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CIN Basics Overview Sharan G S Steel Sharan G S Feb 12, 2014 1:22 PM CIN Basic Processes

Various scenarios in CIN:

Stock Transfer Order (STO) Export Sales Depot Sales Factory Sales

The used for CIN maintenance are as follows:


: CIN Master Data Maintenance : Excise Maintenance : To Maintain the BED : Outgoing excise invoice under Depot (STO scenario) : Maintaining the excise invoice in Depot Sales

J1IBN01: Create excise bond for export scenario J1A102 : ARE1 document process J1I5 J2I5 J2I6 : Maintain or update the RG1 register : For RG1 register : For printout based on extracted data from J2I5

There are four types of pricing procedure for CIN under TAXINN procedure. They a re as follows:

Stock Transfer Order (STO) - JINSTO Export Sales - JINEXPO Depot Sales - JINDEP Factory Sales - JINFAC


1. Stock Transfer Order (STO)

The process is same as STO between two plants under one Company Code.

ME21N --> VL10B --> VL02N --> LT03 --> PGI --> VF01 (Will create a Proforma Invo ice)

Billing will takes place in J1IIN with reference to the Proforma Invoice created .

Then go to J1I5 --> J2I5 --> J216

The outgoing excise invoice can be captured using J1IG t.code.

Then go to J2I6 --> Select RG23 and execute.

2. Export Sales Initially create number range for the object ARE1

Create excise bond using J1IBN01

Take down the excise bond number.

VA01 --> Vl01N --> VF01 --> J1IIN ( Will create excise invoice)

ARE1 processing under J1IA102 and then go to J1IA123 for any updates.

3. Depot Sales

Pricing Procedure ZINDEP

Then maintain the pricing procedure under VK11 and CIN master data under J1ID

VA01 --> VL01N --> VF01 --> J1IJ

Then go to Delivery RG23D selection and specify the delivery document number, ex cise group, series group.

Select line item and then go to details, mention quantity and save the document.

Click on excise invoice icon and select the excise invoice number.

Click on continued specify quantity and check that system whether BED is copied. Then save the document.

Go to J2I5 and then J2I6 for extracting and printing RG23D.

4. Factory Sales Create VA01 --> VL01N --> VF01 --> J1IIN (Enter the billing document details) -> the system will calculate BED --> Then click on Utilization icon --> Specify B ED amount under PLA account or amount. Then save the document.

Take down the excise invoice document number.

Then go to J2I5 --> update RG1

Maintain the selection screen with the classification key as IDH, then select RG 1 and execute.

Go to J2I5 --> Extract RGI --> Execute

Then go to J2I6 --> Print utility program --> select RGI & Execute. 32 Views