History of McDonald’s.

yo stoc. -rove. %rainin( is provided for every level of McDonald's $ana(e$ent 1orld1ide. 2 ne1 McDonald's restaurant opens every day.''' in <= countries 1959 19!1 19!" 19!# 19!5 19! 19!$ 19 % 19 " 19 # .McDonald's has come a long way ever since it’s beginning in 1955. the 1orld's lar(est ferry sailin( #et1een Stoc. %he &''th McDonald's opens in 19$# Chica(o. %rinidad and *nited 2ra# +$irates. Ku1ait. McDonald's opens in Push.i. . Illinois. McDonald's is listed on the /ran.'''th restaurant opens in Des 199" Plaines. 4e1 )a$#ur(er *niversity ca$pus opens in . 6' #illionth ha$#ur(er sold. Ronald McDonald $a.furt.in S9uare and -or. #rin(in( the total to over &6. 3ul(aria. %he &. e8chan(es. Service. %he first restaurants outside of the *S2 open in Canada and Puerto Rico.es his de#ut.y Street. Restaurants open in 3ahrain. Paris and %o. . Cleanliness and Value QSC! V" #eco$es the co$pany $otto.ne #illion ha$#ur(ers sold. +(ypt. %he Quarter Pounder is introduced.hol$ and )elsin. Illinois and the McDonald's Corporation is created. %he first Ronald McDonald )ouse opens in Philadelphia. Munich. %he )appy Meal is launched. 3roo.0/ish sand1ich is introduced. Quality. Here are a few milestones of the McDonald's journey . Illinois. %he first McDonald's at sea opens a#oard the Sil:a +uropa. Set in 5' 1ooded acres. )a$#ur(er *niversity opens in +l..atvia.. Chic. 1955 195 Ray Kroc opens his first restaurant in 19$" Des Plaines..a. near Chica(o. Ronald McDonald Children's Charities is founded in Ray Kroc7s $e$ory to raise funds in support of child 1elfare. .$an. /ilet0. 199# +(( McMuffin is introduced. Mosco1. 19$9 McDonald's Corporation (oes pu#lic. 4e1 Caledonia.en Mc4u((ets is introduced. 199& %he 3i( Mac is introduced.

td headed #y Vi. here for $ore infor$ation on the history of McDonald7s. Pune. Overview.2. +ocally .ra$ 3a. +ver since then. #efore openin( the first McDonald7s restaurant in India.2.199! on > continents. .udhiana. o1ns and operates McDonald's restaurants in Eestern India. McDonald's ' ( )lobal *henomenon. Manesar and -ur(aon have proceeded to de$onstrate. Illinois.ur first restaurant opened on &6th 2pril &=66 in Des Plaines. 2l$ost 6' years do1n the line. @aipur.shi are li.S. Cleanliness and Value QSC!V". Vadodara.S.shi o1ns and operates the 4orthern operations. . 1hat the McDonald's e8perience is all a#out. McDonald's opened its doors in India in . Service. McDonald's opens in India ? the =6th country. $uch to the deli(ht of all our custo$ers.wned. our fa$ily restaurants in Mu$#ai. 2$it @atia and Vi.td.cto#er &==>. . Clic. Doraha. 2$it @atia7s co$pany )ardcastle Restaurants Pvt. McDonald7s in India is a 6'06' :oint venture partnership #et1een McDonald7s Corporation C*S2D and t1o Indian #usiness$en.''' restaurants in &'' countries. Ehile Connau(ht PlaFa Restaurants Pvt. they trained e8tensively. alon( 1ith their Indian $ana(e$ent tea$.ra$ 3a.e0$inded visionaries 1ho share McDonald's co$plete co$$it$ent to Quality. . . Delhi. 2h$eda#ad. 4oida /arida#ad. )avin( si(ned their :oint0venture a(ree$ents 1ith McDonald's in 2pril &==6. *. servin( $ore than B> $illion custo$ers every day. 1e are the 1orld's lar(est food service syste$ 1ith $ore than A'. in McDonald's restaurants in Indonesia and the *.

nly the freshest chic. freshest in(redients. . /nternational 0tandards..hy.H Ehen McDonald's founder.rinci. HEe ta.-es. Co$plete adherence to the Indian -overn$ent re(ulations on food. ite$s in India.en. 1e've re0for$ulated so$e of our products usin( spices favoured #y Indians. friendly service 0 the hall$ar.les that guide us 2 • • • • Quality. Ve(.iG #ur(er. Ee have a passion and a responsi#ility for enhancin( and protectin( the McDonald's #rand. Ee've also created e((less sand1ich sauces for our ve(etarian custo$ers. chairs. offerin( a lar(er variety to our ve(etarian consu$ers.ect for local culture. . McDonald's India has developed a special $enu 1ith ve(etarian selections to suit Indian tastes and preferences. Ee #elieve in a colla#orative $ana(e$ent approach. Cleanliness ! Value 0 It is an unflinchin( McDonald's ideolo(y that our custo$ers $ust al1ays (et 9uality products. McDonald's does not offer any #eef or por. Ray Kroc $ade that $e$ora#le state$ent.e the #ur(er #usiness $ore seriously than anyone else. of McDonald's restaurants the 1orld over is the $antra 1e a#ide #y.ly and 1ith a s$ile. .ur *hiloso. e$ployin( a $utually respectful #usiness philosophy. In addition. 1hile $aintainin( our o1n reco(niFed international standards. +ven our soft serves and McSha. served 9uic.esG are e((0less. in a clean and pleasant environ$entI and all at a fair price Ee are co$$itted to e8ceedin( our custo$ers' e8pectations in every restaurant every ti$e. service restaurant e8perience is supported #y a set of principles and core values CMcDonald7s EayD 1he . 2$on( these are McVe((ieG #ur(er. . fish and ve(eta#le products find their 1ay into our Indian restaurants.ur vision to #e India7s H#estH 9uic. McDonald's India's local suppliers provide us 1ith the hi(hest 9uality.itchen to even the pave$ent and i$$ediate areas outside the restaurant. Such $eticulous attention to cleanliness e8tends #eyond the lo##y and . PiFFa McPuffG and Chic. Service. he 1as lettin( the 1orld in on the philosophy and secret #ehind McDonald's pheno$enal success. Mc2loo %i. /ast. health and hy(iene is ensured. hi(hchairs and trays are sanitised several ti$es each hour.en Mc-rillG #ur(er. Strin(ent cleanin( standards ensure that all ta#les.

So. and #oth upstrea$ and do1nstrea$ activities.''' crore 1orth of food produce is 1asted in IndiaJ %his is $ainly #ecause of the lac. Infor$ation and $oney flo1s in the reverse direction.verview 3old 3hain +ocal0ourcing 0u. 6'.. 2nd so. outs.liers Overview Did you .. Dependin( on the situation. of facilities includin( 0 $aterial flo1 fro$ suppliers and their Hupstrea$H suppliers at all levels. the Supply Chain $ay include $a:or product ele$ents. lon(er lead ti$es. transfor$ation of $aterials into se$i0 finished and finished products. ra1 $aterial flo1s as follo1sK supplier 0 $anufacturer ? distri#utor ? retailer ? consu$er. Rs. hi(her transportation and $anufacturin( costs.no1 that every year. 0u. various suppliers. and $istrust #et1een supply chain partners. 2 Supply Chain is a net1or. shorta(es L stoc. It is critical to (o #eyond one7s i$$ediate suppliers and . %he #alance #et1een these A flo1s is 1hat a Supply Chain is all a#out. and distri#ution of products to custo$ers and their Hdo1nstrea$H custo$ers at all levels. (eo(raphically dispersed activities.ly 3hain . even #efore 1e opened our first restaurant in India. McDonald's is co$$itted to providin( 9uality products 1hile supportin( other Indian #usinesses. the Supply Chain operates at its #est. of proper infrastructure for stora(e and transportation under controlled conditions. %his is called the 3ull1hip +ffect. 1e spent a fe1 years settin( up a uni9ue Supply Chain.• Ee 1ill seiFe every opportunity to innovate and lead the industry on #ehalf of our custo$ers. Supply Chain. 2ny $a:or fluctuation in the product orderin( pattern causes e8cess L fluctuatin( inventories. Ehen there is a #alance in the finished product orderin(.

2#out 6NO of our food products need to #e stored under these conditions #efore they are used. McDonald7s restaurants store products to #e used on a daily #asis. a diesel en(ine $anufacturer $ay #e a#le to inte(rate a -PS locator syste$ into its en(ine control syste$. McDonald's India today purchases $ore than =>O of its products and supplies fro$ Indian suppliers. 1arehousin(. the supplier (ets the opportunity to e8pand his . 2dherence to Indian -overn$ent re(ulations on food. the do1nstrea$ custo$er. $ay #e very interested in a locator syste$. since hidden value often e$er(es once the entire chain is visualiFed. contractors.e pride in satisfyin( custo$ers #y presentin( the$ 1ith the hi(hest 9uality products. 1e have carefully identified local Indian #usinesses that ta. %he Cold Chain is necessary to $aintain the inte(rity of food products and retain their freshness and nutritional value.eepin( 1ith this #elief. In .custo$ers to enco$pass the entire chain. $ay see no need for this functionality. thus ensurin( that McDonald's co$$it$ent to (ro1th 1as $irrored #y that of its partners. health and hy(iene 1ere a top priority. a truc. 2s McDonald's e8pands in India. 1ithin a te$perature ran(e of ?&5MC to BMC. %he ter$ Cold Chain descri#es the net1or. McDonald's has al1ays #een co$$itted to sourcin( its re9uire$ents fro$ local suppliers and far$ers. Cold Chain.in( co$pany 1ith a lar(e fleet. a heavy truc. %he Cold Chain is an inte(ral part of the Supply Chain Settin( up the Cold Chain has involved the transfer of state0of0the0art food processin( technolo(y #y McDonald's and its international suppliers to pioneerin( Indian entrepreneurs. 1ho have no1 #eco$e an inte(ral part of the Cold Chain. /or e8a$ple. Local Sourcing. )e fir$ly #elieved in $utual #enefits arisin( fro$ a partnership #et1een McDonald's and the local #usinesses. for the procure$ent. *nderstandin( the value to the do1nstrea$ custo$er is part of the supply chain $ana(e$ent process. la#our and $a8i$u$ local content in $aterials. $anufacturer. Ray Kroc. %his assurance is rooted in the philosophy of our co$pany's founder. transportation and retailin( of food products under controlled te$peratures. %he relationship #et1een McDonald's and its Indian suppliers is $utually #eneficial. +ven our restaurants are constructed usin( local architects. Its i$$ediate custo$er. )o1ever.

2ll suppliers adhere to Indian (overn$ent re(ulations on food. successfully grows speciality crops like iceberg lettuce.Supplier of Iceberg Lettuce.s at over N' different points in the Cold Chain syste$. Settin( up of the Cold Chain has also ena#led us to cut do1n on operational 1asta(e )aFard 2nalysis Critical Control Point )2CCP" is a syste$atic approach to food safety that e$phasiFes prevention of illness or presence of $icro#iolo(ical data 1ithin our suppliers' facilities and our restaurants rather than its detection throu(h inspection. %he )2CCP verification is done at least t1ice in a year and certified.#usiness. Farm infrastructure features: . McDonald's Quality Inspection Pro(ra$$e QIP" carries out 9uality chec. %here are $any cases of local suppliers operatin( out of s$all to1ns 1ho have #enefited fro$ their association 1ith McDonald's India. control points and critical control points for all McDonald's $a:or food processin( plants and restaurants in India have #een identified. special herbs and many oriental vegetables. Suppliers. health and hy(iene 1hile continuously $aintainin( McDonald's reco(nised standards. Trikaya Agriculture . Vital Links in our Cold Chain. 3ased on )2CCP (uidelines. 2s the in(redients $ove fro$ far$s to processin( plants to the restaurant. (et e8posure to advanced a(ricultural practices and the a#ility to (ro1 or to e8port. have access to the latest in food technolo(y.

2 :oint venture 1ith .Supplier of lo g life $%T &ilk a d &ilk Products for Fro'e !esserts. collection centres e9uipped 1ith #ul. hasK ♦ Separate processin( lines for chic.. ♦ 2 lar(e cold roo$ and a refri(erated van for transportation 1here the te$perature and the relative hu$idity of this crop is $aintained #et1een &M C and BM C and =6O respectively. .Supplier of Cheese. ♦ Capa#ility to produce froFen foods at te$perature as lo1 as 0A6 De(ree Celsius to retain total freshness. ♦ Capa#ility to convert $il. of $il.Supplier of Chicke a d Vegetable ra ge of products. and McDonald's India Pvt. Ltd.SI Industries Inc.ler irri(ation in raised far$ #eds 1ith fertiliFer $i8in( plant. po1der. Vista Processed Foods Pvt. ♦ Strin(ent 9uality control $easures and continuous Research ! Develop$ent. 2 1orld class infrastructure at its plant at %alo:a. +asy accessi#ility has ena#led far$ers au($ent their inco$e #y findin( a ne1 $ar..en and ve(eta#le foods. . produces a ran(e of froFen chic. !y a"i# !iary . .i$$ed $il. Dyna$i8 has #rou(ht i$$ense #enefits to far$ers in 3ara$ati.♦ 2 specialiFed nursery 1ith a tea$ of a(ricultural e8perts. A"rit Food .td.et for surplus $il. s. procedures and support services. #utterL(hee. ♦ International standards. into cheese.td. %he factory hasK ♦ /ully auto$atic international standard processin( facility. ♦ Pre0coolin( roo$ and a lar(e cold roo$ for post harvest handlin(. *S2. .en and ve(eta#le foods. Maharashtra. casein ! 1hey protein and hu$anised #a#y food. ♦ Drip and sprin. coolers. lactose. Maharashtra #y settin( up a net1or. Vista Processed /oods Pvt.

Salient stren(ths areK ♦ 2 one0stop shop for all distri#ution $ana(e$ent services. for total hy(iene. data collection. Its plant hasK ♦ State0of0the0art fully auto$atic $achinery re9uirin( no hu$an contact 1ith product. and 4andan -hee at its factory at -haFia#ad. and $il. recordin( and reportin(. 9uality inspection. products.rishna -roup.2$rit /ood. inventory $ana(e$ent. Bi liography! . *ttar Pradesh. $anufactures 1idely popular #rands 0 -a(an Mil. (adhakrish a Foodla d . 2n inte(ral part of the Radha. /oodland specialises in handlin( lar(e volu$es. ♦ +ffective process control for $ini$u$ distri#ution cost.!istributio Ce tre. an IS. providin( the entire ran(e of services includin( procure$ent. =''' co$pany. ♦ Dry and cold stora(e facility to store and transport perisha#le products at te$peratures up to 0 NN De(rees Celsius. stora(e. ♦ Strict 9uality control supported #y a fully e9uipped 9uality control la#oratory. ♦ Installed capacity of >''' litres L hour for producin( ho$o(enised *)% *ltra )i(h %e$perature" processed $il. deliveries.

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