PANDORA’S COURT Howell Justice

Screenplay by Sam Bass

Registered WGAe

Sam Bass 2018 Broadway Little Rock, AR. 72204 501/240-3253 501/952-2056

“PANDORA’S COURT” FADE IN: EXT. 9TH ST. BAR, LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS, CIRCA 2008 – NIGHT BUTCH PERRYMAN, a mid-twenties rustic man needing a shave walks from the bar that flashes a colorful neon sign behind him – “9TH STREET BAR & GRILL”. Butch is drunk, but still composed. He passes several street people that enter-act with him. Butch moves on, smiling. Butch continues a short distance down the dimly lit street littered with candy wrappers and beer cans. He turns into a dark paved parking lot overshadowed by a tall unkept building and trees. He stops next to his old dark colored car. Butch’s tattooed arm reaches to open the door. The image of a large, muscular man, wearing an over coat steps behind Butch. He jerks Butch around and hits him in the stomach. Butch doubles over from the pain. The big man grabs Butch by the throat and straightens him up. He slams him against the car and hits Butch hard across the face. Butch's assailant hits him again knocking Butch to the ground and then kicks him in the ribs. Butch weakly tries to resist. The big man steps back slowly and suddenly kicks Butch again in the stomach. The blow is so hard the air gushes from his lungs. The man bends over Butch, while he lies face down. His muscular hand pushes Butch's face against the tarmac grinding it into the small gravel and fine pieces of broken glass. The cruel figure stands and walks away casually, leaving

Butch gasping in pain. Butch is cut and bleeding. He weakly pulls himself up holding his ribs grimacing from the pain. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Butch touches his wounded face and sees that his hands and knuckles are cut and bloody. He drags himself into the car. INT. BUTCH’S BLUE CADILLAC Fumbling, Butch puts the key in the ignition and starts the engine. He weakly puts the car into gear and drives away. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. STREET IN FRONT OF 9TH STREET BAR AND GRILL A police cruiser drives slowly down the street flashing their spotlight. It covers various vagrants sitting on concrete walls and curbs. CUT TO: INT. 3RD ST., DOWNTOWN NINE-ONE-ONE DISPATCH CENTER Phones are ringing. Ten dispatchers talk on telephones while police radios sound off from incoming calls. A middle-aged FEMALE DISPATCHER picks up a ringing phone. FEMALE DISPATCHER Nine-one-one emergency. May I help you? An anonymous female voice (Ms. Buchanan, a character introduced later.) speaks over the phone. MS. BUCHANAN (TELEPHONE V.O.) There's a lot of noise at my neighbors apartment. I think someone is hurt. It's at twenty-two forty Harmon Street,

Golden Arms Apartments, one ten. The phone hangs up and buzzes. FEMALE DISPATCHER Ma'am. Ma'am! The dispatcher looks at her computer screen. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: FEMALE DISPATCHER P.O.V. The computer monitor displays – AUDIO RECORD NUMBER 312456, NO CONNECTION AT 8:00 P.M., RETAIL PRE-PAY CELLULAR PHONE, NO CUSTOMER NAME AVAILABLE, NUMBER - 501/555-3620, SIGNAL LOCATION - 2210 WEST 10TH STREET. BACK TO SCENE The dispatcher begins to speak into the dispatch microphone. FEMALE DISPATCHER Unit thirteen-thirty. Respond to disturbance. Possible injuries. Twenty-two forty Harmon Street, Golden Arms, number one ten. MALE POLICE OFFICER (RADIO V.O.) Thirteen-thirty responding. Send back-up, Thirteen-thirty out. FEMALE DISPATCHER Ten four, thirteen-thirty. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. GOLDEN ARMS APARTMENTS, BUTCH PERRYMAN HOME Butch drives into his parking place and stops. He turns off the engine and gets out. Butch weakly walks to his apartment. EXT. 9TH STREET ALLEY NEAR BAR A police cruiser emerges from the alley its light bar flashing and then the siren sounds off as it speeds down

the city street. INT. BUTCH PERRYMAN'S APARTMENT, NUMBER ONE TEN Butch enters his jumbled aging apartment. It is partially lit by a streetlight and decorated with velvet Elvis pictures hanging on the wall. Butch stumbles as he turns on a lamp and looks down. (CONTINUE ) CONTINUED: He sees the bloody body of a woman beaten beyond recognition. Butch wilts to his knees beside the bloody body. BUTCH Casey, Baby! Foot-steps are heard as Butch bends over the dead woman. Two police officers step inside the apartment behind Butch. They see the body and draw their weapons. Butch looks up. He appears defeated. Tears are running down his bleeding face. POLICEMAN NUMBER ONE, a thirtyish tall man, holds his gun on Butch. POLICEWOMAN NUMBER TWO, a mid-twenties woman officer puts her weapon away and pulls Butch up roughly. She puts the handcuffs on him. Butch is in shock. He is limp and submissive. Policeman number one puts his weapon away and the two officers take Butch out. Policewoman number two takes her hand carried radio out and speaks into it. POLICEWOMAN NUMBER TWO Dispatch, this is thirteen thirty.

DISPATCH (RADIO V.O.) Go ahead thirteen thirty. POLICEWOMAN NUMBER TWO Send a coroner. We have a possible murder victim at Harmon Street, Golden arms, Number one, ten. DISSOLVE TO: INT. 3RD ST. DOWNTOWN POLICE STATION BOOKING DESK ATTORNEY BOB HOWELL, a fortyish, athletic looking and (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: light skinned Choctaw Indian man stands at the booking desk. The area is sterile, everything is all paint and metal. He self-consciously presses his slightly wrinkled suit lapel with his hand. JOHN, the mid-twenties, uniformed police clerk pushes papers toward Bob. JOHN There you are counselor, Candy Cross? She’s all yours. Bob takes the police clerk's pen and signs the papers. John smiles at Bob. Bob smiles and shrugs his shoulders. BOB Thanks John, I think. The two police officers that arrested Butch bring him in for booking past John and Bob. Bob looks at Butch’s battered face. Butch turns and shows more of his bloody unshaven profile. Bob watches as Butch is roughly pushed to the booking desk.

JOHN She'll be out in a minute, Bob. Bob nods and steps back still watching the two police officers holding Butch at the booking desk. Policeman number one takes the handcuffs off of Butch. POLICEMAN NUMBER ONE Empty your pockets. CANDY CROSS, a middle-aged, attractive and well-dressed prostitute comes out of a side door from the jail. She smiles and looks toward Bob. CANDY Hi honey. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob is still looking at Butch's face. He turns slightly to his client and nods. He smiles and continues looking at Butch. Candy smiles and looks at Butch then back to Bob pulling gently on his coat. CANDY (continuing) Welcome to the real world of cops and robbers, sugar baby. Bob looks back at Candy. Candy gives him an affectionate hug. CANDY (continuing) Sorry to call you so late baby, but you're my lawyer, ya know. Butch glances at Bob. Butch’s eyes are red and blood shot from his grief and the blood on his face is still fresh from the bleeding wounds on his face and head.

Police officer number two gets the desk clerks attention. POLICE OFFICER NUMBER TWO Book him. Suspicion of murder. The detectives will be by later with any other charges. Candy speaks to Bob. CANDY Listen baby, walk me to the bus. These streets aren't safe. Bob is amused. BOB What about me? Candy takes him by the arm and they walk toward the door. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. BOB'S SMALL CITY HOUSE Bob rolls his small economy car to a stop near the front of his house. He gets out and walks to his front door. As he opens the door slightly, the radio inside the house plays. Bob hears a noise behind him and turns to see. His car is being towed away. The sigh on the door of the tow truck reads - "A-1 REPO SERVICE." Bob runs toward the street as the tow truck moves away. BOB Hey. Bob stops. He looks on frustrated. The tow truck disappears around the corner. CAROL, Bob's shapely dark haired girlfriend stands in the doorway of the house dressed in a robe that is open in the front showing her panty and bra. CAROL

Bob, what's going on? Bob hangs his head and walks back toward his house. Carol waits impatiently. Bob looks up at her as he walks inside. BOB Nothing, just another day at the office. She rolls her eyes and closes the door DISSOLVE TO MORNING: EXT. COUNTY COURT HOUSE – MORNING A city bus stops in front of the court house and a few people get off. The last person is Bob. As he steps from the bus, he presses his wrinkled lapel with his hand and walks toward the courthouse. DISSOLVE TO: INT. COUNTY COURT HOUSE - AFTERNOON The courthouse’s stark marble hallway is filled with several waiting people and a few attorneys, all waiting to get into the courtrooms. Bob steps from a stainless steel elevator door as it opens near a group of people. He sees his client, CHERRY. She is a very pretty this morning, dressed in a short skirt and tight top. Cherry leans against the hallway wall. Cherry looks up and sees Bob. She smiles and stands straight as he walks beside her. CHERRY Hi, Bobby. She straightens his wrinkled suit coat.

CHERRY (continuing) Nice wardrobe. Bob is serious. BOB Hi, Cherry. You got the money to pay your fine? Cherry is confident. CHERRY Sure do honey. I hope the judge lets me off with a fine. I hear he's a real puritan these days. Bob smiles at her humor. BOB Don't worry, I already made a pleabargain with the D.A. Cherry pats Bob on the back. CHERRY Thanks, sugar. You're the best. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The bailiff opens the court room doors. Bob looks at the doorway. He pushes Cherry’s arm. BOB Let's go, show time. Cherry smiles nervously and walks into the courtroom with Bob. INT. COURT ROOM – MORNING Bob and Cherry walk down the isle. Cherry sits on the courtroom bench with the other people who have walked in. A rumble of people talking can be heard

throughout the courtroom. Bob walks to a large desk near the judge's bench and across from the assistant district attorney. The assistant and Bob exchange smiles. A bailiff stands and walks to the center of the room and speaks. BAILIFF Quiet please. All rise The Honorable Judge Peter Buchanan presiding. Court is now in session. The people get quiet and stand for the judge to enter. The judge, an athletic looking man of thirty-five enters from a side door and takes his seat at the judicial bench. The bailiff sits near him in front of the bench. The judge looks through papers on his desk top and looks at the Assistant District Attorney. JUDGE BUCHANAN Please take your seats. Is prosecution ready in the Alice Cherry Boatman case? All of the people sit down in the background as the (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Assistant District Attorney stands and walks to the front of his desk. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Your honor, the district attorney's office has agreed to accept a guilty plea for a fine and time served. The judge looks at Bob Howell. JUDGE BUCHANAN Do you concur defense counsel?

Bob looks up at the judge. BOB Yes, your honor. The judge looks at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Present your client before the bench. Bob is courteous. BOB Yes, your honor. Bob motions for Cherry to come forward and then moves in front of the judge's bench. Cherry gets up and walks to Bob's side. She is concerned. Cherry looks at Bob then the judge. The judge closes his file and hands it to the bailiff standing nearby. He then looks at Cherry and speaks sternly. JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) Ms. Boatman, Prostitution is a Plague on the courts. A plague we don’t condone. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Cherry looks at Bob, very concerned. The judge glares at her. JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) However, I will honor the district attorney's lenient offer to you this time with one exception.

Cherry and Bob look at each other. The judge looks down his nose at the Cherry. JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) If you ever appear before this court again, for any reason. You will serve the maximum jail term allotted. This case stands as presented. Two-hundredfifty dollars and time served. The judge slams the gavel and speaks quietly but directly to Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) Get your suit pressed next time you come to my court. Bob nods. BOB Yes, your honor. In the background, the bailiff speaks. BAILIFF (V.O.) Next case, please. State verses Clyde Butch Perryman. Bob looks at Cherry with relief. CHERRY That was close. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob is sincere. BOB Maybe you should consider another line of work. Cherry concedes by nodding. They turn and walk away. In the

background, two attorneys go to the judge’s bench and begin to talk. Bob and Cherry continue to walk toward the exit. The judge looks up and sees Bob leaving. JUDGE BUCHANAN Mr. Howell. Bob stops and turns. The Judge is stern. JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) This court is appointing you to represent, Mr. Butch Perryman. He is in the county jail without counsel. Bob is surprised. BOB Your honor, I… The Judge interrupts and is Kurt. JUDGE BUCHANAN Mr. Howell, you have been appointed by this court. Try being an attorney on a real case. Bob appears beaten. BOB Yes, your honor. The Judge looks at Bob sternly. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: JUDGE BUCHANAN Attorney Howell, you are an America Indian? (Bob nods) Represent your people better.

Bob smiles in agreement then turns and walks out with Cherry. They pass CALVIN CANTRELL, a forty something American Indian man. He is dressed in a nice suit and a Polo shirt. Calvin appears to be a very simple man with a crooked smile. He watches as Bob and Cherry pass by. EXT. COURT ROOM HALLWAY - DAY Bob's head is down as he exits the court room into the hall. Cherry stops and pulls on Bob’s arm. He looks at her. Cherry opens her purse, pulls out some folded bills and stuffs them in Bob's suit pocket. She pats him on the chest and walks away. Calvin watches Bob while he stands beside the courtroom doorway. He approaches Bob. Calvin is a little awkward and almost shy. CALVIN Bob Howell? Bob turns and looks at Calvin. Calvin stops in front of Bob with his eyes looking at the floor and then Bob. CALVIN (continuing) I'm Calvin Cantrell and well… I want to be your investigator. Aunt Minnie said you would help. Bob is completely amused at this prospect, but he remains courteous. BOB That's very nice. Are you talking about my Aunt Minnie Keen. Calvin nods. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: CALVIN

Yes, our aunt. I’m Omoda’s son. We’re cousins. Bob put out with Calvin. BOB Who's going to pay you, cousin? Calvin is shy, but persistent. CALVIN You don't have to pay me! I’m rich. Aunt Minnie thinks I need a new life. Bob looks Calvin over still trying to be kind. He tries to make him understand. BOB Calvin, please understand I don't need an assistant. Besides, there is no money for anything. But thanks for asking and tell Aunt Minnie hello. Bob smiles at Calvin and walks away toward the men's bathroom. Calvin follows rambling on. CALVIN But, Bob, Aunt Minnie said you would help and she said I should help you. She said all I need is to be around good people like you. Bob looks at Calvin as if he is crazy and enters the bathroom. BOB Aunt Minnie says a lot. Calvin smiles. When the heavy bathroom door closes, it shuts in Calvin's face.

INT. COURTHOUSE BATHROOM Bob walks to the urinal and positions himself. Calvin enters the bathroom talking. He stops near Bob. Bob stares at him. CALVIN (V.O.) Bob. Bob is weary of Calvin as he responds. BOB Yes. Calvin continues to push. CALVIN Well ah, Bob, is it okay if I stay and help? Bob is put out while still urinating. BOB I'm kind of busy here, Calvin. Calvin is kind and shy. CALVIN Please, Bob I need to do this. I’m sure this would help us both. Your Mom, Phyllis and Minnie said you needed the help and I’m unemployed. Probably can’t get a job unless I buy the company anyway. Bob zips up and looks sternly at Calvin. BOB I know my mom’s name. Okay Calvin, but you have to pass a drug test and a background check at your expense and then if you pass, you will do exactly what I say for no pay and stay out of the way. Indian or not, blood or not you gotta tow the mark.

(CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Calvin smiles. CALVIN (V.O.) Okay, I'll do it! Then if I do good we can renegotiate. Bob goes to the lavatory and washes his hands as Calvin watches. BOB Don’t push it. Bob looks at him and starts to speak, Calvin interrupts. CALVIN I thought… Bob interrupts Calvin. BOB Calvin. Calvin stops and is silent. Bob looks at him. BOB (continuing) Calvin, come to my office and I’ll brief you on our case. Do you have a place to stay? Calvin’s face shows curiosity. CALVIN Ah, Bob? Bob is short. BOB It's in the phone book. Twenty nineteen Claiborne. Where are you staying?

Calvin is thinking. CALVIN Holiday Inn. Bob smiles. DISSOLVE TO: INT. CITY JAIL Bob walks into the police department’s attorney/client conference room for his court appointed meeting with Butch Perryman. He sits down at a desk set-up for attorneys to meet with their clients. SAM BAKER, a heavy built guard opens the door of the secured conference room. Butch walks in wearing handcuffs with chains that bind his hands to his sides and more chains that hobble his legs. The guard escorts Butch as he hobbles to the table and sits. Bob is shocked at the sight of the chains. Another guard watches Bob and Butch from behind a safety glass at the end of the room. The guard turns and walks toward the door. SAM Here he is counselor. Bob is angry with the guard. He recognizes him and calls him by name. BOB Sam, get these chains off. He's not an animal. Sam speaks as he walks. SAM Sorry, Orders from the top. The guard exits.

BOB I thought the asses were on the bottom. BOB P.O.V. He looks over Butch's swollen and bruised face. Bob shakes his head. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB I'm, Bob Howell, your attorney. Butch nods meekly. BOB (continuing) What are you charged with? Butch is defeated. He speaks softly. BUTCH Murder. Bob looks into Butch's eyes. BOB Did you do it? Butch shakes his head no. BUTCH No, I loved Casey. She was… Bob looks at his file. BOB Tell me what happened, so we can piece this together. I'll pick up a copy of your file and the police reports to see what they have. Butch nods his head yes, slowly.

BUTCH Well, it started the other night. I… DISSOLVE TO: Bob is nodding his head, yes. BOB Do you know who beat you? Butch appears defeated. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BUTCH No, I never saw his face. It was dark. Sam, the guard walks into the room. SAM Bob, you have a call at the front desk. Bob looks up and acknowledgments. The guard leaves. Bob stands and closes his beat up briefcase. He looks at Butch. BOB Okay Butch, I'm going to do my best to help you. Just hang in there. Butch nods solemnly. Bob pats Butch on the shoulder. Butch looks up. BUTCH All right. If they don’t kill me first. Bob smiles. BOB I’ll talk to the judge and D-A to get you some protection. Just hang

in there. Sorry, gotta run. Bob walks out. Butch nods and remains seated. He hangs his head. CUT TO: INT. COUNTY JAIL, FRONT DESK Bob walks to the front desk where a female police officer greets him. POLICEWOMAN You may take the call on this phone. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: She points to the phone on the booking desk. Bob picks up the telephone. BOB Thank you, (talks into the phone) Hello. Bob's girlfriend, Carol is calling. CAROL (TELEPHONE V.O.) What kept you? Bob mumbles. BOB I ah. CAROL (TELEPHONE V.O.) I've had enough. You never come home when you say. Your clothes are on the porch. So just get on with your pitiful life. The line goes dead. Bob looks at the phone and hangs up. He is sad. Bob walks out.

DISSOLVE TO: EXT. BUS STOP BENCH, FRONT OF COURTHOUSE Bob walks down the tree lined sidewalk and street toward the bus stop bench. Bob sits down beside a small elderly woman and smiles at her. She turns her back to him. He presses his wrinkled lapel with his hand. Bob opens his briefcase and takes out a sandwich and a small can of orange juice. He closes the case and uses it as a table. Bob relaxes and takes a bite of the sandwich then stares off into the distance. Bob can see Calvin carrying a briefcase in the distance. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Calvin also has a camera around his neck and a wide smile on his face as he approaches. Bob is exhausted with the thought of Calvin, but relaxes and decides to deal with him. Calvin stops between Bob and the older woman. He looks at her. CALVIN May I sit down, ma'am? The older lady looks at Calvin as if he is weird. Calvin smiles and sits down. He looks at Bob and back at his briefcase. Bob continues to eat his sandwiches. He smiles at Calvin. Calvin opens his briefcase, gets a sandwich out and begins to eat identical to Bob. Calvin puts his half eaten sandwich away and pulls out a

huge snowball cupcakes and begins to eat, getting chocolate and white cream around his mouth and dropping it in his lap. Bob looks at Calvin and looks away. The older lady appears grossed out and looks away. Calvin looks at Bob. CALVIN (continuing) Good lunch, (holds up cake) Snow balls. Bob smiles and nods. He chews his sandwich staring into the distance. A pretty young woman, SHARON TAFT, the assistant district attorney, walks by and sees Bob. She stops. Bob is still staring into the distance, holding his sandwich. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: SHARON Having breakfast? Bob looks up at Sharon, surprised. Sharon looks at Calvin curiously. She looks back at Bob. Calvin is smiling at Sharon. BOB Ah, Yes. Sharon extends her hand. SHARON I'm, Sharon Taft. Bob fumbles with his sandwich, drink and the briefcase. He stands and shakes Sharon's hand.

SHARON (continuing) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to… The woman on the bench looks at him like he may have brain damage. Sharon smiles very big. BOB Are You the new assistant D.A.? Sharon is pleased he remembers. SHARON Yes, well nice to see you. Calvin looks up at Sharon and Bob. Bob decides to introduce them. BOB Oh, Ms. Taft. This my Cousin, Calvin Cantrell. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: She smiles and shakes his hand. Bob and Sharon smile at each other nervously. Calvin sits down. Sharon, still smiling, starts to walk away. Bob wants to let her know he likes her. BOB I'll see you around. (he hesitates) The courthouse. Sharon turns back toward Bob smiling sweetly in acknowledgement and walks on.

Bob sits down again as he watches her walk away. Calvin takes his camera and begins to shoot pictures of Sharon's butt as she walks away. Bob looks at Calvin for a moment then pushes his camera out of its line of focus. BOB (continuing) Will you stop with the ass shots? Calvin smiles. He stops taking pictures. CALVIN Are you in love, Bob? Bob looks strangely at Calvin. BOB Calvin, I hardly know her. Calvin looks at him mischievously. CALVIN Do you want to have her babies, Bob? Calvin Grins. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob shakes his head. Calvin takes a handkerchief from his pocket and blows his nose very loud and long then wipes his mouth looking at Bob. CALVIN (continuing) I have information on Perryman. Bob rolls his eyes. He looks away, then has a thought and then looks back at Calvin. Calvin is still seriously staring at Bob.

CALVIN (continuing) The street people say the cops are in on a frame up of Perryman. (Calvin smiles) Talking drums. Maybe I should say talking bums. Bob nods un-amused while in thought. Calvin blows his nose again. The older lady is discussed. She gets up and walks away. BOB Do you know who? Calvin looks up. He shakes his head, no. He smiles at Bob with chocolate cupcake between his teeth as he puts his handkerchief away. Bob just looks at Calvin. Calvin has a blank stare for a moment. CALVIN What? DISSOLVE TO: EXT. BOB'S HOUSE – AFTERNOON A city bus stops on the corner near Bob's house. He gets off and walks toward his small run down house. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: As he walks, he can see suitcases and boxes sitting on the porch. Bob sadly shakes his head as he walks to the porch. He knocks on the door and speaks to Carol through the door. BOB Carol, Carol please. If you are in there. Call, Harry at the Yellow Cab and tell him to pick me up.

Carol speaks with a firm tone. CAROL (V.O.) I'm not here, go away. Bob perks up. BOB Please, Carol. I'm sorry. I understand how you feel. I'm not too happy with myself either. Please, just call Harry. Carol is still strong against Bob. CAROL (V.O.) All right Bob, I called. Please go away now. I can't see you or we'll start over again. Bob slowly picks up his luggage and starts moving them across the un-mowed lawn, to the curb. A yellow cab pulls up and stops. HARRY, the driver, a thin, happy man gets out and walks toward Bob. Bob looks up sadly. Harry smiles and takes part of Bob's load. HARRY Hi, Bob, you're lucky I was in the neighborhood. What’s wrong got a little trouble in paradise? (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob nods. Harry is supportive. HARRY Don't worry, Buddy. You're an all right guy. Things happen sometimes when you deal in love.

Harry opens the trunk of the cab and puts Bob's things inside. They both go back for the rest of the boxes. Bob and Harry talk as they pick up the boxes and walk back to the taxi. HARRY (continuing) You know what I do when there's trouble? Bob is amused. BOB Shoot yourself? Harry smiles and wages his finger at Bob. Bob shuts the trunk. BOB (continuing) Thanks for coming, Harry. Will you take me to my office? Harry nods in acknowledgement. They get into the cab and drive away. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CLAIBORNE ST., OLD THREE-STORY OFFICE BUILDING – DAY Harry's taxi rolls to a stop in front of the building. Bob and Harry get out. Harry opens the deck lid. Harry and Bob pick up suitcases and boxes and start inside. INT. OFFICE BUILDING HALL The elevator doors open. Bob and Harry get off the elevator. Mrs. Cooper, the landlady, an older, tough looking lady is standing in the hall. She talks as she walks up to Bob and Harry.

MRS. COOPER There you are Bob Howell. I've been looking for you. Your rent is over due. Bob is distressed. Harry stands by holding the suitcases. Bob looks away for a moment and sees Calvin standing in front of his office door. BOB I know, Mrs. Cooper. I just got here I'll be down in a few minutes to talk to you. Mrs. Cooper moves toward the elevator. MRS. COOPER Be sure you do and bring money. I won't wait this time. Mrs. Cooper pushes the elevator button and waits. Bob looks on with a defeated look. Harry rolls his eyes in disgust. HARRY Charming. Calvin cheerfully rushes past Bob and Harry carrying his new briefcase. Harry and Bob are surprised as Calvin passes. They just stand in place and look on. Calvin pulls an envelope from his pocket with his free hand as he rushes toward the elevator. Calvin jams his arm between the elevator doors. They close on his arm. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Mrs. Cooper is shocked as she peers through the small opening between the elevator doors.

MRS. COOPER P.O.V. Calvin’s eye is staring through the opening. His arm protrudes through also holding an envelope. CALVIN I have money! BACK TO SCENE Mrs. Cooper looks closer at the Envelope. MRS. COOPER For what, my dental work? Calvin smiles sheepishly. CALVIN No, I am prepared to pay Bob's rent. But you got here first. Mrs. Cooper opens the envelope checks the contents and gives a fake smile. MRS. COPPER Thank you, Mr. do-gooder. How efficient, pick-up a receipt down stairs. Calvin is still smiling and tries to remove his arm. He can't get it out. Calvin stops trying and just looks pitiful. Mrs. Cooper looks at Calvin with a cruel smirk and pushes the open button on the elevator. The door opens. Calvin takes his arm out. Bob looks at Calvin. BOB Calvin, what did you do? The elevator doors closes and Mrs. Cooper is gone. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED:

Calvin looks kindly toward Bob. CALVIN Taking care of business? Aunt Minnie says I should do more of it. Bob returns the friendly glance. BOB I'm sorry you did that, Calvin. I'll get it back to you. Harry looks on in wonder. Calvin smiles very big. Bob looks at Calvin and Harry. He motions for them to follow him into his cluttered office. They all walk toward the entrance. Harry looks at Calvin as if he is very strange. HARRY Hi, Calvin. I'm, Harry. Calvin smiles at Harry. CALVIN Yes, you are. INT. BOB'S OFFICE – DAY Bob, Calvin and Harry enter the office. It is decorated in 1940's legal. Bob sees a note in his typewriter. He sets down the suitcases and boxes, pulls the note from the typewriter and begins to read. Harry sets his load of luggage down and stands beside Bob. HARRY What is it, Bob? Bob reads intensely. (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: BOB My secretary quit. She says the neighborhood is dangerous and she would complain about the pay, but there was none. Harry is passive about the secretary. He didn't like her anyway. HARRY It could be worse, Bobby. She could've stayed. Calvin looks at Bob with a helpful look. Bob smiles. BOB Thanks, Harry. You've been a good friend. How much do I owe you. Harry is kind toward Bob. HARRY Forget it Bob. You've helped my family lots of times. Besides I owe you. Bob is touched. BOB Thanks, Harry. Harry and Bob look at each other for a second, then shake hands and smile. Calvin looks touched by the whole thing. HARRY Well I've got to go Bob. Call me if you need anything. Harry walks to the door and steps outside. Bob and Calvin watch Harry leave.

Calvin looks at Bob. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: CALVIN I heard from a good source in Butch’s neighborhood that his girlfriend was sleeping with a married cop. Bob smiles and acknowledges. CALVIN (continuing) Well, I’m going for more clues. Everybody at home says hello. He watches Calvin walk away. Bob is thinking to himself. He sits at his secretary's desk and picks up the phone messages. He looks through them, lays the notes back on the desk and looks ahead with a stressed out, blank stare. Tears well up in his eyes and roll down his cheeks as he sits silent in the dim office. The phone rings, Bob looks at it. It rings again, he puts his hand on it. It rings again, he hesitates and picks it up. BOB Hello. Butch Perryman's sister, Ann, is calling. ANN (TELEPHONE V.O.) Is this, Mr. Howell’s office? BOB Yes, this is, Bob. ANN (TELEPHONE V.O.) I'm glad I found you. I'm Ann Perryman, Butch's sister. BOB How may I help you Ms. Perryman?

ANN (TELEPHONE V.O.) It's Butch. He's been beat up at the jail. They put him in the hospital. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob wipes the tears from his eyes. BOB Yes, I'm sorry. I'll go there right away and find out what happened. ANN (TELEPHONE V.O.) Thank you, Mr. Howell. Something isn't right. It's like the police have already convicted, Butch. BOB There's nothing new about that, Ms. Perryman. I'll take care of it, don't worry. ANN (TELEPHONE V.O.) Thank you, Mr. Howell. I know he's innocent. Please help him. Ann hangs up, the phone buzzes. Bob appears concerned and stares into the distance. BOB I will. DISSOLVE TO: INT. JAIL HOSPITAL – AFTERNOON A guard opens the jail cell door and Bob walks into the jail's hospital ward. Bob continues to walk down the bed lined isle. He sees Butch and walks to his bedside. Butch's face is more scratched, bruised and swollen than before. He slowly opens his eyes. Bob looks startled at the sight of Butch's face. He speaks

softly. BOB What happened, Butch? Butch is stronger now. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BUTCH Three guys in the cell jumped me and the jailer said I started it. Bob gently touches Butch's arm. BOB I'll get to the bottom of this. I'm sorry, Butch. Butch’s word plead with Bob. BUTCH I didn't kill Casey. Someone is trying to railroad me. Bob comforts him. BOB Relax Butch, we have an arraignment in a couple of days. I'll take care of it. Bob turns and walks away. BUTCH Mr. Howell. Bob stops and turns around looking at Butch. BUTCH (continuing) What ever Casey was or did she didn't deserve what happened to her. Bob sadly acknowledges and walks out.

DISSOLVE TO: INT. CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT Bob walks into the police department past the front desk. The desk sergeant watches him as he passes. Bob walks down a long hallway past police officers booking prisoners, prisoners being taken to jail cells and detectives leaving the area. He stops at a door with a sign that reads "DETECTIVE DIVISION". INT. DETECTIVE DIVISION OFFICES The room contains ten metal desk, six of which are occupied by plain clothes detectives answering phones and shuffling papers. Bob looks around the room. He sees a door labeled "CAPTAIN HAROLD". He walks toward the door. The detectives watch Bob as if he should not be there. Bob stops in Captain Harold's doorway. Bob looks at the middle aged, well dressed, arrogant chief of detectives. Bob nervously presses the lapel of his wrinkled suit with his hand. CAPTAIN HAROLD, a typical middle-aged detective with graying dark hair looks up and over his reading glasses from the file he is reading. CAPTAIN HAROLD Yes. Bob regains his confidence. BOB I'm, Bob Howell, attorney for Butch Perryman. Captain Harold smiles as if he is making fun of Bob. He removes his reading glasses as he speaks.

CAPTAIN HAROLD I know, Mr. Howell, so. Bob looks at him with a question on his face. BOB I would like to speak with the detectives that investigated the Perryman/Lynch case. The detective is rude. CAPTAIN HAROLD Fine, talk to them. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob is firm. BOB So have them come in. The captain ignores Bob’s request. CAPTAIN HAROLD Mr. Howell, your name sounds like Cowboys and Indians. (he smiles) When they come in I'll have them call you. Bob stands firm. BOB Captain those detectives are important to my clients arraignment, which is day after tomorrow. I can't wait. Captain Harold smirks. CAPTAIN HAROLD We'll call you. Bob is angry.

BOB I’ve had it with the bureaucratic dance, get the detectives or I get the Judge to assure your cooperation. Captain Harold smiles. CAPTAIN HAROLD Relax, have it your way. (he picks up the phone and dials an extension) Get detectives Brown and Akin in here A.S.A.P. Captain Harold hangs up the phone and leans back in his chair, looking confident. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob walks out of the captain's doorway and looks around the detective’s office. He sees two desks pushed back to back. The name plate on the desk facing him reads: “DETECTIVE BURNS". Bob walks to the desk and sits in a chair beside it. Captain Harold stands in his doorway watching Bob and smiling. Bob crosses his legs. He relaxes and sees a hole in his shoe. He discreetly and quickly sits his foot back on the floor. Bob is embarrassed he sits up straight and looks around the room. The detectives are watching him. Bob presses his wrinkled lapel with his hand. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. POLICE DEPARTMENT – NIGHT Bob is walking out the police department front exit. He walks across the street under a street light and down the sidewalk.

As Bob walks he approaches a rough looking street person sitting next to a building. The street person stares at Bob as he walks by. EXT. CITY STREET Bob continues to walk down the sidewalk watching people as they pass and others sitting in remote areas of the dirty street. He stops in front of an all night cafe and looks inside before he goes inside. A hand taps his shoulder from behind. Bob jumps from fright and whirls around. Calvin is smiling at Bob. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob catches his breath. BOB Jesus, Calvin you scared the hell out of me! Calvin grins. A car horn honks, Bob turns toward the sound. Sharon Taft stops her new BMW and rolls down the power window. She leans over to talk to Bob. SHARON Hi. Bob looks again, not believing he knows anyone of that caliber. Calvin looks at Sharon in unison with Bob. Sharon smiles and opens her car door from inside. SHARON (continuing)

Don't go in there. Come with me. I know a great place. Bob hesitates and presses his lapel with his hand looking at Sharon. SHARON (continuing) My treat. I don't want to eat alone. Bob smiles, walks to the car and gets in. Calvin steps off the curb beside Sharon's car. He looks in the window at Bob. CALVIN What should I do, Bob? Bob looks at Calvin. BOB Go home, Calvin. You are off duty. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Calvin smiles very big. CALVIN A guy told me a judge was at the Perryman house a few days before the murder. He saw the car. Bob waves as they drive away. He watches the car drive away. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. ELEGANT FRENCH RESTAURANT Sharon's car stops in front of the restaurant. A welldressed valet walks out and takes the keys from Sharon. She and Bob get out of the car. Bob looks around nervously at the possible cost of this

evening. Sharon smiles, takes Bob's hand and walks inside. INT. ELEGANT FRENCH RESTAURANT Bob and Sharon stop beside the maitre’d. He looks at them. A beautifully decorated restaurant is in his background. MAITRE’D Yes, may I help you? Bob is nervous and starts to speak but is interrupted by Sharon. SHARON Taft. The maitre’d smiles. MAITRE’D Yes of course. If you and the gentleman will follow me. The maitre’d walks toward Sharon's table. Bob and Sharon follow. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob presses his lapel as he nervously looks around. The maitre’d stops at the table. A waiter walks up. The maitre’d pulls Sharon's chair out and seats her, the waiter repeat the process for Bob. Another waiter sits water glasses on the table and pours water from a pitcher. Sharon watches Bob and smiles. The waiter hands Sharon a menu, then Bob. leaves. SHARON Are you comfortable, Bob? The waiter

Bob is nervous. He smiles as the waiter walks up. WAITER May I take your order sir? Sharon smiles and looks kindly at Bob and the waiter. SHARON It's my birthday and I get to order. We'll have champagne and escargot. Followed by filet of sol. Bob smiles with guarded approval. The waiter smiles and leaves. SHARON (continuing) So, Bob tell me about yourself. Bob looks uncomfortable. BOB Well let's see. I grew up with loving parents. Got a job, finished college and law school, while washing dishes at night and here I am. How about you? Sharon smiles. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: SHARON Well, my father is a native American and a senior partner in his law firm. My mother is a yuppie type housewife and that equals children that are lawyers in my family. Bob smiles. BOB Me too. She smiles.

SHARON What, an Indian, a housewife or a lawyer. Bob smiles. BOB A part Choctaw Indian and a lawyer. Sharon smiles. The waiter arrives with their meal and sets it before them. A second waiter pours champagne. A third waiter place’s their napkins. Sharon looks at the waiter and begins to talk inaudibly to him. EXT. ELEGANT FRENCH RESTAURANT Calvin starts to go into the restaurant. The maitre’d looks at Calvin and wags his finger at him to keep him out. Calvin backs out of the door and walks down the street. INT. ELEGANT FRENCH RESTAURANT Bob hears a tapping noise on the restaurant window. turns and looks. He

(CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - It’s Calvin, he is tapping on the window with a credit card. BACK TO SCENE Bob is surprised. Three other couples near the window notice Calvin.

A woman sitting near the window smiles in amusement and points at Calvin while getting her partners attention. Her male partner looks and smiles at a grinning Calvin in the window. Calvin smiles very big and holds the credit card for Bob to see. Pointing at it suggesting Bob may need to use it. Bob looks slightly embarrassed and motions for Calvin to go away. Calvin smiles and holds the credit card up again. Bob motions for Calvin to go away. Calvin moves out of sight. Sharon looks at Bob. Bob turns his attention to Sharon. A waiter walks to their table with a bottle of red wine and pours for Sharon and then Bob. He completes serving the wine and walks away. Sharon looks at Bob. SHARON Are you all right, Bob? Bob smiles nervously. BOB Yes. I thought I saw something outside. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Sharon silently acknowledges and looks at Bob lovingly. SHARON I propose a toast. To, Bob Howell, a great attorney. Bob looks at Sharon.

BOB No, to Sharon Taft. The nicest person I have ever met and Happy Birthday. They look at each other lovingly. Bob and Sharon pick up their forks, Sharon begins to speak. SHARON I hear you have a murder case coming up with Judge Buchanan. He's tough. Bob is serious. BOB Yes. Plus he doesn't like me. Makes it worse. She smiles. SHARON You know his mother was a judge. I hear, around the court house, that even though she's retired, the lady is still influential. A few feet away Calvin enters the front of the restaurant and begins talking inaudibly to the Maitre’d. The Maitre’d appears to be talking harshly to Calvin. Calvin discretely hands him money. The Maitre’d smiles and motions for two waiters to move a table for Calvin. The waiters moves a table and one chair to an area near Bob and Sharon. Calvin walks to the table and is seated by a waiter. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob takes a drink of red wine when suddenly the sight of Calvin trying to get his attention shocks him. CALVIN Psst! Psst!

Bob spills the wine on his wrinkled suit and white shirt. Sharon reaches trying to help wipe the wine off his shirt. While helping, Sharon looks out and sees Calvin and smiles. Bob looks at Calvin. Calvin smiles and waves a small hello. Bob mimics a smile. He turns back to Sharon as she sits. Sharon looks at Bob. SHARON Bob, isn’t that little man your cousin? Bob is serious. BOB The cousin from hell! Sharon laughs slightly. SHARON He looks so lonely. Would you like to invite him over? Bob is stressed. BOB No! Sharon smiles again. SHARON That's not very nice. (she looks out and moves her lips for him to read) Would you like to join us? (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Calvin points at himself and looks over his shoulder and back at Sharon. He smiles very big.

Sharon acknowledges and gestures for Calvin to come to the table. Sharon looks at Bob smiling. Bob smiles and gestures and okay for Calvin to join them. DISSOLVE TO: INT. COURT HOUSE – MORNING Bob walks down the hall toward the courtroom, carrying a disposable cup of coffee. Sharon appears from a side door. She steps into the hall and sees Bob. Sharon walks behind Bob and speaks. SHARON Bob. Bob turns and stops facing Sharon. They bump slightly spilling the coffee on his dingy shirt, leaving a small stain. He smiles and wipes the stain with his hand. BOB Morning. Sharon is glad to see Bob. SHARON Sorry? Hey, good luck today. (she moves away) Well I've got to go. Bob smiles broadly. He watches Sharon as she walks away. Captain Harold walks past Bob. Bob turns around and runs into Captain Harold spilling his coffee again. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED:

CAPTAIN HAROLD Good morning, Howell. You down here to bail out another one of your high level ass merchant clients. Bob looks coldly at Captain Harold, brushes at the coffee stain and turns to walk into the courtroom. Captain Harold watches, smiling. Bob gives him a look of contempt and goes inside. INT. COURT ROOM – MORNING Bob walks into the court. A few people sit around the gallery. Bob notices Ellen Buchanan, the judge’s mother, a well dressed, graying lady, very pretty in her late fifties. Bob walks on toward his desk near the judge’s bench. A young woman, Ann Perryman, stops him before he leaves the gallery. ANN Mr. Howell, I'm Ann Perryman, Butch's sister. I'm worried, you've got to help him. Bob tries to console her. BOB I will, Ann. I will. Bob turns and goes to his desk, sits down, opens his briefcase. He takes out files from under his smashed sandwich. Bob looks up as a clean cut, well dressed, young assistant district attorney enters and goes to his desk. Bob watches Sam the jail guard bring Butch into the court room. He is still wearing the chains. Butch hobbles toward Bob. His face is swollen, scratched and bruised.

(CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob stands appearing angry. Sam seats Butch, very roughly. Bob speaks to Sam. BOB Take the chains off. You make him look guilty before we start. Sam is firm. SAM No way, Bob. Judges orders. Sam walk away. BOB Screw him. We'll see about this. (he looks at Butch) Hang on a few minutes Butch. I'll talk to the judge. Butch is resigned to his fate. BUTCH Don't worry about it, Mr. Howell. They're going to railroad me anyway. Bob shows his determination. BOB No they won't. Just hang on. The bailiff stands and speaks. BAILIFF Court is now in session. Judge Peter Buchanan presiding. All rise. All of the people in the courtroom stand. Judge Buchanan enters and takes his seat. He looks around the courtroom.

BAILIFF (V.O.) (continuing) Take your seats. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Ellen Buchanan smiles proudly at her son. Judge Buchanan smiles at his mother. The Bailiff speaks. BAILIFF (continuing) The hearing of State vs. Perryman is ready to be heard. The judge looks at Bob and then at the assistant district attorney. JUDGE BUCHANAN Is prosecution ready? The D.A. stands and looks at the judge. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Yes, your honor. He sits. The Judge continues. JUDGE BUCHANAN Defense? Bob stands and answers. BOB Yes, your honor. May I approach the bench? The judge motions for him to approach. Bob walks to the bench. The assistant district attorney walks up beside him.

BOB Your honor, I protest the cruel and harsh treatment of my client. He is in court wearing chains and the guards are excessively cruel. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The D.A. likes Bob and is willing to give him a break. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Your honor the prosecution has no objection. The judge is abrupt. JUDGE BUCHANAN I'm sorry counselor, but this prisoner has a history of violence since he's been in custody. I will not jeopardize innocent people. Bob pushes. BOB I strongly protest, your honor. The judge is uncaring. JUDGE BUCHANAN So noted. Get on with your case Mr. Howell. Bob pushes. BOB Your honor! The Judge cuts his eyes toward Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN I don't want any argument. Bob’s words fight back.

BOB Your honor, the damn guards jerk and push him around. His… The judge is angry. JUDGE BUCHANAN Not one word! I have your protest noted. Present your case. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob is angry. He walks back to his seat and sits down. The assistant district attorney takes his seat. Bob looks at Butch. BOB I'm sorry, Butch. Butch nods. SLOW DISSOLVE TO: The judge looks at Bob and then the assistant district attorneys, seated at their desks. JUDGE BUCHANAN It is the opinion of this court. There is sufficient evidence presented to carry this case over for trial. You may get the court dates from the bailiff or my clerk after 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. Court will stand in recess for thirty minutes. The judge strikes his gavel on the bench. Bob looks on. Butch hangs his head. BOB I'm sorry, Butch. Just hang in there. Butch acknowledges solemnly. The judge gets up and leaves.

The bailiff discreetly passes by Bob's desk as Bob stands. He slides a small note over the desk to Bob. Bob picks up the note and wads it up in his palm. Sam, the guard jerks Butch up from the desk. Bob protests angrily. BOB (continuing) That is not necessary. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Sam smiles and stops. SAM Something wrong, Bob? Bob glares at Sam. BOB If you continue this mistreatment of my client, I will have you up on charges. Do you understand? Sam look at him unsure. SAM Yes sir. The two officers take Butch out of the room. Bob watches as they leave, then he opens the note. ECU NOTE - "CHECK THE 911 CALL ON THE NIGHT OF THE MURDER. LISTEN TO IT CLOSELY." Bob looks at the note curiously and then looks around the courtroom, everyone is gone. DISSOLVE TO: INT. BOB'S OFFICE – AFTERNOON

Bob sits at his secretary’s desk listening to the nine-oneone call. C. D. PLAYER (MS. BUCHANAN V.O.) There's been a lot of noise at the neighbors apartment. I think someone's been hurt. It's at twenty two forty Harmon Street. There is a sound of the phone hanging up and a buzz. Bob listens with a questioning look, He ejects the C.D. CLOSE ON THE C.D.LABEL - 9-1-1, AUDIO NUMBER 312456, 8:00 (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: P.M., RETAIL PRE-PAY CELLULAR, NO CUSTOMER NAME, NUMBER 501/555-3620, SIGNAL LOCATION - 2210 WEST 7TH STREET. He puts it in his pocket. He stands and walks out of his office solemnly. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY STREET NEAR COURT HOUSE Bob walks down the sidewalk with his head down. A large guard dog appears in a store window and barks viciously causing Bob to jump. Sharon yells to Bob as she crosses the street. SHARON Bob, Wait. I'll walk with you. Sharon walks beside Bob and they walk on. SHARON (continuing) You don't look too perky today. Bob smiles.

BOB I'm not. I've got only four weeks to find evidence to clear an innocent man. Besides, what are you doing out here in this area? Sharon looks up at Bob. SHARON I work here. Hey listen. I overheard something that may help you. Bob is grime. BOB Like what, a confession? Sharon is cheerful. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: SHARON No, I overheard two street cops talking about a wealthy looking woman, in a blue Cadillac. she visited Butch Perryman's apartment several times when he was gone. Probably visiting his girlfriend. Bob perks up. BOB God, thanks Sharon. That may help Butch's case. Sharon is serious. SHARON It's only hearsay, but maybe something will come of it. Bob looks at Sharon and looks toward the street as Captain Harold drives by. Captain Harold stares at them from his detective's vehicle

as he passes. Bob looks at him intensely. BOB There goes a jerk. Sharon looks at the captain as he drives away. SHARON Forget him, just take care of your case. You’re in Judge Buchanan’s Pandora’s Court. Stay sharp. Sharon kisses Bob on the cheek. Bob gets a large smile on his face. Sharon walks toward the parking lot and her car. Bob crosses the street to the bus stop. A bus drives up and stops, Bob gets on. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The scroll on the front of the bus, above the windshield, reads "HARMON STREET". INT. CITY BUS - DAY Bob walks down the isle of the bus. to a window on the curb side. The bus pulls away from the stop. Bob is comfortably riding along when suddenly he hears a knock on the window. Bob looks out and sees Calvin riding a bicycle beside the bus wobbling as he knocks on the window. Bob motions for Calvin to stop and go away. Calvin keeps pedaling hanging onto the bus dodging parked cars as they speed down the street. Bob see a bridge coming up from the corner of his eye. He looks at the bridge. He turns toward Calvin with a panicked He takes a seat next

look on his face.

Bob open the window.

Calvin is watching Bob. CALVIN A guy told me a cop beat Butch in the parking lot the night of the murder. The bus starts across the bridge. Bob looks at Calvin. BOB The bridge, Calvin! The bridge! Calvin waves. Bob tries to wave him off. Calvin waves again. Bob yells to Calvin. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB No, Calvin the bridge. Calvin looks up shocked and cuts off the road down a grassy embankment and finally stops and falls over. Bob is concerned as the bus speeds away. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. HARMON STREET - LATE AFTERNOON Bob gets off the bus, it pulls away from the curb and rolls down the street. A street sign on the corner, above Bob's head, reads "HARMON ST."

Bob looks around the old neighborhood, then walks to the nearest house. He stops at the front door and knocks. He pulls out a wrinkled business card. A gray haired older woman opens the door with the safety chain still attached. Bob smiles and hands his business card to her. BOB Ma'am, I'm Bob Howell, an attorney. I'm investigating the Casey Lynch murder. (he points down the street) Down the street at twenty two forty. Are you familiar with the incident? The lady is friendly. OLDER LADY No, I don't know anything. The older lady shuts the door. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob looks on as he hears the dead bolt lock. CUT TO: Bob knocks on another door. head, no, as Bob talks. A man answers and shakes his DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SMALL FRAME HOUSE – NIGHT Bob loosens his tie and presses his lapel with his hand as he prepares to knock on the door. He knocks. An older man, HARVEY PAINE, answers the door.

HARVEY Yes. Bob smiles. BOB Hello, I'm Bob Howell. I'm investigating the Casey Lynch murder that happened two doors down from you. (he gestures) Could you help me with any information? Harvey answers quietly. HARVEY Well, I don't know anything. I'm sorry. Harvey's seven year old grandson, TERRY SATTERFIELD is standing behind him. TERRY I know her. She was nice. Bob and Harvey look surprised. Bob kneels down. TERRY (continuing) I walked to the store with her all the time. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob tries to get on Terry’s level. BOB Did you ever see her with anyone else. Terry is eager. TERRY Yeah. Bob pushes him verbally.

BOB Like who? Terry cheerfully answers. TERRY Her boyfriend, Butch walked with us sometimes. Harvey puts his hand on Terry's shoulder. BOB Anyone else? Terry thinks for a second. TERRY Yeah. A rich lady came to see her, but Casey didn't like it when she came. Bob is kind. BOB Did you see her at Casey's a lot? Terry looks down. TERRY Yeah, but I wouldn't stop when her big car was there. Bob pats Terry’s shoulder. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB You’re doing well. What kind of car was it? Terry smiles. TERRY It was blue.

Bob pushes a little harder. BOB Do you know what kind it was? Like a Ford, maybe a Chevy? Terry points to an older Cadillac. TERRY Same as Grandpa's. Only it was shinier. Bob and Harvey smile. Bob stands. BOB Thanks, what's your name? Terry smiles again. TERRY Terry Satterfield. Bob pats him on the shoulder. BOB Thanks, Terry. Bob extends his hand to Harvey. BOB Thank you. Mr. Harvey is kind. HARVEY You are welcome. I hope we helped. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob pulls out a wrinkled business card and hands it to Harvey. BOB Please call me if you or Terry think of anything else. Thank you again. They shake hands.

Bob turns and walks away. EXT. HARMON STREET – DAY Bob walks down the street. He stops at a phone booth on the street corner, puts a coin in and dials his number. The phone rings and a recording of Bob's voice comes on as he listens. BOB (ANSWERING MACHINE V.O.) Hello, this is Bob… Bob pushes the number two on the phone. He can hear the recorder speed ahead and stop. His messages begin to play. A female voice comes on. CHERRY (ANSWERING MACHINE V.O.) Bobby Honey. When you get in come get me. I'm at the city lock up. You know where. This is a case for super lawyer. Hurry baby I’m waiting. The phone goes to a buzz, Bob hangs up. He smiles and walks to a bus stop across the street. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. POLICE STATION – NIGHT Bob is walking into the police station a bus pulls away from the curb in the background. INT. POLICE STATION Bob walks past police officers and people waiting for (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: various things. A mother and father with their teen son talk to, the desk clerk, John. Bob passes by and stops at the bail desk.

John finishes with the parents and goes to the bail desk. JOHN Hello counselor. I'll get Cherry, she's been, waiting impatiently. BOB Thanks, John. John picks up an intercom phone. JOHN Bring Cherry up, her lawyer's here. John pulls out a piece of printed paper and lays it and a pen in front of Bob. JOHN (continuing) Sign here and she's all yours. Bob signs the paper. John looks at Bob. JOHN (continuing) Be careful, Bob. That Perryman case is getting a lot of help from up top. Bob quickly picks-up on the importance of the conversation. BOB Like who? John speaks quieter. JOHN I don't know, but be careful. Bob smiles. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED:

BOB Thanks, John. Bob is still looking at John when Cherry is escorted from a side door by a female police officer. Cherry smiles when she sees Bob. The policewoman turns and disappears behind the door. CHERRY Hello, Baby. Bob smiles embarrassed as Cherry walks toward him. Cherry hugs Bob and he and Cherry walk away. John smiles kindly and shakes his head as he watches them walk out. Bob and Cherry walk toward the front door. Bob stops at a candy vending machine. BOB Wait a second Cherry. I've got to get dinner. Cherry smiles and stops. She struts her stuff and chews gum while waiting on Bob. Bob fumbles for change looking in every pocket. He drops candy and gum wrappers on the floor as he finally finds a quarter. Bob bends over and picks them up. Cherry is watching Bob while digging in her purse for change. CHERRY Nice tushy, Bobby. Bob looks up embarrassed. Cherry pulls a few quarters from her purse and hands them to Bob. BOB Thanks. Bob puts the money into the machine and pulls the lever. A

(CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Snickers candy bar drops out. He takes it out, opens it and begins to eat. Cherry looks on, with her hands on her hips. CHERRY That’s no kind of dinner. Bob looks at her sternly. Looking Bob over. CHERRY (continuing) Now listen. We're going to get a good meal and buy you a new shirt tomorrow. All right? Bob is embarrassed. BOB Sure. Cherry smiles and takes Bob's arm. CHERRY All right then, let's go. Cherry and Bob walk out of the station door arm in arm. A policeman, Sam, walks through the door and sees Bob. SAM Bob, have you heard? That new assistant D.A., the one you know? She was a hit and run a couple of hours ago. Bob looks surprised. BOB Sharon Taft? Sam face lights up.

SAM Yeah, that's her. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob starts to run out the door but stops. BOB The hospital? Sam points north. SAM Memorial. Bob smiles. BOB Thanks, Sam. (he looks at Mary) I'm sorry. Cherry is happy to see Bob concerned about a woman. CHERRY Go on baby. Take care of your woman. Bob rushes out. CUT TO: INT. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Bob walks in the front door into a large lobby. He proceeds to the information desk. An elderly lady sits behind the desk. Bob pushes for an answer. BOB Can you tell me which room Sharon Taft is in? The lady looks up slowly.

ELDERLY LADY Yes. (she looks at the computer) Two sixteen. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob smiles. BOB Thank you. The elderly lady answers as an after thought. ELDERLY LADY Better hurry, visiting hours are almost over. Bob acknowledges and walks on to the elevator. CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY SECOND FLOOR OF HOSPITAL The elevator door opens. Bob walks out and down the hall. He stops at a door which has the numbers "216" above it. The door is partially open and Bob can hear voices as he walks inside. Sharon is talking to Captain Harold. She speaks weakly, but upset. SHARON I've already, told you. I do not know. Bob walks to Sharon's bedside. BOB What's going on here? Captain Harold looks coldly at Bob. CAPTAIN HAROLD This is a police investigation counselor.

What are you doing here? BOB I'm Ms. Taft's attorney. The Captain chuckles. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: CAPTAIN HAROLD Her attorney. Why does she need an attorney? Bob is stern. BOB My experience for the past few days indicates that anyone dealing with the legal system needs an attorney. Captain Harold looks at Bob coldly. Sharon watches, totally surprised. CAPTAIN HAROLD What do you mean? Bob barks back. BOB Think about it. You're a cop. Or maybe the problem. The captain takes a kinder tone. CAPTAIN HAROLD I'm trying to find out what happened to Ms. Taft, Howell. Bob stands his ground. BOB As her attorney. I'm advising her to say nothing more until I've had a

chance to consult with her and then speak to someone else. The captain is still trying to reason. CAPTAIN HAROLD Counselor, how the hell can I find out what happened if you tell her not to talk. Bob smiles. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB When we consult. We'll call you. Harold, recognizes the reversed situation. He stares harshly at Bob, then Looks at Sharon. He turns and walks out. Bob watches as the captain leaves, then turns to Sharon. Sharon is painfully trying to smile. SHARON My attorney? What was that about? Bob smiles. BOB He knows. How are you feeling? Sharon smiles. SHARON Sore, Bob, we should talk to him. Bob’s attitude changes to a tone like he had with the captain. BOB I don’t think so. Sharon looks straight into his eyes. SHARON

I think so. Bob pauses for a moment not liking her siding with Captain Harold. He changes the subject. BOB Do you know who did this? Sharon is thinking as she speaks. SHARON No. They hit me from behind. I'd be dead if I hadn't been knocked off the street into a pile of sand at a construction site. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob speaks in a loving tone. BOB I'm sorry you got hurt. Sharon is more concerned about Bob than her injury. SHARON I'll be okay. Are you? Bob nods. BOB Fine. Sharon consoles. SHARON Don't worry about me. Go get'em, tiger. Bob smiles. He leans over and kisses Sharon. He stops and looks at her. BOB I'd better go, visiting hours are over.

Sharon looks at him lovingly. SHARON I'm glad you came. Bob walks out and looks back. He smiles and walks on. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. NOMAD BAR Bob walks toward the bar, where Butch was beaten up. The bar’s neon window signs flash. Two people walk inside. Bob trips over a crack in the side walk and look back as he walks. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: He slows his walk as he looks around at the parked cars and the bar entrance. Bob walks inside. INT. NOMAD BAR Five blue-collar people sit in various locations around the room. They are in different degrees of intoxication. Bob appears a little reluctant, but walks into the room. CARL, a large bartender looks at him without expression. Bob looks around the room and walks to the bar. Carl leans toward Bob. CARL Yeah. What’d need buddy? Bob looks behind the bar. BOB Well, ah, Seven-up? Bartender stares

CARL What’da ya want in it? Bob tries to be courteous. BOB Seven-up. The bartender smiles and pulls a Pepsi can from behind the bar. He pops the top it foams over. The bartender sits it in front of Bob running over. Suddenly background music plays from the juke box. Bob jumps from the new sound in the room and looks around for the location. He talks to everybody to explain his jump. BOB (continuing) Boy, I’m a little jumpy. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The bartender smiles as Bob throws a five dollar bill on the bar. Carl gives Bob change from his pocket. CARL Thanks. Bob looks up at the bartender. BOB Say, do you know Butch Perryman? Carl clams up again. CARL So what if I do? Bob is a little more nervous. BOB

I'm his attorney. Do you know anything about the last night he was in here? The bartender softens up. CARL Yeah, heard about Butch, but I don't know nothin. Bob is more friendly. BOB Maybe someone followed him out? Carl shrugs. WANDA, a slinky, attractive, young woman wearing heavy make up and a very tight short dress walks to the bar and leans near Bob. She looks over at Bob with great interest. Bob feels her eyes looking him over and he nervously smiles at her. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The bartender leans toward Bob. Carl looks toward Wanda. CARL Ask her, she's always after Butch. Bob acknowledges. BOB Thank you. The bartender smiles at Wanda and looks back at Bob. BARTENDER Sure. Old Butch needs a break. I heard somebody was after him.

Bob looks curious. The bartender walks to the other end of the bar. Wanda looks at Bob with more interest than answering his questions and move close to him. WANDA Hi, I'm Wanda. Bob smiles and nods. BOB Hello. Wanda smiles and flirts. WANDA What you doing in a place like this doll? BOB Wanda Do you know Butch Perryman? Wanda smiles again. WANDA Yeah, I like Butch, but he has a Hang-up on his whore girlfriend. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB Did you see anybody follow Butch when he left, the last time he was here? Wanda looks around the room. WANDA No, I would have noticed. Bob smiles and acknowledges. BOB Thank you, Wanda.

Wanda quickly steps up and kisses Bob on the lips. Bob pulls back from the surprise. BOB (continuing) What are you doing? Wanda looks Bob over. WANDA I thought you were interested. Bob hurriedly explains. BOB No. I'm Butch's attorney. Wanda thinks for a moment. WANDA I know about Butch’s problem. I hear the cops are setting him up for the fall. Wanda pushes her breast out and tries to look sexy rubbing on Bob. Bob is nervous and turns his drink over. He fumbles and sets the Pepsi back up. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB Well, thanks. I gotta get going. Wanda looks into Bob's eyes. WANDA Come on sugar. We could be great together. Bob is surprised even further. BOB

Ah, really I gotta go. Wanda licks her lips over her bright red lip stick. WANDA Try these on honey and you'll never wear another pair. Bob is very uncomfortable. He smiles as he walks toward the door. As Bob gets near the exit, he passes a drunken man sitting near the front door. DRUNKEN MAN Hey, Man don't you like Wanda? Bob looks at him for second. BOB Now I know how women feel. Bob smiles and walks out. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SIDEWALK AREA Bob walks down the sidewalk with the bar in the background. He passes a dark area. Suddenly a tall man steps in front of him, pointing a knife at Bob. Bob stops abruptly. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: TALL MAN Give me your money! Bob looks concerned. Bob I don't have any. You probably got more than I do.

The tall man looks dead serious at Bob. TALL MAN The money or you're dead! Bob appears almost unconcerned. BOB Come on, there is no money. The tall man looks closer at Bob. TALL MAN Hey aren't you, Bob Howell? Bob is surprised with a question on his face and nods. The Tall man is repentant. TALL MAN Hey. I'm sorry. I wouldn't hurt anybody anyway. I'm just hungry. Bob digs in his pocket. He pulls out two old dollar bills. BOB I know, here’s a couple of bucks. Get something to eat and go to the mission. They'll help you till you can get on your feet. The Tall man looks surprised. TALL MAN Hey man thanks. I know you help people on the street. I'm really sorry. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob is stern. BOB Go on now. Get a life and a job. You need to get off the streets. You've gone to far.

The Tall man is sad. TALL MAN I know, I'm sorry. Bob looks at him with compassion. The man smiles and walks away. Bob shakes his head and walks toward the city lights. DISSOLVE TO: INT. BOB'S OFFICE – DAY Bob looks very tired. The phone rings. Bob picks it up. BOB Bob Howell. HARVEY (V.O.) This is Harvey Paine, Terry's grandfather. BOB Yes, Mr. Paine. HARVEY (V.O.) Terry remembered something, Mr. Howell. I don't know if it helps, but that blue Cadillac Terry told you about had a city sticker on the back window. Bob picks up an ink pen and starts writing. BOB It may help. Anything is good. I've got court tomorrow. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: HARVEY (V.O.) Terry said he saw the blue Cadillac Again, driving through the neighborhood.

BOB Did he recognize who was driving it? HARVEY (V.O.) No, but he said sometimes he sees a woman. Sometimes she's blonde and sometimes she got gray hair. BOB Thanks, Mr. Paine. I'll check it out. HARVEY (V.O.) There's more. He remembered the numbers. Because they were all the same. Seven, seven, seven. BOB That's great, Mr. Paine. That helps a lot. Thank you. HARVEY (V.O.) Any time, Mr. Howell. The phone hangs up and buzzes. Bob continues to write. He holds on to the phone. He grabs the phone book and thumbs through it. He stops and dials a number. BOB Yes, parking permits please. DISSOLVE TO: INT. BOB'S OFFICE BUILDING HALLWAY – MORNING Calvin walks from the elevator and down the hall. He stops at Bob's office door. Calvin knocks softly. He looks around waiting for permission to enter. He knocks again and waits. Calvin tries the doorknob and finds the door is unlocked. He pushes it open slightly. Calvin sticks his head inside. INT. BOB'S OFFICE

Bob is slumped over with his head lying on the desktop, facing the door. Calvin opens the door further and sticks his head inside. He looks around slowly. He sees Bob lying there. Calvin sticks his head in further and looks behind the door. He sees no one. Calvin softly creeps into the room. He cautiously approaches Bob. Calvin stands beside Bob looking down. The wall clock shows five minutes till nine a.m. Calvin leans over closer to Bob checking him out. Bob suddenly opens his eyes. He is not fully awake and vaguely sees an image of someone. He is startled. Bob springs up and back. Calvin is startled he stumbles back over the trash can on the side of the desk and recovers. Bob sits up in his chair looking at Calvin. Calvin smiles. CALVIN I thought you were killed. Bob smiles. BOB What are you doing? Calvin becomes serious. CALVIN Waking you up, you're late. Bob stand up while looking at Calvin. He picks up the phone and quickly dials a number. It rings. Bob is impatient. On the third ring a voice speaks, it's Harry.

(CONTINUED) CONTINUED: HARRY (PHONE V.O.) Hello. BOB Harry, Bob. I know you work nights, but I've got an emergency. I've got to be in court in forty five minutes. Will you come get me. I'm at the office. HARRY (PHONE V.O.) Bob? Ah, ah. I'll… okay, ten minutes. The phone hangs up. Bob looks at the phone, then hangs it up. He pats his face. Calvin moves to the desk picks up a C.D. He hands it to Bob. CALVIN You'll need this nine-one-one C.D., today. Bob takes the C.D. and puts it in his pocket. BOB Thank you, Calvin. Bob franticly gets everything together for his court case. Calvin opens Bob's brief case. Bob throws the papers inside. Bob looks at Calvin and presses his lapels nervously with his hand looking around his desk. He fixes his tie. Calvin grabs more papers off the desk. He shoves them into his briefcase and they rush out of the room. The phone rings. Bob suddenly stops and looks at the phone and back at the hall. Bob gives in and answers. BOB (continuing) Hello, Bob Howell. Oh, hi Sharon, yes, yes. Thanks I'll see you there.

Bob hangs up and rushes out. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. BOB'S OFFICE BUILDING Bob exits the building. He stops and looks for Harry. Calvin bumps into him. Bob looks back at Calvin. Suddenly he hears an engine of a car moaning as it accelerated. Bob and Calvin look toward the sound. Harry speeds from a stop light at the corner toward Bob. The cab screeches to a stop. Bob is relieved. He opens the back door and jumps in. Calvin gets in after Bob and shuts the door. INT. CAB Calvin buckles his seat belt. Harry speeds the cab forward into traffic, throwing Bob back against the seat. Bob straightens up. Harry turns the steering wheel and the cab turns a hard right around the next street corner. Calvin sits up straight steady as a rock. Bob is thrown against the side door. BOB Slow down, I'd rather live and be late. Harry glances at Bob. HARRY Put your seat belt on, baby. Bob rolls his eyes and ignores Harry.

Harry speed the cab forward, cutting in and out of traffic. Suddenly he slams on the brakes. The cab quickly stops. Bob bounces forward, then back against the seat. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: A large gasoline delivery truck in directly in front of them. Harry honks the horn. Calvin looks out. CALVIN Gee what a time to have gas. Bob and Harry look at each other. The truck starts to pull away. Harry pushes on the accelerator. The truck suddenly stops. Harry slams on the brakes. Bob slams forward. Calvin shakes his head while he looks at Bob and points to his own seat belt. Bob sits back onto the seat. Harry sees and opening. He cuts right and accelerates. Bob slams into the side door. Calvin smiles and ignores Bob. Suddenly Harry sees a gas station. He turns a hard right and screeches to a stop beside the gas pumps and gets out. Bob is recovering from the bouncing around holding his head. BOB Why are we stopping? Harry looks back as he walks toward the gas pump. HARRY

Fuel. Calvin and Bob watch Harry. BOB We don't have the time for this. Harry uses his credit card then finishes pumping the gas and gets inside the cab. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Harry suddenly speeds from the station into traffic. Harry sees a car in front of him stopped at changing traffic light. He slams on the brakes. The vehicle slides toward the stopped car. The Taxi stops inches away from the vehicle. They all feel relieved at the same time. The car in front of them is slow moving from the green light. Harry honks. HARRY Move it, pin head! Judge Buchanan sticks his head out the window and looks back at Harry, Calvin and Bob. Bob sees him and quickly shrinks down in the seat out of sight. Harry suddenly speeds around Judge Buchanan and down the street. Calvin smiles and waves at the judge as they pass. Judge Buchanan stares as they pass. Bob is still hidden. He speaks from the back seat. BOB (V.O.) Is he gone? HARRY

Who? BOB (V.O.) The judge, you were honking at. HARRY Judge, You mean the slow guy. He’s gone. Bob sits up. Calvin grins at Bob and Harry not saying anything. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The street is bumpy and Bob looks back at a bobbing head toy dog sitting in Harry's back deck. Bob looks at Calvin then at the toy dog. Calvin’s head is bobbing like the toy. Harry turns into the crowded parking lot and screeches to a stop. HARRY Here we are with ten minutes to spare. Bob and Calvin get out of the cab. BOB Thanks Harry. CALVIN See ya. Harry waves and drives away. EXT. COURT HOUSE Calvin and Bob walk away. Bob rushes toward the courthouse leaving Calvin to follow. Bob rushes across the parking lot toward the side entrance of the courthouse.

A blue Cadillac passes by him. He slows down to look at it. The Cadillac parks near the rear entrance. Bob walks to the rear entrance and passes near the Cadillac. Ms. Buchanan gets out of the Cadillac and looks at Bob. Bob doesn't recognize her. She smiles and walks on. Bob smiles in acknowledgment and looks back toward the Cadillac. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: CLOSE ON - A sticker on the rear window reads "County Court Parking Lot No. 2" with large numbers printed across the middle of the sticker. Bob smiles and walks; on toward the court house, following Ms. Buchanan. He watches as she walks inside. Bob continues looking and playfully skips up the steps to the courthouse entrance. DISSOLVE TO: INT. COURT ROOM – MORNING Bob walks into the crowded courtroom. As he walks to his appointed desk, he notices Ms. Buchanan. She smiles at him as he passes. He continues walking to his desk. The bailiff is distributing papers to the two D.A.'s and Bob's desks. Bob looks at the papers as they are laid on his desk. He looks up at the bailiff, then at Ms. Buchanan. The bailiff walks away. Bob continues to look at the papers. Another paper is laid

on top of the desk. Bob looks up as the bailiff walks away. Bob looks down at the paper again. BOB P.O.V. CLOSE ON - a note is scribbled on it: "HER NAME IS ELLEN BUCHANAN, THE JUDGE'S MOTHER". BACK TO SCENE Bob sits up and glances at Ms. Buchanan. She smiles and looks away. Bob continues to look. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Ms. Buchanan appears slightly uncomfortable. Bob looks back to the front as they bring Butch into the courtroom, wearing chains and tattered jail cloths. Butch is escorted by two guards to the chair beside Bob and sat down. The jury walks in and seats themselves. BOB Hello, Butch. Are you all right? BUTCH Yeah. Bob pats him on the arm. The judge enters. The bailiff stands and speaks. The assistant D.A. goes to his desk. The last juror takes their seat in the background. BAILIFF All rise. Court is in session. Judge Peter Buchanan presiding in the case

of State vs. Perryman. The judge looks around the courtroom. JUDGE BUCHANAN Take your seats please. (everyone sits, he looks at the assistant D.A.) Is the State ready? ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Yes, your Honor. The State is ready. The judge looks at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Is defense ready? BOB Yes, your honor. Defense is ready. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The judge looks Sternly at Bob. Then to the assistant D.A. JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) We will hear opening remarks from the District Attorney's Office. The assistant D.A. stands and walks forward. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Thank yon, your honor. (he turns toward the jury) Ladies and gentlemen. The defense will appear confident facing overwhelming evidence. However, the State will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Butch Perryman, the deceased woman's live in lover, is guilty of murder in the first degree. We will show, by his own actions and solid evidence, that Butch Perryman is the culprit in this heinous crime.

The assistant D.A. walks back to his desk and sits. He leans over and whispers to his associate. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY (continuing) This case is over. He's got nothing. They smile at each other as the judge calls for the defense to present. The judge looks at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Defense. Bob stands and walks forward. BOB Thank you, your honor. Bob faces the jury. He presses his lapel with his hand and walks to the jury box. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Twelve jurors, men and women of mixed races, watch Bob intently. Bob presses his lapel with his hand again. BOB Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today I will prove beyond any doubt, that Butch Perryman has suffered a (he looks toward Butch) great injustice. His rights have been trampled as an American citizen and he is innocent of the crime of murder. Today justice will be served. Bob walks back to his desk and sits with Butch. The assistant D.A. looks at Bob smugly and smiles. DISSOLVE TO: The assistant D.A. is wrapping up his presentation of

evidence against Butch. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY That's all the State has, your honor. JUDGE BUCHANAN Thank you, Mr. Prosecutor. (he turns toward Bob) Defense, you may call your first witness. Bob stands and looks around. BOB Defense calls Captain Thomas Harold. The judge looks at Bob. Then at Captain Harold. Captain Harold is surprised. He looks first at the judge, then at Bob. Captain Harold Stands and arrogantly walks to the stand. Bob turns to Butch, while Captain Harold is being sworn in, in the background. He whispers. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB I'll wrap this case up today. BUTCH I don't think so, they're after me. Bob looks confidently at Butch, pressing his lapel with his hand. Bob stands and moves near the witness stand to question Captain Harold. BOB State your name and profession please. The captain is confident.

CAPTAIN HAROLD Captain William Harold, Chief of Detectives. Bob looks at Captain Harold as if he knows something. BOB Captain did you know the murder victim, Casey Lynch? Captain Harold is surprised and nervous. He speaks softly. CAPTAIN HAROLD Yes. Bob looks at him sternly. BOB Excuse me, what did you say? Captain Harold is louder. CAPTAIN HAROLD Yes, I knew her. BOB Were you intimate with Ms. Lynch? The captain is nervous. He hesitates. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB (continuing) Did you understand the question? The captain firmly answers. CAPTAIN HAROLD What does that have to do with this case? The assistant D.A. stands. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY

I object, your honor. Bob turns toward the bench. BOB Your honor, I assure the court that this information is relevant to the case. The judge looks down at the witness. JUDGE BUCHANAN The witness is directed to answer the question. Bob looks back to Captain Harold. BOB Were you having an affair with Casey Lynch? Captain Harold answers bitterly. CAPTAIN HAROLD Yes. Bob gets closer to Harold. Were you you that Perryman Were you CONTINUED: CAPTAIN HAROLD No. Bob looks at the captain and the jury. BOB Then if I produced a witness placing you at Casey Lynch's apartment. They would be wrong. BOB angry because Casey Lynch told she was in love with Butch and wanted to stop seeing you. intimate? (CONTINUED)

The assistant D.A. stands again. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Your honor. I object. Calls for speculation and it is argumentative. The judge looks at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Sustained. Bob looks at the judge accepting the decision and continues. BOB Captain, is it necessary for me to produce the witness? Were you at Casey Lynch's apartment on the night of the murder. CAPTAIN HAROLD Yes. Bob acknowledges. The court begins to rumble with talk. The judge drops his gavel down. JUDGE BUCHANAN Quiet in the court. The court room gets quiet. BOB A few weeks back, Ms. Sharon Taft, a member of the district attorney's staff, was the victim of hit and run. Are you familiar with that case? (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Harold has regained his confidence. CAPTAIN HAROLD I heard about it. Bob pulls a police report and a small plastic bag containing a stripe of material from his suit pocket.

BOB Then it wouldn't surprise you to know that a clean up porter in the police department garage found this material in the grill of your detective vehicle and upon analysis, it turned out to be a piece of material from Sharon Taft's clothing she was wearing the night of the hit and run. The assistant D.A. stands. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Your honor. Defense counsel is trying every case except this one. Judge Buchanan looks at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Mr. Marshall, unless you can show reason for this line of questioning, you are instructed to confine your questions to this case only.


Bob looks directly at the judge. Your honor. If you me for a moment. I investigation does Casey Lynch murder The judge is stern. JUDGE BUCHANAN Very well Counselor, but I warn you, I will not allow this to continue without relevance. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob turns back to Captain Harold. He holds up the bag and report. BOB BOB will bear with can show this tie into the case.

This evidence suggests your unit is the hit and run vehicle. The Police Commissioner also believes this to be true, because he passed this data on to me and to the district attorney due to you and Ms. Taft's involvement in this case. (Bob turns to the judge) Your honor, I will enter this into evidence as exhibit "A" and "B" for future reference. The judge nods. JUDGE BUCHANAN So entered. Bob turns back to Captain Harold, who is very upset. BOB Did you run down Sharon Taft? Captain Harold is losing his composure. CAPTAIN HAROLD No, I don't know what you are trying to do here. That evidence is phony. The assistant district attorney looks at the captain. BOB Then the police, the crime Lab and the police commissioner are in this together against you? The judge looks at the captain. CAPTAIN HAROLD I did not do it. I'm a police officer. The court room noise gets louder. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The judge's gavel is heard clearly, the courtroom gets

quiet. JUDGE BUCHANAN Quiet, quiet in the court. Bob continues his questioning. He looks at the captain. BOB Do you own a blue Cadillac? The judge and the captain curiously look at Bob. CAPTAIN HAROLD Yes, an older one. Bob turns his back to Harold. BOB That's all I have Captain. Your honor, I reserve the right to recall this witness. The judge acknowledges and watches Bob walk back to his desk and give Butch a reassuring look. The judge looks at The District attorney. JUDGE BUCHANAN Cross examination. The assistant D.A. stands and walks toward the witness stand. FLIP FRAME: The assistant D.A. is finalizing his questioning. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Then Captain you merely supervise the Detectives Division, you were not directly involved in the Casey Lynch investigation. CAPTAIN HAROLD Yes, that's right. (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: The D.A. turns to the judge. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY That's all I have your honor. The judge looks at Captain Harold. JUDGE BUCHANAN You may step down Captain. (the captain goes to his seat) We'll adjourn for lunch, court will reconvene at one o'clock. The judge drops his gavel to signal the decision. Everyone in the courtroom gets up and makes their way to the exits, talking. Two police officers walk to Butch and escort him out. Bob stands and watches as they walk away. He turns, closes his briefcase and walks out of the courtroom. INT. COURT HOUSE HALL – DAY Bob walks from the court to a long bench along the hallway wall. People are standing around talking all along the wall. Bob sits down, opens his briefcase, and takes out a sandwich and a small can of cranberry juice. He closes the briefcase and uses it as a table to eat on. He starts to unwrap his sandwich. An upset woman, CONNIE HAROLD, a thirty year old pretty blonde lady, Captain Harold's wife, walks down the hallway asking questions of people as she moves along. Bob sees her out of the corner of his eye, but continues to eat. Mrs. Harold stops and talks to a bailiff. The bailiff points to Bob. She stomps toward Bob. Bob looks up as Mrs. Harold stops in front of him.

(CONTINUED) CONTINUED: MRS. HAROLD Are you Bob Howell? Bob looks up. BOB Yes. Mrs. Harold is angry, she stoups a little toward Bob to make her point. MRS. HAROLD I'm Connie Harold, Captain Harold's wife, and I resent you dragging me and my family into police business. (she shakes a folded paper in Bob's face, Bob sits calmly) This subpoena is embarrassing. You are scum, sir. Mrs. Harold starts to walk away, people are staring at Bob. Bob appears calm and tired. He looks toward the people and shrugs his soldiers. BOB Mrs. Harold, (she turns to Bob) Do you own a blue Cadillac? Mrs. Harold abruptly turns and walks away. DISSOLVE TO: INT. COURTROOM – DAY The assistant district attorney’s are looking at the judge. The courtroom is as it was before lunch. Bob is looking at the judge.

JUDGE BUCHANAN Next witness. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob is thinking and he looks up. BOB Your honor, defense calls Terry Satterfield. Terry is seated with his grandfather toward the back of the courtroom. He gets up, reluctantly, and walks toward Bob. A pretty lady, Casey Lynch, walks into the courtroom, with Sharon Taft, and takes a seat beside Terry's grandfather. Terry looks back and sees Casey. He hesitates, looks surprised, smiles, and continues to walk to the witness stand and is sworn in. Bob looks at Sharon, Casey, then Captain Harold and smiles. He turns to Butch. BOB (continuing) Don’t worry Butch. I’m changing your life today and this is the first step. Butch gives him a weak smile. Captain Harold looks straight-ahead not noticing. Terry is being sworn in. Sharon gets up and walks to Bob. Bob meets her at the rail separating the gallery from the court. Sharon whispers in his ear for a moment. The judge speaks in the background as Sharon speaks to Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Your witness is ready counsel.

Bob turns to the judge. BOB I'm sorry your honor, I'm ready. (he turns back to Sharon) Thank you. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Sharon smiles and walks back to her seat. Bob turns and walks to Terry. Terry is concerned. Bob gets next to Terry. BOB Hi, Terry. Can you tell the court your full name? Terry smiles. TERRY Yes sir, Terry Dewayne Satterfield. Bob speaks to Terry like a friend. BOB Where do you live Terry? Terry is innocent. TERRY With my grandfather on Harmon street. BOB Is that near Casey Lynch's house? TERRY Yes sir. Bob becomes a little more serious. BOB Do you know Casey Lynch?

Terry perks up. TERRY Yes sir, we walk to the store together. BOB Did you ever see cars there that were driven by people visiting Casey? Terry looks at Bob, embarrassed. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: TERRY You know. Bob is relaxed. BOB Yes, I know. Can you tell everyone else? TERRY Yes sir. Bob smiles encouraging him. BOB Go ahead. Terry squirms in his seat and settles in. TERRY I saw cars there a lot. BOB Do you know what kind or make? The district attorney stands. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY I object your honor. This child would not have the experience to discern makes of vehicles. The judge looks at Terry.

JUDGE BUCHANAN Over ruled. Let’s see. I think boys his age know a lot about cars. Bob nods to Terry. BOB Go ahead Terry. Terry thinks for a second. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: TERRY Yes sir. Blue ones, two Cadillac’s like my grandfathers. Bob smiles at Terry. BOB Is there something special about them? Terry wants to help. TERRY Yes sir, one had a city parking sticker on it. Bob is relaxed in his statement. BOB Let’s see if I got this right. Then there was more than one blue car and one of them had a city sticker on the back window and they were both Cadillac’s? Terry nods. TERRY Yes sir. Bob smiles to comfort Terry.

BOB Did you notice anything about the sticker. Terry appears confident. TERRY Yes sir, the numbers seven-seven-seven were on the sticker. My grandpa said the bible says they are good numbers. Ms. Buchanan looks a little nervous. Bob looks kindly at Terry. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB Thank you, Terry. (he looks at the D.A.) Terry do you see any of the people that visited Casey. In this courtroom today? The assistant D.A. looks at Bob. The courtroom gets quiet and all eyes are on Terry. Bob waits patiently. Terry looks around the courtroom. Captain Harold is concerned. Ms. Buchanan is uncomfortable. Mrs. Harold looks angry but concerned. Terry points to Captain Harold. TERRY He was there! Bob looks toward the court recorder speaking to the judge.

BOB Your honor, let the record show. He has indicated Captain Thomas Harold. The judge acknowledges. Bob turns his full attention to Terry. BOB (continuing) Anyone Else, Terry? Terry looks around the room. Terry points. TERRY She was there. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob looks toward Ms. Buchanan. BOB Let the record show the person indicated is Ms. Ellen Buchanan. Terry nods his head yes. The judge is concerned. He acknowledges. JUDGE BUCHANAN So noted. Bob continues with Terry. BOB Were they there more than one time? Terry nods. TERRY Yes sir. Bob has a reassuring look.

BOB More than three times? Terry is more comfortable. TERRY Yes sir. Bob comforts Terry. BOB Thank you Terry. (he looks at the D.A.) Your witness. The assistant D.A. looks up from the pad he is writing on. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY No questions. Bob turns to the judge. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB Your honor. I reserve the right to recall this witness. The judge is casual. JUDGE BUCHANAN So noted. (he looks at Terry). You may step down, young man. The judge looks at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) Next witness. Bob looks uncomfortable. BOB Your honor, I have an unscheduled

witness. The Judge is irritated. JUDGE BUCHANAN Is this witness relevant to direct proof of innocence? Bob is sincere. BOB Yes your honor, very relevant and very important. The assistant D.A. stands. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY I object your honor. We were not informed of this witness. The judge looks around the courtroom. JUDGE BUCHANAN Over ruled, call your witness. I'll note the state’s objection. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob looks at the judge and at Ms. Buchanan. BOB Defense calls Ms. Ellen Buchanan. Ms. Buchanan gets up and walks to the stand to be sworn in. The judge looks dumbfounded. He harshly and coldly stares directly at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Counsels, approach the bench. Bob presses his lapel with the palm of his hand as he and the assistant D.A. approach the bench. The judge leans forward toward the attorneys. He looks at Bob and whispers.

JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) What the hell do you think you're doing? Are you trying for a mistrial? Bob whispers. BOB I'm discerning justice, your honor. Your mother is just a small part of this. The District attorney assuredly intervenes. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Your honor, the state has no problem with Ms. Buchanan considering your reputation of integrity. The judge speaks to Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN You are jeopardizing this case in total by calling my mother. (the judge thinks) Go ahead, probably get overturned anyway. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob speaks as he turns away. BOB Thank you, your honor. Bob turns to Ms. Buchanan. The D.A. walks to his desk. BOB (continuing) Ms. Buchanan, do you know Captain Harold? Ms. Buchanan is straight laced. MS. BUCHANAN

Yes. Bob looks at her curiously. BOB Do you know Casey Lynch? Ms. Buchanan looks into the gallery, not believing her eyes when she sees Casey. BOB (continuing) Ms. Buchanan? Ms. Buchanan looks at Bob, now a little nervous. MS. BUCHANAN Yes. Bob steps in front of Ms. Buchanan blocking her view. BOB How did you come to know Captain Harold and Casey Lynch? Ms. Buchanan becomes very firm in her statements. MS. BUCHANAN Casually. Bob looks at Ms. Buchanan curiously acknowledging. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB Casually? Would that mean that you were passing acquaintances or friends that meet to socialize from time to time? Just how do you mean casually? Ms. Buchanan looks a little nervous. MS. BUCHANAN Yes. We were all social friends. The judge is surprised.

Bob is concerned about his next question. He is thinking. Suddenly he recognizes her voice and pulls the C.D. of the nine-one-one call from his pocket. BOB Ms. Buchanan, isn't it true that you had an affair with Captain Harold for more than a year. Ms. Buchanan is confident. MS. BUCHANAN Yes. Bob looks into her eyes. BOB Was Casey Lynch coming between the two of you. Ms. Buchanan is still confident. Ms. BUCHANAN Yes. Bob glances at Harold and them back to Ms. Buchanan. BOB The evening of the murder, did the three of you argue over the love triangle. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The assistant D.A. objects while the court room roars and the judge bangs his gavel. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Your honor, I object this is going no where. The judge looks at the district attorney.

JUDGE BUCHANAN Over ruled. I want to hear this. Go ahead Mr. Howell. Ms. Buchanan looks cold and stern at the jury and then Bob. MS. BUCHANAN I am a widow and my standards have been compromised by living alone and not getting out much. It is true that the three of us had a confrontation over Casey Lynch sleeping with Thomas and I am ashamed that I hurt a family, but I am not stupid enough to kill anyone over a sexual liaison. The courtroom roars with conversation. The judge bangs his gavel. JUDGE BUCHANAN Order in the court. The courtroom settles down. Bob smiles and taps the C.D. on the palm of his hand. Bob moves to the court recorder/clerk and hands him the C.D. Bob Judge, I would like to enter this Nine-one-one recording of the call made to the emergency center the night of the murder about the disturbance. Mark it Exhibit “C”. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The judge nods. JUDGE BUCHANAN So noted. Does the State object? The district attorney stands and speaks.

ASSISITANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY No objection, the State holds a reserve to review the evidence at the next recess. The D.A. sits. The judge agrees. JUDGE BUCHANAN Noted. Bob turns to Ms. Buchanan. BOB Ms. Buchanan, what would cause you to make this nine-one-one call reporting a disturbance that was already over. Ms. Buchanan is concerned. MS. BUCHANAN I was worried. They were arguing when I left and I wanted it to stop before the whole thing got out of hand. Ms. Buchanan looks at the C.D. the court recorder is handing to the judge. The judge looks at the C.D. It is not the nine-one-one C.D., but a rock-n-roll C.D. Calvin handed Bob in the office. The Judge speaks to Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN Is this assorted artist C.D. your way of entertaining this court. The evidence is withdrawn. No more screw-ups or you will be found in contempt. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob speaks to the judge.

BOB I’m sorry your honor my mistake. Bob turns back to Ms. Buchanan. BOB (continuing) When you said, Thomas. Were you referring to Captain Harold? Ms. Buchanan is straight forward. MS. BUCHANAN Yes. Bob turns to the judge. BOB I have no further questions, your honor. The judge speaks to himself. JUDGE BUCHANAN Thank God. Bob looks at the assistant D.A. and the judge. The assistant D.A. turns to Judge Buchanan. He suspiciously looks around the court gallery and then back to the judge. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY No questions. The judge looks at his mother, she is stepping down from the witness stand. JUDGE BUCHANAN You may step down. Ms. Buchanan walks to her seat with her head held high. Bob watches her. The judge waits a few seconds looking relieved. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED:

JUDGE BUCHANAN (continuing) Next witness. The assistant D.A. looks with anticipation. Bob glances around the courtroom. BOB I recall, Terry Satterfield. The assistant D.A. is curious. Terry looks at his grandfather for reassurance. He gets up and walks to the witness chair. Bob gives Terry a friendly smile to comfort him. Terry sits in the witness chair. Bob walks beside Terry. BOB (continuing) Are you doing all right, Terry? Terry tries to look like an adult and nods his head yes. BOB (continuing) Remember-you're still under oath (Terry nods again) Terry when was the last time you saw Casey Lynch? Terry smiles and looks at Bob curiously. TERRY She's right there with my grandfather. The court room roars with conversation. The Judge drops his gavel to get order. JUDGE BUCHANAN Quiet please. Let's have order.

(CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The courtroom gets very quiet with everyone looking at Casey Lynch sitting with Sharon and Mr. Satterfield. Captain and Mrs. Harold are staring with surprised looks. Butch's guards are pushing him back down in his seat. He continues to look. Bob smiles at Sharon. Sharon smiles back at Bob. The judge looks at Bob. JUDGE BUCHANAN What is this? Bob turns to the Judge. BOB Your honor, Casey Lynch is very much alive. If the city detectives hadn't been in such a hurry to convict Butch Perryman, they would have had a proper medical examination of the body and known it wasn't Casey Lynch. Bob looks at Casey. BOB (continuing) Casey left the apartment after arguing with Captain Harold. She was very upset. and needed to get away from the turmoil. Her sister, Beth came to visit and was waiting for Casey to return. The killer had not seen Casey, except from long distance, so they naturally assumed Casey was at home. Bob looks back at the judge. BOB (continuing) When Casey arrived today looking for

Butch Perryman. I was taken totally by surprise myself. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: The Judge is firm. JUDGE BUCHANAN Obviously, this case is in need of a recess to sort this out. The D.A. is ready. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY May we do just that and discuss this in chambers? Bob looks at the assistant D.A. then at the judge. BOB Your honor, if I may. I have one more witness and I will finalize this whole matter and there will be no need for anything else. The judge appear deep in thought. JUDGE BUCHANAN Call your witness. The D.A. is frustrated. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Your honor? The judge ignores the District attorney. JUDGE BUCHANAN Continue Mr. Howell. The D.A. asserts himself. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY I object!

The judge continues to ignore him. JUDGE BUCHANAN Over ruled, continue please! The assistant D.A. is confounded and sits down. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Mrs. Harold is trying to walk out of the courtroom. she reaches the door, Bob speaks. Before

The judge dismisses Terry while Bob calls his next witness. BOB Defense calls, Mrs. Connie Harold. Captain Harold is surprised. Terry walks past Bob. He looks at Terry and smiles. Bob (continuing) Thanks Terry. Terry smiles as he walks to his grandfather. Mrs. Harold keeps walking toward a bailiff at the courtroom exit. Bob watches Mrs. Harold. BOB (continuing) Bailiff, would you escort Mrs. Harold to the stand? The bailiff steps forward blocking the door. He takes Mrs. Harold's arm and escorts her to the witness stand. Bob watches as they approach. Mrs. Harold stands beside the witness chair to take the oath. The bailiff administers the oath. BAILIFF

Raise your right hand. Mrs. Harold raises her hand. BAILIFF (continuing) Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you? (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: MRS. HAROLD I do. Mrs. Harold sits down. Bob looks at her for a few seconds. BOB Mrs. Harold, did you know about the love triangle between your husband, Casey Lynch and Ms. Buchanan? Tears come to her eyes. She cries softly. MRS. HAROLD Yes. I did. Bob gets closer to her. BOB It hurt you pretty bad, didn't it? Mrs. Harold is almost crying. MRS. HAROLD Yes it does. Harry walks into the courtroom and sits down. Mrs. Harold watches Harry and Bob closely. Bob looks knowingly at Harry. Harry looks back at Bob.

BOB Mrs. Harold, Do you own a blue Cadillac? Mrs. Harold lowers her head. MRS. HAROLD Yes. Bob begins to talk to Mrs. Harold inaudibly. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Mrs. Harold looks at Harry then back at Bob. Harry watches Mrs. Harold. DISSOLVE TO: BOB (V.O.) Didn't you drive your blue Cadillac to Casey's apartment the night of the murder. Ms. Harold does not answer. CUT TO: FLASH BACK TO - A blue Cadillac drives by Casey's apartment, past another blue Cadillac and an unmarked detective's vehicle. CUT TO: Bob moves closer to Ms. Harold. BOB (V.O.) And didn’t you wait until Ms. Buchanan and your husband left. CUT TO: FLASH BACK TO - Mrs. Harold is parked across the street in her blue Cadillac, watching the apartment.

CUT TO: BOB (V.O.) Then when they finally did leave you went inside. CUT TO: FLASH BACK TO - Mrs. Harold walks to the apartment and goes inside. CUT TO: (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: BOB (V.O.) And killed Casey's sister, thinking it was Casey. CUT TO: FLASH BACK TO - Mrs. Harold violently beats a young woman in the face with a thick ashtray while the woman lies unconscious on the floor. CUT TO: Captain Harold is shocked as he watches and listens. Mrs. Harold raises her head with tears streaming down her cheeks and speaks very coldly. MRS. HAROLD I have two babies. She was ruining my family. I'm sorry, I… Mrs. Harold starts crying hard. Bob looks at her tenderly. BOB Did you hire someone to beat Butch Perryman? Mrs. Harold looks at Bob with a blank stare.

BOB (continuing) Did you set him up to be accused? She still stares blankly. Bob moves closer to her. BOB (continuing) Did you run down, Sharon Taft? Mrs. Harold, did you kill Casey Lynch's sister? Mrs. Harold sobs and jerks her head up wildly. MRS. HAROLD Yes! Yes! I'm just sorry I got the (MORE) (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: MRS. HAROLD cont’d wrong person. I did it all and I would have gotten Ellen Buchanan too, if not for your snooping. Ms. Harold lunges to attack Bob. Bob holds her back. The bailiff takes her into custody. The courtroom boils with conversation. The judge raps his gavel. JUDGE BUCHANAN Order, order, this case is dismissed. Bailiff, take Mrs. Harold into to holding and release Mr. Perryman with apologies from all. Captain Harold rushes toward Mrs. Harold. The Bailiff is putting handcuffs on her. Captain Harold tries to speak to Ms. Harold. She turns her back as the bailiff takes her away.

Another bailiff and the two police officers begin to remove the cuffs and chains from Butch hands and ankles. The judge raises his eyebrows and leaves the courtroom. Sharon Taft goes to Bob's side and embrace's him, kissing Bob lightly on the cheek. Butch's sister and Casey rush to Butch and hug him. Butch shakes hands with Bob as Bob keeps his arm around Sharon. BUTCH Thank you, Bob. I never thought You could do it. He looks at Butch, presses his lapel with his palm and smiles broadly patting Butch on the shoulder. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Bob notices a smiling very classy looking Calvin dressed in a new suit standing in the back of the courtroom. The assistant D.A. distracts him as he stands and walks to Bob. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY I'm just curious. The last person that walked in. Was that your convicting witness? Bob looks at the assistant D.A. He unconsciously presses his lapel. BOB You don't expect me to give away my best poker hand, do you? The assistant D.A. smiles casually and walks away. ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Good work, Bob.

Bob, Sharon,, Harry, Butch, Ann and Casey start to leave the courtroom laughing and talking. Calvin walks from the back of the courtroom to Bob stopping him. A television cameraman and a reporter follow Bob and Calvin. The reporter walks to Bob and puts a microphone in his face. The Cameraman starts rolling film. The logo on the camera reads: UNIVERSAL NEWS NETWORK. REPORTER Mr. Howell. Bob sees Calvin and turns from the reporter. CALVIN You did it. Bob looks at Calvin. Calvin is proud. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: CALVIN (continuing) I’m glad I know you, cousin. Bob smiles at Calvin and pats him on the back. BOB No, we did it. Be sure and tell Aunt Minnie. Calvin smiles and walks away. Two more reporters have arrived they are all talking and asking Bob questions. Bob looks at Harry as Sharon moves next to him. Harry shrugs his shoulders and turns his palms up.



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