1. What does ELI care deeply about?

ELI deeply cares about the spiritual condition of all the people and who works closely with evangelical leaders and churches in both the USA and in Africa.



What do the leaders of this nonprofit organization have to practice, rather than them seeking power?

-They have to practice selflessness.
2. What is meant by “Holistic Work” when talking about Empowerment?
– They mean engaging in projects that address the spiritual, physical, and economic sufferings faced by the people.

1. What is the value of empowering the African people?
-The value is enormous because these people are suffering really badly.

2. What is meant by Christ-Centeredness?
-There goal is to bring people in a closer relationship to God so the know him and serve him.

What does Incarnational Ministry mean?
-It means they come from everywhere.

4. What is the connection of Transformational Thinking in peoples lives?

-The connection in the people’s lives is to give them hope.

- The major reason is because the people lack the skills, knowledge, or opportunities to succeed.

9. WHAT DOES POSITIONAL POWER MEAN AND HOW IS ELI MINISTRY IMPLEMENTING IT IN THEIR MINISTRY? - Positional power is power is power for any group that held it. She is using that power for education.

10. What is a Statement of Faith? Is it good to have one? -It tells everything that you follow or believe in, and it is good to have one.


11.View all areas of their ministries and write a reflective paragraph on ONE of those answering the following question… Why is this a vital part of ministry and way of bringing HOPE to the African people? -This is vital because they’re a lot of people hurting in Africa. Their ministry brings hope because the people know that someone loves them and cares for

them. They also get an education and learn things they need to know to survive.

12. If you could select any ministry to get involved in, which one and why? -I would get in the garage ministry because I can tell people about the people in Africa so they can help. -NEWS AND UPDATES SECTION 13. Write a reflective paragraph on one of the articles, why you chose it and why you wrote about it…be sure to include the title at the top of your paragraph. SPONSOR A CHILD
I chose it because I like watch the kids that don’t have anything and become something. I wrote about it because we sponsor 2 children in Africa and I would like to know more on what we do.

-MEDIA SECTION 14. View these videos entirely…  Empowering Lives International “Profiles in Caring”—Part 1  Empowering Lives International “Profiles in Caring”—Part 4  Empowering Lives International “Profiles in Caring”—Part 6 After viewing these videos, write a reflective paragraph on what you learned about what is being done to bring HOPE to the African people through ELI.

ELI is bringing hope because they can send little kids to school so they can get taught the stuff they need to know. Eli is doing a very good thing to Africa because she can help the people that went through the war and who don’t have a safe place to live. I think that is cool in what she is doing and that makes me push so I can help the people in Africa because I have always wanted to do that.

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