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ON ZIMBABWE. 31/10/09

Zimbabwe is a peaceful country in the world. Zimbabwe is in the continent of Africa.

United States, Britain, Australia, EU and their allies imposed sanctions on all black
people in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe is being punished for introducing meaningful change through the efforts of the
liberation movements. Zimbabwe was colonized by Britain for more than one hundred
years. Black Zimbabweans had no rights on everything ranging from political, economic,
social and legal rights. The British settlers plundered, exploited, killed and never talked
about human rights violation, racial discrimination intensified right up to date. Is human
rights mean indiscriminate racial subjugation of black Zimbabweans? Why are
Zimbabweans being punished for upholding of international human rights by correcting
unjust racial private property rights which were enacted by the colonizers? Why is the
world silent when the black peoples’ human rights are being violated by the western

Is it because we are black?

We do not need foreign sponsored political parties; these political parties disown their
brothers and sisters for the love of money. They do not exist for the development of
Zimbabwe but to receiver foreign money and then they shut their eyes as Zimbabwe’s
strategic resources begin to be plundered and excessive exploitation of the black

We want to keep the change that brought positive results to all Zimbabweans. We cherish
the change which delivered independence to Zimbabwe politically. Our change is
progressive we are now meaningfully participating in the economic development by also
owning means of production. We are upholding international human rights as we treat all
races equally. Land is for all Zimbabweans whether black, white, red, yellow, it is for all
of us. There is land policy which provides for equitable redistribution of the land, unlike
during the colonial era where blacks were kept out of the land equation this time all races
are included.

The change that the foreign sponsored political parties are championing is retrogressive,
it is tailor made to return black Zimbabweans to the dark era of colonialism. The change
is not a change at all but it is an attempt by foreign sponsored political parties and their
erstwhile masters to reverse the noble and meaningful change brought by liberation
movements. These foreign sponsored wherever they have existed they only succeeded in
furthering foreign interests and the subsequent impoverishment of the black majority.
This is not in tandem with our expectation; we want to own capital, factors of production
in partnerships with interested investors from all over the world. We do not desire to be
dominated by any country in the world. We want to respect and be respected by other

Zimbabwe is rich of natural resources, she is a beautiful country with world class resort
areas for example Victoria Falls, great Zimbabwe ruins, Gonarezhou national park,
Hwange national park, Matopo hills, and many other attractions throughout the country.
Zimbabweans are very friendly people.

The western countries should remove sanctions on Zimbabwe which have caused a lot of
suffering to all black people. The leadership has tried to correct the unjust systems they
inherited from Ian D Smith’s previous racist government by putting all races at equal
level. This should be commended as an outstanding achievement by the Zimbabwe
government, as they completed the removal of racial system which impoverished black
Zimbabweans for hundred years.

Today, we want to work with honest partners who have seen the positive development
made by the liberation movements in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe did not violate any human
rights; all what is happening is that there is resistance to change on the part of Britain,
America and their allies who seem to believe that black people are not human. Black
people are human and their rights should be respected as happen to their fellow white
human beings. The issue of human rights should not ignore human rights violations on
black Zimbabweans by some western countries only to be hipped when one suspected
criminal white man is indicted.

All the international media reports about Zimbabwe and its leadership are not factual;
they are made to misinform the world. The real issues at play are that;
 Western countries led by Britain and United States of America want to takeover
control of our/Zimbabwe’s strategic resources,
 They want to replace Zimbabwe’s strong and people centered leadership by a
weak moderate puppet that can neither question nor challenge their actions
taken by whites in Zimbabwe.
 They want to maintain the economic ownership in the hands of their kith and
kin and further deprivation of the black Zimbabweans.
 They do not recognize black Zimbabweans as human beings hence we do not
have recognizable rights in their over mention interests.
 They treat all black Zimbabweans as inferior to a handful white community
including women and children.
 They do not want Zimbabwe to prosper through her well educated sons and
daughters in partnerships with them but as in master and slave relations.
 The do want economic decisions to be made and controlled by the leadership of
 They prefer a stooge that will take orders and implement them without any
 They hate black Zimbabwe who set businesses to compete with white business
 They do not want to let the world realize that the leadership of Zimbabwe in
Africa have proved beyond doughty that the can own and run the economy
 This done in order to portray that colonial mentality that Africans are not
competent enough to rule themselves.
 It is a r-colonization attempt on our beautiful country Zimbabwe.