SARAVANA BHAVAN VETHA KUZHAMBU Hi, in one tablespoon oil, fry two tablespoons dhania, one tablespoon channa dal

, i teaspoon methi, 3 tablespoons grated coconut and 5 to 6 red chillies and make a powder of the same. Now extract tamarind juice from a lemon si ed ball of tamarind. !n a kadai heat " table spoons of ginjelyy oil add mustard seeds mathi curry lea#es, asafoetida and whate#er #athal or #egetable you want and few broken redchillies. then add the extracted juice and salt and the powder. allow it to boil well and when the mixture starts thickening add little jaggery.

%uarter cup khasa khasa. it takes around ') minutes for the raw smell to go and get the aroma. diced tomato one cup. take two table spoons of oil. (hen cut half onion into long fine strips and half tomato. one tablespoon cashews. three green chillies.PAROTTA KORMA Hi. this is the recipe for korma which is ser#ed with parotta. one table spoon saunf. add baylea#es then jeera and little saunf haldi one teaspoon garam masala and then fry the onion till brown. one medium piece of ginger all these to be ground into paste. $ cup grated coconut. !n a kadai. shredded onion $&' cup. (hen add tomatoes and when they turn soft add the ground paste and salt and allow it to boil. *y .

in case you want it li%uid you can a#oid the #egetables. (hen add finely cut kothmir. cauliflower. !nfact you can add peas.then the oil also will come off the korma. . boiled potato pieces etc after the tomatoes.