3 · 15 symposium was held at Qingdao jewelry industry New rights, new responsibilities, new markets, to meet new "elimination

" 3 · 15 symposium, Qingdao jewelry industry in Qingdao at 23 floor building.The symposium by Qingdao valuable jade association and Qingdao, Qingdao jewelry chamber of commerce, by the finance and economics daily Qingdao city pledges inspect bureau gold jewelry supervision and inspection to give support. Qingdao China general manager, deputy chief editor Zhao Dongsheng, Qingdao pledges inspect bureau gold jewelry supervision and inspection to master liu ping, Qingdao city disappear is protected appoint complain less important ChangSunHuaWei media responsibility and jewelry market inspection situation, the new "elimination" topic of new requirements for the jewelry industry etc. This activity has drawn great attention of the jewelry industry in Qingdao and widespread concern, Zhou Shengsheng, one lane, arts and crafts, wanbao maharashtra, colorful yunnan emerald, jinghua diamond, week, h and six fu jewelry, jewelry, like jewelry, Wan Baojin floor, great luck or blessing jewelry, sifang if jewelry, jewelry store, day Wan Fude jewelry jewelry brand, liqun jewelry city, the guest to win gold, jewelry city, the bright jewel city and SAN DE sega jewelry city a total of 20 jeweler took part in the symposium, and speaks enthusiastically.belt buckles At present, Qingdao jewelry market faced with a very complicated situation: seller but fastgrowing sales, jewelry market development bottleneck issue facing transformation;Setback to gold but jade red city, golden LengYu hot situation more clear;Rapid development of industry standard at the same time, the brand jewelry for the good faith management...Comply with the demand of market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the healthy development of the industry, Qingdao valuable jade association and Qingdao, Qingdao jewelry chamber of commerce of finance and economics daily jointly sponsored by Qingdao honesty first jewelry industry.

Merchants enclosure quickly decline in sales growth jewelry supplies Qingdao jewelry market in recent years, rapid expansion, jewelry vendors quantity rapid growth.Especially in the past two years, to occupy the bustling commercial circle of professional jewelry stores, in the major shopping malls "the inn in inn" and has a certain scale of jewelry stores, small to the side of the road "pop", to say the jewelry store filled the streets of Qingdao, the Qingdao jewelry market "boom". But know that jewelry sales situation is not optimistic, just the past 2013 years, Qingdao jewelry market appeared rare decline in sales growth for years.City business bureau of Qingdao city ten big business enterprise statistics show that during the 2013 "51" little long holiday, three days of gold and silver jewelry sales reached 67.73 million yuan, increased by 54.5%.The personage inside course of study says, to "51" during the Spring Festival in 2013, Qingdao jewelry market is more optimistic, but to one of the main reason for the rise in sales is "China Boyle" rushed to gold, in a sense it is a "false".In 2013, during the Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation, gold and silver jewelry sales of 41.77 million yuan, up 14.6% from a year earlier, the slowdown in the growth rate.But the whole 2013, jewelry market gave a good answer: in 2013, Qingdao gold and

silver jewelry, 3.75 billion yuan of sales value year-on-year growth of 33%. During the Spring Festival in 2014, influenced by lower prices, consumers hold wait-and-see attitude, gold and silver jewelry sales fell 31.8% from a year...It is not hard to see from sales data, jewelry sales growth in the fall, is Qingdao jewelry market also entered the sales slump?

Golden LengYu hot situation more clear jewelry making

"Rose gold also fall is golden."Spring Festival started in 2013, under the impetus of the "China Boyle" gold sales appear "blowout", boosting the overall sales of gold jewelry market.But later sales decline, many in the industry also blamed it on "international gold prices continued falling". But throughout 2013, represented by the jade jade market is prosperous, hisui still play a role of "crazy stone".Most new jewelry store selling jadeite jade, the size of the jadeite jade store sells on the market, the organization more and more;On each win last year, the bright two are mainly sales of jadeite jade jewelry city, even before the sale of jewelry other types of business transformation also sell jade;Bet stone, factory direct sale, fidelity auction...Jadeite jade promotion is more and more rich, sales is more and more diversified in form, even the sales organization in is in the business of selling jadeite jade.It can be said that Qingdao people's understanding and acceptance in the jadeite jade is an unprecedented height. Jadeite jade is overwhelmingly popular, depends on its crazy rally in recent years.We have learned, since 2000, jadeite jade to the market price of expanded several times more than a dozen times, even this is unmatched by any kind of investment.In addition, the jade culture in the Chinese nation and developed thousands of years, has penetrated into the inside of the Chinese children.Jade culture has become an important part of Chinese traditional culture, such as Chinese traditional culture's return, jade culture is also exerts a subtle influence on the modern people more and more. jewelry making supplies