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Libertarian Strategy Monthly

Herding Cats Since May 2009
Volume 1 | Issue 7 Sunday, November 1, 2009

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can't blow an
uncertain trumpet.” Theodore M. Hesburgh

In This Issue:
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Pages 2-3
Opinion Excerpted From An Excerpted From A
Things Every State ACLU Press Release Concord Coalition
Party Should Do Press Release
The Senate Judiciary
Pages 3-6 Committee passed the The Concord Coalition
Opinion USA PATRIOT Act said today that if
Keep Finances Focused Extension Act of 2009 Congress raises
today, a bill which physician
Pages 6-9 falls far short of reimbursement rates in
Opinion restoring the necessary Medicare, it should
The Lone Wolf civil liberties spell out how to pay
Libertarian protections lacking in for the changes.
the original Patriot
Pages 9-10 Act. The bill, passed The Senate is expected
Opinion by the committee after to consider a bill this
Can The Movement two sessions of debate, week that would
Welcome Moderates makes only minor permanently increase
changes to the physician
Page 10-14 disastrous Patriot Act reimbursement rates
LSM Archives
and was further relative to the current
Blueprint For Libertarian
watered down by Medicare “sustainable
amendments adopted growth rate” (SGR)
during markup. The formula and exempt
Page 14
News & Analysis American Civil this “doc fix” from
LNC Chair Poll Liberties Union had pay-as-you-go budget
endorsed the JUSTICE rules (PAYGO). This
Page 14-15 Act, an alternative bill exemption would
News & Analysis that would heavily increase federal
November 3rd Election reform not only the deficits by roughly
Patriot Act but other $250 billion over 10
overly broad years.
surveillance laws.

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November 2009 Page 2

• Google Advertising campaign

Opinions of our guests do not during election years
necessarily reflect the opinions of • Radio advertisements ready to
Jake Porter, J.D. Porter Consulting, run during election years
or Libertarian Strategy Monthly. • Public newsletter published at
least 4 times a year aimed at the
media and non party members
Things Every State Party
Should DO

By Jake Porter
W e often
hear complaints
and comments
that if only the Each state organization should have:
national party • A newsletter directed at members
Conversing did this or that and volunteers published at least

With Jake
our party would once every two months
somehow • A process to send press releases
magically when necessary
become • A single spokesperson and press
successful overnight. Unfortunately, contact
there is no get successful quick
scheme that we can use despite what Elections
many would have you believe.
A state party should be able to:
There is no magic bullet when it • Recruit candidates
comes to becoming successful in our • Get Libertarians appointed to
political endeavors. On the other public office
hand, there are many ways in which • Win non-partisan races
the Libertarian Party can become
successful. One is by building Organization
strong organizations in every state
and Washington D.C. In this article, A strong state organization will have and
I discuss some, not all, of the things perform:
every state party should do. • Organizations in each county
• Membership retention and
Advertising recruitment plans
• An actively working Executive
To effectively advertise, each state Committee with no empty spots
organization should have: • Management of lists including
• Brochure promoting the benefits membership, registered voters,
of supporting the state party and media contacts

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November 2009 Page 3

• Networking with other funding restrictions can be spent on state

organizations and groups campaign activities, such as supporting
non-Federal candidates. Only Federal
Advertising, elections, communications, money can be spent on supporting
and an active organization will start a Federal candidates or on Federal
strong and solid foundation to build the Election Activity. The definition of
Libertarian Party upon. Federal Election Activity is very wide.
For example, if we register someone to
vote within 90 days of the Federal
J.D. (Jake) Porter, a 2008 Business election, including elections in which we
Administration graduate, previously do not have a libertarian candidate, it is
served as Iowa Coordinator for the 2008 Federal Election Activity.
Bob Barr Presidential campaign, and
worked as Business Manager for the The restrictions on raising state funds are
Saint Joseph Telegraph. Today, he is the much more rigid than the restrictions on
owner of J.D. Porter Consulting, and is raising Federal funds. We can accept
the Alternate to Region 6 of the single Federal donations of up to
Libertarian National Committee. $5,000. We can accept single state
donations of no more than $500.
Keep Finances Focused —
The Massachusetts Way To control spending, we had to have a
budget. However we have no idea in
By Dr. George advance as to how many members will
Phillies pay dues, we have no idea in advance as
to how many members will give us
For the past year,
donations. Those numbers have
fluctuated wildly in recent years, so if
Massachusetts looking at the past is a reasonable
libertarians have answer, the reasonable answer is: Your
worked with a new guess is as good as ours.
method of organizing
their organization’s finances. Our What we did was to invert the budgeting
objective was simple: Make sure that schemes used by other groups. We said:
money is spent where it should be spent, We know the missions we want to
on doing real politics. accomplish. We know that we have
certain fixed expenses. What we will do
is to allocate each dues payment and
O ur approach to managing spending
each donation as it comes in, and see
what we can do with the money that we
put the controls where they belong: at actually have. We also agreed that after
the front end. six months we would revisit our
allocations, and ask if they were working
Massachusetts Libertarians have two well.
major sources of money: dues and
donations. We also have two sorts of To make life more interesting, we finally
campaign accounts: State and Federal. brought the state organization into the
Only state money raised under state

© 2009 Jake Porter--all rights reserved Libertarian Strategy Monthly

November 2009 Page 4

21st century. We now offer electronic recruitment

memberships, in which your newsletter Candidate recruitment and outreach
is shipped to you as a PDF file. We now Candidate and issue support
offer family memberships, so that if Administrative costs and reserve funds
several people living under one roof are
all members, and if they agree to share For normal memberships, supported by
their newsletter, the extra family donations to the Federal PAC, the
memberships are only charged at a allocation of funds went Newsletter (if
minimum rate. We charge $25 for a paper) $10.00. And of the remaining
paper membership, $15 for an electronic membership dues:
membership, and only $5 for a family
membership. Membership renewal — 20%
Volunteer support 20%
In allocating dues payments, we first Fund raising and membership
said that $10 of each paper membership recruitment 30%
is put into a distinct financial account — Candidate recruitment and outreach 20%
the money is all in the same bank Administrative and reserve funds 10%
account — to be used only for printing
and publishing the paper newsletter. For donations other than membership
That decision guarantees that there will renewals, the allocation went:
always be enough money to print and
publish a newsletter in each and every Candidates and issues 50%
month. We then asked what are other Administration and reserve funds 10%
costs were. Fund raising 40%

Like every state party we have certain Our fundraising documents give
fixed administrative costs. We rent a members the choice of giving money for
post office box. We own a list of URLs renewals or giving money as donations.
that must be renewed. We have a However, if a member gives more than
website and must pay for hosting. The $100 in the calendar year, we give the
web site offers e-mail forwarding, which member a one year extension on
could have come as an extra expense. membership for each hundred dollars, up
We have a list of Meetup groups to a five year limit. The expense is $10,
subsidized by the State Committee. and that only if the member is receiving
These facilities are used for what is the newsletter in paper rather than
legally Federal Election Activity — electronic form. We also passed a rule
whether we happen to have a candidate that monthly donors of $5 a month or
in the race or not does not legally matter more are placed in a special membership
— and must be paid for with Federal category in which their membership
hard money. does not expire so long as they’re a
monthly donor. If they stop giving, they
We also have a range of objectives: still have whatever months are
remaining on their original membership.
Membership renewal
Volunteer incitement and support We are allotting $3 per member for a
Fund raising and membership renewal effort. That means that we can

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November 2009 Page 5

do five distinct mailings to each Kennedy for Senate campaign. That’s

member. We’re currently up to three close to half the reserve funds. Joe
new mailings, and I expect we’ll do the Kennedy is a member of our national
fourth and fifth after our forthcoming party, who volunteered and is running
state convention. Fortunately, one of our for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the
members owns a Xerox Phaser, and is death of the late senator Edward
willing to print the newsletter so long as Kennedy. He is not except very distantly
he is reimbursed his costs. Those costs, related to the Senator. Joe needs 17,000
with substantial use of color, are lower raw signatures to get on the ballot,
than the costs for commercial printer meaning that he needs about $17,000 or
giving us black and white prints. The he will fail to achieve ballot access. If
Phaser has also given us upgraded full Joe does not raise the money needed to
color brochures, brochures for get on the ballot, his campaign is for
candidates and neighboring states, and naught.
colorful recruitment flyers.
But the decision to help support the
I am quoting the above numbers after we Kennedy campaign was not without
adjusted them a bit. At first we had risks. If Kennedy fails to get ballot
allocated 30% to fundraising, and 20% access, our members will justly
to administrative and reserve expenses. complained that we threw their money
A 30% allotment to fundraising requires away. On the other hand, if we had not
that for each dollar you spend on raising supported Kennedy, our members would
money, you bring in $3.40. That number justly complain that we were failing to
turned out to be unrealistically high. We support the campaigns
raised the fund raising percentage to of our party members Your Ad Here!
40%, meaning that for each dollar spent when they ran for
on fundraising we have to bring in office. Fortunately, our Contact:
$2.50. That number seems to be fund allocation scheme
working. On the other hand, a vigorous both assured that we jdporterconsulting@g
program of contacting former members had some money
and others, urging them to renew and available to help support
coin, has meant that our membership Kennedy, and assured for advertising rates
decline has reversed; membership is now that some of our money
growing. That program is sustainable was locked away where
because we have a budget for we could legitimately
membership recruitment. With an explain why we did not
increasing membership, our fixed costs spend it on his campaign.
are spread over more people, and
therefore we were able to reduce the The larger part of our money for
administrative cost allotment. Kennedy went to petitioning. A segment
of our money went to sending a full
At some point you actually have to color three page fund raising letter to all
spend the money you have raised. Very of our current members, all of our
recently, our State Committee agreed to current national members, and a select
spend a thousand dollars from the list of strong-propensity-to-give past
financial reserve to support the Joe libertarian donors, urging them to

© 2009 Jake Porter--all rights reserved Libertarian Strategy Monthly

November 2009 Page 6

support Kennedy. We also sent a doing politics, rather than on

nominating paper for signatures to each nonpolitical tasks that do nothing to
member of the state organization who advance us toward a Libertarian future.
receives the newsletter in paper form. If elected, I will strongly urge the
The nominating papers must be printed National Committee to go over to some
on 60lb. canary yellow 8.5×14″ stock, so suitable variation on the Massachusetts
there was no utility to sending people scheme for budget allocation.
electronic files of the nominating papers
that they could print. Obviously, there will need to be some
variations. For example, a reasonably
That’s the Massachusetts scheme for run a national committee will set aside
ensuring that dues money and donations $100,000 a year or a bit more for
actually gets spent on politics. The presidential ballot access. 50 state ballot
money is allocated to legitimate political access is a reasonable objective, but you
purposes, and to administrative costs, can’t get there if you can’t pay for it. A
when it comes through the door. Once reasonable budgeting scheme will help
allocated, it stays where it belongs. ensure that money is available when we
When it comes time to do real politics, need it for each of our purposes.
we know how much money we have for
that purpose. On the other hand, because The ‘Lone Wolf Libertarian’:
the money is pre-allocated particular What You Can Do to Help
accounts, there is no possibility that a
huge administrative overhead will eat up
When You’re the Only
all of our income, so that we are reduced Libertarian in the Area”
to the point where we would have no
ability to support candidates, do This article has previously appeared in
outreach, recruit members, or do any of LP News
the other political things that justify the
By James W. Lark, III
existence of our organization.

As someone has let the kitten out of the

yarn, it is no longer a secret that there is
a strong effort to draft me to run for
D uring my travels to promote the
Libertarian Party, I frequently meet
National Chair again. I agreed that I Libertarians who consider themselves
would run if there were a legitimate “lone wolves.” That is, they live in an
draft. When I explained this to the area that they believe is devoid of fellow
Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Libertarians.
State Convention on Saturday, a
majority of the delegates present voted Unfortunately, in conversing with these
that I should be the National Chair “Lone Wolf Libertarians,” I often find
candidate to receive one pre-pledged they underestimate the great value they
delegate vote. can offer to the Libertarian Party.
During these conversations, I mention
An important part of the leadership role the many things they can do to help. In
of the National Chair is to ensure that particular, I emphasize that they should
our party actually spends money on end their status as “Lone Wolves” by

© 2009 Jake Porter--all rights reserved Libertarian Strategy Monthly

November 2009 Page 7

finding (or creating) more Libertarians. For the most part, my comments have
I note that I have been a Lone Wolf been reported fairly.
Libertarian before, and suggest their
Libertarian activities will be much more * Monitor local news media for stories
effective and enjoyable when they are of interest, and relay those stories to the
running with a pack of fellow state party and LP HQ.
* Contact local media to obtain info
If you are a Lone Wolf Libertarian, I about local journalists and editors
suggest you try the following: (especially those who have demonstrated
agreement with Libertarian positions),
* Determine whether you are indeed a and send that info to state and national
Lone Wolf Libertarian. Contact your party communications directors. This
state party and LP HQ to inquire activity can be of great help, since the
whether there are other Libertarians (or average turnover in news bureaus makes
prospects) in your area. it difficult to maintain accurate contact
lists. Also, the act of contacting local
* Volunteer to serve as the local contact media on a regular basis serves as a
for your state party. The simple act of reminder that the Libertarians are
being listed as a contact on your state around.
party website can have tremendous
payoffs. The Libertarian Party of * Contact local media to inquire
Botetourt County, one of the best local whether they want to receive state and
organizations in Virginia, got its start national LP press releases. Small-
because Liz Bowles (who with her circulation newspapers are frequently
husband Jeff had just joined the LPVa) hungry for interesting, well-written
accepted my invitation to be listed as a content. By feeding state and national
local contact on the LPVa webpage. LP press releases to such media, we may
Shortly thereafter a person in a generate many articles and editorials that
neighboring county who was interested represent a Libertarian perspective.
in the Libertarian Party contacted her.
Within six months of that contact, the * Read the “Letters to the Editor”
number of Libertarians in Botetourt section of local newspapers, and contact
County (a rural county) increased from 2 those who letters suggest an interest in
to 15, and Jeff Bowles was elected to the Libertarian perspective. Submit
local office (as a write-in). Libertarian-oriented op-ed pieces and
letters to the editor of local newspapers.
* Inform local media there is a Letters to the editor remain a useful way
Libertarian contact in the area. In my to promote Libertarian ideas, programs,
experience, many local reporters seek to and candidates.
provide balance to (or spice up) a story
by including a different perspective. * Identify speaking opportunities for
Several times I have been contacted out Libertarians, especially at local civic
of the blue by reporters who wanted “the organizations, high schools, and
Libertarian point of view” for their story. colleges.

© 2009 Jake Porter--all rights reserved Libertarian Strategy Monthly

November 2009 Page 8

* Make a list of local fairs, parades, 13 Rules of Leadership

festivals, etc., and provide that
Colin Powell’s 13 Rules of Leadership
information (including the contact
information for event organizers) to your
Rule 1:
state party. Also, identify locations
It ain’t as bad as you think. It
(especially private businesses) where will look better in the morning.
Libertarians can collect petition
signatures. Rule 2:
Get mad, then get over it.
* Purchase a listing of the LP’s 800
number in your local telephone Rule 3:
directory. I pay about $2.00 a month to Avoid your ego being so close to
have the LP 800 number in the your position that when your
Charlottesville area telephone directory. position falls, your ego goes with
Of course, there are vastly more
Rule 4:
activities that a Lone Wolf Libertarian It can be done.
can undertake, such as seeking
appointment to local commissions and Rule 5:
boards, attending meetings of local Be careful whom you choose.
governing bodies, sponsoring
information tables at local events, etc. Rule 6:
However, the activities listed above may Don’t let adverse facts stand in
not require much more effort than the way of a good decision.
making a few phone calls, sending a few
e-mails, and checking a few websites. Rule 7:
You can’t make someone else’s
decisions. You shouldn’t let
The comedian Woody Allen is someone else make yours.
frequently credited with the aphorism
“Ninety percent of life is just showing Rule 8:
up.” By working hard and working Check small things.
smart, and sometimes just by showing
up, the Lone Wolf Libertarian can have Rule 9:
an impact vastly out of proportion to his Share credit
efforts. Of course, as a result he
probably won’t be a “Lone Wolf” for Rule 10:
Remain calm. Be kind.
Rule 11:
Dr. Lark is a professor in the School of Have a vision. Be demanding.
Engineering and Applied Science at the
University of Virginia. He is the Region Rule 12:
5S representative on the Libertarian Don’t take counsel of your fears
National Committee and served as the or naysayers.
national chairman of the Libertarian
Party during the 2000-2002 term. Rule 13:
Perpetual optimism is a force

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November 2009 Page 9

Can the movement welcome supposedly so awful. The echo chamber

“moderates”? produces cult-like reverence for names
obscure to the masses, like Mises and
Originally Posted On
Rothbard and Browne: all great men
indeed, but of little interest to folks
By Peter Orvetti
outside the movement looking for

Is there room
solutions to the nation’s ever-worsening
inside the
libertarian A “moderate” libertarian could easily
movement for a feel like a reactionary in such a closed
moderate? Is circle. But in the harsh light of the non-
there such a thing libertarian political arena, that
as a libertarian “moderate” will quickly be reminded
moderate? how out of the mainstream even vaguely
libertarian notions
like drug legalization, Your Ad Here!
A ny small but passionate cause runs
the abolition of
victimless crimes, Contact:
the risk of creating an echo chamber. and a non-aggressive
The libertarian movement is foreign policy really jdporterconsulting@g
experiencing remarkable growth online are.
— a happy by-product of the
simultaneous rise of Ron Paul and social This breed of for advertising rates
networking — which means activists can libertarian does not
communicate and organize across great seek the abolition of
distances with ease. But it also means government, but
the members of the small group can believes that local
come to interact entirely with others in government is best,
that same small group, creating the as it is closest to the people impacted,
misimpression that all the world shares and carries the fewest layers of
its views. bureaucracy. He believes there is a
difference between the notion that a goal
The American far left has long used the is a good one, and the insistence that the
echo chamber effect as a salve against its government must assert responsibility
own irrelevance, with members of scads for achieving that goal. He concedes
of indistinguishably didactic communist that government can and has been a
parties fighting one another for positive factor in the lives of many, but
domination of the red hearts and minds insists on examining whether a non-
of a few hundred adherents. Though the governmental solution could work
libertarian movement is much broader, better. He believes any government
the echo chamber is there. Many effort, no matter how well-intended,
libertarians would sooner be accused of must be considered in light of the
doing lewd things with their own unwilling person forced to fund it.
mothers than be called “statists” — yet But while this libertarian is a republican,
most people do not even know what that she is no Republican. She believes in
word means, let alone know why it is

© 2009 Jake Porter--all rights reserved Libertarian Strategy Monthly

November 2009 Page 10

the absolute right of the individual to do Do you see room for this breed of
with his life and his body whatever he libertarian in your movement?
pleases, so long as he does not expect to
compel others to aid him should his Peter Orvetti was an early political
choices turn out to be bad ones. If a man blogger in the United States, running his
wants to spend his life shooting up political news report from
heroin, he has every right to do so — so 1997 through 2002. He is a past editorial
long as he does not expect the rest of us writer for the Cato Institute, served as
to pay for his rehab. If a woman wants Deputy Director of Communications for
to cut through the hypocrisy of sexual the Libertarian Party in the lead-up to
politics that permit 89-year-old the 2000 party convention, and has
billionaires to marry 26-year-old published commentaries in several major
aspiring models, but that toss people in newspapers. Contact Mr. Orvetti at
jail for more directly exchanging funds
for fun, she has that right as well.
This libertarian is not an isolationist but
is a peaceful internationalist, believing Blueprint for Libertarian
that the best way to stop wars is to break Activists
down the economic and social barriers
between nations. He knows that the best From the Archives
way to end wars is to keep them from
starting, by declining to meddle in the
affairs of other sovereign nations. He
knows the next generation of terrorists is
being created by today’s wars, just as
I n the early 1980’s, a man
named Kent Guida ran
those who strike against America today unsuccessfully for Chair of the
were created by America in the proxy Libertarian National Committee. In this
wars against the Soviet Union. issue, we have excerpted part of his
But this libertarian differs from her "Blueprint for Libertarian Activists."
purist peers. She accepts that The entire document can be read on our
government, like the poor, we will website:
always have with us. She has no
practical objection to things like
government roads and parks, and is
concerned by what would happen to the RECRUITING AND DEVELOPING
desperate if the “safety net” should LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATES
completely disappear. It is her goal to
make libertarian ideals achievable within It's obvious to the point of being
the realities of the present day, by simplistic to say that one of the major
working to keep government as purposes of a political party is to run
uninvasive and as local as possible, and candidates for office. Yet in a small,
prefers to focus on the expansion of growing party where ballot status is not
freedoms rather than the contraction of automatic and the chances of losing the
the state — while bearing in mind that election are great, finding people willing
the two go hand-in-hand. to run as Libertarians is often a serious
problem. It takes courage for a person to

© 2009 Jake Porter--all rights reserved Libertarian Strategy Monthly

November 2009 Page 11

understand that his or her effort may local, state, and federal office. Thus,
bring little or no immediate reward, but candidate recruitment became an integral
is instead a stepping stone toward long part of their organizational effort.
run success.
If party leaders took an organizational
But, of course, it is a vitally important trip to Pittsburgh, for example, they
stepping stone. The party needs would meet with the handful of
thousands of credible, energetic, Libertarians there, explain the basic
articulate candidates each year both to points of building an organizational
spread our message in a political structure, state that an important party
context, and to set the stage for future goal was to run candidates, and almost
electoral victories by convincing voters immediately begin to solicit potential
that the Libertarian alternative belongs candidates. When new members joined,
in the mainstream of political discussion. often one of the first questions asked of
them was whether they were willing to
Many of the candidates the party has be candidates.
fielded at all levels would never have
run at all, left to themselves; and many The people asked to run were
who were willing to have their names on Libertarians who were articulate and
the ballot would never have run active knowledgeable about the area where
campaigns. But in these cases, the they were running. But there was little
candidates were recruited and concern about the length of time the
developed. They were truly supported by individual had been a member of the
their fellow Libertarians, and this party. -
support made the difference between
mediocre campaigns and effective According to the Pennsylvanians who
campaigns. organized the 1980 candidate-
recruitment effort, achieving their goal
The Pennsylvania Experience of running as many candidates as
possible had several benefits. Gaining
In 1979, Pennsylvania's Libertarian ballot status was easier, since so many
Party was quite small in proportion to had a personal stake in the effort. Local
the size and population of the state. activists were more enthusiastic because
Virtually all of the activity had been in they had their own "local favorite" to
the Philadelphia area, and only three cheer for. And the news media took note
Libertarians had ever run for office of the fact that many candidates were
before. running, treating the party as a whole
with greater respect.
Two of these, with the support of other
party members, decided that 1980 was When the field of candidates had been
going to be different. They decided that assembled, the party helped further by
for the party to grow and start to become developing a standard-format brochure
influential statewide, it was important to which all candidates could use, varying
organize small groups of Libertarians photographs and details according to the
wherever possible and to convince as candidate and the office, but leaving the
many members as possible to run for basic design and general message about

© 2009 Jake Porter--all rights reserved Libertarian Strategy Monthly

November 2009 Page 12

the Libertarian Party the same. This Finding the "Perfect" Candidate
approach not only saved money, but
further developed a spirit of "team Many state and local party organizations
effort" among the candidates. have experienced the desire to run a
candidate for a particular office, with the
Pennsylvania's record of over 20 feeling that an especially good or well-
Libertarian candidates in 1980 is qualified individual would be the best
particularly commendable given that candidate. But they immediately figure,
there were scarcely over that number of "He (or she) would be a terrific
party members in the state only two candidate, but he (or she) would never
years before. agree to run."

The California Experience This was the situation facing California

Libertarians in late 1977, when they
As in Pennsylvania, strenuous efforts hoped to convince Ed Clark to run for
were made in late 1979 and 1980 to Governor. When they asked him, he
recruit Libertarians to run for office. declined; but they weren't willing to give
Over 100 were found; but the significant up yet. They decided that Clark might
point about many of their races was the change his decision if he were convinced
effort put into developing them as not only that he would significantly help
candidates after they agreed to run. the party, but also if the party was able
to give him solid support based on a
In the San Francisco area, for example, a careful understanding of what that would
handful of party members with previous entail.
political experience decided to hold
weekly "workshops" for area candidates, To that end, a small number of
each session focusing on a particular Californians prepared a "Clark for
campaign technique -- precinct analysis, Governor" booklet which identified the
media contacts, fundraising, etc. achievable goals of the campaign and
Through these sessions, the candidates specified what would be needed in terms
developed a team spirit and a common of money and people, and when they
understanding that they would help each would be needed. In other words, they
other as much as possible. Many shared "sold" Clark on the idea that the people
a common headquarters, and most, when supporting him knew what they were
covering their districts door-to-door, doing and were willing to do the hard
handed out not only their own literature work necessary for his candidacy to be a
but also that of other Libertarians success. On this basis, Clark changed his
running in the same area for a different mind and agreed to run; and his election
office. The result was that the media and results were greater than anyone
the voters perceived that the Libertarian expected, propelling him toward the
Party was a broad-based, aggressive presidential nomination, and setting the
movement, not merely a collection of stage for Libertarian permanent ballot
people trying to out-shout each other. status in California within a year.

Another California Experience - Summary and Conclusions

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November 2009 Page 13

The history of the party shows that there understanding of the kinds of activities
are two competing theories for getting they would engage in.
Libertarian candidates. One theory holds
that the party organization should wait It should be noted that "Paper"
until the "right" candidate comes along candidates, or "line holders" -that is,
to volunteer to run. The other theory candidates who are willing to do no
says that most Libertarians are more than have their names on the ballot
potentially good candidates, and that -- were not discouraged, although the
they should be solicited, recruited, first priority was always to recruit active
developed, and supported on a candidates. Many of the people who
systematic-basis. It's clear that, of the initially intended only to be line holders
two theories, the second results in more in fact became active candidates after the
Libertarian candidates within a given team spirit took hold and became
area to spread the libertarian message contagious. Those who did not at least
and build political credibility and helped convey the impression that the
support. The instances mentioned here party was broad-based and credible.
had the following points in common:
* The party organization, through its DEVELOPING LIBERTARIAN
leadership, made candidate recruitment a CANDIDATES
conscious goal, integral with party
building. 1. Develop a consensus among party
activists that running candidates is an
* All sorts of complex "screening" important and integral part of party
processes were avoided; rather. the activities.
individual judgment of those soliciting
candidates was relied upon to determine 2. All potential candidates should be
whether the prospective candidates were asked to run; comparatively few will
good spokespersons for the party. The volunteer, but many will agree if
attitude was that it was preferable to approached.
have many candidates, even if a few
were bad, rather than to set up complex 3. Avoid complex screening procedures
screening procedures and therefore for candidates, at least at this point in
insure only a few candidates. party development. One or two
objectively bad candidates will be
* A great deal of forethought went into outshone
demonstrating to the prospective by many good ones, and most potentially
candidates that they would get tangible bad candidates will give themselves
support from the party; and the promised away before they are recruited.
support was given.
4. Demonstrate to potential candidates
* It was important to develop a "team that the party is willing to support their
spirit" among the candidates, in which efforts with volunteers, money, advice,
they all thought of themselves as-part of headquarters, etc. Develop a written plan
the same effort and had a common if necessary to prove your commitment.

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November 2009 Page 14

5. Hold training sessions for all of the unscientific poll and because of that
candidates in the area. Not only will this detailed analysis on the poll cannot be
impart useful information, but it will performed.
also develop a "team spirit" and
increased cooperation among the November 3rd Election

6. Candidates who are willing to be

active should be the top priority, but
T he November 3rd election is just two
days away. The following candidates
don't reject “lineholders.” They often are members of the Libertarian Party
evolve into active candidates once the who are running for office this
campaign gets going. November. (Note: This candidate list is
being provided courtesy of the
Libertarian Party)
LNC Chair Poll
Scott Sloan
L ast month, we conducted an
Pinellas County Postal Customer Council
Board, Florida
unscientific poll for the LNC Chair’s
race on Roger Fritz
The results of the poll are as follows. Roland Mayor
(Note: Not all candidates listed have Bill Lynn
announced their intention to run for Davenport 5th Ward Alderman
LNC Chair at this time) Nick Taiber
Cedar Falls City Council
Of The Following Candidates Who Michigan
Would You Support For LNC Chair? Mark Byrne
Port Huron City Council
Bill Redpath (31%) Tom Hren
Wayne Root (31%) Big Rapids City Commission
George Phillies (25%) Andy LeCureaux
Mark Hinkle (6%) Hazel Park City Council
Ernie Hancock (6%) Greg Merle
District 19 State Senator
This poll may indicate that the Lee Minnesota
Wrights membership controversy has not Christopher Clark
harmed Bill Redpath’s chances of Minneapolis Mayor
reelection as much as many predicted it Melissa Hill
would, that Wayne Root has a chance at Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3
winning if he decides to run, that George L Diana Longrie
Phillies still has a strong base of support Maplewood Mayor
after his failed attempt at the 2008 Raymond Wilson Rolfe
Libertarian Presidential nomination, and Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3
that Mark Hinkle has not gained much
support since his Summer
announcement. Of course, this is an

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November 2009 Page 15

New Jersey
Ken Kaplan Karen Richardson
Governor John's Creek City Council
Richard Segal
New York Douglasville City Council
Frank Benish Jeffrey Sexton
North Castle Town Supervisor Leesburg City Council
David B. Casavis Dr. Thomas Smoot
Manhattan Borough President Valdosta School Board
John Clifton Kellie Weeks
New York City Comptroller Gainesville City School Board, Ward 1
Joseph Dobrian
New York City Mayor California
Chris Edes Christopher M. Agrella
Rochester Commissioner of Schools Chaffey Community College District
Dan Halloran Governing Board Member
Queens City Council, District 19 Jack Hickey
George Harvey Redwood City School Board
Brooklyn City Council, District 36
James Lesczynski Pennsylvania
New York City Public Advocate Larry Allen Boyle
Derek Sacerdote Polk Mayor
Brooklyn City Council, District 46 Joseph Duncan
Michael Sanchez West Kittanning Borough Mayor
Brooklyn Borough President Berlie Etzel
Roger Sarrabo Ashland Township Auditor
Brooklyn City Council, District 39 Vernon Etzel
Oil City Council
Ohio James Fryman
Joyce Early School Board
Lorain City Council, Ward 3 Vance Mays
Alexander Haas Sugarcreek Borough Mayor
Canton City Council, 8th Ward Christopher Morgan
Spencer Phelps Venango County Sherriff
Marion City Council President Michael J. Robertson
Sean "Kalin" Stipe Licking Township Supervisor
Lorain City Council, At-Large Marakay Rogers
Angela Williams Superior Court
Marion City Council, At-Large Timothy A. Russel
Justin Williamson Emlenton Mayor
Parral Village Council
North Carolina
Virginia Matt Drew
Matt Cholko Durham City Council
District 39 House of Delegates Travis Wheat
Charlotte City Council At Large
Chris Neill
Marietta Mayor

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