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Chapter 34

July 8th – A Kuwait Airways Boeing 707 en route from Beirut to Kuwait is hijacked
by seven (“7”) Palestinians. It has 45-passengers, including the Kuwaiti
ambassador to Lebanon and ten crewmembers. Some say their demand was the
release of over 300 persons detained in six Arab countries – after landing in Kuwait
for refueling and remaining there for two-days of negotiations with Kuwaiti officials
they released their hostages for “safe passage” to South Yemen – in exchange for
the release of the hostages three Arab Officials volunteered to be their hostages’
Once airborne they directed the plane to Damascus – on July 10 th, after 10-hours
of unsuccessful negotiations with Syrian authorities, five of the six hijackers over
powered their “leader” as the aircraft was preparing for takeoff. All seven were
taken into custody.
July 13th – “Dalida” (born Yolande Christina Gigliotti) sang in Byblos and charmed
the Lebanese completely. She was an Egyptian singer of Italian origin, who rose to
fame in France; she was born on January 17 th, 1933 and
passed away on May 3rd, 1987. Her career included 55-
golden records and the first singer to receive a
“diamond disc”.
June 17th – In Cyprus, four Muslims driving a car with
“Diplomatic Plates” attempted to kidnap “George
Atallah”, a Palestinian who was living in Lebanon, after
his release from a “Nicosia” clinic for leg injury. JLB Note: The reports are a bit
confusing in that the word “Attempt” is used, further on the report states:
There were able to force him aboard a MEA flight to Beirut, Lebanon. The local
press claimed he was a member of the “Fatah”, who had expressed an interest in
returning to Israel (where he had been arrested for treason and terror) which
demonstrated to some that he was more afraid of going to live with his Islamic
brothers then he was to live with and/or be re-incarcerated by his enemies. The
PLO was accused by the press of being behind the kidnapping “attempt” and of
“intending” to assassinate “Atallah” after a mock trail. The report further calls the
PLO and FATAH both “morally bankrupt” and just about ready to do anything to
protect their standing in the world community.
June 29th – A Gulf Air plane was hijacked while flying from Dubai to Muscat, Oman
by a “lone” Lebanese man armed with a pistol and hand grenades. Forcing the
plane to fly to Doha, Qatar he demanded a $12,800 ransom for the release of his
64-hostages, and further more he “insisted” upon a commitment by Qatar to
intervene in the “Lebanese Civil War”. He said he took over the plane to “publicize”
the situation in South Lebanon, which he said was “subjected every day to
thousands of shells and savage, repeated aggressions.” He was eventually
persuaded to release the passengers and crew members and taken into custody by
Qatari troops.
June 21st – the “Technical Palestinian-Syrian-Lebanese Committee” met in
Chtaura, in an attempt to put an end to the hostilities in South Lebanon and to find
a “settlement” to the Palestinian armed presence in the country, as suggested by
the Cairo Agreement. This meeting was the first between the Lebanese, Syrians
and the Palestinians since fighting stopped; its scheduling was a result of a prior
meeting between the leaders of the three groups. The records show the “leaders of
three countries, I question this in that what country did the Palestinians (at this
time) from?”
July 24th – The cruise ship “Sol Phryne” on a Mediterranean voyage makes a
stopover in Beirut, disembarking 340 passengers who visit for a few hours, taking in
the damage and chaos of the capital.
July 25th – An agreement is reached at Chtaura, where the four-party committee
decided “unanimously” the following.
a. Approving the two plans of action for the execution of the Cairo Agreement
b. Entrusting the regular Lebanese forces and the Arab Strike Force with the
supervision of their execution in all regions, including Southern Lebanon
c. Starting the execution of the two plans of action on July 30 th, no armed
elements will be allowed to circulated outside the camps
d. Withdrawal of the Palestinian forces up to 15-kilometers (9.3 miles) north of
the borderline with Israel
July 30th – the Arab Strike Force deploys around the camps in Beirut, Tripoli,
Sidon and in the Beqaa region.
August 1st – Eighteen delegations representing several countries from around the
world attended the opening session of the “Emigrants” 6th meeting organized at the
hotel Al-Bustan. The US Secretary of State, “Vance” flew into Alexandria, Egypt to
discuss Middle East Peace. He meets with Foreign Minister “Ismail Fahmy”, and is
scheduled to meet with President Sadat – major block to the regional meeting is the
Palestinian representation, whereas Israel refuses PLO participation and the Arab
representatives insist on their participation.
August 2nd, - Saint-Georges Yacht Motor Club organizes a “water-ski”
competition, in presence of many foreigners – reflection of the Lebanon of yester-
year. US Secretary of State “Vance” searches for solution to problem of Palestinian
representative and PLO, at the conference in Alexandria. President Sadat has asked
Vance to set up group to begin working on peace settlement. Group will consist of
foreign ministers from Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Israel and would meet in Washington
D.C. and at UN in New York for as long as necessary – a solution to get the parties
talking without Palestinians.
August 3rd – US Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance arrives in Beirut as part of a
Middle East tour. He is welcomed in Baabda by President Sarkis – their meeting
covered the situation in the South, and that America will assist Lebanon in
rebuilding, with additional discuss revolving around deploying UN contingents to
Southern Lebanon – he then leaves to Damascus to discuss peace talks.
August 4th – Vance meets with President Hafez al-Assad who “rejects” proposed
US-Egyptian meetings in Washington DC of Arab and Israeli foreign ministers. He
holds out for a full “Geneva” peace conference with “full” Palestinian participation –
a major setback for Secretary of State Vance, as President al-Assad says their
meeting does not clear up differences and that he firmly believes that Israel does
not really want peace, meanwhile Israeli forces stop a Palestinian guerrilla attempt
(just below Sea of Galilee) to cross over into Israel.
Vance is put into corner, by question of why the United States won’t deal directly
with the PLO, that if they did, maybe there wouldn’t be so much pressure to include
them in the Middle East talks, Vance replies that they won’t deal with the PLO
unless the “recognize” Israel’s right to exist in peace.
August 5th – US President Carter says Middle East conference in Geneva still
probable “despite” Syria’s refusal to take part in preliminary discussions. Vance on
his way to Jordan to meet with King Hussein.
August 8th – President Carter and Secretary of State Vance claim a breakthrough
in Middle East talks, they claim the PLO will accept UN Resolution 242,
acknowledging Israel’s right to exist. During meetings with Saudi officials, Vance is
“told” the PLO will make statement with regard to “change” in position on UNR-242,
which in effect trades Arab recognition of Israel for Israeli “withdrawal” from
occupied territory.
The above revealed as the U.S. seeks clarification of the PLO’s stand on UNR-
242. The Palestinians have “opposed” UNR-242 and now Vance “indirectly” offers
concessions: (IF) the PLO accepts UNR-242, the U.S. will accept action as canceling
part of PLO’s charter that calls for the destruction of Israel and change their
(Palestinians) status as being called “refugees” and that the U.S. would apply
pressure to Israel to allow them at peace talks. In a shift in U.S. policy, Vance will
go to Israel on Tuesday to meet with Prime Minister Begin; the meeting is expected
to be tough, contrary to the meetings held between PM Begin and Pres Carter in
July. PM Begin also acknowledges the fact the Israel has given aid to the Christians
in Southern Lebanon fighting the Palestinians.
Late night Beirut, PLO issues report that despite reports, it hasn’t changed its
attitude toward UN Resolution 2421, and is still in total opposition to Israel as a
August 9th – Spanish singer “Julio Iglesias” performs at concert in Lebanon…
The PLO says it will go to Geneva Peach Conference “only” if the UNR-242 is
changed to read that, “Palestinians may return home” problem noted that this land
is now “Israel”. Israeli Foreign Minister “Moshe Dayan” says Israelis will not deal
with PLO under “any” circumstance – Vance’s mission is falling apart. Not one to
throw-in-the towel, Vance announces, “the United States is prepared to change its
position on PLO at Geneva conference, (IF) PLO recognizes the right of Israel to
exist.” He does this without 1st consulting with Israel, and this provokes not-so-good
response, some Israelis believe it “could” lead to a U.S. – Israeli confrontation – but
this isn’t the only area of disagreement between the United States and Israel. Other
issues include a discussion of Palestinian homeland, and final borders for Israel and
the degree of preparation for the Geneva conference --- whereas the major
difference is the participation of the PLO at Geneva --- whereas “Moshe Dayan”
reiterates Israel’s opposition to this under “any” conditions, even if they accept
UNR-242 as it stands they will still not let them participate. It very clear that United
States-Israeli differenced are not just those of opinion – but different values of
peace and other interests. As such, controversy is still heated over the West Bank
and the recent “sanction” of Jewish settlements there.
August 11th – Vance concluding visit to Middle East with meetings with Foreign
Minister of Israel Moshe Dayan, than flies onto Amman, Jordan for a short visit with
King Hussein, then to Damascus and meeting with President Assad, and ends in
Alexandria and meeting with President Sadat.
Assad reports he is encouraging the PLO to take a positive line with the U.S. and
their overtures that could lead to direct contact between U.S. and PLO. Sadat says
he “hopes” that the Israelis will “abandoned” their hard-line stance, he also
“threatens” not to “renew” agreement for UN peace-keeping force in the Sinai,
reminding the interested parties that the agreement “expires” in October-1978. He
is also noted as in “full-support” of Vance’s plans to meet separately with foreign
ministers of four-countries at United Nations in the fall.
All –in- all, U.S. officials admit Vance’s mission a failure in finding a solution for
peace in the Middle East.
August 16th – Elvis Presley found dead in home
August 18th – U.S. displeasure noted over the “illegal” settlements being
constructed in the “West Bank” by the Israelis – public in U.S. think we should do
more than just express, “displeasure”, President Carter “not ready” to apply
pressure of any sort – other Middle East states highly against construction in what is
referred to as the last “peace land”.
August 22nd – Heavy fighting near Beirut, Christians and Muslims – Arab League
peace-keeping force quells the clash
August 25th, Archbishop Michel Hakim, B.S., appointed Bishop of Sidon
August 26th – Major setback in the Middle East process as the PLO condemns
both the United States and Israel of trying to destroy the Palestinians and says only
solution it will “accept” is one with the Palestinians in their own homeland – this
means “dismantling Israel”.
Yasser Arafat, in meeting of the Election Council of the PLO in Damascus issued
a statement, that the PLO will not recognize UNR-242, nor will it recognize the State
of Israel. This in reaction to the construction of new Israeli settlements in the West
Bank, and it is noted that this reaction goes against the recent “moderations” inside
the PLO leadership. At present the PLO seems to be bypassing U.S. efforts toward
peace and putting their hopes on the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in
the fall – PLO (in the same breath) wants to open dialogue but says price too high.
Meanwhile at a meeting in Romania, Prime Minister Begin, is asked if he would
agree to talk to the PLO – answer NO! Support with the old “saw” that “remember
the Nazi’s drove 1000s of Jews from Romania” an answer that has remained a
standard fallback for all Jewish people when backed into a corner when confronted
on a number of issues – the Holocaust.
Any hope of the tensions decreasing between the Palestinians and Israel are
August 27th – The Lebanese Front, after the collection of heavy arms, issued a
press release (following the Ehden conference) emphasizing the need to “spread”
the Palestinian population now living in Lebanon, over the rest of the Arab
August 29th – Saint-Georges Yacht Motor Club has a International water-pole
August 30th – Prime Minister Begin says the Arabs are “delaying” the Geneva
peace conference by “insisting” the PLO participates
September 2nd – Palestinian news agency reports the Israelis stage raids on two
Lebanese border villages and take 31-civilians, report comes after an Israeli soldier
is killed by a mortar fired from Lebanon side of border – Israel denies the report.
U.S. administration rules out “any” moves towards “contact” or “Conversations”
with the PLO – because of their rejections of U.S. overtures in PLO complete
acceptance (even when changed) of UNR-242 – what states in part the Israeli
withdrawal of territories “seized” in 1967. It said in Washington DC that under
prompting by the Syrian President Assad for the PLO to be wary of any suggestions
made by the Americans on easing conditions of UNR-242. U.S. administration no
further moves planned for changing of UNR-242 resolution in upcoming UN session.
Sept 4th – Moshe Dayan and King Hussein meet in London, U.S. overtures to PLO
discussed – both issue statements that they do not want PLO on West Bank. Israeli
agriculture minister “Ariel Sharon” favors Jewish settlement of occupied territory –
Prime Minister Mangham Begin is silent on matter.
Sept 5th – King Hussein arrives in Paris for talks with “Valery Giscard d’Estaing”
with regard to Middle East peace – New Israeli settlements in occupied Arab
territory is major concern, such settlements are directly linked to PM Begin policy.
Sept 8th – Secretary General of UN – Kurt Waldheim – called upon all conflicting
parties in Southern Lebanon, urging them to fully participate in the efforts at
reaching a cease-fire in the region. In Israel agricultural minister, Ariel Sharon,
announces that several “new” Jewish settlements have been set up in the West
Bank – won’t reveal location or how many!
Sept 9th – President Carter says Israel’s settlements on the West Bank are
“illegal” and are creating problems – he says he will discuss with Moshe Dayan, who
is scheduled to visit U.S. later in the month.
A new settlement at “Yattir” is noted, Ariel Sharon says the United States
opposition to Israel’s actions will not change things, though “disagreement” is
unfortunate and settlements are “more” important than Peace! – he strongly
maintains Israel will maintain control of West Bank – it is also said Moshe Dayan will
present Israel Peace Plan to United States when he visits U.S. – United Nations
General Assembly is believed will condemn the settlements.
Sept 12th – U.S. State Department says “Palestinians” must be represented in the
Middle East peace talks if they are to succeed (but does not mention the PLO in
their announcement) on purpose. The announcement does not mean a change in
United States policy, but a major shift in its Middle East emphasis, telling the Israelis
they cannot “ignore” the Palestinians, and telling the Arabs they must accept
Israel’s “right to exist in peace.”
Sept 13th – Prime Minister Begin’s (top adviser) “Schmuel Katz” say Israel will not
be pressured by the United States.
Sept 14th – World Health Organization says Middle East cholera epidemic slowly
subside – annual Muslim pilgrimage to “Mecca” in Saudi Arabia, feared as disease
spread. United States State Department “tries” to get Israelis to let International
Red Cross to investigate charges that Arabs in Israel have been tortured.
Sept 15th – U.S. administration favors a Pan-Arab delegation at the Geneva
conference, including the PLO and West Bank Mayors, in stating American policy US
Secretary of State now tells reporters the U.S. favors PLO participation. Israel
rejects concept, instead puts forth proposal having in having Palestine Arabs be part
of the Jordanian delegation. Overall, the prospect of the Geneva conference by
December is deemed “unlikely”.
Sept 16th – Palestinian sources report Israeli tanks and jets have attacked border
towns in Southern Lebanon with ensuing heavy fighting between Lebanese
Christians and Muslims, Israel is reported as supplying arms to Christians – no
reports from Israelis, while Moshe Dayan en route to the U.S. to discuss peace.
15-Cholera cases reported in Lebanon, officials of Health and Education
departments recommend delaying school re-opening schools to November 10th.
Sept 19th – Israel reports of heavy fighting between Christians and Palestinians
near Israeli border. Fierce fighting continues for the Palestinian-held village of “Al-
Kioum”, near the Israeli town of “Matoola”. Israeli military spokesperson “denies”
report from Beirut that Israeli planes and troops have crossed border to help the
Christians – however, in August Prime Minister Begin said that they were giving
artillery support. Israeli border patrols keep constant watch to see if Syrian troops
in Lebanon cross the “Litani River”, which is the place they have drawn their line
in the sand.
Moshe Dayan met secretly with King Hussein in London, according to a report
from “Barbara Walters” – then he flew to Tel Aviv and on to Washington DC.
Hussein is reported coming from the meeting with “pessimistic” feelings about the
peace prospects, because of Israel’s hard line.
President Carter’s administration made it clear on its commitment to the Geneva
conference this year, and Carter has made his own commitment to some type of
“Palestinian” representative at the conference. After the first talks with Moshe
Dayan – this remains as a sticking point. Details of Israel’s peace plan include:
a. return of most of the Sinai to Egypt
b. Part of Golan Heights to Syria
c. Keep West Bank under Israeli military control, and later provide “autonomy”
to Arabs
The White House issues no comment and Dayan refused to elaborate, only
saying that in the Middle East – there’s trouble of another kind.
Sept 20th – The fighting continues in Lebanon between the Christians and
Palestinians with Israeli support against the Palestinians. Palestinians say the
fighting in South is worse and could lead to another Middle East War – with the
capital isolated not much is changing locally, but it is noted that over half of the
Palestinians still live in camps --- and local interview with a refugee, “Ishmail
Hamadi” says the refugees “blame” the United States for their being in the camps,
going on to state that the United States has helped and continues to help Israel.
Mainstream comments revolve around the problems of the camps will not be solved
until the “entire” Middle East problems are resolved.
Prime Minister Begin states his government is ready to call for negotiations for a
cease-fire (almost an admittance they’re involved in fighting), Israeli troops are
“seen” returning from Lebanon – Radio Israel broadcasts a warning to the Syrians
not to get involved and stay away from the border.
In Washington DC, Moshe Dayan apparently expresses “dwindling” confidence in
Geneva peace conference, because he doesn’t want to offend President Carter – he
soft peddles his approach. He still does object to any PLO participation in Geneva,
but also mentioning “other” differences between the U.S. and Israel, mainly the
strong position of “no” Palestinian state of any kind.
He also meets with (and gets strong support) Senator John Sparkman (Democrat
from Alabama-48 years on the hill) who on Foreign Affairs Committee, who endorses
another committee member (Senator Richard Stone) “criticism” of administration’s
changing attitude toward the PLO.
At a meeting in Damascus – PLO reaffirms its opposition to UNR-242, along with
condemning Israel’s involvement in South Lebanon. It is reported by Reuters that
the Israel’s have set up 3-permanet post in the area – Israeli refuses comment!
Sept 21st – Heavy fighting in Southern Lebanon, below the “Red Line” which
Israel has warned Syrian troops not to cross - Israel troops push into Lebanon to set
up (reinforce) strong points to “defend” Christian villages against the Palestinians.
Israel deploys their navy, sending gunboats to blockade Tyre – Palestinians shell
“Safad, Israel”.
Report is aired in United States National TV about damage in Beirut; it is a
walkthrough of Beirut with comments from the Beirut information officer Doctor
Charles Rizk…
In Washington DC President Carter meets with Egyptian Foreign Minister “Ismail
Fahmy”, through talks are useful and positive, “no” further progress is made toward
Geneva peace conference.
Sept 22nd – Arafat is interviewed in Beirut, and for the 1st time, he says he will
“accept” Israel’s right to exist. Never before has the PLO indicated any acceptance
of UNR-242 – but there are conditions.
It is noted that there maybe moves in the United Nations to passage of a new
resolution in favor of UNR-242, but also one that contains support for a Palestinian
Homeland – if this passed, would Arafat accept it? He acknowledges the fact that
he is “hoping” for such a new move and that the United States would support such
a move – if this happens he would support such a resolution. He is asked if such a
move would solve the Middle East problem, his response says it would for a long
time. A spokesperson for the Israeli delegation to the United Nations says Arafat’s
remarks mean nothing to Israel – says what has to be changed is the section of the
PLO covenant pledging to the destruction of Israel.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Fahmy says he is hopeful for the Geneva peace
conference on the Middle East – he continues to accuse Israel of sending troops into
Southern Lebanon to “delay” the progress of peace. This statement made after
meetings with President Carter and his State Department.
Sept 23rd – Continued fighting in South Lebanon – increased shelling into Israel
against towns of Kiryat Shmona and Safad, and return shelling into Marjayoun and
Alhaim in Lebanon. The Phalange claimed capture of “Al-Knaim” (Palestinian
Stronghold) – PLO denies the capture. Israel neither confirms nor denies setting up
of posts in Lebanon. Arafat is asked of his views of fighting – he replies the length
of fighting depends on Prime Minister Begin – he is asked of type of ammo used ---
he replies Israelis are using American rockets.
Israel releases news that the rockets that hit Kiryat Shmona today are from
USSR – it is also noted that to remove the Palestinians out of last stronghold, they
would have to commit more troops to the battle, not a good time as Moshe Dayan
talk’s peace in New York City.
Palestinians admit they can no longer “move freely” along the border, because
Israeli-back Christian forces hold land from Marjayoun to Israel border and that
there is a “tacit” agreement that Syrian (Peace-Keeping) forces in Lebanon will not
move south of the Litani and the Hassbani Rivers.
Arafat wants the United States to pressure Israel to “stop” helping the Christians
and cutoff supplies to them – Palestinians (after stating they are limited in
movement) say the hills are their allies and they can hold out here forever.
It is turning into a battle of political nerve now, whereas correspondents in the
area have seen Israel troops fighting alongside the Phalange, but Israel continues to
deny the facts for fear of “Triggering” the attack of the Syrian army a few miles
north of the battle zone – Both the Syrians and the Israelis know that the
Palestinians are shelling the Israel towns to force Israeli “direct” intervention, in
which case the Syrian troops would intervene on the side of the Palestinians --- and
as it is both sides want to avoid an all-out war over South Lebanon.
ABC News releases news that one of their producers “David Jayne” and their
radio reporter are killed in a plane crash departure in Amman, Jordan – they had
gone there to pass on tapes made in Beirut.
Sept 25th – Israel softens stand with regard to Palestinian presence at the Middle
East peace conference in Geneva, Israel government body accepts the United
States proposal of a “single” Palestinian unit representative.
Moshe Dayan is ambiguous with regard to Palestinians in Geneva, rejecting the
“idea” of a Palestinian state or nation, going on to say the meeting in Geneva will
be largely “symbolic” --- with major negotiating to be accomplished by United
States mediator.
The United States representative of PLO wants equal representation in Geneva –
PLO United Nations “observer” – Zhedi Labib Terzi. No formal Arab response has
been note on this date.
Following the efforts of US in Tel Aviv, a cease-fire went into effect in Southern
Sept 26th – Israeli troops withdrawing – terms of cease-fire include the movement
of Lebanese Army into the region as a buffer between Christians and PLO – Israel
releases reports of how many of their forces were operating inside Lebanon. One
PLO group says “it won’t” abide by agreement and there is concern for Christians –
Christian commander “Major Saad Haddad” says they have assurances Palestinians
will respect agreement, if not – Christians have assurances the Israelis will step to
plate again and assist the Christians.
The short cease-fire falls as a USSR-rocket(s) are fired from Lebanon; one victim
is 8-year-old boy from Kiryat Shinona.
US Secretary of State Vance and Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan meet in
New York City to “try” and work out conditions of Geneva peace talks.
Sept 27th – Cease-fire still in effect – reports surface that the Palestinians best
fortified stronghold is “Beaufort Castle”, about 4-miles from Israeli border. Other
news is that the newly formed Lebanese National Army is to take over in the area
and the Palestinians to move out – but so far the Lebanese haven’t shown up. In
the hills above Sidon, the Lebanese army has established a staging area – under the
protection of the Syrian army.
Sept 28th – Egyptian Foreign Minister “Ismail Fahmy” tells UN General Assembly
that Israel is pushing the Middle East toward “worse trouble” than has yet been
seen. He “demands” Israel give back lands occupied in 1967 war and accept PLO at
Geneva peace conference – President Carter hear same from foreign ministers of
Jordan and Syria.
Carter in his meeting with “Andel Halim Khaddam”, Syrian FM whose position is
identical to United States with single representative Arab delegation with PLO
involved. Jordan foreign minister “Abdul Hamid Sharaf” does not “insist” on PLO
representation, but does insist the Arabs choose own negotiators.
In Beirut, “Demis Roussos” gives a concert – “I’m glad to be in Lebanon
especially after what has happened,” he declares. Artemios (Demis) Ventouris
Roussos (born June 15, 1946) is a Greek singer.
Sept 30th – Secretary of State (“US”) Cyrus Vance and the USSR Foreign Minister
“Andrei Gromyko” meet in New York City to discuss to reconvening of Geneva
Middle East peace talks – sources also say that Menachem Begin may go to
Washington DC to make a point “not” to raise the Palestinian question at peace
talks. Later this day Begin is hospitalized for exhaustion.
October 2nd – The United States and Soviets issue a joint statement over the
weekend, calling for the establishment of Palestinian rights.
The statement on the Middle East draws unqualified rejection from Israel – Arab
and Palestinian groups welcomed statement. The Israeli government denounces
the Soviet-American communiqué as unacceptable – Israel views the joint
statement as a “shift” in American policy towards admitting the PLO to Geneva
peace conference, Israeli now says this will prevent the peace conference taking
It must be remembered, it is not to Israel’s benefit to have peace settle over
the region, in retrospect they themselves have declared they are a nation of
warriors and have been since Moses. For instance to create disruption in their
northern neighbor, they back in 1969 as Lebanon was preparing to celebrate the
New Year, they bombed and destroyed Beirut’s new Khalde airport under the
pretext that an Israeli citizen had been killed in Athens by an Arab?
Israel Finance Minister, “Simcha Ehrlich” – says Israelis closing ranks in face of
growing International isolation. With the Labor party attacking joint-resolution as
obstacle to peace – (notice the word resolution) – Opposition leader “Shimon Peres”
believes American’s are bringing negotiations to extremely difficult position and
Israel outrage is “based” on fear of imposed solution to Middle East controversy,
and now Israel is asking the United States to “clarify” the intentions of the
A survey among right/left officials feel that American/Israeli relations are at an
all-time low – with relations further strained even further when Israel gave the go-
ahead to construct another Jewish settlement on the occupied West Bank. Whereas
the Israelis, believe that in the latest moves they are fully justified in their move by
the perceived stance of the United States and now “refuse” to honor the request of
the U.S. in holding back on their construction.
There is a “Strong” reaction in U.S. by the Jewish community over the joint-
agreement issued by the U.S. and the Russians, where it is noted 32 major Jewish
organizations sent telegrams to Cyrus Vance – denouncing the agreement.
Members of the Jewish community with “close” ties to the Carter administration
believe the “Zbigniew Brzezinski2” is behind the White House attempts to “force” a
Middle East peace settlement, saying that he believes this is a “good time” to
pressure Israel. He is said to believe, “Jewish lobby has lost clout in Congress and
White House – and it is now safe to push for concessions previously rejected by
Some others believe he is wrong, that any issue can’t be pushed without
damaging the President – it is also observed that “some” Jewish leaders now pull
funding sources to the Democratic Party. President Carter aware of Jewish feelings,
but some think he is not focused on what this move will do to him politically.
In New York, Kurt Waldheim (UNSC) welcomed the United States-Soviet
agreement, and hopes it will lead to a successful Geneva Peace Conference.
Response in street in Lebanon, “We should not be misled by a fake peace!”

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski (born March 28, 1928, Warsaw, Poland) is a Polish-American political scientist, geostrategist,
and statesman. National Security Advisor to President Carter