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Young Beth Jacob!

Morning Afternoon Shabbat Parshat Lech-Lecha • October 31st, 2009 • ‫לך • י״ג בחשון תש״ע‬-‫שבת פרשת לך‬
Parshat Lech-Lecha pg. 54 Haftorah pg. 1133
Groups Begin @
Groups with the Note: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section is called an Aliya [literally: Go
10:30am, Parents please
Weisers begin @ up] since for each Aliya, one person “goes up” to make a bracha [blessing] on the Torah Reading.
attend to your children
4:15pm. Look forward
beforehand. 1st Aliya: Avram is instructed to the King of Sodom.
to seeing you!
Youth Morning Groups leave Charan and travel 400 miles 5th Aliya:Hashem again
Tots: Below 1st Grade with Teen Morning Groups to the Land of Canaan. (Charan reassures Avram that he will
Morahs Faye & Shayna Pre-Teen Girls: Torah was 600 miles from Ur Casdim) have genetic children (not just
Group 2: Active and Edu- Learning Upon arriving, they are forced students) who would be as
cational Programs with our Teen Girls: Tefillah Work- to leave Canaan, due to a local
shop with Chava Simon
numerous as the stars in the sky.
Middle School Helpers famine, and travel to Mitzrayim
Junior Cong: The Classic— Teens: Parsha, Chulent! 6th Aliya:The monumental
in search of food.
Reborn with Mr. Weiser With Rabbi Simon “Covenant Between the Halves”
Don’t Forget Mussaf! 2nd Aliya: Avram plans for his takes place during which the
encounter with the amorality next 430 years of Jewish history
of Egypt. His and Sarah’s is revealed. Avram is 70 years old.
confrontation with Pharaoh Sarai instructs Avram to marry
is detailed. Avram and Sarah Hagar. The story of her conflict
return home.
Children’s Museum! with Sarai, her encounter with an
Salad Homew
3rd Aliya: Avram separates from angel, and the birth of Yishmael
Next Sunday
his nephew / brother-in-law Lot, in 2034 is told. Following the

and Learning
November 8th due to Lot’s defection from the birth of Yishmael Avram’s name
Please see the W
eisers for teachings of Avram. Hashem is changed to Avraham.
details Wednesdays reassures Avram that he will 7th Aliya:Avraham is presented
have children, “like the dust of with the Mitzvah of Circumcision.
the earth”, who will inherit the Sarai’s name is changed to Sarah,
Get Excited! Land and carry on his work. and Hashem assures Avraham
Latte and Learning! - Tuesday Nights 4th Aliya: Avram is forced to he and Sarah will have a son
Salad Home Work and Learning - Wednesday Nights rescue Lot from captivity. In so called Yitzchak. It is the year
Girl’s Night Out - Saturday Night SOLD OUT! doing, he adjusts the balance 2047 and Avraham circumcises
of power in Canaan and is himself, Yishmael, and his entire
Teen Paintballing - Next Sunday (Nov. 8th)
recognized by the other political household.
Contact for details on Teens leaders for his military and moral Haftorah Lech Lecha
Blumberry Pancakes - Sundays at 9am strength. His encounter with
Isaiah 40:27 - 41:16
Family at the Park - This Sunday (Nov. 1st) Malki Tzedek (Shem) is in stark
contrast to his confrontation with This week’s Haftorah continues
Childrens’ Museum - Next Sunday (Nov. 8th)
the theme of Hashem’s manifest
Contact Mr. Weiser for details on Youth 619.933.6740
presence within nature and our strengthened it with nails that it
selection as the Chosen People. should not move.” (41:7)
Shabbos Schedule
Candlelighting…………………5:41pm Shabbos Ends…………………6:40pm
The opening verses, taken from the With the conviction of certainty
end of Yishaya Chap. 40, directly Mincha…………………………5:45pm Kiddush Levana……If You Haven’t Yet
and truth, Avraham embraces
attribute strength and success to Early Shachris/Daf Yomi………7:45am
G-d as a true servant. Hashem,
Shachris (Main Sanctuary)…………8:45am
Weekday Schedule
belief in Hashem. “But those who in return, bestows upon him the Sunday Shacharis………………8:00am
put their hope in Hashem shall Latest Shema……………………9:49am
singular accolade as the one “who Mon-Fri Shachris……6:20 & 7:15am
renew their vigor...they shall run loved me”. In all of the Tanach, Youth Groups……………………4:15pm
Sun-Thu Mincha/Maariv………4:35pm
and not weary....” (40:31) only Avraham is referred to in this Rabbi’s Class “Klutzky or Mazal?”…4:30pm
Sun-Thu Second Maariv………9:15pm
Hashem’s eternity in relation to all manner. To love Hashem means Mincha……………………………5:25pm
generations is established, “...I am to trust Hashem, and Avraham Shalosh Seudos…………………5:45pm
first, and with the last ones I am trusted Hashem more completely
He.” (41:4) and it therefore makes than anyone else. In merit for
sense to trust Hashem. This his devotion, Hashem promises
realization mirrors Avraham’s to protect his children from the Learning In Your Community...
quest for understanding. Natures onslaught of the other nations. Our community offers a wide range of learning opportunities, from Classes, to
inherent consistency and order One-on-One Learning, to Guided Learning. Every night from 8:00pm-9:15pm
As all things are put into there are programs followed by Maariv.
revealed itself to Avraham as perspective, we realize that our
absolute proof of a Creator who YOMI
nation’s greatness and praise Daf Yomi: Mon-Fri at 6:15 am, Sunday at 7:00 am, Shabbos at 7:45 am
cares for His creations. “...he says is but a reflection of Hashem’s
of the cement, “It is good,” and he greatness. (41:16)

Thank You! starting Tuesday, November 3 at Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Kiddush and Seudah Shlishit is 7:30pm
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Singles Shabbaton: November 13-
Rose Lewis on coming in 1st Place in 14, call Rachel Nissim at 619.229.1080
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Refuah Shleimah Beth Jacob’s 70th
Melvin Weiser on the birth of a great
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