b!t never distracts #rom it or overpo"ers it. 'rophecy on an instr!ment( "hether melodic or chordal( is a -ivine impression or revelation being played !pon the instr!ment. .t is a Boly %pirit1prompted song. There are several "ays that a m!sician can step o!t in this e6pression. 4or instance( he can blend e6pressively "ith the prophetic message so that his m!sic enhances the "ords. The goal is to add( to rein#orce( to s!pport or color( b!t never to bring attention to the m!sician or to s!pplant the message "ith the m!sic. Another 82

The Prophetic Song

"ay is to play "hat has been s!ng or spo en in a di##erent "ayG #or e6ample( i# :od has prophetically said that Be "ill come as rain to Bis people( then the pianist co!ld play in a manner that "o!ld depict "ater #alling #rom heaven. <.t ta es some s ill as a m!sician to ma e yo!r instr!ment Kspea D in s!ch a "ay.= 1 ,hat the instr!ment says sho!ld be a clear statementa certain so!nd( bold and clear. %!n' e+en things (ithout li&e gi+ing soun' (hether pipe or harp except they gi+e a 'istinction in the soun's ho( shall it be *no(n (hat is pipe' or harpe'>, @1 Corinthians 1?5;A. M!sic is a lang!age !nderstood by all peoples( races( and c!lt!res. .t transcends all philosophies( all theologies( all ideologies( all systems o# belie#. .t to!ches the heart. :od can !se instr!ments #or prophetic e6pression <to spea to Bis people "ho beca!se o# their preF!dices and h!rts are not able to hear thro!gh other means.= 3 .nstr!ments have al"ays been very important in the prophetic ministry. The m!sician can play the prophetic song on an instr!ment "itho!t accompanying lyrics or spo en message. :od can spea s!pernat!rally thro!gh a simple melody played on a clarinet by inspiration o# the Boly %pirit. The melody ma es a statement( paints a pict!re( leaves a -ivine impression "itho!t the !se o# "ords. This is no less prophetic than any other prophetic e6pression. 7ven the eyboard player or g!itarist can ma e a prophetic statement "itho!t a melody line( F!st playing chords. The perc!ssionist can prophesy on the trap set( congas or tympani( #or it is the e6pression thro!gh the m!sician o# the -ivine inspiration he received that ma es the m!sic prophetic. .t is still edi#ying tho!gh no "ords "ere !ttered.

The .#sician Himsel%

.# there is no m!sician( there is no m!sical e6pressionG and i# that m!sician is not prepared to #lo" in the prophetic song( :odDs message may be th"arted. /ever sho!ld a m!sician be


The $ole of the (usician

cas!al abo!t it or ta e #or granted that he can at any time or "itho!t prior tho!ght or preparation be one "ho to!ches that -ivine #lo". 4irst and #oremost( the m!sician "ho desires to enter the stream o# :odDs %pirit and bring #orth the prophetic song m!st be a "orshipper o# the Lord *es!s. Bis attention sho!ld be centered not on the song b!t on the Cne ,ho gives the song. Be sho!ld actively see *es!snot service #or *es!s( b!t *es!s Bimsel#. ,e see Bim not #or "hat Be can do #or !s b!t #or ,ho Be is. To intimately no" Bim( to be close to Bim and enFoy Bim( is o!r most important goal. The #irst and greatest commandment is that "e are to love the Lord o!r :od "ith all o!r heart( so!l( mind( and strength (see Mar 13520( 21Ato desire Bim "ith all o!r heart( to enFoy Bim "ith all o!r so!l( to admire Bim "ith all o!r mind( and to embrace Bim "ith all o!r strength. To do less is to come short o# :odDs p!rpose( desire( and command. ,e no" that %the Cather see*eth such to (orship him, @*ohn ?532A. :od is loo ing not #or "orship b!t #or "orshippers. Be "ants the person( not the #orm. The smell o# the spices and the good ointments o# o!r "orship are pleasant to Bim( b!t Be "o!ld rather no" the heart #rom "hich the "orship comes. Be "ants the singerG then Be "ill have the songs. Be "ants the playerG then Be "ill have the praise that comes "hen the instr!ment is played. ,e m!st be "hat "e sing. ,e are not per#ected yet( b!t "e m!st al"ays endeavor to "al in the tr!th that "e "o!ld minister. 4ail!re to do this hinders the thr!st o# the message both in !s and in those to "hom it is given. .n !s( it may ca!se some do!bt in o!r minds as "e spea or sing the prophecy( th!s diminishing the &!ality and the strength o# the message as it is mi6ed "ith do!bt and not "ith #aith. 4!rthermore( since %to him (ho *no(eth to 'o goo' an' 'oeth it not to him it is sin, @*ames ?51;A( i# "e are not obeying "hat "e no" :od has spo en to !s "e are not in a position to hear #rom :od. .n others( the message can be hindered beca!se they may sense that 88

The Prophetic Song

something is not &!ite rightG tho!gh they may not no" "hat it is( that a"areness "ill a##ect their receptivity o# the message. ,hen the *e"s "ere living as captives in Babylon( they lamented(
By the ri+ers o& Babylon there (e sat 'o(n yea (e (ept (hen (e remembere' Lion. Ge hange' our harps upon the (illo(s in the mi'st thereo&. Cor there they that carrie' us a(ay capti+e reMuire' o& us a song) an' they that (aste' us reMuire' o& us mirth saying Sing us one o& the songs o& Lion. 7o( shall (e sing the LO/D=S song in a strange lan'> 1Psalm 13"01:E4

A"ay #rom Liono!t o# the presence and d"elling place o# :odthere "as no song. /or can there be a spirit!al song coming #orth in o!r lives "hen "e are separated #rom the place :od "ants !s to be. .# "e are by the river o# con#!sion( the only songs "e "ill sing "ill be laments o# o!r o"n miserable state. ,e m!st stay tapped into the river o# :od and e6perience the #reshness that comes #rom Bim. ,itho!t the Lord( o!r m!sic is dry and deadG the "ell is dried !p. Be is o!r so!rce o# li#e and inspiration. The heart and mind and spirit m!st be ept clean and p!re !nto :od. The river o# li#e that #lo"s #rom the Throne o# :od m!st not be poll!ted or clogged by "or s o# !nrighteo!sness. %Gho shall ascen' into the hill o& the LO/D> or (ho shall stan' in his holy place> 7e that hath clean han's an' a pure heart, @'salm 3?52( ?A. C!t o# the heart #lo" the iss!es o# li#e( and o!t o# the ab!ndance o# the heart the mo!th spea s. .# the m!sician is to bring #orth a p!re stream( his vessel m!st be clean. ,e are cleansed "ith the "ashing o# "ater by the ,ord (see 7phesians 8536A( so time in the ,ord is absol!tely essential #or the believer "ho desires to sing the prophetic song. %t!dy o# the ,ord is vital not only #or the cleansing it s!pplies b!t #or the !nderstanding it brings. Any prophetic message m!st have its so!rce in or be in agreement "ith the ,ord o# :od. %t!dying the Biblenot F!st reading a #e" little devotional lines every dayprovides a broader base o# 86

The $ole of the (usician

!nderstanding o# the )ingdom o# :od( the principles o# :od( the "ays o# :od( the acts o# :od( and even o# the prophetic ministry itsel#. .t is #rom this broad base that the Boly %pirit can bring to the believerDs remembrance something he has read in the %cript!res and can breathe it thro!gh him in a prophetic song. %Let the Gor' o& -hrist '(ell in you richly in all (is'om, so that spirit!al songs can #ollo". A m!sician "ill better prepare himsel# @or hersel#A #or this ministry by spending time reading the script!ral acco!nts o# singing !nto the Lord( F!st as a preacher #amiliariHes himsel# "ith the patterns in :odDs ,ord be#ore see ing inspiration #or a sermon. <76temporaneo!s= does not mean <!nprepared=G it really means <dra"ing !pon prior preparation= at a momentDs notice. The more thoro!gh that preparation is( the more complete the presentation "ill be. :odDs anointing is never an e6c!se #or laHiness. %omeho" it seems that those "ho are the best prepared have the best anointing. The Cld Testament acco!nt o# those "ho "ere appointed to play and sing the LordDs songs s!ggests that they "ere s ill#!l in their art. . #ind it di##ic!lt to believe that :od( in Bis per#ect state( gives imper#ect songs or is the A!thor o# a sloppy melody. The problem lies "ith the m!sician. Be may mentally hear a song that :od is giving him b!t is !nable to e##ectively present it beca!se o# his lac o# s ill and training( and so he st!mbles and #alters thro!gh the song( th!s changing "hat "as per#ect in creation and inspiration into something mediocre. Be co!ld not m!sically interpret "hat he heard in the heavenlies beca!se he had not spent time and energy in practice and preparation. The song that le#t the 4ather and "as planted in his heart "as there#ore e6pressed in "ea ness and sloppiness( and the per#ect became the m!ndane and ordinaryperhaps even the embarrassing. .# that "as o!r song( "o!ld "e "ant to p!t o!r names on itE Let !s be care#!l "hat "e call <the song o# the Lord.= :od is per#ect and e6cellent in Bis creative ability( and "e are to e6press that ind o# :od to the "orld. %loth#!lness( 8;

The Prophetic Song

mediocrity( lethargy( and indi##erence have no place in the li#e o# the Christian believer( let alone the Christian m!sician "ho desires to #lo" in the prophetic song. These are all opposed to "hat :od is. C#ten Christians remain on the same m!sical platea!( creating and per#orming m!sic "hich is so poor that it is a moc ery o# :od. 76cellence( integrity( high creativity( and a reaching to"ard per#ection are &!alities o# :od. These are to be in o!r m!sic. Bo" "e play and sing tells the "orld "hat :od is li e. /one o# !s is per#ect( o# co!rse( b!t "e sho!ld all eep striving to improve and gro". ,e sho!ld see #or e6cellence in all thingsG and e6cellence is doing the best "e can at the level "here "e are "hile reaching #or higher levels.

The Pro hetic Song in Practice

7verything "e have tal ed abo!t in this boo is #or one primary p!rpose5 to get !s involved "ith act!ally singing the prophetic song. At this point( many "ill say( <,hoE MeE= 9es( yo!I Many are rel!ctant to act!ally become personally involved beca!se they are a#raid it "ill not be a tr!e prophetic song. Bo" can one no" "hether the song "ithin is the song o# the Lord( or F!st a song that "as made !pE This is a &!estion that everyone "ho steps o!t in prophetic ministry m!st as himsel# each time he #lo"s in prophecy. The Bible tells !s( %Dno(ing this &irst that no prophecy o& the scripture is o& any pri+ate interpretation. Cor the prophecy came not in ol' time by the (ill o& man0 but holy men o& .o' spa*e as they (ere mo+e' by the 7oly .host, @3 'eter 1530( 31A. The :ree "ord #or <moved= is phero, meaning <to bring #orthG to be drivenG to move( r!sh.J This so!nds very m!ch li e the meaning o# *!balthe concept o# bringing #orth a stream( a r!shing o# "aters. There is a related meaning( <to carry a b!rden.= Bo" similar this is to the Bebre" massa, "hich "e no" is the bearing o# a b!rden( partic!larly the b!rden o# a 88

The $ole of the (usician

prophetic song. Boly men o# :od spo e as they #elt the b!rden o# the "ord given by the %pirit. .t m!st be noted and remembered that the b!rden "hich comes is that given by the %piritnot by onesel#( or by #ello" Christians( or by circ!mstances. Too o#ten "e #ind o!rselves "eighted do"n by a sit!ation( and "hen a %cript!re comes to mind( "e thin it is a prophecy. :odDs "ord comes #rom Bis origination( not #rom o!r reaction. .n o!r st!dy on prophecy in chapter three o# this boo ( "e loo ed at the vario!s tests that are to be applied to prophecy and the prophetic song. There is the test o# the con#irmation o# the %pirit( b!t( as "e noted then( this is the least reliable o# the tests beca!se o!r o"n spirit can be misled. ,e m!st never prophesy #rom "hat "e #eel or #rom the concl!sions that "e ma e abo!t people or their circ!mstances. Bo"ever( there is an inner prompting o# the %pirit that "e can recogniHe. There is a b!rden or a press!re "ithin to spea #orth "hat the %pirit gives. 'erhaps a %cript!re "ill be &!ic ened and "ill b!rn "ithin( and "e <hear= it set to m!sic in o!r spirit. *!st beca!se a melody or a set o# lyrics comes to mind is not proo# positive that it is the %pirit( beca!se men are great improvisationalistsG e6temporaneo!s singing is not a!tomatically the song o# the Lord. B!t the b!rden o# the %pirit con#irms the song o# the %pirit. ,e do not go into a spirit!al trance to receive the song o# the Lord. /either( as a r!le( do "e no" the "hole song be#ore "e sing itG "e may no" the beginning( b!t not the middle or the end !ntil "e are act!ally singing. .tDs li e "al ing on the "ater5 "e have to get o!t o# the boat and start to "al "itho!t no"ing ho" #ar or ho" long "eDre going to "al . As "e begin to sing the song( the middle and ending "ill come. 'rophecy comes #orth by inspirationG there#ore( #aith is an essential ingredient. That inspiration is o# :od and comes #rom :od. ,itho!t it the song "ill be nat!ral( not spirit!al. As "e breathe in the Boly %pirit( "e then can breathe o!t "hat Be inspires. 'erhaps that -ivine inspiration "ill ta e the #orm o# a heightened emotion( or a tho!ght pattern that "eighs !pon the 89

The Prophetic Song

mind and spirit( "hich did not originate #rom o!r o"n thin ing. ,e can be reasonably ass!red that that is the %pirit o# :od desiring to spea . B!t "e sho!ld al"ays chec the so!rce o# o!r inspiration. ,as it :od( or "as it someone or something to "hich "e are reacting or respondingE As "e lose o!rselves in the presence o# *es!s and release o!r spirits in praise and "orship to Bim( "e #ind that Be "ill p!t songs in o!r spirit. ,e do not conscio!sly thin o# these songs or ma e them !p o!rselvesG they are bro!ght by the %pirit as *es!s is li#ted !p. ,e sing o# the LordDs nat!re( name( and mighty acts. ,e e6tol ,ho Be is. Be becomes the essence o# o!r song. %?he LO/D is my strength an' song, @'salm 11851?A. Be is the "ords and the m!sic( the melody and the harmony. .n Bis presence( as "e see Bim high and li#ted !p( "e "ill be inspired to sing. ,e have already seen in 3 Chronicles that %(hen the burnt o&&ering began the song o& the LO/D began also, @3953;A. C!r b!rnt o##ering today is o!rselves and o!r praise. ,e o##er o!r praise be#ore :od and it ascends as smo e #rom a b!rnt o##ering. ,e are to present o!rselves %a li+ing sacri&ice holy acceptable unto .o', @>omans 1351A. This ind o# sacri#ice brings pleas!re to the Lord. %I (ill praise the name o& .o' (ith a song an' (ill magni&y him (ith than*sgi+ing. ?his also shall please the LO/D better than an ox or bulloc* that hath horns an' hoo&s, @'salm 69520( 21A. .t is interesting to note that the prophetic song !s!ally occ!rs in a service a#ter the sacri#ice o# praise has ta en placethat is( a#ter a time @perhaps prolongedA o# praising and singing ne" songs to the Lord<singing in the %pirit(= as some "o!ld call it. ,e need to remember that !nless "e are #!nctioning in the o##ice o# a prophet or possess the gi#t o# prophecy( "e m!st not attempt to bring #orth the prophetic song !nless the spirit o# prophecy is presentG and i# the spirit o# prophecy is to be present( there m!st be praise and "orship. 'rophetic singing "ill not ta e place in a congregation that does not praise spontaneo!sly( #or :od d"ells in praises( and obvio!sly i# Be is to spea ( Be m!st 90

The $ole of the (usician

be present. *oy and reFoicing create the atmosphere in "hich the prophetic song may #lo". .t is !nli ely that individ!als "o!ld sing prophetic songs a#ter the congregation had merely s!ng a #e" chor!ses and spent only a #e" moments praising. ThatDs an ins!##icient atmosphere. As "e o##er the sacri#ice o# praise to :od( the prophetic clo!d comes. The #irst prophetic song sometimes releases the spirit o# prophecy so that others "ill also begin to step o!t and sing prophetically. ,e m!st not hold bac or "ait too long to step o!t and <brea the ice= by singing the #irst prophetic song in a service. .t is !s!ally the #irst "ater o!t o# the #loodgates and is #ollo"ed by m!ch more "aterI .# "e do not !nderstand the prophetic song and have not been instr!cted in its nat!re and per#ormance( "e obvio!sly "ill not #lo" easily in singing it. 4e" ever enter into something they do not !nderstand( and "itho!t instr!ction they "ill not become s ill#!l. There m!st be teaching( <line !pon line( here a little( there a little.= That is the reason "hy this boo has been "ritten and "hy it "as tho!ght o# in the #irst place. ,e need to be ta!ght the spirit!al signi#icance o# the prophetic song and be a"are o# o!r ability and responsibility to enter into it. Today :od "ants believers "ho mani#est the -ivine thro!gh the prophetic song.

2eginning the Pro hetic Song

At this point yo!r &!estion may be <Bo" do . begin the prophetic songE Bo" does it startE= $s!ally the prophetic song begins "ith a melody. That melody may have beg!n on an instr!ment as the orchestra( the plat#orm singers( and the congregation "orship. ,hen someone discerns that he has a melody or song o# the %pirit( then "hen the praise diminishes in vol!me so that he can be heard( he sho!ld play o!t. 7ach m!sician sho!ld pre#er his brother so that not all are playing at the same time or ta ing the song a"ay #rom another by playing too lo!dly or changing the melody line. The 91

The Prophetic Song

m!sicians sho!ld let the melody line be #irmly established be#ore Foining the song. Cnce the melody is clearly stated( the "ords to the song may come thro!gh the same m!sician or thro!gh a singer or someone in the congregation. ,hoever is singing sho!ld sing clearly and lo!dly @into a microphone( i# possibleA so that the "ords can be heard by everyone and be edi#ying to them. 'erhaps the "ords can be "ritten do"n and placed on the overhead proFectorG then the "hole congregation can Foin in singing the song. M!sically and lyrically( the song sho!ld be clear. .t also sho!ld not be too longG i# it becomes repetitio!s( thatDs an indication that the prophecy is complete. .# there is a sense that the spirit!al moment!m o# the song is diminishing( it is time to stop be#ore the song o# the Lord degenerates into the song o# sel#. .nstr!mentalists may play bloc chords or simple rhythms that s!pplement b!t do not ta e a"ay #rom the dominant melody and the lyrics. That "ay every part complements the "hole( and no one m!sician clamors #or attention by playing complicated co!ntermelodies "ith a res!ltant cl!ttered so!nd. Chord progressions co!ld develop "ith the established melody. The eyboardist sho!ld not #orce the singer to #it into his progressionG he sho!ld #ollo". Chord progressions are o#ten a" "ard beca!se they manip!late the singer. The #lo" o# the %pirit is restricted i# the eyboardist and orchestra do not stop playing one chord progression "hen a ne" one begins. The m!sicians m!st be sensitive to changes that may happen m!sically "hen the prophetic song begins( and as themselves i# the song di##ers #rom "hat they have been playing. The orchestra can color the pict!re the prophecy is painting by the "ay they play their instr!ments. ,e mentioned be#ore the ill!stration o# the instr!ment depicting #alling "ater i# the prophecy spea s o# :od coming as rain to Bis people. There are many other ill!strations that co!ld be given. The song does not al"ays begin on the instr!mentsG sometimes it "ill start "ith a singer #irst and then move to the instr!ments. ,e m!st never try to establish a pattern or thin 93

The $ole of the (usician

that <this is the "ay to do it.= ,e m!st allo" :od to be :od. Be is the Lord o# the song( and Be m!st do "hat Be "ants the "ay Be "ants to do it. Too o#ten "e go to praise and "orship seminars and are told <ho" it sho!ld be done.= That is a start( b!t please remember that :od is on the Throne and "e are in Bis )ingdom. ,e in o!r #inite "ay are trying to teach :odDs "ays( and at times "e do miss the mar I 'reparation is so importantnot F!st o# onesel# b!t o# the s!rro!ndings. 7verything in the physical environmentchairs( instr!ments( m!sic stands( microphones( so!nd system( etc. sho!ld be in order ahead o# time. ,e no" that -avid %prepare' a place &or the ar* o& .o', @1 Chronicles 1851A. ,hen all the nat!ral things are in order( the minds o# the people can be o## the nat!ral and on the spirit!al. ,e certainly donDt "ant the entire m!sic department to be '.A.1conscio!s "hen they sho!ld be :od1conscio!sI This( o# co!rse( does not in any "ay lessen the importance o# personal preparation. ,eDve established that s!ch preparation goes on all the timenot F!st #ive min!tes be#ore the service starts. Bo"ever( a time o# prayer prior to the service is very important. A#ter a day in "hich o!r minds have been occ!pied "ith many other cares and concerns( "e need a time in "hich to <t!ne in= to :od and become a"are o# Bis %pirit. This can be a time o# cleansing in preparation #or ministry( and a time o# ma ing o!rselves available to :od and as ing #or Bis anointing. *!st as athletes donDt go on the playing #ield "itho!t preparation or "arm!p( "e sho!ldnDt F!st <sho" !p= at the service and see "hat happens. ,e canDt #lo" in the prophetic song i# "eDre not ready. ,e need to be obedient to :od "hen singing prophetically. :od may "ant to say something that is di##erent #rom "hat has been spo en or s!ng previo!sly. 'erhaps the song "ill be in a di##erent style or rhythm than that "hich the congregation !s!ally hears. @.# it is a tremendo!s depart!re #rom the norm #or that congregation( "e do need to be do!bly s!re that the song is #rom :od.A B!t obedience to the %pirit is a <m!st.= 92

The Prophetic Song

. challenge m!sicians to be creative and not al"ays stic to the old and the #amiliar. Change the rhythm patterns and chord progressions i# it is appropriate. $se yo!r sancti#ied imagination to add yo!r part to the song o# the Lord. Be sensitive and complementaryG as :od to give yo! something that "ill enhance. )eep yo!r eyes on the "orship leader( choir director( or orchestra cond!ctor. 9o! may be as ed to play more lo!dly or more so#tly( or to rest. They( too( are being sensitive to the Master Cond!ctor. There is nothing "rong "ith the leadership cond!cting or directing the prophetic song as it !n#olds. This does not ta e a"ay #rom the spirit!al &!ality o# the songG it adds strength( bea!ty( and energy. 4or instance( "hen a singer is singing a so#t prophetic song( the director or cond!ctor can indicate ho" and "hen the violins or other instr!ments sho!ld accompany the song. This is tr!e "ith the entire orchestra( even the perc!ssionists or the brass section. Congregational involvement in the prophetic songas soon as possible a#ter it beginsis important to eliminate the <spectator syndrome.= -o not let the people merely "atch as the m!sicians la!nch o!t into great depths o# m!sical prophecy. This happens #ar too o#ten beca!se the congregation has not been ta!ght abo!t the prophetic song and their response to it. .t also happens "hen the m!sicians get so lost in their singing or playing that they are !na"are o# "hat is happening in the congregation. %inging is an advance. .t is a spirit!al march #or"ard. %o be boldI %ing o!t the "ords and melody :od has given yo!. Let the voice o# :od be heard in the midst o# Bis people. The enemy "ill try to co!nterattac by telling yo! that the song is not o# :od( or that yo! are singing to sho" o##( or that it is not the right time to sing. ThatDs "hy it is important to no" that the song is o# :od by applying the tests "e have disc!ssed earlier. As :od to give yo! a ne" song. :od delights in birthing ne" songs in Bis people. As in #aith. Believe that it "ill happen as the %pirit moves. 'repare yo!r heart and spirit. Ma e 9?

The $ole of the (usician

yo!rsel# available. %tep o!t in #aith and sing a ne" song !nto the LordI Then as and e6pect Bim to sing thro!gh yo!I .t is e6citing to sing ne" songs :od gave other people( b!t it is even more e6citing to sing a song :od gives yo!. .t is a"esome to listen to the song o# the Lordthe prophetic song. 9o! "ill never #orget it once yo!Dve heard it. 9o! "ill never be the same once yo!Dve s!ng it.



6e' He/rew *ords S#ggesting Pro hec' in Song

1. 'rophesy( 'rophesied( 'rophesieth( 'rophesying@sA( 'rophet *a)a0 To spea simple disco!rseA or sing by inspiration @in prediction or

%cript!res !sing na)a "ith possible meaning o# prophetic singing @Strongs, 8013A5 /!mbers 11538( 36 1 %am!el 10511 1 )ings 33513 1 Chronicles 385112 3 Chronicles 18511 *eremiah 358 *eremiah 8521 *eremiah 11531 *eremiah 1?51?116 *eremiah 1951? *eremiah 3051( 6 *eremiah 32516( 31( 38( 36( 23 *eremiah 38512( 20 *eremiah 3659( 11( 13( 18( 30 *eremiah 3;510( 1?116 *eremiah 3856( 8( 9 *eremiah 39531( 21 *eremiah 2352 *eremiah 2;519 7He iel ?5; 7He iel 653 7He iel 115?( 12 7He iel 1353; 7He iel 12533( 16( 1; 9;

The Prophetic Song

7He iel 305?6 7He iel 3153( 9( 1?( 38 7He iel 3853 7He iel 38531 7He iel 3953 7He iel 2053 7He iel 2?53 7He iel 2853 7He iel 2651( 2( 6 7He iel 2;5?( ;( 9( 13 7He iel 2853( 1?( 1; 7He iel 2951 *oel 3538 Amos 3513 Amos 258 Amos ;513( 12( 18( 16 Lechariah 1252( ? /!mbers 1153813; 1 %am!el 1058( 6( 10 1 %am!el 18510 1 %am!el 19530( 31( 32( 3? 1 )ings 18539 1 )ings 3358( 10( 18 3 Chronicles 185;( 9( 3; 3 Chronicles 3052; *eremiah 1?51? @prophetA *eremiah 32512 *eremiah 36530 @prophetA 7He iel 1251; @prophetA 7He iel 2;510 1 %am!el 10512 1 %am!el 19530 *eremiah 39536( 3; 3. B!rden@sA (assa0 An !tterance @o#ten a doomA( especially singing %cript!res !sing massa s!ggesting that the <b!rden= "as a prophetic song @Strongs, ?882A5 98


76od!s 18533 76od!s 3258 /!mbers ?518( 19( 3?( 3;( 23( ?;( ?9 /!mbers 11511( 1; -e!teronomy 1513 3 %am!el 18522 3 %am!el 19528 3 )ings 851; 3 )ings 859 3 )ings 9538 3 Chronicles 3?53; 3 Chronicles 2852 /ehemiah 12518( 19 *ob ;530 'salm 285? .saiah 1251 .saiah 1?538 .saiah 1851 .saiah 1;51 .saiah 1951 .saiah 3151( 11( 12 .saiah 3351( 38 .saiah 3251 .saiah 2056 .saiah ?651( 3 *eremiah 1;531( 33( 3?( 3; *eremiah 32522( 2?( 26( 28 7He iel 13510 Bosea 8510 /ehemiah 151 Baba ! 151 Lechariah 951 Lechariah 1351 Malachi 151

Possi/le Pro hetic Songs in the 2i/le

@'rophetic in the sense that they are part o# the inspired ,ord o# :odG that they are predictive or are tehillah praiseA 99

The Prophetic Song

1. Cld Testament 76od!s 1851119 76od!s 18531 /!mbers 10528( 26 /!mbers 3151?( 18 /!mbers 3151; /!mbers 3153;120 -e!teronomy 23511?2 *!dges 851121 1 %am!el 351110 1 %am!el 185; 1 %am!el 31511 3 %am!el 151;13; 3 %am!el 2522( 2? 3 %am!el 3351181 3 %am!el 3251( 3 1 )ings ?523 3 )ings 9538 1 Chronicles 165;126 3 Chronicles 3051?119 3 Chronicles 30531 3 Chronicles 3?53; 3 Chronicles 3953; *ob 285; The boo o# 'salms The song o# Moses MiriamDs song %ongs o# marching ,ar songs .sraelDs song o# the "ell ,ar songs The song o# Moses -eborah and Bara Ds song o# than sgiving BannahDs song o# than #!lness %ong o# the "omen o# .srael abo!t -avid and %a!l A song o# tri!mph -avidDs lament over %a!l and *onathan -avidDs lament o# Abner -avidDs song o# victory A song o# -avid 1008 songs o# %olomon The b!rden o# )ing *oram -avidDs song o# than sgiving A song o# *ahaHiel @possibly a prophecy in songa prophecy o# victory in battleA A marching song The b!rden o# )ing *oash Tr!mpeters playing the song o# the Lord The song o# the morning stars 180 prophetic songs. 'ossibly ;2 s!ng by -avidG 11 by the sons o# )orahG 13 by AsaphG 1 by BemanG 1 by 7thanG 3 by %olomonG 1 by MosesG 1 by BaggaiG 1 by LechariahG 1 by 7HraG an !ndetermined n!mber 100


%ong o# %olomon 118 .saiah 85118 .saiah 13 .saiah 125118 .saiah 1?5? .saiah 1?538123 .saiah 185111651? .saiah 1;5111? .saiah 1951138 .saiah 3151110 .saiah 31511( 13 .saiah 3151211; .saiah 335111? .saiah 3251116 .saiah 3651111 .saiah 2056( ; .saiah 28510 .saiah 28530 .saiah ??532 .saiah 8?51 *eremiah 215;( 13 Lamentations 118

7He iel 13510116 *onah 359 /ah!m 151

by BeHe iah. The remaining a!thors are !n no"n. A song o# love by %olomon A prophetic song o# the vineyard A song o# praise A song o# Babylon @possibly by .saiahA A song o# victory .saiahDs song o# 'hilistia .saiahDs song concerning Moab .saiahDs song o# -amasc!s .saiahDs song o# 7gypt .saiahDs song o# the #all o# Babylon .saiahDs song o# -!mah .saiahDs song o# Arabia .saiahDs song o# the valley o# vision .saiahDs song o# Tyre .saiahDs song #or the land o# *!dah .saiahDs song o# the beasts o# /egeb %ongs o# the redeemed %ongs o# BeHe iah The song o# creation The song o# the barren "oman %ongs o# .srael *eremiahDs song o# *er!salem @A series o# dirges in the #orm o# an acrostic( "ritten as i# #or a national #!neralA 7He ielDs song o# the prince in *er!salem The song o# *onah The b!rden o# /ineveh 101

The Prophetic Song

Baba ! 1511? Baba ! 251119 Lephaniah 251; Lechariah 95119 Lechariah 135111? Malachi 15118 3. /e" Testament L! e 15?6188 L! e 1952;

A song to :od @possibly by Baba ! A A song o# praise @possibly by Baba ! A A song o# the Lord LechariahDs song in the land o# -amasc!s LechariahDs song #or .srael MalachiDs song to .srael MaryDs song o# reFoicing A song o# high praise by the disciples @prophetic in the sense o# proclaiming *es!s as )ing( #or Be "as not yet )ingA A song o# high praise by a m!ltit!de o# believers The 130 disciples singing in the %pirit 'a!l and %ilas singing praises Congregation singing an early ch!rch hymn @possibly a ne" prophetic song "hen s!ng the #irst timeA Congregation singing an early ch!rch hymn Congregation singing an early ch!rch hymn 'ossibly a song s!ng by the Living Creat!res 'ossibly a song s!ng by the t"enty1#o!r elders A ne" song s!ng by the #o!r Creat!res and the t"enty1#o!r elders The song o# millions o# angels The song o# all creation 103

*ohn 13512 Acts 353 Acts 16538 'hilippians 356111

1 Timothy 151; 1 Timothy 2516 >evelation ?58 >evelation ?510 >evelation 859( 10 >evelation 8513 >evelation 8512


>evelation ;510 >evelation ;513 >evelation 1?52 >evelation 1852 >evelation 1851( 2( 618

The song o# the redeemed The song o# the angels( the Living Creat!res( and the elders The ne" song o# the 1??(000 The song o# the Lamb The song o# the great m!ltit!de


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