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Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha

Delta Mu Chapter) Meeting

Minutes Minutes Recorded By: Dalleane McNichols
Minutes Reviewed & Approved by: Nicole Schoenstein

Meeting called to order:

By Whom: Nicole Schoenstein Date: 10/20/ 2009 Time: 12:30 P.M.

Officer Role Call:

Present (P), Absent (A), Late (L)

Nicole Schoenstein (President) P Tammy Medica (Vice President) P Dorothy Doyne (Treasurer) P Dominique Leotta
(Public Relations) P Dalleane McNichols (Secretary) P Stephanie Mac (SGA Representative) P Tina McConnell
(Historian) P Carolyn Coulter (Advisor) P

Excused Absences:

Member Role Call:

Stan J. Carr, Tashiva Torres, Hayam Swiha, Brittany Hennessy, Michael Nee, Ty Sistler, Melody Allen, Emily
Gajtkowski, Paul E. Langer, Diane F. Perrin, Thien Hoang, Marie Moschella, Joseph Green, James Adams, Raquel
Richardson, Jorge Almeyda, Courtney Rice, Louis Casadia, Angela Levy, Jessica Rahtek, Steven Sheibler, Briar Beeha,
Ashly Starn, Rachel Fitting, Mae Lynn Tietye, Barbara Stewart

Special Guests:

Rose Hall-Wilson, Food Bank Community Outreach Manager

Secretary’s Report: Dalleane McNichols

Advisor’s Report:

New Member Orientation Presentation:

To help promote what Phi Theta Kappa is all about, Carolyn showed a video. Along with the video she mentioned that
there are hundreds of Chapters in the USA, Canada and around the world. The video showcased testimonial from selected
students from different Phi Theta Kappa Chapters. Some of the members expressed that Phi Theta Kappa has enhanced
their Leadership Skills, has given them a broader understanding of their communities and helped them to develop their
self confidence.

Carolyn emphasized that Phi Theta Kappa offers great, life-long benefit, such as discounts on Geico insurance a T-Mobile
cell phone services. She also stated that Phi Theta Kappa gives approximately $36 million each year in Scholarships to
qualified Phi Theta Kappa Members.

After Carolyn showed the video and discussed what Phi Theta Kappa was, President Nicole Schoenstein spoke a little bit
about our Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Alpha Delta Mu. She discussed different projects we have done and plans for future
projects. She showed the members how to access our website, how to sign up for our newsletter, etc. She also discussed
Phi Theta Kappa’s International Convention and showed a short video which recapped last year’s convention. Finally,
she shared her Phi Theta Kappa experience thus far.

Officers Tammy Medica, Dorothy Doyne, Dominique Leotta, and Tina McConnell also shared their Phi Theta Kappa

Vice President’s Report: Tammy Medica

T-Shirt report – Tammy is still waiting for final information from the Art Club about participation in our T- Shirt design

President Nicole Schoenstein suggested that we should open up the t-shirt contest to all clubs.

SGA Representative’s Report: Stephanie Mak

SGA Senate Happenings:

1. Club coordinator
• Clubs that like to advertise for events can see the Atlantic Cape Review
• ACCC Calendars from Digital Photography Club are coming out
• See Cynthia or Lisa for Flyers to get stamped with date of events post on our bulletin boards
• Senate funds were distributed
• Officer Training on Oct 16 and 23rd
• See Lisa Givens for Tax Reimbursement forms for purchases

2. Events
• 10/29- Latin Experience Halloween bash for Aids alcohol awareness in AC
• 10/27- Dragon Master Classic Tech. Tournament @ 10-6pm
• 10/29- Haunted House in the cafeteria B
• 11/3 & 11/5- Noises-Performing Arts Club
• Ping Pong Tournament coming up soon at the Student Life Center
• 11/4- $5 Hoagie Sale from Science club (see Huey or Mr. and Mrs. Linek)

4. Program Chair's Report

• In a process of making a mock crash at ACCC for drunk driving

• getting supplies for the suggestion box- It will be in Cape May, AC, Mays landing campus

5. Sophomore Senator's Report

• Surveys are at the Student Life Center for extending visiting hours

6. Vice President Report

November is Great American Smoke out from REBEL (an Anti-Tobacco Group)

• Suggestion in a New Event to see how many students were in REBEL. And he wants to put on a project
called 1200, where he can collect 1200 pairs of shoes. The 1200 represent how many people dies a day
for smoking. so he wants to start on a shoe drive.. Maybe put on a demonstration in the cafeteria for

7. President’s report

• Elaborated on Senate Funds Distribution- we have $1,790.00

• Guest Speaker for Domestic Violence at the Cafeteria 12:30 on Tues Oct. 20th

Approved Activities:

Treasurer's Report- All approved, except our “Food, Inc.” activity was tabled because we need a license to
show the film. The license costs $400.00 and typically takes a few days to receive.

Treasurer’s Report: Dorothy Doyne

Dorothy brought in twenty-five (25) Partylite fundraising packets and distributed them to those members who wished to
participate in the fundraiser. Members volunteered to participate were asked to sign a “participation sheet” so that
Dorothy can keep track of everything. Dorothy emphasized at the meeting that 50% of profit will go to our club, and we
will not charge sales tax since our club is tax exempt.

Charitable Donations:
Account Balances:

Public Relations Report: Dominique Leotta


President’s Report: Nicole Schoenstein

Unfinished Business:

Members of the Club will be attending the Food Bank on Saturday October 24th, to participate in MAKE A
DIFFERENCE DAY. There are three different shifts to choose from: 8 A.M TO 10 A.M., 10 A.M. TO 12 P.M. AND 12
P.M. TO 2 P.M.

New Business:

Fundraising –

Action in fundraising money towards the International Convention Orlando Florida went into a slight effect

1. Party lite –
Dorothy Doyne handed out information and members signed toward getting the fundraising for the Party Lite candles on
the way.

2. McJack’sLollipops Fundraising -

Research done by Raquel Richardson, one of our members .

 Sold at 50 cents per pop.
 We make 40% profit.
 480 pops/one case = $120.00
 5-7 days delivery
 Free shipping
 Each box makes $240.00
 There are twenty-four (24) different lollipop flavors.

Tammy Medica made the motion to take $120.00 from senate funds to purchase one case of Mcjacks Lollipops, and
sell the lollipops at 50 cents per lollipop, as a fundraiser for the International Convention in Orlando, Florida.
Dorothy Doyne seconded the motion. The members voted and the motion was passed with a two-thirds majority vote.

3. Operation: Healthy Food Bank –

Nicole explained her idea of promoting a healthy Food Bank. Further, she explained how the project relates to Phi Theta
Kappa’s “Honor’s in Action Program.” She discussed some ideas to promote healthy options at the Food Bank: 1)
hosting healthy food donation drive, 2) soliciting health food stores, 3) showing the film “Food, Inc,” followed by a
roundtable discussion with different health food experts
Since the “Film, Inc” activity was tabled by the SGA, we will need to either purchase a license to show the film, or try to
find another venue to show it. Nicole suggested that we might have luck contacting Richard Stockton College, OR we
might try teaming up with another club at ACCC.

4. Meeting with Dr. Pete Mora -

Nicole expressed that she would like to setup a meeting with the President of ACCC, Dr. Peter Mora to discuss Phi Theta
Kappa’s goals for the year & to discuss the prospect of our club collaborating on a project with the administration. The
project will more than likely focus on the college’s “green initiative.” Moreover Nicole asked for the attendance of at least
one if not two of the officer members to accompany Carolyn and herself to the meeting with the President. Date of this
meeting will be announced at our next meeting.

5. Adopt-a-Family -

President, Nicole Schoenstein is doing research on “adopting” a family program or donating food and clothing to a shelter
for thanksgiving and for Christmas. Nicole asked for help with the research and Vice President, Tammy Medica obliged
by volunteering.

Open Forum (questions, comments, concerns, ideas):

Special Guest Speaker: Rose-Hall Wilson, Food Bank Community Outreach Manager

Rose Hall-Wilson, a Community outreach manager at our local Food Bank was our special guest speaker.

Rose Hall-Wilson stated that our Food Bank has 14 employees and all the others are volunteers. She emphasized that the
Food Bank works with 200 food distributors throughout New Jersey. It serves many counties, including but not limited
to: Salem, Cumberland and Atlantic Counties. Moreover it serves 300 agencies from all over, including rescue missions,
such Sister Jean’s Kitchen , The Boys and The Girls Scouts and many, many more.

Rose also stated that the Food Bank feeds 5,000 people per month.. And she emphasized that she has seen this number
rise dramatically due to the poor economy. Sadly, many people who used to donate to the Food Bank have now turned to
the Food Bank for donations.

In reference to the “Honors in Action Project: Operation Healthy Food Bank” Rose Hall answered a question from our
president Nicole in proposal towards healthy eating. Nicole stated that is was aware that the Food Bank has a garden but
that she was not sure how often it was harvested from or how many crops the Food Bank reaps from it. She asked Rose if
the Garden was meeting the demand. Rose responded that the garden’s supply was not enough to meet the demand.
Tammy Medica proposed another question. She asked if the Food Bank had a greenhouse. Rose happily stated that the
Food Bank has plans to build a greenhouse, but this project has been put off (probably for a few months) due to other
more pressing concerns. Further, Rose stated that the Food Bank has a about an acre of land for the greenhouse
construction project. Nicole stated that the greenhouse project would be something our club would love to participate in..
She asked Rose how we could help with the green house project. Rose said she would stay in contact with Nicole about
the greenhouse project. said that she will get back to us on that question and further said that right now they have a little
more that a quarter acre of land for their there green house founding.

Special Recognition:
Announcements and Adjournment:
Adjournment time: 1:36 P.M.

Meeting Notes:


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