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Protocol IPX / SPX (NWLink) NETBEUI / NetBIOS








Description Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange. The default network protocol for Novell Netware prior to NetWare 5. !urrent default i" T!P/IP#. NW$ink i" the %icro"oft ver"ion of IP&/SP&. The"e two ter'" are grouped together () 'an) technical re"ource"* which can (e 'i"leading. Net+E,I i" the Net+I-S Extended ,"er Interface. . non/ routa(le protocol for earl) Window" -S. Net+I-S i" a provide" three "ervice" to application"0 1. Na'e "ervice regi"tration and re"olution* 2. Se""ion "ervice connection/oriented#* 3. 4atagra' di"tri(ution connectionle""#. +) definition* Net+E,I u"e" Net+I-S. 5owever* Net+I-S doe" not depend upon Net+E,I. 6or exa'ple* Net+I-S "ervice" occur over T!P/IP in Window" environ'ent". Tran"'i""ion !ontrol Protocol/Internet Protocol. Part of a "et of protocol" known a" the Internet Protocol Suite. The 'o"t co''onl) u"ed* routa(le* network protocol. T!P tran"'it" data and IP refer" to addre""ing. Nece""ar) for Internet co''unication. .ll protocol" (elow except 4NS# occur over T!P/IP. Si'ple %ail Tran"fer Protocol. S%TP "ent" e'ail to one or 'ore recipient". Not li"ted in exa' o(7ective"* (ut of equal i'portance* i" P-P3 8 Po"t -ffice Protocol v3#. Thi" protocol download" in(ound e'ail 'e""age". Internet %e""age .cce"" Protocol. ,"ed for acce""ing e'ail on a re'ote "erver fro' a local client. Wherea" P-P3 download" e'ail 'e""age"* I%.P in"tantl) acce""e" e'ail "tored on a "erver. 5)pertext %arkup $anguage. We( page code that define" how a page appear" in the we( (row"er. 5)pertext Tran"fer Protocol. !onnect" local we( (row"er to a we( "erver* t)picall) u"ing port 9:. 5)pertext Tran"fer Protocol Secure#. !o'(ine" 5TTP and SS$ to e"ta(li"h a "ecure connection. ,"e" port ;;3 () default. We( "ite" u"ing thi" protocol "tart with 5TTPS0// and u"uall) "how a padlock in the (row"er. T)picall) u"ed for authentication and eco''erce. Secure Socket" $a)er. Secure" network traffic () u"ing* a'ong other thing"* encr)ption and "erver authentication. T)picall) u"ed for authentication and eco''erce. -ften replace" telnet for "ecure re'ote ad'ini"tration of "erver" and network device". Telet)pe Network. Protocol u"ed in the co''and/line tool of the "a'e na'e. ,"eful for re'ote ad'ini"tration of "erver"* client"* and network device" "uch a" router". !o''unicate" in un"ecured plain text. 6ile Tran"fer Protocol. -ften u"ed to tran"'it file" u"ing an application of the "a'e na'e. !o''onl) u"ed to tran"fer file" acro"" the internet (etween a we( "erver and Window" ho"t".


6lexi(le in that file tran"fer" can occur (etween differing operating ")"te'". 4o'ain Na'e S)"te'. . "ervice that re"olve" ho"t na'e" to IP addre""e". We( (row"er" acce""ing www.c(tnugget".co' tran"parentl) connect to the IP addre"" that wa" re"olved () a 4NS "erver. 6or exa'ple* 4NS "erver" on the Internet re"olve www.c(tnugget".co' to 129.2;2.11<.211. Note0 thi" i" not reall) a protocol* (ut I li"ted it here (ecau"e it wa" li"ted with all the other protocol" on the exa' o(7ective".#