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My experience @ TCS IT WIZ 2009 delhi edition

Hey, I qualified for finals for Delhi 2009 edition

there was, for the first time in TCS IT WIZ history, two Prelim rounds.

this was because there were 909 teams(Pickbrain told us that this number is a record in TCS's 10 year
history), and IIT D's Dogra Hall could accommodate only 1000 people(909 teams = 1818 people, u do the
rest of the maths)

so the prelims were split in two rounds, first we went in and then the others.

But the questions were different for both Prelims

Not exactly different, like in our set of questions, we were asked:

Kohli,Ramodarai, __________. Complete the list.

answer was N Chandrashekaran,ie the new TCS CEO

but in the second set, it was

Identify the person(photo of N Chandrashekaran)

u get the idea, what the difference was

the questions were easy, most of them,

but the difficult questions were really DIFFICULT.

We managed 15 correct, the highest that any team got correct was 16,
so out of the 909 teams, we got second highest score in prelims, which in itself, I believe is a big

Though we stood 4th out of TOP 6, I am still happy, cause I didn't walk out empty handed.

We got a Philips 2GB mp3 player, TCS T-shirt, TCS watch, TCS mug, and a book, very high quality one,
with around 324

pages, in very very rich color, weighing ~2 kg(hardbound and very very thick paper) on, guess what,
Pashmina Shawls!!!can't figure out the relation with IT or TCS whatsoever!!!

All these goodies in a sturdy red-black TCS bag, which was a Laptop travel bag actually, and a good one.

So i'm happy, and since i'm in 12th, i can't try next year, but my team partner can(he's in 11th). I hope
he wins the coveted first prize next year.

Apart form that, another special gift, (which only our team got!!): Me and my partner, got that book and
the mug we won, autographed by Mr. Giri "Pickbrain", and talked to him a lot,me and my school fellows
and teachers, after everyone left the Dogra Hall, and it was a delight to talk PERSONALLY to such a
unique pesonality, and one of the best quizmasters of India!!!!

During our chat, Giri remarked that our school,(Blue Bells Model School, sector 4, gurgaon) was very

This was the first time that any student from our school made into the finals.

I had previously tried last year, with another partner, but could't qualify for Finals.

This year,I made it, with a better partner, and I was the only one in TOP 6 teams' 12 contestants who
was in 12 class.

rest 11 contestants were from 9-11 classes, except for two 8th students

DPS Noida won, they were the runners-up last year.

PS: Don't ask me the questions they asked, cause i don't remember and it will take a lot of brainwork in
trying to remember. if i feel like remembering the questions, i will post them, esle someone else should
come forward to tell the questions.
and now, back to IIT JEE preperation, which i postponed for 1 week, so i'm also happy on that front too,
that the time i put in this quiz's preparation didn't go waste.


feeling contented.......

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