Open Learning Chest (OLC) Project

“We flip OLPC deployment for a sustainable impact with support” 1. The One Laptop per Child (OLPC ) worldwide initiative The ability to saturate schools for 1:1 laptop ownership is one of the core mission of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) worldwide project !fter eight years since it was announced in "##$ OLPC was ne%er able to get the cost of the &O laptop below '()1## and the number of laptops deployed to children is %ery much less than what the founder ha%e en%isioned There is about " $ millions &O laptop in the hands of children Only one country managed to implement the ideal 1:1 model throughout the country (Plan Ceibal of 'ruguay) *hile more than + of the world,s children population reside in !sia OLPC has made little inroad to deployments - this region This is unfortunate when the &O laptop is %ery suitable for rugged usage by children in se%ere en%ironment Current &O laptop can function li.e a tablet with touch access and can be powered by a simple solar energy panel /lectricity cost and a%ailability is an issue for many poor communities in !sia There is an urgent need to rethin. OLPC deployment 1:1 model with some element of fle0ibility to get children started onto the road of digital literacy and education Technological de%ices for learning has transformational effect if supplemented with training and community1school support -n many smaller OLPC deployments %olunteers in the ground lin.ed to the larger OLPC community (support gang) has pro%ided e0pertise from technical issue to training of grassroot educators 2. Education needs in Asia: Di ital Literac! Learnin Tools 2uilding resources to promote learning in children who has nothing is a challenge *hat .ind of tools do they need and are there some basic uni%ersal re3uirements4 The promise of connected digital de%ices to bridge digitally literacy is showing results when mobile phones penetration increases *ith this growing digital trend there is a need to target learning deployments for poorer communities To impro%e digital literacy through easier access5 a mobile 6Open Learning Chest (OLC)7 can be designed for small isolated communities This OLC is loaded with selected technological de%ices that promote learning that can be solar8powered !ffordances pro%ide by the digital de%ices put the children and the community in the centre of learning !s to not re8in%ent the wheels5 the OLPC humanitarian project has created low8powered5 sun8readable rugged &O laptop with child8centered learning softwares and good connecti%ity functionality -t has pro%en its usage in 6wild7 with positi%e results of impro%ed cogniti%e de%elopment and digital literacy *ith new technologies emerging in the last few years from tablets to %ery low8cost computing de%ice (e g 9aspberryPi) the need to mi0 tools fit for its purpose is realistic

way forward *hat will be inside OLC is dependent on the new deployment model that is being proposed ". #lippin the OLPC Deplo!$ent %odel :or economical and practical reasons grounded by past deployment e0perience we propose a 6flip model7 of OLPC 8 we don,t initially promote full ownership of computing de%ices at the beginning of any deployment Learners share the rich resources pro%ide by OPC %ia a Learning8Lending Laboratory (LLL) in groups or indi%idually5 with opportunities for ti$e&li$ited ownership (on loan) *e belie%e this should be a pre8cursor before a full OLPC deployment model if conditions are right Learning with computer in a group setting ma.e good practical sense e g ;ole8in8the8 *all project< while self8directed learning %ia shared laptop 6ownership7 appro0imate the original OLPC Learning personali=ation can be achie%e when each child own a digital storage card (e g (> card ) for access to the learning de%ices :or e0ample with the &O laptop5 the language user interface5 learning acti%ities5 content and wor. is made a%ailable from the child,s own (> card The OLC deployment model ma.e a%ailable other supporting de%ices and accessories to encourage breadth and deep learning *e en%ision younger children ha%ing access to touch tablets while older children e0plore the world of programming with &O and robotics plug8in accessories? *hat is inside the OLC create the possibilities of learning beyond basic digital literacy '. (nside the Open Learnin Chest (OLC) and #undin *hat is inside the Open Learning Chest (OLC) depends on power a%ailability of the school or community /lectronic and digital de%ices need power to run or charge *e create OLC that is less dependent on continuous power and can be charged easily 2elow is the basic that will be in all OLC 1 " B C $ @obile solar panels charger The OLPC &O laptops (model 1 A$ and abo%e) Cloud ser%er that pro%ide wireless access with online1offline connecti%ity Low8powered tablets (> cards that can be gi%en to all the children

!s we belie%e in open learning with :ree and Open (ource (oftwares (:O(() priority will be gi%en to resources (physical and digital) that meet our %ision De%ertheless OLC is fle0ible that is can include commercial de%ices and software to reflect the di%ersity of today,s world in the digital age

-deally funding for the OLC e3uipments should come from the responsible organi=ation or people who target the community for learning deployments -t creates a powerful sense of ownership with responsibility when there is financial commitment to a project :le0ible funding models for OLC ensure poor communities be gi%en highest priority for digital literacy program ). OLC Deplo!$ent Tea$ The purpose of the OLC project is to ensure that the children5 teachers and local %olunteers are empowered with learning technologies Local champions must bring the digital literacy program forward after the initial intensi%e support gi%en by the OLC team :ollow8up will be gi%en to maintain a sustainable long8term project that is crucial for digital learning and education -f the original OLPC 1:1 model is ideal and appropriate after a re%iew of the OLC outcomes it will *e pursued. Training will be conducted to form OLC deployment teams of people who are interested in the OLC wor. and model of flip deployment proposed /ach OLC project team consists of people with different e0pertise (e g technical5 education) who ha%e recei%ed training for setting up OLC in communities to educational and community8liaison wor. The deployment team share their .nowledge5 s.ills and %alues to local personnel in the targeted community with hands8on wor. Creating an acti%e learning partnership after an OLC deployment will be a goal for the OLC team *ith the -nternational Telecommunication 'nion (-T') proposal for creating %olunteers in !sia to support -T projects for de%eloping nations5 the OLC project proposal ( and %olunteers training) is well suited for wor. in depri%ed communities and schools Partnerships in this area are beneficial since this open up more collaborati%e wor. to impro%e digital literacy and beyond

+u$$ar! and Conclusion
! flip model of OLPC deployment that is based on the reality of cost or timing is proposed with a Open Learning Chest (OLC) project -t tries to stri%e for 1:1 de%ices ownership in learning for digital literacy *ut starts with a premise that a shared mi08 model of &O laptops5 tablets5 low8cost computing accessories5 etc in combination will ha%e a powerful holistic integrated .ic. start -t ac.nowledge the importance of low8 powered de%ices and connecti%ity for access to internet resources Opportunities arise when there is a interest to bring %olunteers to help de%elop poor communities in !sia The OLC project proposal together with right training of %olunteers and deployments5 will contribute to regional digital literacy initiati%es in !sia -t is a time for action

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