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Letter of Introduction

Having had the opportunity to live abroad, more precisely in the United States and Brazil have
gained cultural and professional experience to embedded developers in the field of international

I have several years of general management in own pizza restaurants and grills in Brazil, where
I was responsible for negotiating terms with shopping and food and beverage distributors and
accounting. On the other hand know how to organize coordination and training of teams of
employees to their different functions and activities of Public Relations and Marketing. Finally, I
trained in the career of "Chef de Cuisine" at the first and most prestigious school for cooks of
Argentina, "Gato Dumas.

Besides being professional chef, I am "Regional Tourism Guide Rio de Janeiro" certified
"EMBRATUR-BRASIL" credential that is valid throughout the country and internationally. Again,
to certify my knowledge, I am studying the "Tecnicatura Tourism" in "Universitas Higher
Education Institute. Also, I need English language skills (speaking and writing advanced) and
Portuguese (bilingual).

Therefore, I feel qualified to offer my full potential, providing the best personalized attention to
customer service and always willing to keep learning new knowledge of professional

Maria Soledad Esteban Valeiras.

Mobile: (00 54) 15-5705-1255
Web page:


• Librarian Degree - National University of Cordoba - Argentina.

•Cuisine’s Chef - Gato Dumas School Cooks - Buenos Aires - Argentina.
• “AMADEUS” Booking System for accommodation, airfares and car rentals.
• Current student of "Tourism and Hospitality" Buenos Aires – Argentina.

• Portuguese - Speaking and Writing Bilingual.

• English - Advanced Conversation and Writing.

• Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook.

• Photo Shop.
• Internet.
• Adobe.
Professional Experience

1990-1997 - BRAZIL
Owning partner restaurants:
• La Crepe - Pancakes and Pizza - Canoa Quebrada - Ceará.
• Los Años Locos - Parilla - Fortaleza - Ceará.
• Pizza Praia - Pizza - Fortaleza - Ceará.

1998 - 2000 - ARGENTINA

• Santino Restaurant - Buenos Aires - Kitchen Assistant and confectionery.
• Fiat Auto SA - Catering - Annual Party and Fiat dealerships.
• Event planning / catering - Telecom, Telefonica, Sancor, Harina Blanca Flor, and various
special events.
• Catering for companies of Motion - Eliseo Subiela Hugo Midon.
• Continental Buenos Aires Hotel - Assistant cook.

2000 - 2001 - BRAZIL - RIO DE JANEIRO

• Wizard Confectionery - John Bertoni, Confectionery Chef Copacabana Palace Hotel.

• Assistant Chef Luis Inca Executive Chef Copacabana Palace Hotel - Buffet wedding for 750
• Kitchen Manager of the "Clube Chocolate" - Italian restaurant.
• Mercatto di Panne - Advice and Organization for opening.
• Wizard of Best Chef Competition in Rio de Janeiro cuisine.
• Consultancy and advice of U.S. Prime, specialty restaurant.

2002 - USA - MIAMI

• Chef "Food Service" Restaurant Baraboo.
• Manager of Bonjour Coffee.

2003 - 2004 - BRAZIL

• Planning and execution of the menu for the stand-NCR Brazil Ltda - event APAS – Paulista
Association of supermarkets.
• Planning and execution of the menu for the stand-NCR Brazil Ltda - event ICBA - Febraban –
Brazilian Federation of Bank.
• Cafeina Restaurant Food and Beverage Manager and Consulting, Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro.
• Bar Beto - Consulting and Management.

2005 - Teaching Experience

• Counseling and Consulting Gastronomic at the Hotel Rancho Grande Villa General Belgrano -
Córdoba state.
• Professor of the Chair: "Management of Restaurant" Food-Handling-Gastronomic Marketing at
the University of Palermo. School of Tourism and Hospitality.
• Professor of the Chair "Oenology 1" - Palermo University - School of Tourism and Hospitality.
• Professor of "Gastronomic Marketing. Organization of Events - Service-Camarero / a in the
School of Roberto Goñi. "Southern Cooking School.
• Foodservice Consulting Work Consulting Group Argentina, for "Casino Del Litoral" - Province
of Corrientes: Menu planning and Personnel Training. Organization of Culinary Operations
Center for the four casinos owned by the same company in the province of Corrientes.
• Advice on the Opening and turnkey of the new "Casino Encarnacion - Paraguay.
• Professor of the Chair. "Organization Hotelera. Third Year Level "Institute of Higher Education
- CEPEC" La Suisse ".

2006 - 2007 - 2008

• Secretary for Educational and General Coordinator of Gastronomic, in the "Pizza Professional
School, and cooks Empanaderos - APPYCE.

• Professor of "Marketing Gastronomic" in College Institute of Gastronomy.
• Professor of "Management for SMBs" at the School of Belgrano.
• Lecturer on "Management and Cost Gastronomical" in the School of Belgrano.
• Workshop on Service "Room Service - Waiter / a in the School of Pastry Cooks and
Confectioners Union.
• Professor "Management and Planning of Restaurant" at the School of LYCEE gastronomy.
• Professor of "Management of Food and Beverage" in Universitas Higher Education.
• Professor of "Culinary Arts I in" Universitas Higher Education.
• Professor of "Practices I and II" in "Universitas Higher Education.
• Professor of "Service Waiter and Bar" in Institute Mariano Moreno.

Advances Courses
• European Bakery & Confectionery - Marcelo Vallejo - Buenos Aires.
• Buffet and Commercial Applications - Gato Dumas - Buenos Aires.
• International Coktelería - Escola de Sommelier-Rio de Janeiro.
• Arabic Food - Institute de Gastronomic - Rio de Janeiro.
• Sommelier Course - Associação Brasileira de Sommelier-Rio de Janeiro.
• Administration. Food and Beverages - Food Institute - Rio de Janeiro.
• SENAC / RJ - Formação de Trainers - Rio de Janeiro.
• Japanese Cuisine - Sushi - Rio de Janeiro.
• Strategic Management for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. - Association of Hotels,
Restaurants, Pastry Shops and Cafes - Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires
• Gato Dumas, school cooks.
• University of Palermo - Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality.
• Roberto Goñi - Southern School.
• Institute of Higher Education - CEPEC. La Suisse "Race Director of Hospitality and Tourism" -
Arturo Anzalone.
• APPYCE "Pizza School, Empanaderos and cooks.
• School Belgrano.
• Institute of Professional Catering COLLEGE.
• School and Confectioners Confectioners' union.
• Universitas Higher Education.

Rio de Janeiro
• Hotel Copacabana Palace - John Bertoni.
• Sheraton Hotel.
• Maria de Fatima Amaral de Modena - Events Organization.
• João Almada - Professor do SENAC - Rio de Janeiro.
• Clube Chocolate - Ricardo Zaroni - Rio de Janeiro-CEO.
• Bar Beto - Mr. Filipe.