Player’s Guide 1.

If we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that, in the long run — and often in the short one — the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative. -Arthur C. Clarke None Three Cities Parcel Empire Teladi Sanctum Gnolls West Yogah'tro North Yogah'tro Halfan Avari Basic Medium Great Total

List of Important NPC’s By Region
Three Cities
King Dan- The current King of Three-cities, Lord-above-all, and Absolute Commander. King Dan was the right hand of King Tessic during the Reddington Rebellion, and has always been a master of martial strategy. King Dan attributes his success in winning against the rebels as knowing when to not raise swords but raise shields. He is cautious in his political outlook, and prefers to give command to people he personally knows and trusts, which many claim is nepotistic. King Dan personally distrusts the Parcel Empire, but has always looked up to the Teladi Sanctum for examples of what to do in times of trouble. Sir Dogson- Leader of the Circle of Knights, the board of elite warriors under King Dan, Sir Dogson is an old military officer who has worked long with Dan and the Kingdom to fight wars and deal with politics. Though he was a warrior in his time, he moved onto studying logistics and international politics to better serve his position. He recommended the Heroes of Homestead to Queen Harolda during the Allito Crisis, and personally researched and lead the operation to find the artifact and the tomes guiding its usage. Naghon the Wizard- A senior researcher in the Mage’s Order, Naghon is a middle aged spellcaster who is renown for his reckless passion in reverse

She was never a warrior.During the Time of Rivalries. He then had Rune-sing turned into a massive towering bastion from which he could watch his borders.Reese is a simple man and bears no mystique in his demeanor. Though he may not be the surest of sword now. but he is respected as a great modern hero. He has extensive Parcel Empire contacts and used it to form long standing trading partners and gain political favor. Furthon then began to work on establishing order and peace in his lands and with the other lords. He is the youngest of the men on the Council of Lords. he felt it necessary to give Furthon the title of Archbishop. making him next in succession. After the players saved him and his laboratory from a spell creation gone wrong. after his baby brother was plucked from his mother ’s arms by a roc while he was a young man. Gwain was the most affluent of Lords due to his personal navy and his control of the largest docks in the kingdom. Aster has an acute fear of dragons and other dangerous beasts. and still commonly leads his force to battle against great foes such as dragons. the king recognized his political might and abilities and put him in the position of the High-Lord. When King Dan was crowned. however with the creation of the Men of the Court her power has been severed somewhat. the ruling arbiter amongst the other lords when it comes to issues of governorship. High-Lord Gwain. Reese may not particularly suit politics. Lady Ilia is a powerful politician who controls the Maidens of the Court. He is a specialist in orc and dwarven magic and devices. Lord Reese trained extensively with Elven warriors in his youth before the Time of Rebellion. However. even in his advancing age he is a danger in his own ancient artifacts. Archbishop Furthon. and is quite reclusive. his first writ was the construction of a fortress in the Gulsden Caves. Lord Aster. Lord Reese. Now he leads the pantheonic nation’s religious hierarchy. his magical powers remain unfalteringly dangerous. others would call her a scheming shrew who spoke honey to the Queen to further strengthen her control. Though not a close friend of Dan. he and his loyal guard had once ousted betrayers who murdered the previous Lord’s entire family.Some would call her a good hearted woman who worked with the Queen to establish order and peace. Lady Ilia. he has bid to support the Heroes of Homestead in their efforts to rally the men of Three-Cities. merely becoming a Lord due .Aster is widely considered to be the black sheep of the Council of Lords.A holy warrior of the god Itel who took the title of Lord. and learned a fighting style that intertwines magic and blade. but still acts as a herald of Itel. When first inheriting the title of Lord from his mother. He stresses the importance of magical ability amongst his elite knights.

The Golden Protector .Friendly to the Heroes of Homestead. Lady Emily. He worries that many of the appearances of foul beasts are linked. Dalsin is a very serious theologian who consults ancient texts of the elves to guide the people in their religious endeavors. and left the Lordship during the Time of Rivalries. Thanax is a historian.a young noble inheritor who previously struggled to keep a hold on her territory. He is incredibly gracious and kind to his halflings in need. and has a strong isolationist stance on international politics. and naturalist who studies all things about the material planes life and the life upon it.The head shaman of the monotheistic church of Parcel.Leader of the Parcel Empire through his divine wisdom. Emperor Azerborn views the success and proliferation of the Parcel Empire as his foremost objective. His expertise is water magic. which he considers blasphemy. Azerborn is young by gnomish standards. not so much. but was ill-equipped and lacked the experience to deal with rebellion and crime in Ordiz and along the borders of her land. and has been meeting with many other knowledgeable experts about their findings. She and the more martial lords sometimes share bitter words. Parcel Emperors began seeking this ageless creature for guidance. as well as ardently hunting down criminals within her cities. and at an unknown time in the past. Her father. She is reserved and decisive. died during a terrible hunting accident. and fought back the murderous mage. The mythos behind Aria comes from the Elves. Emperor Azerborn. The Parcel Empire strictly only prays to a supreme creature only known as Aria. but the Heroes of Homestead gave an observant hand in protecting his life. the Golden Protector is a mighty lammasu beast of yore who claims to be the herald of Aria/Aramia. and mirrors that of Seria and Aramia. The Golden Protector. Parcel Empire Thanax. she has gained reputation for donating heavily from her treasuries to fund the new royal army. the survival of the other races is none of his concern.The Sainthood of Aria claims the emperor to be the herald of her years as a friend of Harolda. His life was in danger by a terrible assassination plot. hence why he tends to move to bodies of water for decades at a time and cataloguing everything about it. He is well liked and popular with his people. Godpriest Dalsin. a golden lion with wings. a god whom the Gnomes commonly pray to. and his current search for a wife attracting national attention and glee. Lord Buron. the Sainthood of Aria. geographer. even though modern Gnomes pray to many of the other gods. Since King Dan’s crowning.

and studies nature when possible.Zaril’s bodyguard. Cantok came far to meet with the once allies of the mystic bird race. Seeking secret asylum with a trio of senators. Zaril is to studying mountains. the Teladi. and Ohkaris. Ayla was the oracle who foresaw the rise of the heroes of men. He is now returning north. Anton.What Thanax is with bodies of water. He devised studied the beast from afar. Teladi Sanctum Zaril. and a champion for the fight against the dark dragons. The creature is undoubtedly powerful. He is a mighty warrior amongst his people. to prepare for battle.This elven senator is an ex general in the Sanctum Army. but that the evil of the dark dragons stretches into the kingdoms of all. but curiously incautious to aid the humans. She has intense belief in the powers and the destiny of the players. . with grim warning. but he favors a culture less fraught with constant change and strife. and their importance in the cataclysm to come. as well as the mountain. he is a paladin of Itel. and to be careful with secrets. He tried to convince the Heroes of Homestead that some dragons can be good. Cantok awaited for the plan to be set in motion. Other Cantok the Wanderer. however one time he was stranded on a icy mountain in the Southern Wastes with the rest of his troop killed. and then with a group of clerics turned into his special celestial mount. He is a member of the Teladi Senate. From then on he devoted his life to the killing of dragons and other beasts. He can respect the ingenuity and reckless abandon of humans. finally pinning them to the mountain.counseled the Heroes of Homestead on the looming threat of dragons and dwarves alike. and somehow snuck out without being tracked. Ayla. In the past he was a soldier and fought against many evil creatures. and remains a powerful foe in combat. a creature he trapped in a crystal he found in the Esair Minas. A white dragon had stalked them for weeks.She is an elderly prophet and influential senior senator for the Teladi Sanctum. he can summon an albino celestial well as peculiarly draconic. As a servant of Itel.An avari traveler from the far north. He has led many battles against dragons.

there is the sacred Aria Lake.The ancestral home of the dwarven empire of Kingsbold. a mighty fighter. The Sentoma forest is home to nearly half of the humans. This power was creating a dark portal from which it planned to gate many other demons and creatures of the Negative Plane. however.Elven for. In it. After the Dark Arrival. The Hunting Grounds. seeking its peaceful isolation from hunters. and are home to many large predators. The Sentoma Region has been the home of the eastern human tribe for a bit more than 5 centuries. Southern Wastes. Various Dwarven structures litter the forest. who fight the dwarven pilgrims tooth and nail. It is also home to blue dragons who covet said relics.Named after the head god of the elven pantheon. Allito has since been freed by the Heroes of Homestead. it used to be a location where youths would go to prove themselves as mighty warriors. Sen the Conqueror. and are central to many elven rituals in the region. and is said to be home to strange relics of war. and much of the forest has been cleared to fuel construction: regions where human cities have opened up. Forest of Sen. settled the region after wrestling control from the isolated clusters of the Kingsbold Empire. Kingsbold Mountains.A desert that is home to some of the Halfan tribe nomads. Dragons have also been known to stalk these lands. the other half living on the Sentoma Plain. with the halflings finally moving back into their desert home. and next to it the Aria canyon where some orcs and surprisingly a gnoll colony have found home. much of the region has been under occasional assault by rogue red and green dragons.A massive sacred desert of the Yogah’Tro orcs. .History of Various Regions Sentoma Forest. Allito Desert. making the recreation of the Kingsbold Empire that much harder. who gleefully destroy ancient temples and devour travellers and rangers on patrol. Aria Forest. Naturalists claim the latent magical damage done by the dwarves has caused powerful creatures to flock to these mountains. but was momentarily controlled by a being known as the Demon or Lord of Allito. Aria forest is home to a large section of the elven population. Also in the forest walk strange reptillian beasts whom the elves conserve and hunt. Much of it however became a battleground during the First Scar War. it is a massive chain of brutal peaks that is now home to many very dangerous magical animals and dire animals.The southernmost reaches of the world are covered in ice at all times of year.

talon. On the 79th day of fighting the elves. came the dark. The mystic bird men had control of the entirety of the northern lands. golems. and honed . The History of Man. And replacing the light. the Kingsbold fought to gain total domination of the Terran lands. The Green Star rose quickly above the ocean in the east. These lands were settled during the Third Scar war. finally uniting all orc under the totem of the firebird.Important History The Scar Wars. and gorgons). betrayed by the short folk of the lakes. as was their empire. basking all in a sickly light for a few moments. Many of the elven cities were razed and ransacked. and began to utilize nature magic and great beasts to put up a fight. Those in the Northern lands were attacked first. and ten times as bright as any torch. the mortals of all Terra gazed upon a night sky but saw a terrible omen: the Green Star. they set sight for a mightier foe to the North: the Avari. The first of the Scar Wars was fought against the orcs. fled deep into the Aria forest. but by the next dusk all of the Kingsbold Empire and much of Teladi Sanctum was now crushed under maw. they struck a mercantile agreement with Parcel. taken from whatever dwarves left stationed so far from the battle lines. The Teladi would be no more were it for the foul presence and hate of one mightier than the Kingsbold… The Dark Dragons. the conqueror of all Sentoma. and kept when the dragons took whatever dwarves were left. but found much of their old lands and ruins now home to a fouler kind: Dragons had come to Terra. After a half century of begrudging peace. The royal line of dwarves was no more. The Teladi held on. the Yogah’tro tribe. with survivors sold into slavery. After crushing the orcs with beasts of stone and metal (gargoyles. Mighty dwarven men marched in great numbers. the light died out. Then. the orcs had finished a long campaign to stamp out intertribal fighting and resistance. and made its way up to wear the sun normally made rest during the midday.It is said that modern man came of three great leaders. In the west were the familes under the great Lord Ryogi. Its brilliance was said to be twice as bright as the sun. This celestial body shined brightly upon all of Terra. from Conqueror’s Lake north to the white Wastes above.Many remember different details of this day. These human clans trained under the wise teachings of the elves. but only if the gnomes allowed the Kingsbold armies to stride through Parcel to the Teladi. The elves. and dragon breath. All orcs swore fealty to the Yogah’tro. At the time. In the southeast there are the men of Sen Gorvander. slowly. Elf-friend and High Bladelord of the West. but how they were defeated is unknown. lead by the mighty Warlord Kaog'yur. but there are some few things that can be agreed upon.Three mighty wars perpetrated by the warmongering of dwarves.

and were annihilated nearly completely. Ida’Nai’ishi. except that he was a trained warrior his entire life.Little history is remembered of this great hero.the fighting styles of the ancients. This séance took place at the Forest of Lost souls. and are assumed to have been wiped out when the empire ended. the warlock ’s ghost was not present. as well as thousands of men and orcs. the Great Lightlord. learned that Ida ’Nai’Ishi had slain the dark dragon. along with the orc Kaog'yur (who would not yet be Warlord) and a warlock named Lord Ojiywa. They were mighty warriors. along with the Yogah’tro leadership. achieving the presumably high rank of Bladelord amongst the Ryogi clan. In the far north there also once existed a group of humans under the banner of the Kanhto. The heroes of homestead. but were also nomads like the once ancient men. the death place of Ida ’Nai’Ishi. but they rose up against the dwarves in the first Scar War. They sought protection with the dwarves in the Scar Wars. claims to have formed a band of heroes who had marched to the north. Though the timing is confusing (as the Dark Arrival would not happen until a half century after his death). the Conqueror. through meditation and otherworldly spirits.” Peculiarly. These dark skinned men were savvy traders and merchants. decades before his death in the Scar War. led by a Bladelord named Ida’Nai’Ishi. to the Conqueror ’s Lake. . Ida’Nai’Ishi. and killed the foul dragon with a legendary blade he calls “The Foul Lotus. in the spiritual exchange.