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Some Do, Some Don’t

Classic shooter John Northmore ponders Uberti’s long
barrelled revolver based on their single-action Cattleman

f all the guns that came acceptable. I find this bizarre, as how could they be illegal or even
after the handgun ban, even when I could I had no interest sailing close to the line? The LBR
the one that epitomises in owning a Buntline Special and few is what it is and as I said has quite
the adaptability and others did either, though I have no a following, so much so that Uberti
tolerance of your problems with what you want to do importers (Henry Krank & Co) due
average, ex British pistol shooter must and shoot. However, this view was to customer pressure asked Uberti
be the long barrelled revolver or LBR not across the board and when they to start making them again. Which
as its better known. If you ever shot first appeared many a club committee has to tell you something…
a normal handgun then the LBR is a decided to ban their use. The police As an ex-western shooter and
definite love or hate it thing. Personally likewise saw them as a way around owner of a brace of Uberti’s 44-40
they are not for me, for the simple the ban, so you had the usual split WCF, 7 ½” Cavalry Cattlemen revolvers
fact they are far too long and unwieldy decision with in effect the fox hunting the high quality build and finish of
and handle like a boat anchor! with the hounds. Sounds awfully these Uberti’s has not changed.
With a nominal 19-20” barrel being familiar as it was in 1988 with the The major and sensible
mandatory to make up for the fact that SLR ban and the then NRA’s words difference apart from
to qualify as a Section 1 (large firearm) on the subject; do we never learn? the mandatory
the tube must be 12” + with an overall
muzzle to butt measurement of 24”. Street legal
However, in every other way they are However, as the government
a standard, single-action revolver and set the rules for what
identical to the Colt 1873 Model P. constituted a Large
But for many handgunners this Firearm,
odd looking gun was - in their view -
similar enough to what they loved “The LBR is what it is
Acceptable or
and missed to be and as I said has quite
not; the Uberti
1873 Buntline a following, so much so
Target LBR is the
nearest thing you that Uberti importers
are going to get
to a revolver
these days
(Henry Krank & Co) due
to customer pressure
asked Uberti to start
making them again.
Which has to tell
you something…”

Chambered in 357 Magnum the

Uberti can also use the more
economic and shorter 38 Spl,
ammunition from Prvi Partizan
(PPU)is a 158-grain, full jacketed
truncated cone


the gun steady. Calibre-wise this LBR We Reckon…
is chambered in 357 Magnum so
will also accept the shorter and less ❚ If it floats
powerful 38 Special (Spl) round too. your boat
❚ Long and relatively
In truth 38 Spl is more than enough
and is potentially more accurate as ❚ Nearest thing you
well as being cheaper over-the-counter are going to get to
and to reload. It is also a 357 revolver
available in 45 Colt.
To a degree the size/
weight of the Uberti
LBR rather dictates its
use. Probably too big
for more practical use,
One of the most successful and
certainly to draw from the
copied handguns of all time - Uberti’s leather. If nothing else the slower
exceptional reproduction of the Colt
1873 Model P; it’s a cracker loading drills rather predicates against
speed reloads and high round count
courses of fire. So a more precision
and slow fire approach is probably
plate (loading gate) this is opened better. Here it’s back to the old target
to access the individual chambers, view and the doubtful pleasures of
here a live round is slid in then the pure paper-punching… Standing using
cylinder is rotated to the next one - to a two-handed grip with 158-grain, Prvi
longer barrel is the a capacity of six. Once full, shut the Partizan 38 Spl the gun was easily
target-type sights, with a gate and draw the hammer back to capable of two inches at 25-yards.
ramped front blade and the fully full cock (second click) and the gun is You could of course elect to fit some
adjustable U-notch at the rear. ready to fire. However, with no safety form of optical sight, which should
The build goes for a blued catch only do this when you are ready. further increase its effective distance.
barrel, cylinder, trigger guard and From there on in you fire then As much as I liked getting back
grip frame, leaving the hammer and thumb cock the hammer for each to a single-action, cartridge revolver;
close-topped frame an attractive, subsequent shot. When the gun is personally I find the Uberti LBR just too
colour, case-hardened finish. The empty set the hammer to half cock, long and cumbersome. But that’s just
grip is walnut and shows a medium open the loading gate and pump the me as I know plenty of ex-handgunners (below) Detail of
colour and is varnished and smooth ejector rod on the right of the barrel to who will be queuing up to get one, the manual ejector
rod and housing –
to the touch. The single-action push the fired case from the chamber as and despite its length it will give slow but certain
mechanism and loading/unloading (rotate/repeat). This is normally them back to a greater degree a (bottom)The more
drills are simple when compared facilitated by raising the muzzle working, centrefire pistol. Truth is a solid, flat top
strap allows the
to the double-action and swing-out slightly to let gravity do its work. lot more needs to be done with these fitting of a decent,
cylinder of a modern revolver. guns at both club and competition adjustable rear
sight, up front is a
Poke your eye out level to make them acceptable. fixed ramped blade
Cock ’n’ shoot In general the trigger offers a
Uberti 1873 Buntline Target LBR
Everything is controlled by the reasonably light and crisp break ❚ Capacity 6
hammer, which offers two positions – and the long barrel and subsequent ❚ Single action
full and half cock. To load pull it back good sight radius gives acceptable ❚ Barrel 19”
❚ Length 25”
to its half cock position (one click), accuracy. However, the massive over ❚ Weight 4 lbs
here the cylinder now freewheels. To hang offered by the 19” tube does ❚ Price £485
the right of the frame is a swing-out require a bit of technique to hold ❚ Contact Henry Krank & Co Ltd, 0113 256 9163

Uberti at full cock,

unlike a double action
revolver the hammer
is used to rotate the
cylinder for each shot
and set the trigger

Hammer at half
cock showing
loading gate
open, in this
position you
can either
fill or empty
the gun as the
cylinder freewheels