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ISSUE XIV April 2014

FASIKA /R esur r ection Day
Fasika is a huge celebration in Ethiopia, preceded by a nearly allday observance of Good Friday, in wh ich w o r s h i p e r s commemorat e the crucifixion of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The majority of these worshipers, however, observe the days in rather nominal ways, mechanically observing corporately, and yet with unconverted, idolatrous hearts still chained in the depths of sin. From the extravagantly rich to the extremely poor, all followers of Christianity, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant are in a state of holy-day fever, rushing around to get their homes and kitchens ready for the feast day on Resurrection Sunday. In Ethiopia, that day still bear s th e ancient nomenclature of Passover (Fasika), rather than the pagan derived “Easter” that the West uses rather ignorantly. Well, almost everyone is rushing around to fix themselves a feast with their families after their religious rituals are completed at their local cathedrals. Mesi and I were busy riding around in a bajaj with Amanael our worker/disciple to get 10 kilos of flour to our Poor Friends whom we’ve supported monthly for so long. I can say that our feast was upon Christ and His word! We prepared for our Lord’s Day meeting on Sunday as usual, and received Mesi, Aman and I received the flour, which we purchased with support several visitors, some from monies with which to bless the poor. We hurried to deliver all before the Europe, South Sudan, the Fasika/Resurrection Day celebration on Sunday in Ethiopia. Philippines and of course Ethiopia for worship. I preached on the glory of the resurrection of Christ and from First Peter Chapter One showed how the glory of God given to Jesus Christ in the resurrection was connected to His accomp lishment of redemption, proving Himself the Redeemer of God’s believing elect by His precious shed blood. & su bseq uent resurrection. We also



Vision Footba ll C lub
Vision Football Club is expanding for various reasons. A few years ago, we sponsored and visited weekly with a message from the Bible only one team. That original team is almost all gone, the players having gone to work, school, or different teams. At this time we now have four teams which we sponsor. Believe it or not, the reason for the increase in number is our constant focus on the word of God. Not to mention the faithfulness of the coach, Rezene Araya, to apply those principles in practice on and on the field. A member of a local evangelical church, this brother in Christ has a vision to see the gospel change the lives of young people in Ethiopia. His training in coaching and faithfulness of character make him indispensable in the lives for this ministry. As I said, surprisingly, the focus we have on the Bible has become the main reason that more football players are attracted to our club. The word is out that our club is by far the most disciplined club in the city of Mekelle, and that appeals to the most serious of the He football We believe will players here. What that means for Me and Mesi is a greater responsibility to be faithful sponsors and teachers of the word of God. While some of the players are a bit worried about our teachings being in conflict with their traditional religion, the testimony of other players who have been exposed to our Bible programs has been helpful. They have said that they have not really been harmed by our teachings, but that the teachings were good, right and helpful. While we do take our presentation of Biblical data slowly and assertively, we are careful to present Jesus Christ the Crucified and Risen Savior as the only means to true salvation and a true relationship with the holy God of heaven. We see ourselves as broadcasting the seed of the Word of God, and helping young people in Mekele have an opportunity to hear the truth of God’s Word. At this time we have a young boys’ team, two young men’s teams and one girls team. The increase in players and those in our meetings has been very encouraging, in light of earlier setbacks and discouragements we faced along the way. Please be in prayer for us as we need to trust God more than ever to provide for our ministry needs. We believe He will help us, as He is the author of this new increase in opportunity, and also the author of all the financial support we receive. God is so good to allow us to be used as instruments of gospel preaching in the lives of so many. Praise God with us that His help us……. truth goes forth, and the name of Christ is sounded! DM

Group photo of one the football teams we sponsor (Left). Rezene Araya (blue jacket) and Alula Tsadik (black jacket in the back) are coaches of the the teams (Right).



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A little less than a month ago, in March, we were paid a very encouraging visit from an old friend named Kim Junsu (or June, for short), a South Korean Christian. June’s visit was timely, uplifting and a clear reminder of God’s mercies to us in ministry seasons past. That’s because June was the first participant and the start of the international ministry. We weren’t actually looking for this kind of ministry, but God’s wisdom brought June into our lives. We began worshiping in English every Sunday, beginning with June. Soon after, more Koreans began to attend on Sundays. God made us useful to His kingdom, and in time others from different nations began attending our meetings. It was June who introduced me to the first steps of and encouraged me in playing the guitar. That was back in 2008. The last time we saw June was in 2009. Suddenly, he sent us an email saying he was coming to Mekele! Mesi and I were so thrilled! June is now married to his long-time sweet heart (whom we prayed for often) and is expecting a baby! It was so great to catch up with this dear brother and to be reminded of God’s grace to us through the means of Christian friendship. We know God meant for us to feel His care and compassion toward us in June’s visit as we continue laboring in love in the gospel ministry. God knows exactly what we need and when we need it!! DM