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With the annual Fowl Supper just tucked away, I real-
ized again what an important roll the Memorial Hall St. Augustine’s Anglican
plays in our community. It hosts everything from chil-
dren’s plays, birthdays, family reunions and weddings
to fund-raising events, retirement parties and memorial
services. There is no other facility in Eastend that Sunday December 6th at 7:30 PM An
touches so many aspects of all our lives from year to Advent service of lessons and car-
year. ols. This will be a candlelight service
The Hall offers space, kitchen, bar and sound system with seasonal sing-along music and
access at modest prices. Of course, the best way to readings. The church will be deco-
keep these costs to the public low is by the contribution rated – We need singers, musicians
of a little time and effort on our own part. The efforts of and readers! Contact Alan Howard at
the K-40s and the Hall Board Ladies have made it or call
possible for us all to continue to enjoy the use of the my cell: 403-502-4363. Everyone is
Hall for many occasions; however, the current level of invited to help celebrate the season.
revenue from the Hall rentals over the year just covers
the operating costs. Thursday December 17 (7:15 PM)
The vast majority of the roof work is now complete and Caroling around the community.
funds have been set aside for new signage. Upgrades Please join us as we gather at the
in the way of fibre optic lines will be coming in the church at 7:15 and then walk around
spring and the design of a web site is being pursued. A the town singing carols, finishing at
Enjoy and Discover: baby change table is due for the Ladies Room. But, the Health Centre. You can join us
there are still some smaller, specific projects that would anyplace on route or at the Health
Watercolour on Yupo Paper Workshop
benefit the Hall. And, what benefits the Hall will gradu- Centre. Afterwards there will be nib-
Tuesday November 17, 10 am to 4 pm ally grow out to benefit the whole town. bles and libations at Alan Howard’s
(opposite corner from the Cen-
Location: Hidden Treasures Studio A little assistance is needed to paint the doors. Not a
tre). Song sheets will be provided.
and Gallery big task. The back drop cloth for the stage needs paint-
ing, too, and a new hanger for the cloth is required.
544 Pottery Street And, assistance in replacing entrance hall rugs would *** Note: There are no services at the
Eastend be greatly appreciated. Estimates on replacing the eves church during November.
Materials supplied troughs and fascia will also be requested. When this
$45 per person work begins it will only need a couple of volunteers to
Bring a bag lunch complete it.
Elected Town Council Representatives
Please pre-register by phoning Alice Hanlin Look ahead in planning your personal time and com-
mitments to offer a small amount of elbow grease for Bryce Busee
295-3775 or by email:
the Memorial Hall and, in doing so, provide a real ser- Kendal McCuaig
vice for everyone in the town. Call Randy Morris at 295- Charlie Michel
3883 and volunteer a little of your expertise. JK Stephanie Morris
Dennis Webster
Cameron Vansandt

Looking for a Gift for the Lady in

Your Life?
How about the gift of a rested and
Shannon’s Closet
youthful complexion?
Are you expecting? Come and join
NU SKIN GALVANIC SPA brings the spa the baby registry at
home to you Shannon’s Closet.
• Smoothes the appearance of lines and
312 Red Coat Dr.
• Rejuvenates your complexion
• Revitalizes your scalp, and, 295-4070
• Renovates your body Lots of baby items in stock for your
Available at Hair Oasis baby or for that special baby gift.
301 Front Street
Tuesday to Friday 3:30 to 6 pm
295-4199 Saturday 10—5 pm


is Open for Breakfast
Blue mauve velvet, then
Monday to Friday a sneak of chrome brilliance
Eastend Minor Hockey aching to be seen
6am to 8am
Nanci Lee
PeeWee practice Nov. 3, 3:30—5 pm
Novice practice starts Nov. 10 343 Red Coat Dr.
Powerskating Nov. 4, 5:00 pm, 295-
Novice and PeeWee
Many Thanks
Note: Schedule will change! Please phone The Eastend Edge is a proud supporter of our Thank you for everything, Eastend. This
Chrissy 295-3379 with any questions. community and is distributed across North is not goodbye. Nanci Lee

Box 312, Eastend, Saskatchewan S0N 0T0

(306) 295-4097 Fax: (306) 295-3205 Ad drop off at 317 Clay St.
Eastend Agencies Ltd.
Madhatter’s Flowers For all your Insurance Needs
Eastend Arts Council—Nov. 2nd
and Gifts Farm, Home, Business, Auto Eastend Rink Complex—Nov. 4th (7:30)
Kinsmen—Nov. 5th & 19th
Call Bonnie and her staff, 295-3655 Historical Museum— ?
Great gift ideas for guys and gals K-40—Nov. 4th
Locally owned and operated CWL—Nov. 4th
Young and Old Friends of the Museum & T-Rex Discovery
Watch this space for weekly specials Centre—Nov. 9th
Kinettes—Nov. 12th
and events from now till Christmas RM of White Valley—Nov. 12th
Only 8 weeks till Christmas Clay Centre Comm Club—Nov. 17th
School Comm Council—Nov. 17th
This Week’s Special CHAMBER—Nov. 18th
Fire Dept. — Nov 10th & 24th
All Picture Frames 25% Off Eastend CO-OP Grocery Red Hat’s R’Belles — Nov. 25th
TOPS MEET - Health Centre Quiet Room,
Dyna Pro
Open Mon—Fri 8:30 am—6:00 pm Thursdays @ 5:00 p.m.
Sat. 9:00 am—6:00 pm Ultra-Pure Water Dispenser AA—Monday’s @ 8:00p.m. at Henry’s Place
BINGO—Mondays at 7:00 in the Rink!
334 Red Coat Drive Has had a complete overhaul Alanon– Health Centre Quiet Room,
295-3663 And is now working. Tuesdays .
Stop by and fill your jugs
Haiku -
4L—$.75 Lowku
For Sale 10L—$1.88
Hate crime
paints our town
• Home Entertainment Centre 18L—$3.75
with the ugly brush
• Teak Dining Room Table with 4 Chairs, slg
matching Buffet and Hutch
• Blonde Bedroom Suite Volunteer Bookkeeper Required
• Brown bedroom Suite For Eastend Swimming Pool
• White Maytag Dryer Starting Immediately
Call 295-4005, evenings or weekends New board members also welcome PHYSICIAN CLINICS IN EASTEND
Please phone 295-3899 Dr. Crawshaw - Tuesday, Nov. 10th
Or 295-3365
To book an appointment Phone 295-4184
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM.
For Sale Introduction to Restorative Yoga
Kimball Artist’s Console Piano 3 hr. workshop $40
Great sound, beautiful touch. For Sale
Padded bench included. Will provide you with the tools you need to do a
soothing and supported restorative Yoga asana 1999 Chevy Tahoe, 172,000 kms.,
Asking $1400 practice at home. Be prepared to deeply relax. fully loaded, leather, 4X4
Thursday Nov. 5, 6:00—9:00 PM
295-3707 Call Don Arendt at 295 –3576
295-3593 or

Enhancing Your Retirement Income

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)
An IPP is an employer-sponsored registered pension plan that offers potentially higher tax-
deductible contributions for the corporation than an RSP. Unlike a regular pension plan, an
IPP is usually established for just one person. In some cases, a spouse employed by the
same company can also be a member of the IPP.
IPPs are ideally suited for self-employed incorporated business owners or professionals
who want to boost their retirement savings. Those most likely to benefit from an IPP are
individuals aged 40-71 who earn at least $122,222 annually.
The main advantages of an IPP compared to an RSP include:
• Higher tax-deductible contributions at certain ages (age 40 and older)
• Large tax-deductible contributions for past service
• Tax-deductible “top-up” contributions when the IPP is in a deficit
• Creditor protection for the pension funds
• Tax-deductibility of fees, including investment management fees, as a business ex-
While an IPP offers several important advantages versus an RSP, there are some consid-
• In most provinces, the IPP is locked-in and continues to be locked-in at retirement
• An actuarial valuation is required every three or four years, depending on the
• province
• Annual administration fees are higher than the fees to administer an RSP
This article is supplied by Roger Mirka, an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Secu-
rities Inc. Member CIPF. This article is not intended as nor does it constitute tax or legal
advice. Readers should consult their own lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor
when planning to implement a strategy. Roger Mirka can be reached at 306-773-3191
or email

Box 312, Eastend, Saskatchewan S0N 0T0

(306) 295-4097 Fax: (306) 295-3205 Ad drop off at 317 Clay St.