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Saturday 21 November 2009

Background, aims and objectives

The Royal Society of Medicine ‘Medicine and Me’ conferences are specifically designed
for patients. These meetings bring together patients, their families, carers, advocates,
patient support groups, clinicians and researchers to discuss care and research issues
in a particular condition.

This meeting has been organised jointly with the Vitiligo Society and will focus on initial

experiences at diagnosis, secondary care and psychological aspects of the disease.

Programme 3.10 pm Questions

3.15 pm Tea break
12.30 pm Registration and coffee
1.10 pm Welcome address SESSION Two:
Dr David Misselbrook, Dean, RSM Psychological implications
1.15 pm Introduction Chair: Mr Andrew Langford, Chief
Lord Bates of Langbaurgh Executive, Skin Care Campaign

medicine SESSION ONE: 3.35 pm Patients’ viewpoints
Primary and secondary care 3.50 pm Medical viewpoint
and future research Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Chartered
Counselling Psychologist,

Chair: Dr David Misselbrook, Dean, RSM London Metropolitan University
1.30 pm Patients’ viewpoints: 4.05 pm Questions
the initial diagnosis
4.10 pm Patients’ viewpoint
1.45 pm Medical viewpoint
Dr Stephen Kownacki, Chair, 4.25 pm Medical viewpoint
Primary Care Dermatology Service Dr Andrew Thompson
Senior Clinical Lecturer and Clinical
2.00 pm Questions Training Research Director
Saturday 21 November 2009 2.05 pm Patients’ viewpoints: ‘Having 4.40 pm Questions
got to see a dermatologist -
CPD: Applied for what can I expect?’ SESSION THREE:
2.20 pm Medical viewpoint Ask the experts
Professor David Gawkrodger 4.50 pm: Panel discussion
Consultant Dermatologist and All speakers, and Professor
lead author of BAD Guidelines Dorothy Bennett, Ms Sally Crowe
on Vitiligo and Mrs Maxine Whitton
2.35 pm Questions 5.35 pm Closing remarks
The Royal Society of Medicine 2.40 pm Patients’ viewpoints: research – Ms Hilary Fassnidge, Chair,
when can we expect a cure? Vitiligo Society 5.40 pm Closing remarks
2.55 pm Medical viewpoint
Professor Steven Ersser Chair, Dr David Misselbrook, Dean, RSM
Nursing Development and Skin 5.45 pm End of meeting
A one day conference organised jointly by Care Research
the Royal Society of Medicine and the Vitiligo Society
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Medicine and Me: Vitiligo
Saturday 21 November 2009
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