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Tool Compact Tool Box

$%D &it or 'rist %trap an! Antistatic Ba(s


5eweler6s %crew!river %et %pare screws" stan!offs" 8umpers" *ip ties" etc :ee!le#nose Pliers

Tools Useful to the A+ Technician Description or Purpose I like to have as small a toolbox as I can that can still carry my most essential tools to work on a computer onsite Also consi!er a backpack for easier portability" an! put your tools in a roll#up case A kit that inclu!es the mat is usually a little overkill for the rovin( technician )eave it at the workbench an! take the strap In lieu of the mat" you can brin( more compact antistatic ba(s which are also useful for transportin( $%D#sensitive !evices to an! from the site I prefer those with interchan(eable tips so that you can switch between various si*es of philips" flathea!" torx" or hex hea!s Common torx si*es inclu!e T#+" T#," T#-." T#-/" T#0." T#0/" T# 1." T#2. %ome people recommen! electric screw!rivers" but for A+ technicians" this is usually overkill 3ost screws such as case screws only re4uire a few revolutions" an! electric screw!rivers are not usually as compact Plus" electric screw!rivers are for wimps 7eally tiny philips an! flathea! screw!rivers I often use these for laptop repair The tools 8p( file shows a small 9iploc ba( of assorte! parts %ome parts of the case are 4uite crow!e! an! it6s har! to fit your han! insi!e to plu( in connectors or set 8umpers :ee!le# nose pliers are (reat for this kin! of work %ome people recommen! hemostats for retrievin( small" loose parts insi!e the case" but I have foun! nee!le#nose pliers 8ust as useful Take one normal cable for typical network connections an! one crossover for computer#to#computer connections ;as in !ia(nostics or file transfers usin( a laptop< The oran(e#han!le! tool in Tools 8p( %ometimes a computer mi(ht not be properly connecte! because of a ba! 75#2/ connection" so you mi(ht nee! to clip it off an! crimp on a new one I like the smallest" most compact 3a(lite I can fin! There are also some (oo! )$D flashli(hts %ometimes you6re workin( un!er a !esk or out#of#the#way place where the !ust is heavy an! the li(htin( is poor If you for(et your flashli(ht" consi!er usin( the backlit screen of your cell phone Consi!er (ettin( a travel case that inclu!es retractable" self# storin( cables The one in Cases>Cables>CD 8p( shows U%B an! =ire'ire cables an! a!apters for nearly all conceivable connections Don6t really nee! floppies except for computers without CD?D@D !rives I use these !isks to boot computers that are havin( startup problems This at least (ets me to a comman! line where I mi(ht be able to loa! !ia(nostic software or run other tools I like to create a bootable A$mer(ency CDB that inclu!es a variety of software tools such as antivirus scanners" file

:etwork Cable an! 75#2/ Connectors ;Cat/ for $thernet< CAT / Crimper


U%B an! =ire'ire Cables

CD an!?or =loppy Disks

$ID$?%ATA Cables Portable Ear! Drive an!?or U%B =lash Drive

Compresse! Air

Pens" 3arkers" :otepa!

browsers" !ia(nostics" !isk ima(in(" etc If you have proper licensin(" also brin( C% CDs for current 'in!ows pro!ucts They inclu!e comman! console tools to repair the C% Dou mi(ht also nee! to reinstall the C% +.#pin $ID$ cables can connect both ID$ an! $ID$" so no nee! for both If a critical system is unrecoverable but !ata on the ED is important" you can boot from your $mer(ency CD an! transfer !ata to the !rive I have an +. FB 'estern Di(ital !rive that6s about the si*e of a pack of smokes ;Don6t smoke thou(h G it6s ba! for you < 3any U%B flash !rives are several FB in si*e an! very useful an! compact 'A7:I:FH Be sure to re(ularly scan these !rives for viruses %ometimes" a customer6s computer has faile! because of a virus" an! you !on6t want to ina!vertently transfer the virus to your !rive an! then to other customer6s As lon( as you6ve (ot the computer case open" mi(ht as well blow out the !ust Dou6ll probably have to take the system outsi!e because this cleanin( usually kicks up too much !ust to be consi!erate in an office or home Unfortunately" this can of compresse! air takes up a )CT of space in the toolbox Also consi!er a portable" antistatic vacuum Complicate! systems mi(ht nee! labelin( on cables for future reference Durin( extensive an! tiresome troubleshootin(" you mi(ht start to for(et which steps you6ve alrea!y trie! Use your notepa! to keep notes Be sure to keep your writin( implements in a 4uality pocket protector 7emember" you6re a (eekI

Tool 'ire %tripper )oopback Plu(s

Di(ital Pocket 3ultimeter ;D33<

Cutlet Tester

Cptional Tools Description or Purpose 3ost A+ 8obs !on6t re4uire strippin( wire unless it6s network cable %till" it looks (oo! in the toolbox Use with !ia(nostic software to test the serial or parallel port because serial an! parallel ports are not use! as much as in years past" I !on6t usually brin( these in my toolbox Dou are more likely to nee! these if you service point#of#sale or manufacturin( systems because serial an! parallel ports are still use! there )oopback plu(s are !esi(ne! with compatibility for specific !ia(nostic software httpH??www micro0... com?microscope>suite?in!ex php an! www smithmicro com" for example Useful for testin( volta(es on a power supply I usually !on6t brin( this alon( %ometimes" a ba! power supply be(ins to fail only intermittently %o even if you test it with a D33" it mi(ht return no faults 3ost of the time" ba! power supplies are usually obvious G there6s :C PC'$7I 5ust replace it Confirms correct wirin( of an electrical outlet A key on the tester

Cleanin( %upplies %nacks

7ubber Ban!s Tylenol an! Antaci!

i!entifies several types of potential problems Dou coul! also use the D33 to confirm proper wirin( but it will provi!e fee!back about specific problems 3onitor wipes" A?@ hea! cleaner" contact cleaner" appropriate 3%D% =re4uently" you6ll fin! that you6re without lunch or time for a break &eep somethin( like a hi(h#ener(y snack bar in your toolbox This mi(ht also help prevent you from (ettin( crabby with your customers when they !o thin(s like use the CD !rive for a cup hol!er C&" I !on6t actually use these for much But it6s fun to shoot them at people in nearby cubicles EilariousI Does this really nee! an explanationJ