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Job Application

Examination Hall,
(city) A.B.C.
August 27,2002.

The Director,
John Pharmaceutical,
17-a Abbot Road,

Subject: Application for the job of -------------------.


In response to your advertisement No.----- in “THE NEWS” on 10-

08-2002, I seek to offer my services for the job mentioned above.

My relevant particulars are as under:

Name: A.B.C.
Father’s Name: D.E.F.
Date of Birth: -------
Domicile: -------
Qualifications: (Academic) --------
(Professional) --------
Experience: ------------------------
Address: ------------------------

In view of above mentioned particulars I hope my application will be

considered sympathetically. If given a chance I shall try my best to
prove my worth.

Attested copies of all the documents are appended herewith.

Very obediently yours,