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Revere’s Business News Source Serving Chamber Members — SEPTEMBER 2009

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Your Fellow Chamber Members 2009

September 17

ake a minute to look at where you fellow Chamber members helps the Re- Good Morning Revere
spend your money: Do you shop vere business community prosper and Business Breakfast
fellow Chamber members for grow. Featured Presenter
Speaker of the House
products and services? Does your company currently offer Bob DeLeo
One of the very best reasons for be- discounts or specials to other Chamber “State of the Economy & Leg-
ing a member of the Revere Chamber of members? If so, please let us know by islative Agenda”
Commerce is that you join with other lo- calling the Chamber or emailing 7:30am to 9am
at Four Points Sheraton
cal business people to support our local so that we can 407 Squire Road
economy. help promote your discount. $15 members/$20 others
Interacting and doing business with 781-289-8009

Revere on FOX25’s Zip Trip Friday, Sept. 4

E very Friday from April to August,

FOX25 chooses a city or town
across New England as the site to
film their live morning news program Zip
Trip. Revere was the chosen destination
To Be Determined

for the station’s September 4 edition.

Featuring people, places and things
that are good and unique to Revere, the
Zip Trip crew set up shop at the pavilion
on Revere Beach, directly across the November
boulevard from Kelly’s Roast Beef. cluded regular news components, weather, To Be Determined
While the program lasted three whole traffic and sports, as well as commercials.
hours, airing live from 6am to 9am, it in- The remaining time, however, was filled
with all things good about Revere.
Chamber members featured were
Mayor Tom Ambrosino, Ashley & Lauren
Moschella of Maggio’s Restaurant, Steve
Williams of Rent A Tool, Artie Perrin and
Thursday, December 3
Manny Paula of Kelly’s Roast Beef, and Good Morning Revere
AC Tommaro of AC’s Cards and Videos. Business Breakfast
There were many other featured person- Election of Officers
alities and businesses as well. & Directors 2010
Featured Presentation:
Left: Artie Perrin and Manny Paula of Kelly’s Roast Beef with a
fabulous display of well-known favorites. Above: Brian Davis of To Be Determined
Minuteman Press, Sheila Taymore of Comcast, FOX25 News Anchor
Kim Kerrigan, and Al Terminiello of Advocate Newspapers. “Revere’s Leading Business Organization Since 1979”

President: Jeffrey M. Howe
Treasurer: Joseph T. Scurio
Secretary: Alicia R. Amico
Immediate Past President:
John J. Verrengia, PP
Board of Directors: Jay Bol-
ton, Annette F. Bornstein,
Rosemary Cataldo, Brian
Davis, Jane Rizzo, Sheila Tay-
New State of the Art Operations
more, Mary Ann Zizzo Center for Cataldo Ambulance
Executive Director:
Laura K. Leone

Revere Chamber of Commerce

C ongratulations to Cataldo Ambulance Service as they announce the
grand opening of their new state of the art Operations Center, located
at 25 Eastern Avenue in Malden. The new building will be Cataldo’s
prime location for some management members and their new Communica-
tions and Dispatch Center. The new building will also serve as the new home
270 Broadway, Suite #10
of the Training Center which is fully equipped with simulation lab and addi-
Revere, MA 02151
781-289-8009; fx: 781-289-2166 tional space to accommodate the growing number of EMTs and paramedics
hired by Cataldo Ambulance Service.
The grand opening celebration will take pace from 3pm to 7pm,
Wednesday, September 23 with the official ribbon cutting at 4pm.

Revere Says “No” to Local Option Meals Tax

A surprise to some, a relief

to others, Revere joins the
majority of communities
across the state as it refuses the op-
tional additional .75% tax on meals
liest date the local option tax can
start, but not the only time. A com-
munity that did not vote by 8/31 or
that voted NO can take up the vote
again next quarter and in any quarter
within the City’s borders. As of the thereafter. If Revere should ever
August 31 deadline, only 30 cities MEALS adopt the local option meals tax, the
and towns out of 351 voted yes. TAX Mayor predicts it will be here to stay.
Those close to Revere choosing to “We know the tax is miniscule,
adopt the new tax include Boston, representing only 15 cents on a $20
Everett, Saugus, and Winthrop. dinner,” said Howe. “But it comes
Revere agreed to the 2% increase role in preserving vitality and safety alongside the shock of the increase in
on local option rooms and occu- within the City’s business districts state sales tax. The Chamber is con-
pancy tax. and neighborhoods. However, we cerned about what psychological im-
Early last month, after confer- do not see the singling out of res- pact the compounding taxation might
encing separately with Mayor Tom taurants as an even way to spread have on consumers and their spend-
Ambrosino and some Revere res- the burden of bridging the City’s ing behaviors, what effects it may
taurant owners and operators about budget gap, especially in this eco- have on the livelihoods of wait staff
the possible impacts of the pro- nomic climate,” Howe said. and on the restaurant industry as a
posed meals tax, the Chamber made The state is offering the local whole.”
a request to appear before the Re- option meals tax to every city and More specific language about
vere City Council to express its town in the commonwealth to take local option taxes is on the Dept. of
concerns. or leave. This is an ongoing gesture Revenue’s website
“The Chamber understands the by the state without an expiration Once there, search for Local Option
hardship the City faces as local date that comes on the heals of ex- Sales Tax on Meals and Local Option
state aid is slashed,” explained treme cuts in local aid. The August Room Occupancy Excise.
Chamber president Jeff Howe at the 31 deadline was for any municipal- The proposed optional meals tax
Council meeting. “We also agree ity to vote for the tax to be installed remains available to Revere for fu-
that City services play an important by October 1, 2009. This is the ear- ture consideration.

Historical Perspective: 1983-1988
Chamber Achievements Through the Years
Barbara B. Tufts which remains a highly anticipated by supporting better access to the Mu-
1983-1984 annual event within the community nicipal Parking lot on Sprague Street.
As the Chamber’s first woman presi- and serves as the longest standing
dent, Ms. Tufts, representing Revere fundraiser for the Chamber. Jay Battista
Federal Savings Bank, worked to grow 1987-1988
the Chamber’s membership and in- During these years,
crease the Chamber’s visibility within the Chamber’s
the community. She was instrumental popularity within the
in engaging the interest of prominent community was evi-
business men and women, encourag- dent as annual func-
ing them to join the Chamber’s Board tions like the Instal-
of Directors. This infused the Revere lation of Officers &
Chamber of Commerce with credibil- Directors and Pots of Gold drew
ity and a certain level of respect, pav- crowds of over 200. The Pot of Gold
ing the way for exceptional growth in was especially lucrative, bringing in
the coming years. profits of between $8000 and $9000.
Angelo “Sonny” Todisco It was during Mr. Battista’s tenure that
Bill Ferrullo Pictured above: Mr. Todisco served as the the Chamber held its first Business-to-
1985 Chamber’s president in 1986. Now retired Business Exposition. The event, held
Mr. Ferrullo, proprietor of Modern from his position at DePiano & Todisco at the Wonderland Ballroom was sold
Day Plumbing, continued to grow the Adjusters, he still resides in Revere. out and attracted huge crowds of spec-
membership at a brisk clip throughout tators and vendors. Also around this
his time as president. His command- By now, the Chamber was starting to time, the Chamber produced a 32-page
ing presence and position within the grow in leaps and bounds and had to booklet about Revere. With a full-
community assured outstanding atten- purchase its first computer. The color photo collage on the cover, the
dance at all of the Chamber’s func- Chamber began distributing a newslet- booklet included extensive informa-
tions and events. During his tenure, ter to over 500 businesses and tion about the history, landmarks, cul-
the Chamber partnered with United launched the Membership Courtesy ture, community development and
Chamber Insured Plans to provide Card program, which encouraged health services in Revere.
small businesses access to group members to offer each other special
discounts for products and services.
Photos Wanted
health insurance rates. Under Mr. The Chamber is looking for photos of past
Ferrullo’s leadership, the Chamber Under Mr. Todisco’s leadership, the Chamber officers, directors, members and
launched its annual Golf Tournament, Chamber improved downtown parking events. If you have any you would like to share,
please call us. 781-289-8009.

Membership Announcements
Welcome New Members
Beachmont Improvement Committee
c/o Ed DeVeau, 216 Crescent Ave. (Jim Mercurio)
Current Project: Beachmont Commu-
nity Park, Douglas Cummings Square.
Among the park’s attractions will be a
1700 square-foot patio of engraved
commemorative paver stones; a memo- Michael J. Boschetti, DMD, PC
rial to all who think of Beachmont as a One Orr Square, Revere, 781-284-1430 Eleanor Vieira, president of Revere
special place. Engrave Your Name Beautification Committee, asks for
Forever in Beachmont History Congratulations to Dr. Boschetti and your help to keep Revere clean and
his team (pictured above) as they have beautiful. Call their hotline at 781-485
Become a Part of the Park! For $100,
once again completed the national cog- -2770 to report graffiti, trash/litter,
you can purchase a 6” x 9” brick paver
nitive and skills evaluations in accor- potholes, abandoned vehicles, etc.
and engrave it with up to three lines of
dance with the American Heart Asso- Written tips can be mailed to
type. Call Len Piazza at 781-284-1362
ciation and the Basic Life Support for P.O. Box 166, Revere, MA 02151.
for more information
Healthcare providers.

Above: Annette Bornstein and Eleanor Vieira stretch
the Revere Beautification Committee’s banner. Be-
low: Revere comes out in force for Zip Trip Revere. AC’s Cards & Video Games: AC Tommaro’s
Revere Street shop was another featured busi-
ness. Pictured above with the store’s neighbors
Maggio’s Restaurant: Lauren and Ashley Mo- and friends Michael and Jimmy Fabiano.
schella, Lea Sasso, and Nancy Maniscalo show
off Italian favorites at FOX25’s Zip Trip to Re-
vere September 4 on Revere Beach.

Championship Banking Member FDIC / Member DIF

Joseph T. Scurio Above: State Representative Kathi-Anne Rein-

Vice President / SBA Lending Mixing it up: Ward 3 Councilor Arthur Guinnasso,
Brian Davis, Laurie Leone, FOX25 Morning News stein, Jeff Howe and Brian Davis enjoy the
67 Prospect Street Tel: (978) 977-2265 occasion on Revere Beach.
Peabody, MA 01960 Fax: (978) 977-2879 Anchor Doug “VB” Goudie, Joan Buonopane of North
e-mail: Shore Flower Exchange, Sheila Taymore and Al Ter-
minello share a minute during Revere’s Zip Trip.

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