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Who Are You?

The Ancient Super Science

Reveals Your Truth And How You Can Change Your Life By: Dr. Baskaran Pillai






Who Are You? Who Were You? Who Will You Be?
Your Date With Destiny If you are reading this, then you have been drawn to have the Nadi Experience. In this Special Report, Ill give you an insight into the over 2000 year old Super Science that has been sought out by world leaders, royalty, politicians, industry giants, celebrities as well as the common man for thousands of centuries yet still remains in relative secrecy. It is A Wonder of the Ancient Mysterious World. It gives you the chance to change your life in a very profound and divine way. ~ Dr. Baskaran Pillai*

*Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an international teacher and entrepreneur from the US, who was hailed by the Time Magazine as the YouTube Guru. He combines scientific understanding with spiritual and cross-cultural perspectives to bring a holistic approach to personal excellence and leadership. Dr. Pillai is a global thought leader and an authority on mind-body potential. He has empowered millions of people across the world with simple, yet powerful tools to tap the potential of their mind and achieve breakthroughs in life. He is a humanitarian committed to making a difference to the underprivileged through his non-profit Tripura Foundation, which aims to eradicate hunger and educate children.

What Will Be Revealed? Nadi will answer the who are you?, Who were you? And Who will you be? questions AND empower you to be able to change your current destiny path. You can go from the pain of living an aimless life of confusion, doubt and emptiness to one of knowing, direction, purpose and fulfillment. Based on years of experience this is the greatest benefit that can possibly be offered especially to those of you who are questioning your lives. I consult Nadi at least once a week and have been doing so for several years. When I first consulted the Nadi, my father was not alive and my mother and all 4 siblings were alive. The second time I went to the Nadi, I was told that my mother and father were not alive and that one of my brothers had died. He had just died and my mother had since passed. Then another brother died and when I went to the Nadi I was told that only two of my brothers were alive. It is amazing what happens though the identification and prediction processes. The Nadi Leaves know about everything. They know what is taking place for everyone every year. That is why I check Nadi once a week, partly for my personal reasons and partly for research. What Is This Nadi? Nadi is a term that is used both in Sanskrit and in Tamil. Nadi means channel in Sanskrit. There are, for instance, 72,000 nadis or very small, invisible energy channels throughout the body. The Super Science Of Nadi Astrology By analogy, Nadi Astrology has been able to look, at a very small amount of time; 1/1,000th of a second for example, and tell of the future of a person. The mind, at its ordinary level, is not able to appreciate that small amount of time. So, you have to be at a higher level to appreciate the fraction-of-asecond time metrics and how that can give an insight into a persons future or the past or the present. Nadi Astrology can do what other systems of astrology cannot do because all other astrological systems are based on calculations and the movement of the planets.

None of these systems has the ability to go into the Nadi division of time and to know about the history of a person and his future. Nadi Astrology is able to do that because of the ability of the people who wrote this astrology. Who are they? They are the Siddhas and Rishis and those people have the access to the no-mind-reality. No-Mind-Reality Might Seem Like Magic The mind can work on mathematical astrology based on the movement of the planets and their transits. However, you need superhuman intelligence that can understand a fraction of a second and its value and then you have to have the ability to relate it to the planets. Time is simply the movement of the planets. These things belong to the domain of the Siddhas who understand because their value of time is beyond the mind. Siddhas can understand what was/is going to happen at this level of time; who would be born, what would be the name of the person, his fathers name, his mothers name, what job he is doing, wifes name, husbands name, how many children he has, how many sibling he has, etc. Wonder of the World or Wonder of the Otherworldly? This information is not easy to get from any form of astrology because this information falls in the domain of superhuman knowledge. The Nadi is able to do this impossible thing. That is why Nadi is one of the Wonders of the World. Unfortunately, this has not been properly brought to light. That is why I personally took it upon myself about 20 years ago, to conduct serious research on how this is going to work and how it is working. I have met at least hundreds of Nadi Astrologers in southern India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, where it has a very strong presence. Im going to share with you all that I know about Nadi Astrology. The Second Meaning of Nadi Nadi, according to Sanskrit tradition, is an Astrology that can understand a very, very miniscule division of time, in seconds or fraction of a second and understand what is in it. In Tamil, Nadi is interpreted in another way as meaning those who seek.

It is Astrology only for the seekers, which does not mean seekers of enlightenment, but those people who seek out the Nadi readers to get a Nadi reading. Nadi, in this case, is their seeking. Seeking the Nadi is not for everyone. It only may be Your Date with Destiny. Not everyone has a leaf but it is highly probable that you do since you are reading this. At some level you were drawn to know about Nadi. Not everyone is. Your Souls ID: Your Thumbprint Unlocks the Nadi This is one of the Wonders of the World because all that is required by a Nadi reader is just the thumb-print of the person who comes for a reading. It is the right thumb print for males and left thumb print for females.

There are some books available in the market, which describe various thumb prints and the way they belong to the zodiac. For instance those with the Moon Sign of Aries will have a set of thumb prints and Taurus will have a separate set of thumb prints etc. What is personally interesting to me is that the founders of Nadi Astrology were able to know the uniqueness of each individual as having a unique thumb print. This is something which we use in our own contemporary world for identity because two thumb prints are not going to be similar or identical. There will be variations and that is why it can be a valid way of knowing the identity of a person. Books have been written about classifications of the thumb prints themselves. However not every piece of information is available in those books for example, as to how to identify every individuals thumb print however. The thumb print is used by the Nadi reader to identify the leaf as the seekers from which details on the leaf are related to the thumbprint of that individual. What Are The Mysterious Nadi Leaves? The oral tradition was how information was passed down from generation to generation in Ancient India ~ 5000 years ago. Then came the written

word 3000 years after that. Then scribes recorded much of India's literary, scientific, spiritual and astrological heritage over thousands of years. Granite slabs, thin copper plates and tree bark were all used as a medium for recording information, but for the Nadi information, leaves of palm was the choice. The Rishis would have scribes carefully etch each letter of your story into the dried leaf with a special tool or stylus. This was done all by hand to avoid splitting the leaf. The writing was almost always continuous, without any space between words. This is one reason why the reading of the leaves requires training, as well as an understanding of the ancient languages of Tamil or Sanskrit. When the etching was complete, lamp black or turmeric was applied to increase contrast and make it readable, and oil was rubbed in to help preserve them. A bundle of leaves in the same thumb print category were then bound with a cord between two wooden covers. The palm leaves have been claimed to be well over 2000 years old, but scientifically speaking, no leaf can last for more than 300 years maximum. Being of an organic substance, the Nadi Leaves would and do decay and disintegrate especially in a humid climate like India, even with the preserving oil rubbed into them every couple of years. What really happened was that they were copied from leaves from time to time and hence, the leaves that are available now are not more than 300 years old. This has been going on for some time- a new one being copied from an older one. It is not possible to Xerox the leaves however. A few have tried only to find that it didnt work- too much light, overexposedor the next day the writing on the leaf is different than the copy. There are so many mysteries associated with the Nadi leaves. The leaves themselves hold a power. Palm leaves have the divine quality to be able to carry sacred knowledge and energy. That is why all the sacred writings from India were written on them. Whether they can be transferred to print is doubtful because it looks to the untrained as if there is

nothing to be translated- apparently only when the reader looks at the leaves to do a reading is the flow is revealed and he has the ability to read them. He undergoes lot of training in order to be able to read them. Where Did The Leaves Come From? There are many Siddhas and Saints who have written Nadi leaves for people who would at some point seek them for their own understanding. They had achieved the highest of consciousness through meditation practices and other no-mind reality techniques. Their transcendental knowledge allowed them to see the life stories, both past and future, of all souls or living beings and those who are yet to live. Being able to see into the future, they were aware of the difficulties that the seekers would have in modern times. Out of their deep compassion for humanity, these Mind Scientists wanted to provide an opportunity for people to discover and transform their destinies and evolve their souls. That is why Nadi Law states that only when the seeker is ready, they will seek and find their Leaf. Types of Nadi Leaves Available There are Nadis written by the Ancient Sages by the name of Vishwamitra, Vashista, Bhoga, Pulipani, Kakbhushonda and Dhanvantri. The one which is very popular is Agastiya Nadi, written by Saint Agastiya. He is considered to be one of the very ancient Sages, who spent a lot of time in medicine, astrology and other esoteric sciences and you will find a lot of Agastiya leaves across Tamil Nadu. However, the Agastiyan leaves are not as informative as the leaves by Shiva Nadi because Agastiya is still a saint and not a God like Shiva. That is why I particularly selected the Shiva Nadi leaves. You must be discriminating as there are many Shiva Nadis. The main Shiva leaves are called Shiva Wakya Nadi, Shiva Tulya Nadi and Siva Sukshma Nadi. Shiva Wakya Nadi is inferior, meaning that it will give the fathers name, mothers name and everything but the readings will not be elaborate.

Shiva Tulya Nadi gives only a little more information than Wakya. The third one is the Shiva Sukshma Nadi which is what we use. It is the most extensive Nadi and what is offered in AstroVed. It is the conversation between Shiva and Parvati. It reads like prose. Shiva Sukshma Nadi is a very elaborate predictive Nadi where you get a lot more information which you will not get in other Nadi leaves written by saints. Nadi Reader- A Special Breed The training takes 5 to 7 or more years. The knowledge has been kept secretive by one caste of people for thousands of years. Very rarely will you find a person belonging to another caste who somehow gets the training to read it. 99% of the people who read the Nadi belong to this particular caste. It is not a very high level caste, but it was written and predicted long ago that that caste holds the secret knowledge. Only those people who have come in that lineage have the ability to read the leaves. Is It Reading Or Is It Channeling? I tend to give credibility to that theory. There is a lot of channeling involved in this although the readers do not openly talk about the process of reading. They keep it secretive and mysterious. The number one and very, respected astrologer in India, B.V. Raman who has since passed away, wrote an Astrology Journal for India. He was an astrologer who practiced astrology based on mathematics. He received many scholarships at a young age for his knowledge of scriptures on astrology. He himself was intrigued by Nadi Astrology and he said that there are some angels involved. The angels are connected to the caste of readers and pass on mantras, or sacred sounds that enable them to do the reading. The theory is quite good too, but it is not applicable in all cases. I myself have seen palm leaves that carried writings that anyone can read. In a few cases, including myself, the Nadi reader gave the leaf over and, as a native reader of Tamil, I could read everything. The claim by the particular reader was that he had nothing to do but read. That he had just been trained to read whatever there is. Sometimes he

been asked, in the leaf, to detach the leaves from the bundle and hand it over to the seeker. That is what happened in my case and also to a couple of Americans I know. There Are Some Things Yet Unexplained From my own research for the past two decades, I have not been able to come to a definite conclusion. But, what I can say to you is that there are more than three or four traditions all of which still hold some mystery. There are group of leaves, in which, what you see are only scribbles and the reader is able to get the information of your name, your fathers name, mothers name, wifes name, how many children you have, how many siblings are there and how many are married. This is very vital information for them to give in order to make the client believe that this is his leaf and he knows about him through a mysterious process. In order to create credibility on how the Nadi readers know difficult names (like Chinese, African or Russian names, the readings will come 100 percent accurate with respect to names of father and mother, siblings and spouses. We are now giving readings through Skype without having to have the seeker in person. So perhaps you are in Russia and you see this person in Chennai bringing the bundles and asking you questions. In about forty minutes hell be able to find your leaf. Then hell start giving predictions. This is another reason why I say this is one of the Wonders of the World. I dont think science will ever be able to know 100 percent what is going on in the dynamic systems of the universe. Is Nadi A Science? The next question is whether Nadi is a science. It is a science not by the definition of material science but it is a science in the sense that it follows rules.

Nadi is a Science of Thumb Prints as Nadi Astrology uses the thumb impression of the seeker and based on the thumb prints your destiny is predicted. Your thumb impression is so important because it is unique. Nadi is also a Science of Sounds because part of the identification process involves the Nadi Reader questioning you whether your name starts with the letter Ka, Cha, Tha, Da, Pa, Ra, Ya, Rha, La, Va, Na, Ma etc. These are all sounds and you will be asked to verify during the course of the conversation between you and Nadi Reader. These are very significant as these sounds are classified according to certain rules, they all have certain values and only those Specialized Linguists who are trained in the sacred linguistics of Sanskrit and Ancient Tamil, know what they mean. As far as the Nadi Readers are concerned what it means is that these sounds go with certain other sounds. For instance, if you are John, then you can only find spouse with another sound like Mary, this is just an example. There are families of sounds and the sounds belong to the soul. They are soul categories like ka, cha, ta, pa, rha. The readers try to find your leaf using that knowledge. Everything boils down to identifying the leaves. There are some scientific aspects and most of it is mysterious. At one point he comes down to where he is 101 percent correct like you have 4 brothers, your mother/father married twice, this is your job, you have been divorced, two brothers are married etc. All this information will be revealed to you.

Astrology Is The Sacred Science of Light Astrology is called Jyothish in Sanskrit. Jyothi is light. It means the science of bringing light to the place where there is no knowledge. For instance, when your life is a mystery in which you dont know what is happening about your mother, father, finances, relationships, health, finances, job, then you are in darkness about the future. The Jyothish brings you the light to know what is happening. Astrology reveals prewritten destiny. The ancient classical texts say that you have to go with due respect and trust in this sacred literature and if you go with any skepticism or something in mind (intention to test), the reading will not be pure. It is in your best interest to be very authentic in your quest to know about the future. Realize that it is not just entertainment. If you go with faith, you will have accurate readings. Do not come with intention to test. If you do not believe in this that is another thing. But, if you are going to Nadi, go with complete faith because it is very sacred. The Process of Identifying Your Leaf The Nadi reader will ask many questions, your answers should be yes or no, yes or no. You should not say, if he asks do you have three brothers, no I have four brothers. You should not say that. Or you should not even say that you have no brother. Never ever volunteer any information. Only give yes or no. Yes or no and that is all. That is very important because that is good for the psychology of the customer because he should know that the Nadi reader is not extracting information and then giving it back to you because this one of the complaints that periodically comes against Nadi astrology. Now, the reading takes place in India and you will be mostly doing it through Skype. However, if someone wants to come to India and then have the reading, that can be done too. Is there any difference? There is no difference at all. You can do it at anytime, through Skype or in person.

The time of the reading is very important. Avoid the 8th Moon, New Moon and the 1st Moon after the New Moon (1st Waning Moon). They have to be avoided because you if you have had the reading on those days, it will not be very effective reading. Also avoid timings like the Rahu Kala and Yamakanda (classification of inauspicious times as per planetary positioning). They are not the right times to have the readings, so when the reading takes place, you have to make sure that the time is right. The timing in India is the most important factor. For instance the time Rahu Kala which is say 4:30 6:00 in India may be in a different time in the time-zone you are living. The time in India, where the reading is being generated, is the most important timing. At AstroVed we implement that more seriously in order to give a better reading for the people. Unless there is an emergency and we have to read then we can do some remedies to do that reading. But ideally, it is important to do it during the time that is conducive for a better reading.

The Process of Translating Your Leaf After your Index Leaf has been identified, the Nadi reader goes through the information that is arranged in Chapters or sections pertaining to different areas of your life. (See appendix: List of Additional Nadi Chapters of Your Life). First he must translate the ancient form of prosaic Tamil from the leaf into modern day Tamil before he can transcribe all of those details into a Book of Poetry. These extensive notes are then translated from modern Tamil into English. One must have their initial reading of Chapter #1, #13 and #14 before seeking out information in the other chapters (See appendix: List of Additional Nadi Chapters of Your Life). Question The Nadi There is a special chapter called Prasna. This feature of Nadi Astrology is a great mystery, known only to the Siddhas. It allows you to further unravel

the hidden secrets of your life; to question your Nadi to get answers in specific parts of your life that werent uncovered in your other chapters. Prasna means current moment and what was foretold in the first reading would change according to having performed the remedies prescribed. Not many people know about the value of Prasna. Even if you don't look for the present happenings of your life in the Nadi leaf, Prasna will definitely give you answers. Prasna also means a question. The Prasna Nadi will have answers for both of your questioned and unquestioned queries. You may wish to receive guidance before starting a new venture or auspicious event, or be guided to make important decisions. The possibilities of utilizing the Prasna in your life are endless. This is the way in which you can utilize Nadi throughout your entire life; Nadi for life! Who Were You In A Past Life? What was your name in a past life? What were your parents names? Why you able to get a good job, or to make decent money, or to be in good relationship? What wrong things did you do to deserve punishment in this lifetime? Every element of your life is due to past lives. Case Study: Who Are You? A woman client has had a very bad relationship with her husband in this lifetime. Who Were You? What she did in her past life, was that she fell in love with her boss who was married. She knew about this but then she was so selfish that she persuade the boss to divorce the first wife and marry her. In the process she had to bring really false accusations against the first wife and the first wifes children.

She used to bad-mouth them, tell lies about them and make the boss hostile towards the first wife and the first wifes children. He divorced his wife and married this woman. After this woman married him, she took all of his money for herself and the first wife and children never got anything. Now in this lifetime she has to pay for that. In this life, her husband is a runaround with lots of girlfriends and he does not love her. She is in constant pain. No one who is close to the husband ever wants to do anything with her. Her life is such a failure all due to what she did in past life. Who Can You Be? Everyone has made mistakes in past lives and they have to be given a chance to correct themselves. The remedies go through several layers of cleanup of the karma, or past actions of the individual. Remedies Remedies are the actions necessary to change your course or to make a course correction to the direction of your life path so that the available potential energy supports favorable outcomes. There are 2 Remedy Chapters. One outlines how to radically adjust, or tweak depending on the case, the energy signatures or energy blueprints that were created from your past actions that are unfavorably effecting your present and future, and transforming the potential to positive. The other prescribes a unique energy in the concentrated form of a talisman that will protect and support your new positive path. Chapter 13 Remedies- Energy Vortex Cures The 13th Chapter or Shanti Pariharam, or Peace Remedies that are given are very impartial. You must go to certain temples and do a particular ritual and that ritual will take care of the particular problem. It is a very fascinating thing. Chapter 13 contains information about past life and the things that you did. The remedies are given in this lifetime to correct all the suffering that you had to go through as a result of those past lifes misdeeds.

The prescribed temples are the energy vortexes which your being needs to harmonize with in order to make the shift from the cycle of karma that you have created in the past. By going there in person or having the remedy done by proxy has the effect of an intervention to effect a change in your consciousness applicable to changing current life issues. You see, these vortexes are highly charged energy fields or accelerated vibrations that allow for instant shifts in awareness. Mantras, or sounds are sometimes prescribed as well. They are like seeds for change in your vibrational being. For this same woman we have been using as a case study, the husband hated her and this was the remedy that had to be done. Her personality is not likable by others and there are other remedies for this. People are cursing her (these are the same souls of the people whom she had offended). There are remedies for that. Chapter 14 Remedies- Activated Empowerment Device The 14th Chapter, or Diksha Remedies is the prescription of how to receive Gods Grace; the help of the highest power of the universe. D is from the Sanskrit word meaning to give and ksi from the word meaning to destroy. This remedy works to destroy your ignorance and bestow in you the truth. This remedy involves a small thin copper plate on which a mantra will be inscribed and it will be energized for the prescribed number of days or months, by a Vedic Specialist who infuses it with sacred sounds and positive energies. After that this will be given to you to keep it with you and worship it or carry it around. This amulet is called Raksha. Raksha is protection. It protects you from obstacles and evil or negative happenings that are waiting for you. It is a Divine Device that holds the positive energy for change as well providing good fortune for your future.

Addressing the Skeptics I must add here, there is some skepticism from people who say that the readers somehow extract this information from the client. You go to a Nadi reader and he gets your thumb impression and then he comes with a bundle that matches with the thumb and begins to ask some questions to you. So, the questions will be something like this, are you thirty years old? And you will say yes or no. You are not allowed to give any other information apart from yes or no. He will go on, Is your fathers name John? If you say no, he will go to the other leaf. Is your mothers name Mary? You say no, and then he goes on like this: were you born on Friday? Were you born on 19th? Or were you born in a village that starts with a name with the sound M? He will go on asking questions like that and you will only say yes or no. You are not allowed to say anything apart from yes or no. Now lets come to the skepticism that the reader somehow extracts this information and then puts together a scenario from all the information you have provided. He comes up with your name, mothers name, fathers name etc. Speaking scientifically and realistically, this is impossible. At the most, you are spending a maximum of forty minutes or one hour with him, and in this one hour of extracting your name, your fathers name, mothers name, wifes name, what job you are doing and how many siblings you have got and how many children you have is impossible. Therefore, I do not think this skepticism is valid. Although, I must say there are fake readers. These fake readers will be able to somewhat get close to it but they will not be able to tell everything and will fail miserably. I must warn that there are fake readers and at we dont employ any fake readers. is the world leader in Planetary Science Technologies. is dedicated to upholding the highest integrity and excellence to help people effectively mitigate, circumvent or manage problems by providing technologies and wisdom derived from the vast knowledgebase. In our case, we make the Nadi Readers go through a rigorous interview process wherein our own Nadi Astrology Committee, comprising of scholars from the various traditions, interview them and accredit them to be valid Nadi Readers. Only after that do we employ people to give highest level of honesty and integrity to our clients. We are different from other Nadi Houses in that we are very particular about quality. We dont compromise on that. Since It Is My Leaf, Can I Have It Or Get A Scan Or A Copy? We are not hiding any information and are open and transparent at every step. Now, often we come across people asking if we can you show them their name and how it is written or if we can give them a scanned copy of the leaf. The Nadi readers do not want to subject themselves to this kind of exposure because they believe they are secret. So no, we do not give a scan or copy of the leaf. Besides, the leaves themselves do not wish to be copied.

Do I Have To Be A Hindu Or Be Religious? The Nadis do not seem to care the religion or nationality of any seeker who comes to them. There is a universality of Truth, Faith and an undeniable higher power. While most remedies are rituals of Vedic origin, no one seeking their Nadi has ever reported the remedies being wrong and against their intuitive code.

The Crucial Chance To Remediate The Past Is The True Value Of Nadi You are required to do all the three chapters 1, 13 and 14. Many houses they say they would just do only the first and then leave it to client whether to do the 13th or 14th. At AstroVed we do not do that anymore because it is not just entertainment. We take your life seriously. What is the use of knowing your fathers name, mothers name and the siblings name? You already know that (in most cases). So, what is the value in the Nadi? The value in the Nadi is in the remedies and that is going to be given only in the 13th and the 14th chapter and if we are not going to go into the 13th and the 14th chapter there is no use in consulting a Nadi astrologer. We simply dont entertain doing chapter 1 which is the introductory or general chapter. It will certainly predict your future lifetime but during that reading it will also say these are the problems. The negative influences or problems will resolve and the positive influences or good, will accrue for you only when you do the remedies. If you do not do the remedies, then the good things that are predicted will not take place. Remedies are very crucial. This is very, very, important point. In the 1st Chapter you will be given a set of things that are going to happen till the end of your life; sometimes year by year, sometimes a few years are skipped. Then you will be given an extensive reading but during the time they will say that you will have to do these remedies. Right at the beginning of the reading itself the Nadi will say that you will have to do these remedies. Only if you do the remedies, all these good things that we have predicted will happen. Or if you do not do the remedies, then there will be another set of things but they do not discuss because they assume that you are going to do the remedies, because they assume that you are sincere and seeking this help.

In Conclusion At this point it is not known for certain how the Nadi really works. They remain for the most part, a Mystery; A Wonder of the World. The results speak for themselves however. You can find out who you are, who you were and who you can become by doing simple remedies that seem to defy logic. This is Ancient Vedic Knowledge and it doesnt matter what religion you are or if you follow any. It isnt intrusive and you don't have to be a Hindu for it to work. Based on years of experience this is the greatest benefit that can possibly be offered especially to those of you who are questioning your lives. If you dont have trust in the Nadi, the Nadi will not work. That is the truth. You will find that in classical texts of astrology.

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List of Additional Nadi Chapters

How Nadi Chapter Relate to 12 Houses of Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology divides the horoscope into 12 Houses whose positions depend on date, time and location of birth. The houses of the horoscope represent different areas of life. The houses are divisions of the path of the Sun across the Earths sky, as seen from the Earth at the time and place of the horoscope in question.

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