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VestoWIN Klassik
Floor heating boiler

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Table of "uel %ppropriate

Fun$tional test

!a"et# pre$autions I&portant in"or&ation (he$king the heating )ater (o&bination )ith auto&ati$ boiler +e g pellet or oil,"ire- boiler.

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Fun$tional ele&ents an- operating $ontrols (o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& Fuel e$ono&# sli-er /hrottle "lap 1eight,a-2ustable grate )ith 3ibration -e3i$e Mini&u& ther&ostat4 (leaning e6uip&ent an- a$$essories 7roun- prote$tion tra# !a"et# in"or&ation Initial start,up o" heating (o&&ents relating to heating &o-e 1eating operation 8 heating up or re"illing

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(la--ing 1ot plate9 hot plate "ra&e (oasting sur"a$es an- "lues 7rate li"ting e6uip&ent (he$king an- ser3i$ing the ther&al pro$ess sa"eguar%t the en- o" the heating perio-

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:oiler o3erheating Flue gas es$aping :oiler not getting up to te&perature Ver# -irt# boiler 15

1* 10 10 15

1igh )oo- $onsu&ption

;ear 1eating !#ste& O)ners9

We )oul- like to $ongratulate #ou on #our ne) en3iron&entall# "rien-l# boiler s#ste& With the pur$hase o" this high,6ualit# pro-u$t "ro& WINN;1%7<= ><N/=%?1<I>@N79 #ou ha3e sele$te- a s#ste& that pro3i-es &ore $o&"ort an- opti&ise- "uel $onsu&ption )hile utilising an en3iron&entall# "rien-l# &eans o" sa3ing resour$es Aour boiler )as &anu"a$ture- un-er stri$t I!O 9001 $erti"ie- stan-ar-s9 )as sub2e$te- to eBtensi3e tests an- all its $o&ponents are re$#$lable /he "ollo)ing instru$tions are a3ailable "or operation an- installation4 1eating eBpert4 installation instru$tions9 list o" spare parts !#ste& o)ner4 Operating Manual9 heating instru$tions On the "ollo)ing pages )e ha3e pro3i-e- spe$i"i$ in"or&ation an- i&portant tips regar-ing s#ste& operation9 unit "un$tions an- $leaning Clease pa# $lose attention to these instru$tions Fa&iliarit# )ith the &aterial in this -o$u&ent )ill allo) #ou to en2o# long,ter& operation o" the unit We )ish #ou all the best )ith #our WIN;1%, 7<= boilerD (or-iall#9 WIN;1%7<= ><N/=%?1<I>@N7

&mportant information for system

1.1 precautions


/he boiler an- relate- a$$essories are state o" the art an- &eet all appli$able sa"et# regulations Aour boiler is "itte- as stan-ar- )ith a &ini&u& ther&ostat to $ontrol the heating pu&p an- hot )ater tank "ee- pu&p i" "itte- /he &ini&u& ther&ostat operates at a 3oltage o" 230 V %( I&proper installation or repair $an pose the -anger o" li"e,threatening ele$tri$ sho$k Installation &a# be per"or&e- onl# b# appropriatel# 6ua, li"ie- te$hni$ians

Caution symbols
Clease take Manual $are"ul note o" the "ollo)ing s#&bols in this Operating

Ignoring the )arnings i-enti"ie- $an lea- to personal injury Ignoring the )arnings i-enti"ie- $an lea- to malfunction of or damage to the boiler or heating system

1.2 Appropriate fuel

/he boiler is suite- "or the burning o" an# t#pe o" )oo- in the "or& o" unpro$esse- "ire)oo- /he )ater $on, tent o" the "uel &ust be bet)een 1' 8 2' E %pproBi&ate 3alue4 )oo- store- $orre$tl# "or aroun- 2 #ears 8 1/3 & split logs4 max. 3 cm long! approx. " to max. 1# cm edge lengthF al)a#s split round logs )ith a diameter in excess of $ cm% 8 Woo- bri6uettes4 burning o" )oo- bri6uettes9 a$$or-ing to GNO=M M013' an-/or ;IN '1031 8 =esi-ual )oo-4 pro3i-e- that the )oo- isnHt pressure i&pregnate- or $oate-9 e g ti&ber9 resi-ual buil-ing )oo-9 et$ I" using large boar-s9 a-apte- "illing shoul- be un-ertakenD ;o not "ill )ith -ust# "uels 8 risk o" eBplosionD ;o not heat )ith plasti$s9 CV( panels9 sa)-ust or i&pregnate-9 glue- )oo- resi-ue or si&ilar 8 these $ause boiler $orrosion an- are prohibite- b# the Fe-eral %ir Curit# %$t

1.3 &mportant information

8 8 8

/he o3en &ust not be &o-i"ie- unless using the teste- original a$$essories )e pro3i-e or i" the )ork is un-er, taken b# our (usto&er !er3i$e Onl# "it original spare parts /hese $an be obtaine- "ro& #our $usto&er ser3i$e partner or -ire$tl# "ro& our, sel3es Croper an- or-erl# installation b# an eBpert in $o&plian$e )ith the regulations an- spe$i"i$ations appli$a, ble at the installation site Obser3an$e o" in"or&ation pro3i-e- in installation instru$tions an- in3ol3e&ent o" responsible $hi&ne# s)eep to assess stru$tural or te$hni$al $ir$u&stan$es (orre$t operation9 obser3ing the -etails pro3i-e- in the operating &anual an- in"or&ation relating to sa"et# an- en3iron&ental prote$tion (orre$t "uel through use o" en3iron&entall#,"rien-l#9 high,6ualit# an- -r# t#pes o" "uel =egular $are an- $leaning o" o3en9 "lue gas outlets9 $onne$ting pie$e an- "lue I" this is not -one9 &al"un$ti, ons9 "aults an- -a&age )ill auto&ati$all# in$rease9 resulting in anno#an$e an- $osts Wearing parts9 parts sub2e$t to high ther&al loa-s or broken o3en parts shoul- be repla$e- as 6ui$kl# as possible

8 8 8

(aution4 the "lue &a# blo$k i" the o3en is heate- again a"ter a long perio- o" it not being use:e"o, re starting the o3en9 ha3e the "lue $he$ke- b# a spe$ialist +$hi&ne# s)eep.
8 8

Onl# open ash -oor to heat up an- re&o3e ash /o pre3ent heating gas "ro& es$aping9 the onl# other rea, son "or opening the heating -oor is to top up "uel <nsure su""i$ient suppl# o" "resh air in the installation roo& )hen heating /he air &ust be repla$e- at least 0 5 ti&es an hour through $onstant an- reliable roo& 3enting Fresh air &a# ha3e to be pro3i-e- "ro& out, si-e i" the )in-o)s an- -oors in the roo& )here the o3en is installe- are )ell seale- or i" this roo& $on, tains other e6uip&ent9 su$h as eBtra$tor hoo-s9 $lothes -r#er9 "an et$ (orre$t response to "ires in the "lue4 Keep heating -oors an- ash -oors $lose- Mo3e "uel e$ono&# sli-er to botto& position an- $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& to position 0 Ne3er tr# to put out a "ire in the "lue using )ater /he su--en appea, ran$e o" huge a&ounts o" stea& &a# $ause the "lue to burst

1.' (unctional test

<N 12525 re)uires that the function of the system and related safety e)uipment +e g sa"et# 3al3e9 ther&al pro, $ess sa"eguar-. be $he$ke- an- $erti"ie- yearly by a )ualified technician +installer9 heating s#ste& $ontra$tor.


Chec*ing the heating +ater

The chemical composition of the heating +ater must meet the specifications of ,-./0 1 12 Part 1 or 34& 2#3 T1. According to ,-./0 0 12 Part 1! the condition of the heating +ater must be chec*ed e5ery 2 years by a heating technician in order to a5oid corrosion and sediment accumulation in the heating system. The chec* must be performed once e5ery year in heating systems +ith more than 1 ## litres of heating +ater. In the e3ent o" repair )ork re6uiring a $hange o" )ater in the heating s#ste&9 the heating )ater is to be $he$ke- )ithin 4 to * )eeks a"ter su$h )ork (orrosion an- se-i&ent resulting "ro& i&proper heating )ater are not $o3ere- b# the guarantee an)arrant#

1." Combination +ith automatic boiler

6e.g. pellet or oil7fired boiler8

I" the VestoWIN an- an auto&ati$ boiler +e g pellet or oil,"ire- boiler. are $onne$te- to one "lue9 the heating an- ash -oor &ust be $lose- )hen the auto&ati$ boiler is operating so that the auto&ati$ boiler )ill be able to operate $orre$tl# +leake- in air.

2.1 (unctional elements and operating controls

/he "loor heating boilers o" the VestoWIN series are $entral heating boilers )ith upper burning9 an integrate&ini&u& ther&ostat an- a height,a-2ustable grate
1 2 3 4 ' * 0 5 9 10 11 12 13 4 ' * !upplie- as stan-ar-4 8 Fol-er $ontaining instru$tions 8 Coker 8 !oot s$raper 8 8 8 8 8 Fig 2 VestoWIN Klassik (leaning brush Operating han-le %sh pan (rank "or grate 3ibration unit an- "or grate li"ting e6uip&ent Wall so$ket Insulating $o3er 1eating -oor =e&ote ther&o&eter +boiler ther&o&e, ter. %sh -oor (o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& Fuel e$ono&# sli-er =ating plate ;oor $at$h Verti$al grate 7rate li"ting sha"t %sh pan 7rate 3ibration unit 7roun- prote$tion tra#


2 3

5 9

10 11 12 13

Fig 3

VestoWIN KlassikF heating an- ash -oor open

2.2 Combustion controlling mechanism

/he $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& is "itte- in the ash -oor an- is operate- using the rotar# knob 8 Fig 4 It $ontrols the4 8 $o&bustion air suppl# 8 boiler te&perature an- there"ore 8 per"or&an$e un-er $onsi-eration o" the i-eal suppl# o" pri&ar# air "or lo) e&issions

1 2

Knob "or $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& Mark "or $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& Knurle- s$re) "or "uel e$ono&# sli-er !$ale "or "uel e$ono&# sli-er9 top I "ull# open botto& I $lose-

3 4

2 3 4

Fig 4

%sh -oor )ith $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& an- "uel e$ono&# sli-er

2.3 (uel economy slider

/he "uel e$ono&# sli-er +Fig 4. is "itte- in the ash -oor9 along )ith the $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& Its 2ob is to4 8 sa3e "uel9 8 eBten- burning9 8 keep the "lue gas te&perature lo)9 8 an- there"ore i&pro3e e""i$ien$# /he "uel e$ono&# sli-er a-2usts the $o&bustion air suppl# 8 to the "lue -raught present +"ee- pressure. 8 an- to the boiler output re6uire- regar-less o" the $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& % &ini&u& "lue -raught o" 0 1' &bar is nee-e- "or the VestoWIN Klassik 100/220 I" the "lue -raught &at$hes this 3alue9 a-2ust the "uel e$ono&# sli-er as -es$ribe- in the heating instru$tions I" the "lue -raught is slightl# abo3e 0 1' &bar9 $lose the "uel e$ono&# sli-er a little I" the "lue -raught is too lo)9 open the "uel e$ono&# sli-er a little /o -o this9 loosen the knurle- nut9 &o3e the sli-er to the $orrespon-ing position an- retighten the nut I" the "lue -raught is signi"i$antl# greater than 0 2' &bar9 $onta$t the $hi&ne# s)eep "or a-3i$e I" the "lue -raught is too high +J 0 2' &bar.9 the boiler $o&ponents )ill be sub2e$t to eB$ess ther&al loa- an- the )arrant# in3ali-ate-

2.' Throttle flap

/he throttle "lap is lo$ate- in the "lue outlet /he onl# part 3isible is the operating knob )hi$h protru-es "ro& the "lue outlet /he throttle "lap 8 &ust al)a#s be in the open position )hen heating up 8 Fig ' 8 re-u$es the "lue -raught i" this is too high "or too long +set as ne$essar#. /he slot on the operating knob sho)s #ou the position o" the throttle "lap !lot position I "lap position When heating up the o3en9 open the throttle "lap all the )a# 8 Fig ' Full# rotate the throttle "lap on$e 3er# 14 -a#s to pre3ent soot -eposits

Fig '

/hrottle "lap open

Fig *

/hrottle "lap $lose-


1eight7adjustable grate +ith 5ibration de5ice

?i"ting or lo)ering the grate a-apts the "illing $ha&ber "or 8 nor&al &o-e +e g heating an- $ooking in )inter an- at turn o" the seasons9 approB '8* kg o" )oo-. 8 grate lo)ere8 e$ono&# &o-e +e g $ooking in su&&er9 approB 283 kg o" )oo-. 8 grate raise- +aroun- 10$& belo) the se$on-ar# air pipes. @se the $rank "or the li"ting e6uip&ent to a-2ust the grate /he $ranksha"t is behin- the ash -oor9 belo) the 3erti$al grate 8 Fig 0 8 /urn $lo$k)ise4 to raise 8 /urn anti$lo$k)ise4 to lo)er Mo3e&ent is li&ite- b# stops at the top an- botto& so -o not eBer$ise "or$e ;o not a-2ust the grate )ith a $ol- "uel "ill

Fig 0

1eight,a-2ustable grate

Fig 5

Vibration -e3i$e

7i3e the grate a goo- shake be"ore repositioning /he 3ibration sha"t is in the botto& right9 neBt to the $o&bu, stion $ontrolling &e$hanis& 8 Fig 5 /he $rank "or the grate 3ibration unit is use- to 8 operate the 3ibration grate )hen the ash -oor is $lose-9 8 shake the grate in an# position9 8 thereb# ensuring $on3enient han-ling an- opti&u& air suppl#

2." 0inimum thermostat9

/he &ini&u& ther&ostat onl# s)it$hes on the heating pu&p an- also the hot )ater tank "ee- pu&p abo3e a boiler )ater te&perature o" *' K( /his pre3ents $on-ensate "ro& "or&ing an- there"ore boiler $orrosion9 )hi$h eBten-s the ser3i$e li"e o" the "loor heating boiler /he &ini&u& ther&ostat &ust be $onne$te- to pre3ent $on-ensation "or&ing /he preset s)it$hing te&perature o" *' K( &ust not be $hange- Failure to obser3e this re6uire&ent &a# result in boiler $or, rosion an- in3ali-ation o" the )arrant#

2.: Cleaning e)uipment and accessories

/he "ollo)ing are supplie- "or ea$h o3en4
1 2 3 4 ' * 0 1 2 3 4 ' * 0 Wall so$ket Coker !oot s$raper (leaning brush Operating han-le (rank "or grate li"ting e6uip&ent angrate 3ibration unit %sh pan

Fig 9

(leaning e6uip&ent an- a$$essories

Aou $an use the operating han-le4 8 to open the s&oke hole $o3er 8 to a-2ust the throttle "lap 8 to open the 3erti$al grate

2.$ ;round protection tray

/he groun- prote$tion tra# is "itte- in the boiler base It is sli- out aroun- ' $& b# a spring )hen the ash -oor is opene-8 Fig 10 Cull the groun- prote$tion tra# all the )a# out to e&pt# the ash pan or $lean the boiler Its purpose is to $olle$t "alling ash

Fig 10

7roun- prote$tion tra#

2.2 Safety information

8 ;o not tou$h the hot parts o" the o3en +hot plate9 o3en "ra&e9 o3en9 "lue pipe9 insulating $o3er9 grate9 ash pan9 ash -e"le$tor et$ . 8 ;o not pla$e $o&bustible ob2e$ts on the o3en or insulating $o3er 8 I" the grate is in its top position9 the hot plate &a# start to glo) Open the insulating $o3er )hen in this grate position 8 Other than )hen heating up9 the ash -oor &ust be kept $lose- other)ise #ou $annot $ontrol the burning an- there is a risk o" o3erheating 8 /he integrate- &iBer +in the "ittings $abinet. shoul- a-2ust the te&perature in the ra-iators as re6uire/o pre3ent the risk o" o3erheating9 ne3er "ull# $lose the &iBer 8 Ne3er $ause the hot plate to glo) ;o this b# replenishing "uel )ith as s&all a 3olu&e as possible an&o3ing the "uel e$ono&# sli-er to the $orre$t position 8 Ne3er heat the o3en i" there is too little or no )ater in the s#ste& or i" the heat -issipate- is L * kW 8 ;o not operate the boiler abo3e a boiler te&perature o" 90 K( 8 ;o not set either the $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& or the "uel e$ono&# sli-er abo3e the 3alues statein the heating instru$tions

2.1# &nitial start7up of heating

/he -e3i$e nee-s a $onstant suppl# o" $o&bustion air /he )in-o)s an- -oors at the installation site &ust not there"ore be airtight /his is espe$iall# i&portant in installation roo&s )ith less than 4 &3 per kW o"

no&inal heat output

Vapour eBtra$tion s#ste&s9 "ans an- other "irepla$es &a# ha3e a negati3e i&pa$t on $o&bustion Cro3i-e a suppl# air opening i" ne$essar#

<hen the de5ice is installed9

8 8 8 8 8

1a3e the "lue -raught &easure- /he $orre$t "lue -raught +"ee- pressure. is the basis "or setting the "uel e$o, no&# sli-er an- "or the -e3i$e "un$tioning per"e$tl# Fill the s#ste& )ith )ater Full# 3ent the s#ste& Open all barriers +shut,o"" 3al3es9 sli-ers et$ . !)it$h on the heating pu&p I" the &ini&u& ther&ostat is $onne$te- to the heating pu&p9 this onl# allo)s the pu&p to start at a boiler te&perature o" *' K( I" $o&bine- )ith Vesto 200 "ittings $abinet9 the heating pu&p is $ontrolle- b# this +see operating &anual "or Vesto 200. (lean all $la--ing parts to pre3ent "le$ks burning in @npa$k the hot plate an- re&o3e grease "ro& top

8 8

Note4 When heate- "or the "irst ti&e9 the re&aining oil )ill 3aporise an- a little s&oke an- o-our )ill be pro, -u$e- Aou $an re&o3e oil resi-ue )ith li6ui- $leaning agents <nsure that the installation roo& is there"ore )ell 3ente-

2.11 Comments relating to heating mode

1. Keep boiler te&perature abo3e 00 K( at all ti&es b# rea-2usting )ith the $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& an- &iBer 2. We ha3e "oun- the "lue -raught to be lo)er in su&&er than )inter /he boiler $oul- there"ore pro-u$e s&oke )hen heating up or -uring operation =e&e-#4 8 (lose $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& be"ore opening heating -oor 8 Cre,heat "lue through $leaning -oor 8 =eplenish )ith s&all a&ounts o" "uel

2.12 1eating operation = heating up or refilling

Chec* before first heating
8 !#ste& pressure +heating )ater pressure.4 /he s#ste& &ust be "ille- an- 3ente- With the s#ste& $ol-9 pressure shoul- be at least 1 0 bar +&aBi&u& 1 5 bar. I" #ou ha3e an# 6uestions9 #our installer )ill gla-l# ans)er the& 8 Ventilation4 Clease &ake sure the installation roo& is )ell 3entilate- /he air suppl# &ust be as "ree o" -ust as possible 8 Flue4 Clease ha3e the $hi&ne# s)eep $he$k the "lue regularl#9 an-9 i" ne$essar#9 $lean it 8 :arriers4 (he$k that the barriers installe- in the heating s#ste& are set $orre$tl# 8 /her&al pro$ess sa"eguar-4 ;is$harge "unnel $he$k Out"lo) &ust not -rip

2.12.1 1eating up = starting heating operation

Proceed as follo+s9
8 8 8 8 8 8

Make the heating pu&p rea-# +3oltage suppl#9 an# &anual s)it$hes. (lean ash o"" grate /he ash $an be easil# re&o3e- b# "ol-ing up the 3erti$al grate )ith the grate in its bot, to&&ost position First sprea- s$re)e- up paper o3er the entire grate area an- then a-- )oo- $hoppe- into s&all pie$es to a height o" aroun- 1'820 $& Full# open $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& an- "uel e$ono&# sli-er to ensure a su""i$ient suppl# o" air Open throttle "lap Ignite /he ash -oor &a# initiall# be opene- a $ra$k an- then $lose- again a"ter aroun- 182 &inutes

Clease note4 Flue gas &a# es$ape i" the "lue -raught is too lo) I" this happens9 the ash -oor shoul- be $loseagain an- the "uel e$ono&# sli-er &o3e- to the $entre position
8 8 8

Wait until the start,up &aterial is "ull# burnt %-- 1 la#er o" 33 $& split logs +approB 10 $& high. length)ise an- sprea- e3enl# When the "irst la#er o" )oo- is "ull# burnt9 &o3e the "uel e$ono&# sli-er roughl# to the $entre

Settings for heating up9

Fuel %sh -oor (o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& 1eight,a-2ustable grate 1eating pu&p /hrottle "lap Fuel e$ono&# sli-er

2.12.2 /eplenishing fuel = continuing heating operation

Open heating -oor )ith $are as "lue gas &a# es$ape For lo) e&issions an- high e""i$ien$#9 )e re$o&&en-4
8 8 8

replenishing )ith s&all 3olu&es replenishing at short inter3als +308*0 &in. brie"l# +182 &in. opening the "uel e$ono&# sli-er all the )a# "or rapi- ignition

2.12.3 Settings and burning time

!et "uel e$ono&# sli-er a$$or-ing to "lue -raughtD ;rate position :otto& :otto& /op

2.12.' -ormal mode

/he height,a-2ustable grate is in the botto&&ost position +Fig 11. an- the heating,up pro$ess is "ollo)ing the -es$ription pro3i-e- in !e$tion 2 11 1 In nor&al &o-e #ou $an $ook in a si&ilar )a# to e$ono&# or $ooking &o-eD

Fig 11

1eight,a-2ustable grate at botto& 8 &aBi&u& "illing $ha&ber

/he &aBi&u& "ill is * kg o" split logs +33 $&. a--e- length)ise9 but no higher than the botto& e-ge o" the se$on-ar# air pipes ;epen-ing on their siMe9 this )ill be aroun- '80 logs I" )oo- has been $ut too long9 it $an be a--e- $ross)ise /his 3olu&e o" )oo- )ill gi3e #ou a burning ti&e o" aroun- 181 ' hours


>conomy or coo*ing mode

/he height,a-2ustable grate is aroun- 10 $& 8 Fig 12 /he o3en starts up as -es$ribe- abo3e :ut -o use s&aller 3olu&es o" "uel +approB 2 kg o" )oo-. /he highest o3en te&perature o$$urs on the s&oke hole $o3er in the $entre /his is the best pla$e "or rapi$ooking /he areas aroun- the e-ges are best "or slo) $ooking or keeping )ar&

Fig 12

1eight,a-2ustable grate at top

When in the top grate position9 the heat output is not suppresse- b# the )ater s#ste&D !u""i$ient -is, sipating heat o" at least * kW +e g hot )ater tank loa-ing. shoul- also be ensure- -uring $ooking &o-eD

2.12." 1eating at the turn of the seasons

%t outsi-e te&peratures abo3e 1' K(9 there is a risk o" onl# a &o-erate "ire being pro-u$e- -ue to the lo) "eepressure in the "lue /his )ill result in in$rease- "or&ation o" soot in the o3enHs "lue gas -u$ts an- in the "lue In$rease the pri&ar# air suppl# b# opening the "uel e$ono&# sli-er9 poking &ore o"ten an- replenishing &ore "re6uentl# an- )ith s&aller a&ounts /his $an re-u$e the "or&ation o" soot at the turn o" the seasons

3.1 Cladding
(lean the boiler $la--ing )ith a &oist $loth as nee-e- In the e3ent o" hea3# soiling9 use soap# )ater or -ilute- su-s +-o not use strong $leaners or sharp $leaning instru&ents.

Care and

3.2 1ot plate! hot plate frame

I&&e-iatel# $lean up an# spills or grease splashes /he best )a# to $lean a -irt# hot plate is )ith a li6ui- $leaning agent +burnt in -irt or soot $an be re&o3e)ith "ine steel )ool. %"ter $leaning9 an a$i-,"ree oil +e g e-ible oil. shoul- be applie- +rub in oil )ith $loth. to the hot plate +luke)ar& is best. Onl# use a "e) -rops other)ise o-ours &a# be pro-u$e- )hen #ou neBt heat the hot plate up % stan-ar- o3en paste $an also be use- "or $are %n# "ine,grain $leaning agent is suitable "or the hot plate "ra&e

3.3 Coasting surfaces and flues

<3er# &illi&etre o" soot on the $oasting sur"a$es an- in the "lues &eans about ' E &ore "uel $onsu&ption % $lean boiler sa3es "uel an- prote$ts the en3iron&ent

Sa5e fuel = al+ays clean the boiler in good time%

;uring the heating perio-9 $lean the boiler e3er# 182 &onths /he spe$i"ie- $leaning inter3als are "or gui, -an$e onl#D /he $leaning inter3als 3ar# -epen-ing on the 6ualit# o" the "uel9 the nature o" operation an- the -i""erent operating phases +e g a lot o" partial loa-9 long stationar# perio-s -uring operations.

Cleaning se)uence9
1 2 3 4 ' =e&o3e insulating $o3er an- hot plate an- $lean 8 Fig 13 ?i"t "lue ba""le plates up an- out as sho)n in Fig 14 an- $lean @se soot s$raper an- $leaning brush to shear o"" an- $lean boiler )alls an- si-e/rear "lue gas outlets !$rape- o"" soot is best hoo3ere- up )ith a 3a$uu& $leaner or re&o3e- )ith the soot s$raper =e"it "lue ba""le plates $orre$tl# an- "it hot plate an- insulating $o3er <nsure the "lue ba""le plates are positione- $orre$tl# )hen asse&bling

Fig 13

(leaning insulating $o3er an- hot plate

Fig 14

=e&o3ing "lue ba""le plates

3.' ;rate lifting e)uipment

?ubri$ate the sha"ts o" the grate 3ibration unit an- grate li"ting e6uip&ent "re6uentl# )ith a heat,resistant lubri, $ant 8 Fig 1'

7rate li"ting e6uip&ent

7rate 3ibration unit

Fig 1'

?ubri$ating grate 3ibration unit an- grate li"ting e6uip&ent


Chec*ing and ser5icing the thermal process safeguard

/he "un$tion o" the ther&al pro$ess sa"eguar- &ust be $he$ke- on$e a #ear b# a te$hni$ian an- the a&ount o" li&es$ale in the ther&al sa"et# -e3i$e &ust be $he$ke- I" there is li&es$ale in the ther&al sa"et# -e3i$e then it &ust al)a#s be re&o3e-

8, Cress the re- $ap against the 3al3e +Fig 1*. J Water &ust "lo) out into the "unnel 8 ?ittle out"lo) at "unnel J ?i&es$ale in ther&al sa"et# -e3i$e +pu&p li&es$ale re&o3e 88 e g "or&i$ a$i- 8 through the ther&al sa"et# -e3i$e. /her&al pro$ess sa"eguar- -ripping J (lean the seal on the piston an- 3al3e seat I" the seal is -a&age- J =ene) the piston Please note: /here is no nee- to re&o3e the "itting "or this pur, poseD

Fig 1*

/her&al pro$ess sa"eguar-

3." At the end of the heating period

8 (lean the boiler thoroughl# 8 see !e$tion 3 3 8 (he$k the "lue pipe to the "lue "or -irt an- $lean at least on$e a #ear 8 (lose all -oors an- air $hokes 8 ;o not -rain o"" the )ater I" the -e3i$e re&ains out o" ser3i$e "or a long )hile -uring the heating perio-9 the $o&ponents $arr#ing )ater &a# "reeMe Fill )ith anti"reeMe

:e"ore $alling WIN;1%7<= (usto&er !er3i$e or #our $usto&er ser3i$e C%=/N<= -ue to a &al"un$tion9 plea, se "irst &ake a note o" the "ollo)ing -ata "ro& the rating plate4 8 /#pe 8 Fa$tor# nu&ber 8 Aear o" &anu"a$ture Aou )ill "in- the rating plate on the insi-e o" the heating -oor 8 Fig 10


=ating plate

Fig 10

=ating plate

'.1 ?oiler o5erheating

The boiler may o5erheat if9
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 there is too little )ater in the s#ste& the boiler or s#ste& are not "ull# 3ente$ir$ulation in the ra-iators an- to the hot )ater tank is interrupte- +&iBer $lose-9 3al3e $lose-. the pu&p is stationar# the $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& is set too high the ash -oor is open the "uel e$ono&# sli-er is set too high the height,a-2ustable grate is set in$orre$tl# +)in-er &o-e at botto& in su&&er.

I" the ther&al pro$ess sa"eguar- is $onne$te- to the built,in ther&al sa"et# -e3i$e9 the ther&o 3al3e sensor allo)s $oolant to "lo) at a boiler )ater te&perature o" &ore than 9'K( /his pre3ents the boiler "ro& o3erheating "urt, her

&mportant note%
Action to ta*e +or*ing9
8 8 8 8 8

in the

e5ent of o5erheating +hen the

thermal process safeguard is not

Open all h#-rauli$ blo$king organs +&iBers9 3al3es. (lose "uel e$ono&# sli-er (lose $o&bustion $ontrolling &e$hanis& +turn shut until strong resistan$e $an be "elt. (lose the ash -oor Open hot )ater taps

I" none o" these a$tions bring the -esire result9 re&o3e the "irebe-

'.2 (lue gas escaping

(lue gas escapes +hen the flue draught is too lo+. /emedy for flue gas escaping +hen heating up9
8 (lose ash -oor9 set "uel e$ono&# sli-er to $entre 8 In the e3ent o" lo),pressure )eather $on-itions4 use paper to pre,heat the "lue +"lue $leaning -oor. to re&e, -# o3erpressure in the "lue

/emedy for flue gas escaping +hen replenishing9

8 Aou )ere replenishing too soon9 i e there is still too &u$h &aterial in the boiler 8 it is best to )ait until there are 2ust e&bers 8 :e"ore opening the "illing -oor9 the "uel e$ono&# sli-er $an be "ull# $lose-9 then )ait a "e) &inutes be"ore opening the heating -oors

/emedy for flue gas escaping permanently9

8 !et the "uel e$ono&# sli-er no higher than the $entre9 an- belo) i" ne$essar# 8 1a3e the "lue -raught $he$ke- b# a $hi&ne# s)eep -uring use /his &ust be J 0 1' &bar I" this -raught is not rea$he- -uring operation9 #ou shoul- talk to #our $hi&ne# s)eep / installer about reno3ating the $hi&, ne# With the VestoWIN Klassik 2209 a te&porar# solution is to re&o3e the side -raught ba""le plates +Fig 14. +less resistan$e.

'.3 ?oiler not getting up to temperature

Cause9 @ou are not using enough material for ignition 6paper! lighter8 or the chun*s of +ood used for heating are too large
8 /he s$re)e- up paper shoul- $o3er the )hole grate area or use )oo- $hoppe- to a su""i$ient "ineness +e-ge length L 4 $&.

Cause9 The chun*s of +ood used are too large

8 In parti$ular )hen heating up or i" onl# replenishing 3er# in"re6uentl# +J 2 hours.9 the e&bers present are o"ten insu""i$ient We )oul- re$o&&en- a--ing a la#er o" "inel# $hoppe- )oo- to the boiler be"ore reple, nishing )ith larger pie$es o" )oo/he grate shoul- also "irst be )ell shaken an- the "uel e$ono&# sli-er "ull# opene- a"ter replenishing +-epen, -ing on the "lue. so that the )oo- ignites 6ui$kl#

Cause9 he +ood used is too damp

8 ;a&p )oo- shoul- be bet)een 1'82' E /his usuall# $orrespon-s to )oo- that has been store- "or 182 #ears in a )ell 3ente- pla$e 8 When burning )oo- )hi$h is too -a&p9 so&e o" the $o&bustion energ# "irst has to be use- to -r# the )oo- su""i$ientl# /his $ools the burning pro$ess an- the -e3i$e pro-u$es less output an- poor e&issions 3alues +serious -e3i$e $onta&ination.

Cause9 The systemAs heating re)uirements are too high

8 With 3er# large s#ste&s in parti$ular9 it &a# take se3eral hours "or the boiler te&perature to in$rease signi, "i$antl# abo3e 00 K( /his is not a &al"un$tion be$ause the s#ste&Ns entire )ater $ontent "irst has to be hea, te- up I" the te&perature $annot be seen to ha3e in$rease- a"ter a "ull -a# o" uninterrupte- heating9 #ou shoul$onta$t the installer an- arrange "or the heating re6uire&ents o" the buil-ing to be $al$ulate-

'.' 3ery dirty boiler

Cause9 &nsufficient heat consumption
8 Mini&u& heating $onsu&ption o" * kW shoul- be ensure- in the long ter&9 i e open ra-iators or open an# &anual &iBing 3al3es present 8 /he replenishing inter3als shoul- also be eBten-e- an- the a&ounts replenishe- re-u$e-

Cause9 /eturn temperature too long in the long term

8 I" #our s#ste& is 3er# large an- #our heating re6uire&ents high9 it )ill take a 3er# long ti&e "or the return te&perature to rise I" this is a re$urring proble&9 please $onta$t #our installer an- arrange "or the heating re6uire&ents to be $al$ulate8 I" using a VestoWIN boiler to loa- a bu""er tank9 a return hol-,up group )ith a return te&perature o" '' K( is nee-e-


1igh +ood consumption

/he VestoWIN boilerHs no&inal output is rea$he- at a "lue -raught o" aroun- 0 1' &bar I" the a$tual "lue -raught is $onsi-erabl# greater than this +J 0 20 &bar.9 the -e3i$e )ill Oo3erheatP In other )or-s9 &ore )oo- is e&itte- as gas an- burnt9 )hi$h in$reases the "lue gas te&perature anre-u, $es e""i$ien$#

Cause9 (lue draught too high

8 /he "uel e$ono&# sli-er shoul- be $lose- "urther9 )hi$h )ill e""e$ti3el# re-u$e the output an- in$rease -e3i, $e e""i$ien$# again

"or VestoWIN "loor heating boiler / $entral heating $ooker range Issue- b#4

4eclaration of

WIN;1%7<= ><N/=%?1<I>@N7 /e$hnik 7&b1 %nton,Win-hager,!trasse 20 %,'201 !eekir$hen

!ub2e$t o" the -e$laration4 VestoWIN "loor heating boiler / $entral heating $ooker range We hereb# -e$lare that the series o" -e3i$es liste- abo3e an- pro-u$e- b# oursel3es satis"# the &ain prote$, ti3e re6uire&ents o" the "ollo)ing -ire$ti3es4 ;o$u&ent no 59/10* <<( 03/23 <<( 59/33* <<(

!eekir$hen9 24 !epte&ber 2009 Qohann /hal&aier9 :oar- o" ;ire$tors

Win-hager >entralheiMung /e$hnik 7&b1

/he guarantee an- )arrant# li&itations re6uire that the boiler an- all a$$essories be properl# installe- other, )ise the &anu"a$turerHs guarantee )ill not be honoureMal"un$tions resulting "ro& i&proper operation or a-2ust&ent as )ell as use o" poor or not re$o&&en-e"uel t#pes are not $o3ere- b# the guarantee an- )arrant# Further9 the )arrant# shall be 3oi- i" e6uip&ent other than that pro3i-e- b# WIN;1%7<= is installe- /he spe$ial )arrant# restri$tions "or #our s#ste& are a3ailable in the OWarrant# (on-itionsP "ol-er supplie- )ith #our boiler

;uarantee and +arranty

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