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No Answer Marks
1.(a) Current 1
(b) Ampere 1
/ Series 1

(d) Avoid / prevents parallax errors 1

Total 4

2(a)(i) The vibration of the medium parallel to the direction of the propagation of the wave 1
(ii) P : Compression 1
Q: Rarefaction 1
(iii) v
6 1
= 20 cm
Total 5

3(a) Archimedes Principle 1

Buoyant force 1

Weight/Grvitational force
(ii) Weight = Buoyant force / W=U 1

(c) When the bird peck a hole, air escapes from the balloon, so the volume of the balloon
became small.
Buoyant force decrease when volume of air displace decreases.
Weight is more than Buoyant force cause the balloon drop
Any two of the answers 2

Total 6

4(a)(i) Transistor 1
(ii) As an automatic switch 1

At low temperature, resistance of the thermistor reduced
(ii) Current flows in base circuit
Current flows through the resistor / current flows in the collector circuit 2
Any two of the answers
(c) To switch on the bigger supplied power circuit which then will switch on the air 7
conditioner when current flows in the collector circuit.
Total 7

5(a) Concave mirror 1

Convex mirror 1
(b)(i) Both images are virtual and upright 1
Image in mirror diagram 5.2 diminished but Image in mirror diagram 5.1 is magnified 1
Image in Diagram 5.1 is virtual, upright and magnified and
Image in Diagram 5.2 is virtual, upright and diminished
(ii) Makeup mirror /shaving mirror/ solar cooker 1


M1 – light ray parallel to principal axis reflected to F

M2 – light ray pass through C, reflected through the same path
M3 – Image formed at I 3

Total 8

6(a) Specific Heat Capacity is quantity of heat required to increases 10C of 1 kg mass. 1
(b)(i) The soup boils faster in the metal pot / The time taken to boil the soup in the metal pot is 1
shorter / vise verse
(ii) The soup in metal pot rises the temperature faster, vice verse 1
(iii) When Specific heat capacity is larger/bigger/greater the rises is smaller/lower. 1
(c)(i) Energy released = Energy absorbed
(mcθ) hot water = (mcθ) cold water
1.5 x 4200 x [90 – θ] = 3.0 x 4200 x [θ – 300]
θ = 500C 1

(ii) No heat loss to the surrounding 1

(d) Specific heat capacity of plastic is higher ,so it absorb large amount of heat with small
increase in temperature 1
Total 8

7.(a) = 3000 - 1200 1

= 1800 N 1
(b)(i) 550 N 1
(ii) On constant speed, acceleration zero, so forward force equal to resistive force. 1
(c)(i) v = u + at
v = 30 + (2)(5) 1
v = 40 m s-1 1
(ii) s = ut + ½ at2
= (30 x 5) + ½ (2 )(52) 1
= 175 m 1
(d)(i) Inersia of the man against sudden stop, let the man move infront 1
(ii) Helmet is soft, longer time of impact during accident / less impulsive force act on the 1
Total 10

8(a) Catapult field is resultant magnetic field / combination/interactions of the magnetic field 1
due to the current in the conductor and external magnetic field


(ii) Counter-clockwise 1
(c)(i) Motor in diagram 8.2 1
More number of coils in diagram 8.2 will increases the current flow. 1
(ii) Larger current flow will result in a large force , easy to carry the pail of cement 1

Modification Explanation
Replace the split –ring commutator with Each slip ring is always contact with the 2
two slip ring at the end of the coil same carbon brush,so when the
direction of the current changes , the
Change dc to ac supply direction of the current in the coil don’t

(e) Effiency of the motor = Output Power x 100%

Input power

= mgh x 100% 1
= 10 x 10 x 12 x 100%
= 1200 x 100% 1
= 60 % 1

Total 12


Question Answer Mark

9(a)(i) heat is the amount of thermal energy 1

(ii) - In Diagram 9.1, the temperature of cold water is lower than the hot water/ the 1
temperature of the liquids are different
- In Diagram 9.2, the temperature are same 1
- Rate of heat transfer is higher from hot to cold water/ vise versa 1
- The higher the rate of heat transfer, the higher the change in temperature 1
- The physics concept is thermal equilibrium 1
(b) - the thermometer is placed under the tongue/in the mouth 1
- Heat transfer from the body to the mercury of thermometer 1
- The temperature rises 1
- When he equilibrium state is achieved, the reading of thermometer is taken. 1

9(c) modifications reason

Top insulated cap/plastic stopper reduce the heat loss through conduction/ 2
rubber slow down the heat transfer
Vacuum region/ / space reduce the heat transfer 2
Glass wall glass is a bad conductor of heat
Silver coated inner wall reflect back the heat 2
prevent heat from being transmitted
Shinny mirrored surface Reduce the heat transfer by radiation. 2
Used a strong materials as body/ low Has higher strength // can be used for a
rate of rusting longer time. 2
Used low density of material Easy to carry and easy to handle

Any 5 modifications + reason 10

Total 20

10(a)(i) Nuclear fission is the process of splitting a heavy nucleus into several smaller and 1
lighter nuclei with release of energy.
Nuclear fission Nuclear fusion
Splitting a heavy nucleus into lighter Combining several light nuclei to 2
nucleus form a heavy nucleus
There is a reduction of mass There is a reduction of mass/mass defect 1
Energy is released Energy is released 1
Energy formed as a result of defect/lost Energy formed as a result of
(E = mc2 ) defect/lost (E = mc2 ) 1

(b) - neutron bombards a uranium-235 nucleus, splitting into two 1

lighter nuclei are produced.
- the mass lost is converted into energy, according to Einstein’s 1
Principle of Mass Energy Conservation, E = mc2 1
- the three neutrons will bombard other uranium nuclei continuously 1
- cause the other remain nuclei to produce other 3 neutrons
characteristics explanation
State of matter ; solid form easy to handle 2
beta-ray has high penetrating power/
able to penetrate through the paper 2
the half-life is longer Can last longer/ can use for longer period/
no need to replace frequently 2
high penetrating power/moderate Can penetrate the paper 2
Use a Geiger Muller tube as detector Can detect beta rays/ radioactive emission 2

Total 20
11(a)(i) Pressure is define as force per unit area

(ii) Reason Explanation

1. The torns of the durian is very sharp The smaller the area the higher 2
and have smaller surface area the pressure
2. The paper increases the surface area in The pressure will decrease
contact with the plastic bag 2

(b) 1. Physics concept is Pressure = density x graviti x height 1

2. Pressure of water depends on the height of water level 1
3. The higher the water tank , the higher the pressure of water 1
4. Water flow from higher pressure to lower pressure 1
5. So water can flow easily from the tank. 1
(c) Reason Explaination
1. Type of liquid used is oil Oil is suitable because it do not evaporate easily 2
2. Size of cylinder A must Smaller cylinder produce higher pressure/ to produce
be small/Size of cylinder B Bigger force to lift the car. 2
must be big
3. Amount of liquid must Pressure can be transmit effeciently. 2
4. Type of material steel Rate of oxidation is slow can be used for a longer 2
period 1
The most suitable hydraulic pam is R. 1
Reason : Type of liquid used is oil, size of cylinder A is small, amount of the
liquid is full and the type of material used is steel.
Total 20 marks

12(a) 1.5 J of electrical energy supplied to move 1 unit of charge within the cell. 1
e.m.f Potential different
Energy supplied by cell Energy used across the resistor 1


A circuit showing all the components.
The connection of voltmeter is parallel across the cell
A functional circuit

Characteristic Explanation
Low density Not heavy / easy to carry and moveable 2
High melting point Not easy to melt when the temperature is high 2
Low oxidation rate Not easy to rust / long lasting 2
High resistance Will produce energy as heat 2
Most suitable wire is S 1
Reason : Lower density, higher melting point, lower rate of oxidation and higher
resistance 1
Resistance of filament
Given , V= 240V, P= 200W t= 8 hours for 30 day
P = VI , I= P/V
I = 200/ 240
= 0.83 A 1

R = V/I
= 240/ 0.83333
= 288.0 Ω 1

Cost usage, Energy = Power X time

Given P = 200 W = 0.2 kW , t = 8 h for 30 days
E = 0.2 X 8X30
E = 48kW h 1

Cost usage = 48kw h X 0.22 = RM 10.56 1

Total 20