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Monday, August 1, 2005
eHealth Certificates for Animal Health Regulatory Management

New User Interface Features

By Jessica Rudow


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in the upper right hand corner for convenience in multiOn July 1, 2005, GlobalVetLink introduced Phase 1 of doctor practices. our new system to our clients. We would like to thank Pre-populated Remarks: On the last step of generating everyone for their input while building this system as well a For Sale or OCVI certificate, there is now a list of preas for your continued patience while we work out the few populated commonly used remarks so you can "click" to small issues. While we would like to implement everyapply them to the certificate instead of typing them in one's great ideas at once, we must also maintain the system the "remarks" box. There are statements in a secure and stable manner to ensure pertaining to both companion and food the integrity of GVL. Below are the items animals. If your clinic regularly uses a that have already been implemented, and statement that is not currently displayed in August 12th more changes will be implethis box, please call us so that we can add mented based on feedback from everyit for you! one on the Phase 1 changes. Stored Origins and Destinations: You During the July 1 update, many excitcan now save your stable, market and kening changes were implemented includnel addresses to use under multiple owning: ers! This feature allows you to type a Process Bar: During the certificate New User Interface Login Page commonly used origin/destination address creation process there is now a once, and save it to be used with any other client that you numbered process bar that illustrates which step you are have in your system. on. As you create your certificate the numbers become Auto-Applied Test: After creating a new online or inlinks that you may use to navigate back to previous steps house test you no longer have to "check" the apply box. in the event you need to add, edit or delete information. With the new system, whenever you create a new test The numbers also display a "tool tip" when you hover that test will auto-apply the check box so all you have to your mouse over them so that you can tell which numdo is click "Add to Certificate". ber correlates with which step. Show Negative Tests Only: Great news for our equine Fewer Steps: By selecting the owner, consignee, and DVMs! When you are ready to commit your EIA carrier on the same page of OCVI creation, the process certificates, choose the "Show Negative Test Only" takes fewer "clicks" to create your health certificate. option while in the "Edit Saved", and display a list of Login Name: A new display feature has been added so certificates with negative results to commit. that the name of the person that is logged in is displayed






Reconfiguration of GVL By Tosha Johnson Phone System

In light of steady growth at GVL, we have recently expanded our staff. In order to transition smoothly into the expansion, we have reconfigured our telephone system. While any of our staff members can help you troubleshoot any problems you may run into, we would like to encourage to use our new customer support telephone number, 515-296-3779. The on-line support request system has not been effected in any way. We strongly encourage you to utilize our newly updated Help text or the Contact Us link to electronically send us support requests. The on-line system is checked approximately every 30 minutes and we would be glad to get back to you via e-mail or telephone at your request.

ut an GVL’s NEW d Customer Support Contact information

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Monday, August 1, 2005
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m o n t a n a

j o i n s

g l o b a l v e t l i n k ,

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By Jessica Rudow

Montana has become the most recent State to join GlobalVetLink (GVL) in offering practitioners the ability to use electronic Official Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (OCVI) for companion and food animal movement. Dr. Thomas Linfield and his staff started working with GVL in early June to explore the benefits of electronic certificates and lab submission forms for Montana after receiving inquiries from practitioners in his state. On July 19, 2005 the Montana Department of Livestock approved GVL thereby opening the door for veterinarians to begin using the electronic version of health papers. GlobalVetLink can assist States in their quest to safeguard their animal population by providing a platform that makes <48 hour trace-back a reality. Due to our understanding of how each State has different animal health concerns, GlobalVetLink prides itself on working with each State individually to ensure that all of their unique needs are met. If your State is interested in joining GlobalVetLink please contact us at: 515-296-0861 or visit and use the "Contact Us" link. The GVL team will work with you to aid your State in meeting its animal health goals.

F l o r i d a

F o r

S a l e

S t a t u t e

By Jill Wagner

Florida State Law (FS 828.29) requires that any canine or feline sold in the State of Florida must be accompanied by an Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. The State of Florida has always enforced the law; however accessing certificates through GlobalVetLink has been especially instrumental in helping them enforce regulations. Though GlobalVetLink is not a regulatory agency, we encourage all of our clients to comply with laws enacted by the State. For that reason, we want to remind you that all State Regulations are accessible from our website under the "Tools" menu. Please, be advised that State regulations listed on the websites are only as updated as the State officials keep them; therefore a number is provided with the website to ensure accuracy. With new and experienced clients alike, from time to

time, there seems to be confusion about what tests and vaccinations are required by the State. As an aid, we have included a vaccination and test list below for Canine and Feline to use as a reference when completing For Sale Health Certificates. One section of the statute that seems to be overlooked frequently is that any animal showing signs of Giardia or Coccidiosis are NOT to be offered for sale in the State of Florida To review the entire For Sale Statute please visit the following website: FLORIDA FOR SALE STATUTE. If you have any questions regarding this statute, please contact Diana Fuchs, Administrator of the Companion Animal Program, at 850-410-0951.

feline Requirements Vaccinations: 1)Panleukopenia 2)Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis 3)Calici Virus 4)Rabies (over 3 months of age) 5)Hookworms 6)Roundworms Tests: Fecal Floatation

Canine Requirements Vaccinations: 1)Canine distemper 2)Leptospirosis 3)Bordatella 4)Parainfluenza 5)Canine hepatitis 6)Canine parvo 7)Rabies (over 3 months of age) 8)Roundworms 9)Hookworms Tests: Fecal Floatation

Please cut out for your reference.

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Monday, August 1, 2005
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By Tosha Johnson

august’s Feature Diagnostic Laboratory

eterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc., a diagnostic laboratory that has been in business for over twenty years, was purchased by sisters, Joanie Wensley and Reanie Marchand, along with Reanie’s husband, John, five years ago. The sisters bought the business with the idea that Joanie and her husband, David, would manage the laboratory and grow the business. Joanie and David Wensley have been operating Veterinary Medical Laboratory Inc. out of their home in order to allow them to be readily available to their clients after hours. It also allows them to ensure that they are able to continue meeting their high standard of a consistent 24-hour turn-around time on EIA test results. Of course, according to Joanie and Diagnostic Laboratory: David, they are always looking for Veterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc. new opportunities that will allow P.O. Box 5458 Austin,TX 78763-5458 them to maximize their in-house Phone: 512-476-6694 David Wensley and Joanie Wensley capabilities. Their vision for Veterinary Medical Laboratory is to eventually expand their staff and services Staff: to tests other than EIA. David feels that the exposure they gain through GVL Joanie Wensley: and the efficiencies GVL’s system provides for them is helping them down their Owner and Certified EIA Technician path. David Wensley: Veterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc. came on with GVL in January 2005 Assistant Technician because they had clients request they do so. After researching the idea, David Reanie Marchand: and Joanie decided it was an investment in the future. Currently, Veterinary Owner and Certified EIA Technician Medical Laboratory provides EIA testing services to 130 practices in total, 11 practices that are on-line with GVL. Of the 11 on-line clients, six of them are Testing Capabilities: significantly large accounts for them. David and Joanie hope to get all of their Equine Infectious Anemia clients on-line, however not all veterinary practices have the internet. Right now, Veterinary Medical Lab, Inc picks up samples from the post Test Resulted Through GVL: office twice a day. David also picks up samples from the clinic for practices that 1540 = 8 Months of Tests Total are in the area. David said there have been days when he’s driven 100 miles one way to pick up samples. David and Joanie pride themselves on catering to the clients and hope to continue to do so in all the years to come. Since coming on-line in January, the Wensleys have found GVL’s system to save them huge amounts of time, money and paper. While they realize the benefits of GVL’s system will be much more obvious the second year for their clients, they still feel it is a good investment in their company. David and Joanie are looking forward to next year when their online practitioners won’t have to enter all their clients information again and time savings really kick in. Because they realize that having the information already stored and easy to access is a significant benefit to their current on-line clients, David and Joanie encourage their other clients to come on-line also. The working relationship between the staff at GVL and Mr and Mrs. Wensley, according to the Wensleys, has been very helpful and positive. David and Joanie took the opportunity to grow with a new system and be a leader in Texas and it’s working for them. We at GVL, have heard nothing but positive feedback about the services and professionalism that Veterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc. offers from on-line clients. We’re extremely proud to have David and Joanie as clients and appreciate their skills and efforts in moving the animal industry forward by taking the initiative to recognize the need for our system.


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