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Dr. Samia Al Farra presented with the
GL““ "L|fet|me Ach|evement Award"

Taaleem Chief Education Officer wins top award

5 March 2014:

As part of the seventh edition of the Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) the
Middle East's largest education exhibition and conference, the inaugural GESS Education
Awards gala dinner was held aL 1he ºP" PoLel. 1hls was a night to celebrate the very best in
education worldwide with the culmination of the awards being the presentation of the
ºLlfe 1lme AchlevemenL Award" Lo ur. “amla Al larra currenLly Chlef LducaLlon Cfflcer of
Taaleem Lhe uAL’s second largesL school operaLor.

Dr Samia Al Farra joined Taaleem in 2009 but was previously the Principal of Amman
Baccalaureate School, which is the first school to offer the IB system in the region. She also
served at Al Bayan School in Kuwait in a variety of positions and ultimately as a director.
She was a member of the Jordan Ministry of Education Council for 13 years. Samia served
as a member of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Academic Committee from 1997 to
2003, served on the Head of Schools Committee for 6 years and was a member of the IB
Council of Foundation.

In 1995 she was recognised for her achievements by the European Council of International
Schools (ECIS) for her role in highlighting and promoting International Education. She is the
founding member of the Middle East International Baccalaureate Association (MEIBA),
which she was president of for 7 years. She received her Doctorate in Education through
Bath University, UK. Samia has been serving as an elected for the IB's Regional Heads
Representatives Committee for Africa/Europe and Middle East for the last 4 years. She has
also led many initiatives to improve and enhance the teaching of Arabic in the region.
Samia has also participated as a team member, chair and co-chaired accreditation visits for
The Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and
Colleges (NEASC).

Rosamund Marshall, CEO of Taaleem accepting Lhe award on ur. “amla’s behalf sald, ºl
know that Samia will be humbled by this award, however I cannot think of anybody more
deserving of such an accolade especially as it has been the result of a vote by her peers

T +971 (0)4 349 8806 F +971 (0)4 349 8807
Century Plaza First Floor Jumeirah Road PO Box 76691 Dubai UAE

both from the region and internationally. I am sure that if she were here she would want to
thank the organisers of the GESS for putting together an event that celebrates the very best
ln educaLlon."

About Taaleem
Taaleem, which means education in Arabic, has been establishing, operating and managing
early childhood, primary and secondary schools since its inception in 2004.Taaleem seeks
to raise the regional educational standards through the committed development of
lndlvldual sLudenL’s LalenLs and passlons, whlch ls ln Lurn faclllLaLed and supported by the
recruitment of top international educators and the implementation of international
education policies, operations and global best practice.
WlLh quallLy aL Lhe forefronL of 1aaleem’s offering, each project is designed and planned to
answer the specific educational requirements of a wide range of families by offering top
international curricula including British, American, the International Baccalaureate,
International Primary Curriculum and their proprietary custom early childhood programme.
Taaleem is wholeheartedly committed to creating and implementing benchmark
educational initiatives, nurturing educational excellence through the attraction, retention
and development of the best educators. The continuous evaluation and improvement of
standards across all schools has ensured that the Taaleem schools have been established as
valued cornerstones of their communities. Website www.taaleem.ae
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