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Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek is one of the most delightful treks in the Manali region of Himachal Pradesh. It is a moderate trek with a scope for varying the duration to suit ones time. Hampta Pass Trek takes us over the majestic foothills of the Himalayas, the Pir Panjal Range, crossing at Hampta Pass !"!## $t.%

TR&' ()R*TI+, - . (*/0 ",I1HT0 (&0TI,*TI+,0 2+3&R&( ()RI,1 H*MPT* P*00 TR&' - M*,*4I, H*MPT* P*00, 2H*,(R* T*4

5H*T60 I,24)(&( -7

Accommodation during Trek(Camping)

Meals while on trek(Veg) Permits First aid medical kits Qualified and e perienced Trek !eader" #uide and support staff$

(&P*RT)R&0 *44 (&P*RT)R&0 $+R TH& H*MPT* P*00 TR&' *R& &8 M*,*4I%

! ; = " .






9atch 9atch 9atch 9atch 9atch

- !# :une 7!" :une - !< :une7;# :une - ;! :une7;. :une - ;= :uly7;> :uly - !. *ugust7!? *ugust
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2+0T P&R P&R0+,- R0 @?.# P&R P&R0+, &8 M*,*4I%

Itinerary (etail Hampta Pass Trek%

(&4HI (&P*RT)R& (*/ #


Meet up in %elhi and lea&e for Manali '( Vol&o 'us$ )&ernight *ourne($ Manali is the ad&enture capital of +ndia and other treks like Malana also originate from here$ 2HI'* (*/ !

(RI3& $R+M M*,*4I <### $T% T+ :+9R* TH*, 0T*RT TR&' T+ 2HI'* !#!## $T%.


After ,reakfast we dri&e from Manali (-... ft) to *o'ra and start our trek to Chika (/./.. ft) This is a 0 hour eas( ascent from 12.. ft to /."3.. ft$ 4hile trekking we can see the 5ani ri&er on one side and a 'ig rock( hill on the other$ The trek passes through some of the most spectacular landscape$ )&ernight sta( in Chika$ 9*4) '* 1H&R* (*/ ; 2HI'* !#!## $T% T+ 9*4) '* 1H&R* !!?## $T% .. HR0 &*0/ *02&,T.


The third da( trek is a gradual ascent$ 4hile trekking we will 'e a'le to see the spectacular %auladar range$ 4e ha&e lunch at ,alu 6a #era$

0I*1+R) (*/ = 9*4) '* 1&R* !!?## $T% T+ 0I*1+R) 2R+00I,1 H*MPT* P*00 !"!## $T%.

!;?## $T%


This is the most spectacular part of the trek as we cross the Hampta Pass and then descend to our camp site in 7iagoru$ +t will take us appro imatel( 8hrs to reach 7iagoru$ The ascent on this part of the trek will 'e moderate$

2H*,(R* T*4 (*/ " 7+A#)59 (/01.. FT) T) CHAT59 (//... FT) 3 H57$ %5+V: T) CHA;%5A TA!$


This da( we ha&e an eas( descent through the Hampta Valle($ The massi&e mountains of the Pir Pan<al and 7piti ranges dominate the entire landscape till the camp site at Chatru$ Chatru is a confluence point of paths from 5ohtang Pass" Hamta Pass and 7piti$ From Chatru if road and weather condition permit we head to the Chandra Tal camp site$


(*/ .

(RI3& $R+M 2H*,(R* T*4 T+ M*,*4I 3I* TH& R+HT*,1 P*00.


+n the morning after 'reakfast we lea&e for Manali &ia the 5ohtang Pass$ )ur wonderful e perience of trekking in Himachal ends$

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