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Safety & Environmental Issues

Percentage of Examination:

Essentials exam 10%
220-602 exam (IT/Enterprise Technician) 5%
220-603 exam (Remote technician) 0%
220-604 (Depot Technician) 10%

Describe the aspects and importance of safety and environmental

Identify potential safety hazards and take preventive action

Use Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or equivalent documentation and
appropriate equipment documentation

Use appropriate repair tools

Describe methods of handle environmental and human (e.g. electrical,
chemical physical) accidents including incident reporting.

Identify potential hazards and implement proper safety procedures
including ESD precautions and procedures, safe work environment
and equipment handling.

Identify proper disposal procedures for batteries, display devices and
chemical solvents.

Understanding ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

By definition ESD means the rapid discharge of static electricity from one
conductor to another of a different potential.

Simply, ESD can damage integrated circuits found in computer and
communications equipment.

Everyone has walked across the carpet and touch a doorknob and been
shocked. That is ESD and walking across the carpet produced around 12,000
volts. Dont worry, ESD is not life threatening but it can harm or destroy
your computer. Humans cannot feel static electricity until it reaches
approximately 1,500 volts. However, microchip damage can occur as low as
10 volts.

To avoid damaging your computer components you need to ground yourself
before touching or working inside the computer. Special care is needed
handling any computer component such as the motherboard, modems, video
cards etc.

Preventing ESD from damaging your computer components.

Even though most computer manuals state that you should unplug the
computer before working on it.

Other methods include:

Wear an ESD wrist strap before working on the computer.

Antistatic Carpet treatment by spraying the carpet with antistatic aerosol.

Standing on special grounding pads.

Handle the computer components (video cards, modems, hard drives, etc) by
holding them by the outside edge. These items should be stored inside the
special antistatic bags.

You should NEVER ground yourself before working inside a computer

Monitors store electricity in capacitors, and by grounding yourself you will
provide a conduit for the voltage to discharge through your body.

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